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  1. Around the Horn

    Feature Photo Submissions

    1. 2018 MTA Novabus LFSA 5500 shows off its retrofitted TSP (Transit Signal Priority) antenna on a westbound M23-SBS to Chelsea Piers 2. 2019 MTA Novabus LFSA 5585 picks up passengers at Broadway on an eastbound M23-SBS to Avenue C. 3. 2019 MTA New Flyer "Xcelsior" XD60 6133 lays over after completing a trip from Sheepshead Bay to Williamsburg on the B44-SBS 4. 2015 Prevost X3-45 2682 makes the turn from 5th Avenue to 23rd Street on a Staten Island bound SIM1C
  2. Around the Horn

    Feature Photo Submissions

    MTA 2019 Novabus LFSA 5570 on the M86 Select Bus Service
  3. Around the Horn

    New Flyer electric bus

    On the MTA's XE40s at least, the HVAC is in the rear, yes.
  4. Around the Horn

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Metropolitan Transportation Authority 9509, a 2018 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XDE40 is seen here on the M9 heading uptown to Kips Bay at Park Row & Frankfort Street in Lower Manhattan. Two XDE40s (9501 with the Allison H 40 EP hybrid system and 9509 with the BAE HDS 200 hybrid system) have been transferred from Grand Avenue depot in Brooklyn to Michael J. Quill Depot in Manhattan for testing purposes as the agency considers an order of 275 more hybrid buses due for award later this year.
  5. Around the Horn

    NJ TRANSIT (New Jersey Transit)

  6. Around the Horn

    Paperbus Thread

    Created this as a fun what-if: 5249 as a D40LF instead of the actual 1999 RTS.
  7. Around the Horn

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    It's been a while but I'm back with another station guide: Station Guide: Name: 21 Street-West Market Location: Market Street between 20th and 21st Streets Service: Market-Frankford Line Type: Underground Depth: platforms: 20 feet mezzanines: 45 feet Staffed?: Yes, including ticket agents, and information. Transfers?: At 20th Street: bus routes 17, 31, 33, 38, 44, 48, 62, 78, and routes 124 and 125 Direct Buses At 21st Street: bus routes 7, 31, 44, 48 and 62 General Layout: Side platforms with exits at either end of the platform and mezzanines below the tracks Exits: 2 -21st and Market Streets (main entrance) -20th and Market Streets Elevators: One from each platform to each mezzanine and one for each exit. Escalators: None Mosaic/Tiles: trimline: two tone blue Name tablet: light blue border, navy blue background, “21 STREET” in white, “WEST MARKET” in white on black tiles underneath the tablet Tracks: 2. Electrified with underrunning bottom contact third rail, at 600 volt
  8. Around the Horn

    Feature Photo Submissions

    During the holiday season, the MTA runs vintage buses on the M42 42nd Street Crosstown on weekdays
  9. Around the Horn

    Signature Image Size

    So I was trying to update my signature, swapping out the full size bus image for this one of a sign in a train. I uploaded it to flickr and then copied the link here but it comes out really small and I can't make it any wider than 100 pixels or higher than 42 pixels. Is there any way around this?
  10. Around the Horn

    Feature Photo Submissions

    A brand new set of Bombardier-built R179 cars operating on the C line, with 3153 in the lead, approaches 14th Street/8th Avenue station during its second day of revenue service.
  11. Around the Horn

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Here's a few: 1. Two Novabuses (a 1999 RTS and a 2015 LFS) on the F train shuttle on East Broadway in Chinatown 2. 8199, a 2015 LFS, is on the S40 to the new Matrix Global Logistics Park leaving the St. George ferry terminal 3. 6412, a 2002 Orion VII, is on the D train shuttle on 6th Avenue in the Village
  12. Around the Horn

    Own any bus

    Either this or an XD40 in the local Cuomo scheme (as opposed to one in SBS teal)
  13. Around the Horn

    Paperbus Thread

    Does anyone have a blank 3-door XN60 template?
  14. Around the Horn

    Feature Photo Submissions

    One of the newest additions to the MTA fleet is our order for 371 New Flyer XD40's. Earlier this week, Fresh Pond depot in Brooklyn took delivery of three buses. 7510 (a 2018 model) is seen here on the B20 to Ridgewood, Queens at Broadway Junction in Brooklyn, NY.
  15. Around the Horn

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    SEPTA Special Service Notice for Saturday, August 11th In effect: 8/11/18 from 4 AM to approximately 5 PM On Saturday, August 18th from 4 AM to 5 PM, Philly Free Streets 2018 will take place on Broad Street between City Hall and Erie Avenue. Please be advised that there will be delays and/or detours on most buses through Center City and North Philadelphia. All bus stops affected will have signage on the detour route. Route 4 (southbound): Detoured to 12th Street, between Market Street and Susquehanna Avenue; Detoured to Germantown Avenue/10th Street between Susquehanna and Rising Sun Avenues Route 4 (northbound): Detoured to 11th Street, between Chestnut Street and Glenwood Avenue; Detoured to Germantown Avenue from Glenwood Street to Rising Sun Avenues. Route 16 (southbound) Detoured to Old York Road between Hunting Park and Germantown Avenues To Germantown Avenue, between Old York Road and 10th Street; To 10th Street, between Germantown and Susquehanna Avenues To 12th Street, between Susquehanna Avenue and Market Street. Route 16 (northbound): Detoured to 11th Street, between Chestnut Street and Glenwood Avenue; To Germantown Avenue and Old York Road, between Glenwood Avenue and Pike Street Route 16 buses will continue to terminate at City Hall during the event. Route 27: Detoured to 15th Street, between Vine Street Expressway and JFK Blvd. Route 48: Detoured to Market Street between 7th Street and City Hall To JFK Blvd between City Hall and 16th Street Direct Bus Routes 124 and 125: Last/first stop moved to 13th Street between Chestnut and Market Route 3 (westbound): Detoured to Diamond Street between 11th and 21st Streets Route 3 (eastbound): detoured to Jefferson Street between 21st and 12th Streets Route 2 (northbound): detoured to 19th Street between Ridge Avenue and Diamond Street Route 2 (southbound): detoured to 21st Street between Diamond Street and Ridge Avenue Route 39 (westbound): detoured to Diamond Street, between 12th and 16th Streets Route 39 (eastbound): detoured to Diamond Street, between Sedgley Avenue and 5th Street Route 23 (northbound): Detoured to Old York Road, between Germantown Avenue and Pike Street Detoured Pike Street, between Old York Road and Germantown Avenue Route 23 (southbound): Detoured to Butler Street, between Germantown Avenue and Old York Road Detoured to Old York Road, between Butler Street and Germantown Avenue All other buses through the area will operate on their normal routes but are subject to delays and traffic conditions. Please allow additional travel time. For service on Broad Street, use the Broad Street Line.