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  1. I heard a few short train horns (sounded like a slow moving train) from my place in south Kanata over the last few hours. Last one was around 1am. I haven't heard any trains along the line in months. Anyone knows what's up with the line at this hour? I did a drive-by of the line/spur in Bells Corners and also noticed that the cars that were sitting there have since been removed. Is this recent? EDIT: Just heard another horn at 2:16am.
  2. Thanks Spot. I just booked my flights the other day and will be flying YOW-YYZ-YQT on AC441 and AC8533. Anyone want to recommend me the best window seats for an A320 (vers. 2) and a CRJ-705? I would love to watch the wings during takeoff/landing or not have my view of the ground disrupted by the wings. I also have two hours to kill in YYZ; anything of particular interest I should check out while I'm there?
  3. That may be, but I cannot make it to YOW for 06:00, nor would it be acceptable for me to arrive at YQT at 23:15. WestJet's scheduling is just out of the question. The info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. AC, Porter and WestJet all have the same base fares when booking in advance. Between the three, AC has the best schedule and only direct flight, not to mention I want to minimize the possibility of my baggage getting lost/damaged.
  5. I'm going to be moving to Thunder Bay this fall and will likely be flying AC Jazz out of YOW. From what I've researched, the direct flight (AC7769) uses CRJ equipment and I've heard that their overhead storage bins aren't quite up to size for standard carry-on cases like the CRAs are (which are flown out of YYZ). Is this true? I'm planning to pack a rolling suitcase to the brim as one of my carry-ons and I don't want to be met with it not fitting. In the case of it not fitting, does Jazz offer some kind of skycheck service?
  6. http://www.ottawacitizen.com/plans+spend+u...1798/story.html
  7. http://www.viarail.ca/en/pressreleases/view/1383
  8. Hm, yes, it's a giant conspiracy to screw people over. That's it...
  9. That seems pretty normal. I've used it two or three times and was less than impressed, to say the least. It's worth the money for the amount of connection drops you get.
  10. I've poured boiling water on my hand and felt no reason to "scream in agony". Coffee is not nearly as hot.
  11. So why exactly are the Toronto and Ottawa sub-boards hidden from public view? I'm just curious...
  12. Greyhound Canada Enhances Security Across the Country << Company takes leadership position in the industry, implementing new measures >> BURLINGTON, Ontario, Dec. 2 /CNW/ -- Greyhound Canada today introduced new security measures, which are designed to enhance existing security at its locations across the country, starting with Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg. Other locations will begin implementing security Dec. 15. The additional security follows a comprehensive two-year study, which reviewed all potential measures considered most effective for intercity bus transportation and the rural nature of its network. The company will now conduct passenger screening at its major terminals, including a security check with a hand-held magnetometer. In addition, Greyhound is now mandating all luggage be stowed underneath the bus, with reasonable exceptions made for customers needing essential items. A comprehensive list of restricted and prohibited items can be found on www.greyhound.ca. "Making bus travel even safer is a responsibility we take seriously, and by taking a leadership position in the industry, we hope to set an example for other carriers to follow," said Stuart Kendrick, senior vice president, Greyhound Canada. "Yet, the high cost of implementing such a program should not fall squarely on the shoulders of the private sector, so we will continue to advocate federal support for bus security funding." Greyhound is not publicly releasing all of the details, including other measures currently in place, in order to protect the efficacy of its security program. According to Kendrick, however, the company felt it was important the public be informed of the screening and luggage restrictions leading up to the Christmas holiday travel period to ensure they are prepared. The Canadian Bus Association (CBA) applauded this important initiative by Greyhound. CBA President Sylvain Langis commented that, "All of our member companies regularly review security measures to ensure that intercity bus passengers travel in the safest possible environment. Our first priority is and always will be the safety and security of our customers." Motor Coach Canada agrees. MCC President Brian Crow stated, "Motor coach travel is one of the safest ways to travel and we encourage carriers to continually assess security issues and implement measures that they deem appropriate for their service. The intercity bus operating model is unique and we encourage the federal government to take an appropriate role in assuring the security of bus passengers." http://cnw.ca/en/releases/archive/December2008/02/c6445.html' rel="external nofollow"> I wonder how much this is going to affect boarding times? Negatively, of course, but I wonder how long the wait times will be or whether the scans will be random or not. This should be fun.
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