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  1. Around the Horn

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    SEPTA Special Service Notice for Saturday, August 11th In effect: 8/11/18 from 4 AM to approximately 5 PM On Saturday, August 18th from 4 AM to 5 PM, Philly Free Streets 2018 will take place on Broad Street between City Hall and Erie Avenue. Please be advised that there will be delays and/or detours on most buses through Center City and North Philadelphia. All bus stops affected will have signage on the detour route. Route 4 (southbound): Detoured to 12th Street, between Market Street and Susquehanna Avenue; Detoured to Germantown Avenue/10th Street between Susquehanna and Rising Sun Avenues Route 4 (northbound): Detoured to 11th Street, between Chestnut Street and Glenwood Avenue; Detoured to Germantown Avenue from Glenwood Street to Rising Sun Avenues. Route 16 (southbound) Detoured to Old York Road between Hunting Park and Germantown Avenues To Germantown Avenue, between Old York Road and 10th Street; To 10th Street, between Germantown and Susquehanna Avenues To 12th Street, between Susquehanna Avenue and Market Street. Route 16 (northbound): Detoured to 11th Street, between Chestnut Street and Glenwood Avenue; To Germantown Avenue and Old York Road, between Glenwood Avenue and Pike Street Route 16 buses will continue to terminate at City Hall during the event. Route 27: Detoured to 15th Street, between Vine Street Expressway and JFK Blvd. Route 48: Detoured to Market Street between 7th Street and City Hall To JFK Blvd between City Hall and 16th Street Direct Bus Routes 124 and 125: Last/first stop moved to 13th Street between Chestnut and Market Route 3 (westbound): Detoured to Diamond Street between 11th and 21st Streets Route 3 (eastbound): detoured to Jefferson Street between 21st and 12th Streets Route 2 (northbound): detoured to 19th Street between Ridge Avenue and Diamond Street Route 2 (southbound): detoured to 21st Street between Diamond Street and Ridge Avenue Route 39 (westbound): detoured to Diamond Street, between 12th and 16th Streets Route 39 (eastbound): detoured to Diamond Street, between Sedgley Avenue and 5th Street Route 23 (northbound): Detoured to Old York Road, between Germantown Avenue and Pike Street Detoured Pike Street, between Old York Road and Germantown Avenue Route 23 (southbound): Detoured to Butler Street, between Germantown Avenue and Old York Road Detoured to Old York Road, between Butler Street and Germantown Avenue All other buses through the area will operate on their normal routes but are subject to delays and traffic conditions. Please allow additional travel time. For service on Broad Street, use the Broad Street Line.
  2. Around the Horn

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    ATTENTION! MARKET FRANKFORD LINE RIDERS 11PM Fri to 5AM Mon JuI 6-9, 13-16, 20-23, 27-30 No trains between Girard and 5 St-Independence Mall Free shuttle buses provide alternative service Trains operate in two sections: 1. Between Frankford Transportation Center and Girard 2. Between 5 St-Independence Mall and 69 Street Transportation Center Travel alternatives: Free shuttle buses make Market-Frankford Line station stops at Girard, Spring Garden, 2 St-Olde City and 5 St-Independence Mall. Transfer between trains and buses at 5 St-Indepenence Mall and Girard. This service change is in effect to allow contractors and in house forces to replace signal houses and track, widen the right of way to allow for future 10 car long platforms and pocket track at Spring Garden and construct an ADA accessible underpass at the currently closed for renovation 2 Street station. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  3. Around the Horn

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Quick update on the M-5 pilot set: It has passed the stationary tests and basic yard performance tests with flying colors and will begin clearance tests next week. After that, it will go through EMI testing and we'll start training crews.
  4. Around the Horn

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Three recent photos: 1. Bombardier R179 #3082 leads a Queens bound (Z) express train bypassing Hewes Street in the evening rush hour 2. NYMTA 2018 XD40's 7623 and 7629 are on layover while 2015 XD40 7335 approaches the stand at Kings Plaza to begin a northbound run on the B46 Select Bus Service. 3. NYMTA 2018 XD40 7629 on layover at Kings Plaza
  5. Around the Horn

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    Figured I'd share these frequency tables now that I've finished them... First up, here's the weekday table And here's the Weekend table:
  6. Around the Horn

    Feature Photo Submissions

    MTA Novabus LFSA's 5840 and 1264 with updated destination signs sit in Peter Minuit Plaza on the southern tip of Manhattan
  7. Around the Horn

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    I'm loving some of the liveries in this thread. Nice work everyone! I figured I'd put my hat in the ring and post some of my own (Some of these, I might have posted before. I don't recall) As you can see, the local bus SEPTA livery stay's pretty much the same (there is some more purple added: its been elevated to a true third color rather than just part of the fade) The Direct Bus (BRT) livery is inspired by the new MTA blue and gold livery (which I think is a very sharp look) with the Direct Bus green added. (The Q53 head sign is a stand in for a proper multicolor Direct Bus sign). We also have some Novas in both schemes too, I'm just waiting on pictures of the new drivers window, before I start on making paper buses.
  8. Around the Horn

    Paperbus Thread

    Here's an interesting little project I did: A SEPTA New Flyer XN40 in a PTC Heritage Livery