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  1. Ex. Grand River Transit 1998 Orion 06.501 534, now privately owned, takes a spin in the Big Apple and is seen here in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn
  2. Two photos today: MTA New York City Bus 2887, a 2002 Motor Coach Industries D4500, turns off Vesey Street onto West Street in Lower Manhattan after making its last pick up stop at Brookfield Place on an Eltingville bound SIM7 to Staten Island. MTA New York City Bus 4272, a 2009 Orion VII Next Generation Hybrid, travels up Madison Avenue in Murray Hill on a Harlem bound M1. This bus is of note because it was transferred from Staten Island to Mother Clara Hale depot in Select Bus livery and ran in Manhattan with that livery for about two weeks; it is now unwrapped.
  3. A 42nd Street Shuttle train departs Times Square on track one heading east to Grand Central. The MTA has announced that it will undergo a renovation of the shuttle that will make Times Square an ADA accessible station built further east in the tunnel on a straightway and extend shuttle trains to 6 cars. The current platforms at Times Square will be filled in and become part of the transfer passageway to the other parts of the complex and all of track 3 of the shuttle will be abandoned. The first phase of construction begins the night of August 16th with the temporary closure of Track 1.
  4. As part of a rather large turnover of the MTA bus fleet in 2019, the 2010 Novabus LFSA's that served the M15 Select Bus Service since its inception are being displaced back into local service. The first two photos are of 1244, which has been transferred to Tuskegee Airmen Depot and is seen running southbound on Lexington Avenue as an M101 to 6th Street in the East Village. The third photo is of the replacements for the 2010 LFSAs; 2019 XD60s from New Flyer. 6144 is seen here heading south on Pearl Street to South Ferry.
  5. Faster, more frequent and more reliable service comes to Bus Route 33 on August 5th New three door articulated buses, all door boarding, transit signal priority, new bus lanes and better bus stop spacing will improve the passenger experience For passengers on Bus Route 33 this means: New articulated buses with 3 doors and all door boarding With the delivery of new 3 door articulated buses (that run on biodiesel which is cleaner for the environment), we now have enough buses in service to implement all door boarding on Route 33. Passengers with a SEPTA Key card, contactless card or smart device, limited use Transit Cards and Quick Trip single ride tickets can enter through any door and tap their card on the reader at each door to pay the fare. Passengers using cash must enter through the front door and pay at the farebox. The farebox will dispense a Proof of Payment receipt. Keep this with you as it is your proof that you paid your fare. Fare enforcement officers will make spot checks on board buses. Simply display your SEPTA Key card, contactless card or smart device, limited use Transit Card, Quick Trip single ride ticket or Proof of Payment receipt to a fare enforcement officer upon request. Passengers who have not paid their fare will have to pay a higher penalty fare and may also be issued a citation. Transit signal priority and dedicated bus lanes Route 33 buses will move through the streets more quickly through the use of Transit Signal Priority, which holds green lights longer or shortens red lights as buses approach them and new dedicated bus lanes on Market Street, JFK Blvd, 19 Street and 20 Street, which allow buses to move more quickly through congested streets. This will cut travel times for Route 33 passengers and get them to their destinations more quickly. The new articulated buses in operation on Route 33 are equipped with front and side facing cameras and can enforce bus lanes and issue tickets in real time. Please do not block the lanes. Improved bus stop spacing The Route 33 will continue to serve Penn's Landing, Center City, Fairmount and Tioga. However some bus stops have been removed, consolidated and/or relocated to improve reliability along the route and move buses more quickly. As part of the stop consolidation, we will be installing bus countdown clocks at all Route 33 stops and adding more bus stop shelters to the busiest stops along the route. More frequent service and improved connections to other routes The Route 33 is an important part of SEPTA's Frequent Bus Network, which means buses will arrive every 15 minutes or less Monday though Friday from 6 AM to 9PM. On weekdays, Route 33 will operate every 15 minutes or less between 6 AM and 7 AM, every 7 minutes or less between 7 AM and 9:30 AM, every 10 minutes or less between 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM, every 7 minutes or less between 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM, every 12 minutes or less between 6:30 PM and 9 PM and every 20 minutes or less between 9 PM and Midnight. On Saturdays, Route 33 will operate every 15 minutes or less between 6 AM and 9 AM, every 10 minutes or less between 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM, every 15 minutes or less between 6:30 PM and 9 PM and every 20 minutes or less between 9 PM and Midnight. On Saturdays, Route 33 will operate every 20 minutes or less between 6 AM and 9 AM, every 12 minutes or less between 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM, every 15 minutes or less between 6:30 PM and 9 PM and every 20 minutes or less between 9 PM and Midnight. Route 33 buses will continue to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also effective on August 5th, most Route 33 buses will be extended from 23rd-Venango loop to Wayne Junction Regional Rail station via Hunting Park Av and Clarissa Street, which will allow Route 33 passengers to connect with Regional Rail at Wayne Junction station and Bus Routes 2, 23, 53 and 75. Some buses will continue to terminate at 23rd-Venango loop during peak periods. Please check the destination signs and listen to announcements on the bus to ensure you are on the correct bus. All of the new articulated buses on Route 33 will announce the destination of the bus as the doors open and announce all the stops the bus makes along the route and are equipped with electronic screens inside the bus which list out the next stops. Plan your trip on the new, improved Route 33 Use the SEPTA App Chose "Nearby Stations & Stops" or click the bus icon and enter "33" or "route 33" Call 215-580-7800 or text "33" or "route 33" or a bus stop ID to 41411 (standard text message rates may apply) Tweet us @SEPTA_SOCIAL and follow @SEPTA for alerts and other information. We plan to bring similar improvements to routes 17, 18, 21, 42, 52, 54, 60 and G soon as more new buses are delivered, more bus lanes are painted and transit signal priority is installed at more intersections.
  6. The MTA's rehabilitation project on the Sea Beach line in Brooklyn finally concluded on July 1st. Seen here is a train of R68A cars on a Manhattan bound N train at 8th Avenue
  7. 1. A Staten Island Railway train, made up of R44 cars, approaches Eltingville station on its way to St. George Ferry 2. 8606, a 2019 LFS travels south on Richmond Avenue on an extended S59 trip to Tottenville 3. 4691, a 2010 Orion VII Next Gen recently transferred to Manhattan from Queens in the wake of the RTS's retirement, heads south on 7th Avenue on the M20 to South Ferry.
  8. A few of my personal favorites: MTA 1999-2000 New Flyer C40LF (Detroit Diesel Series 50G/Allison B400R) A whistling New Flyer XN40 (Cummins Westport ISL-G, ZF 6AP1400B) MTA 2010 Novabus LFSA (Cummins ISL, ZF 6AP604C) MTA 2011 New Flyer XD40 (Cummins ISL9 (EPA 10), Allison WB-400R Gen IV) SEPTA Neoplan AN460 (Detroit Diesel Series 50, Allison B500R) MTA 2018 New Flyer XDE40 (Cummins B6.7, BAE Systems HDS2000)
  9. Here's a few submissions featuring the newest members of the MTA fleet: 1. 6128, a 2019 XD60, rests at South Ferry after completing a southbound trip on the M15-SBS 2. 8565, a 2019 LFS, turns on 181st Street in Washington Heights as it begins a northbound trip on the Bx3 to Riverdale 3. 8577, also a 2019 LFS, exits the Eltingville Transit Center on the S79 heading to the Staten Island Mall.
  10. Passing under the shadow of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, a brand new 2019 Novabus LFS approaches the final stop on the S79 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
  11. I figured I might as well post two of my most recent projects. I've been doing some older MTA buses in the blue and white scheme and putting them in the new blue and gold "Cuomo" scheme, as if they had received a mid-life overhaul to the specifications of the newer buses. First up here's 2011 New Flyer "Xcelsior" XD40 4868 And here's 2012 Novabus LFSA 5959
  12. Does anyone have an MTA spec Novabus RTS? I think I accidentally erased the one saved to my PC.
  13. I haven't had a chance to do much SEPTA work, so I thought I'd share this NYCT B division deinterlining plan that I came up with a few months ago and kept refining over the last few months, after some back and forth with some other transit enthusiasts and aspiring planners. The basic idea was to reduce as many merges as possible to allow for increased frequencies without any new track (I only broke this rule once for the W via Fulton Street) Rush hour peak TPH are in parentheses. In cases where routes split, TPH by destination are included. Otherwise trains travel the whole line.
  14. Two submissions from this week: 1. 2019 MTA Novabus LFSA 5575 pauses at 34th Street and Broadway on the M34 Select Bus Service under the Macy's awning and with the building reflecting in the windshield. 2. Brand spanking new 2019 MTA New Flyer "Xcelsior" XD60 6150 on the M34A Select Bus Service waits for the green light on 34th Street at 1st Avenue across the street from NYU Langone Hospital
  15. This weekend is the final weekend for the remaining New Flyer "Galaxy" D60HFs at MTA New York City Bus. They had a 23 year reign in New York starting with the first batch in 1996. 5659, a 2003 unit, loads here at the first stop on the Bx2 in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx.
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