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  1. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    3002 and 3004 are officially assigned to Callowhill. Let the games begin!
  2. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    That will happen in the next five or so years lol
  3. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    3002 supposedly is at Germantown along with 3004 (3002: SEPTA photo; 3004: Lloyd Davis photo)
  4. Paperbus Thread

    Oh, I can't wait! I've got good things in store for that color way...
  5. Feature Photo Submissions

    (I assume ferries are within the purview of the feature photo. In any event...) "HB102" operating on the South Brooklyn route of the NYC Ferry system, departs the Bay Ridge ferry landing towards Wall Street-Pier 11 on a Saturday evening.
  6. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Alright folks, countdown clocks... The design we have chosen is a multicolor LCD screen manufactured by Solari and originally used by MTA New York City Transit. The screen has room for the next two arriving trains and a crawl on the bottom for various different announcements. Any recorded announcements will have the text scroll across the bottom row of the screen. In the lower left corner is the current time and temperature. As you can see below, the abbreviation for the service on it's official color background is on the left hand side, with the destination in the middle and the time until it arrives on the right hand side. When a train/trolley arrives, the countdown clock will reach zero. The entire top line (destination and time) become orange and will flash while the announcement for an arriving train/trolley plays over the PA system and scrolls across the bottom line. For a station on a line with one common abbreviation but multiple variations in service patterns, such as the Market-Frankford line's rush hour skip stop service pattern or the Lindenwold Line's rush hour express/local service pattern, the countdown clock will show the common abbreviation in its usual rectangle and the letter that represent the pattern of that trip (A,B or C for the MFL and L or X for the LND) in a colored circle. The three top images cover the usual operation of the countdown clocks but there is also contingency pattern for unusual scenarios. The example below is for unusual reroutes over track that usually don't see that particular service. For the rerouted train (in this case a Lindenwold Line train rerouted to Girard via the Broad-Ridge Spur), the countdown clock will recognize the program currently in use on that train and the destination used in that program or the destination set by the RCC, whichever one is more accurate. In this example, the train is using the Lindenwold line program to Girard, so it appears as such. If it were to change over to the Broad-Ridge program, it would show up as BRS instead of LND. If the train was using the normal program to New Jersey with announcements turned off, then the countdown clocks would use the RCC data to determine that it is headed to Girard. Finally, the exclamation point denotes that this is an unusual train. In the event that a train operates as a short turn, but was not scheduled to do so, then it will also have an exclamation point. (See the Rittenhouse Square bound train in the below example) And finally, services that are undergoing a planned service change will also have an exclamation point. Again, the clocks go by the program used on that train, so even though in this example, both trains are going to the same destination and making the same stops to get there, since one is signed up as a South Street-Glassboro train and the other is signed up as a South Street-Moorestown train, they show on the clock as such.
  7. Whats up with the board

    Very nice! I like the new layout!
  8. Anyone create their own transit system?

    They are multi-color LCD, typically for the next two trains with room for text alerts (and text of any announcements). I'm creating the renderings as we speak...
  9. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Yes, that's what they are.
  10. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Sometime this weekend, I'll have a post about SEPTA's countdown clocks so stay tuned for that!
  11. Paperbus Thread

    So we now have some XN40's in the SBS scheme... (photo by Nicholas Persaud) @r142a_7795, you got the paper version of this one or should I do it?
  12. Paperbus Thread

    BTW does anyone have a blank XDE60 template?
  13. Paperbus Thread

    Another MTA XDE40, this time signed up for the M8 crosstown with Michael J. Quill stickers.
  14. Anyone create their own transit system?

    Yes, here it is: 1999 Neoplan AN460A 200 #7101-7300 1999 Orion V 600 #100-699 2003 NABI 40LFW CNG Hybrid 139 #3761-3899 2004-06 Orion 7 OG HEV 300 #3501-3760; 6361-6399 2007 NABI 40LFW CNG Hybrid 320 #5401-5720
  15. Anyone create their own transit system?

    ATTENTION! PARKWAY-GLOUCESTER LINE RIDERS 11PM Fri to 5AM Mon Jun 30-Jul 3, Jul 7-10 Trains operate in two sections: 1. Between Andorra/Walnut Lane and Snyder-Columbus Commons 2. Between Snyder-Columbus Commons and Gloucester, every 15-20 minutes Transfer at Snyder to continue your trip Some trains from Andorra and all short trips from Girard Av or Arts Museum terminate at Independence Mall. Transfer at Independence Mall to a Snyder bound train to continue your trip. All trains at Oregon Av and Water St stations stop on the Snyder bound track June 30-July 3 and on the Gloucester bound track July 7-10. At Snyder-Columbus Commons, trains to Andorra & Walnut Lane depart from tracks 1 and 2. Trains to Gloucester depart from track M. Alternative service between Philadelphia and Gloucester City is available via the South Street-Glassboro Line via transfer at Pine St/2 St-Head House Sq and Market St-Broadway. This service change is in effect to allow Delaware River Port Authority forces to conduct their bi-annual tunnel inspections and certifications. We apologize for any inconvenience.