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  1. Not much news on my front... however, I am looking into a "totem" design for station entrances which would have the names of the lines on their color backgrounds attached to a stainless steel pole, with a green lamp on top. Something like this:
  2. "The Muslim flag"? You do realize such a thing doesn't exist right? just saying...
  3. Ah, Red Hook IKEA. I've made many a trip there! (And a pic with 2000 C40LF... Nice!)
  4. A little something I've been working on...
  5. Does anyone have a blank template for a 30' New Flyer Midi?
  6. NYMTA C40LF #670 waits for the light at Bay Ridge Avenue and 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.
  7. @r142a_7795 I know you did the new "Cuomo" paint scheme before but now we've got a new SBS paint scheme for the NYMTA XD60s...
  8. Well you don't have to update the destination signs during the mid life rebuild. We just chose to so that they would be up to the latest standard and we could reduce and consolidate our spare parts supply.
  9. Yeah, I would say that vehicles delivered with florescent lights would get LED replacements upon overhaul. Same thing for buses delivered with flip dot signage (replaced with either Luminator Titans or Spectrums) and buses with primitive Clever Devices (replaced with the new screens from Viannova)
  10. I'll give this a try... An R160 F train via the D line approaches 71 Street in Brooklyn, NY
  11. Small little SEPTA update here: School work has mean that I can't work on SEPTA as much as I would like but I can tell you that more station guides are forthcoming (this time with maps!). So far I've been working on Grays Ferry Av and Washington Av stations in Grays Ferry, Rittenhouse Square station in Rittenhouse Square, Water Street station in Gloucester City and Washington Street-Cooper Hospital station in Camden. So stay tuned!
  12. Every line expect for the Market-Frankford Line and (obviously) the Subway-Surface trolley routes, have the same track gauge and turning radius, however the Broad Street Line and Roosevelt Blvd Line use trains of 4 and 6 67' cars while the Lindenwold Line and the Second System lines use trains of 8 60' cars. Any train type can run on any line and all trains have all the destination sign programs available for all of the lines, the only difference being that Second System cars have no way of showing the marker lights used by the BSL and RBL fleet and instead simple show orange or yellow LED strips on their front signs, depending on the line its operating on and the BSL/RBL fleet, which has mosaic LED signage cannot show the LED strips of color on the front of the Second System fleet and simply displays the destination. The Lindenwold Line is indeed the former PATCO. SEPTA has acquired the operating contract, replaced the entire fleet, renovated all the Center City stations, installed CBTC and block signaling and reinstalled the connection at 8th Street to the Broad-Ridge Spur. The line was also extended west to University City, with tail tracks used to store more train sets on the Philadelphia side of the line. SEPTA has also increased off peak frequencies and expanded peak-hour express service.
  13. ATTENTION PASSENGERS Additional service will be provided on the Broad-Ridge Spur, Lindenwold Line and Parkway-Gloucester Line, Saturday February 4th and Sunday February 5th from 10 AM to 5 PM, for passengers attending events celebrating Chinese New Year in Center City and the Lunar New Year Parade through Chinatown and Callowhill. Please make sure to check train signage and listen to announcements as not all trains will be traveling along the full routes. Expect crowding and occasional long lines at 8 Street, 8th-Market, Chinatown, Franklin Square and Spring Garden stations. Please make sure to buy your return trip fares in advance as there may be long lines at Customer Agents booths and Ticket Vending Machines. -------------- Special note for you transit fans: Three South Street line train sets will be running on the Parkway-Gloucester Line, two Broad Street line train sets will be running on the Lindenwold Line and one Lindenwold Line train set will run a round trip on the Broad-Ridge Spur, then one trip from 8th-Market to Tower Blvd-Friends Hospital via the Roosevelt Blvd Local line.
  14. Quick question here, as you may already know I decided to follow the London Underground convention of placing "line flags", stickers with the name of the line the train is assigned to in white on a background of the line's color, on the front door of each trainset. Should I also place them at the bottom of the windows on the side? Both types of line flags are visible in this photo.
  15. Ooooo! That looks amazing!