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  1. Some photos of the new Stoney CNG Bus Garage. Bus storage bays 20180817_132824 by frinkprof, on Flickr Service lane bays and office 20180817_132841 by frinkprof, on Flickr Service lane bays up close 20180817_134628 by frinkprof, on Flickr
  2. SD160 being hauled away from the delivery pad by CP Rail today.
  3. New arrival sitting south of Haysboro.
  4. Chinook Station Update Photos Here's some photos I took a couple days ago of the work there.
  5. ^Thanks. Also thanks to all the CT operators/staff here for your hard work and patience through the flooding.
  6. Hey guys, I've heard that there are only a few (as few as 2) trains that are currently servicing the NW line. Is that true? How many are up there and what is the story of the planning that had to be done once the flooding escalated to service the NW and south lines (the lines without garages)? Just curious as a couple people have been asking me that.
  7. Banff Trail should be done in the CFL offseason I'd imagine. So maybe November 2013 until May 2014?
  8. Chinook Station update Pile layout for new utility building Pile driver arriving on site to start the piles tomorrow
  9. Trains won't be full by the time they get to Westbrook. Perhaps there won't be seats left, but the train won't be full.West LRT is projected to be a low ridership line (compared to the rest of the system). Being connected to NE LRT, supply of capacity should always outstrip demand for it.
  10. Here's a photo of the piles for the new bus shelter at Chinook from Wednesday.
  11. Took some photos of the work at Chinook Station. The photos didn't really come out well, but you get the idea. Pile layout for the bus shelter. These will be drilled on Monday. Not long after, you will see the beginnings of the new building going up. Stripping the area where the new utility building will go. This will house some upgraded communications equipment among other things. The existing substation building will remain.
  12. Construction started today at Chinook Station. The area of the parking lot where the site trailers/staging and the new utility substation will be was fenced off. A bit more will be fenced off soon to accomodate some electrical work. Station closes January 14th, 2013 for 8 months.
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