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  1. From the vault: ATTENTION! BROAD STREET LINE & ROOSEVELT BLVD LINE RIDERS 11PM Fri to 5AM Mon APR 21-24, APR 28-MAY 1, MAY 5-8 Broad Street Line Broad-Ridge Spur Roosevelt Blvd Line No trains between City Hall and Girard Broad Street Line trains operate in two sections: 1. Between Fern Rock and Girard, then via the Broad-Ridge Spur to 8 Street 2. Between City Hall and Pattison, every 12 minutes To connect between the two sections, use the Market Frankford Line via transfer at 8 Street or 15 Street, or the Lindenwold Line via transfer at 8 Street or 15-16 Streets Broad-Ridge Spur trains operates between Cheltenham-Ogontz and Olney TC Use the Broad Street Line between Olney TC and 8 Street Roosevelt Blvd Line trains operate between Southampton TC and Girard, every 10 minutes Use the Broad Street Line between Girard and 8 Street For direct service to Center City, use the Market-Frankford Line via transfer at Bustleton TC There is no Roosevelt Blvd Express service during this service change. Travel alternatives: Free shuttle buses make all station stops at Fairmount, Spring Garden, Race-Vine and City Hall. At Girard, transfer between trains and shuttle buses located on Broad St at Girard Av At City Hall, transfer between trains and shuttle buses located on Market St at 15 Street This service pattern is in place to allow us to complete our efforts to rehabilitate some stations along the Broad Street Line and construct a track connection between the Broad Street Line and the under construction Parkway-Gloucester Line -------------- And here are what the destination signs will show for this service change: Broad Street Line: (normal signage is in use towards Fern Rock and Pattison) TO CITY HALL, SHUTTLE BROAD ST LOCAL, VIA RIDGE AV, TO 8TH-MARKET Broad-Ridge Spur: (normal signage is in use towards West Oak Lane) TO OLNEY TC, SHUTTLE Roosevelt Blvd Local: TO GIRARD, ROOSEVELT BLVD LCL, VIA BROAD ST LCL and upon return: TO SOUTHAMPTON, VIA BROAD ST LCL, ROOSEVELT BLVD EXP (Trains are also operating express northbound between Erie and Tower Blvd-Friends Hospital, to allow for construction of a track connection to the under construction Fifth-Passyunk Line) The AAS program for Roosevelt Blvd Express via Broad Street Local is in use with conductors manually adding local stops north of Tower Blvd. This means that trains will say "This is a Southampton bound Roosevelt Blvd Express train via the local line" along Broad Street and "This is a Southampton bound Roosevelt Blvd Express train" while making local stops north of Tower Blvd.
  2. MTA Orion 7 NG Hybrid #4004 idles on 161st Street across the street from Yankee Stadium as an extra bus for the Yankees' home opener.
  3. Artist's rendering for the new MultiLevels...
  4. You may want to fix the roof...
  5. SEPTA Silverliner V #717 leads an Airport bound train at Jefferson Station
  6. Not much news on my front... however, I am looking into a "totem" design for station entrances which would have the names of the lines on their color backgrounds attached to a stainless steel pole, with a green lamp on top. Something like this:
  7. "The Muslim flag"? You do realize such a thing doesn't exist right? just saying...
  8. Ah, Red Hook IKEA. I've made many a trip there! (And a pic with 2000 C40LF... Nice!)
  9. A little something I've been working on...
  10. Does anyone have a blank template for a 30' New Flyer Midi?
  11. NYMTA C40LF #670 waits for the light at Bay Ridge Avenue and 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.
  12. @r142a_7795 I know you did the new "Cuomo" paint scheme before but now we've got a new SBS paint scheme for the NYMTA XD60s...
  13. Well you don't have to update the destination signs during the mid life rebuild. We just chose to so that they would be up to the latest standard and we could reduce and consolidate our spare parts supply.
  14. Yeah, I would say that vehicles delivered with florescent lights would get LED replacements upon overhaul. Same thing for buses delivered with flip dot signage (replaced with either Luminator Titans or Spectrums) and buses with primitive Clever Devices (replaced with the new screens from Viannova)
  15. I'll give this a try... An R160 F train via the D line approaches 71 Street in Brooklyn, NY