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  1. Hi, everyone! I'm looking at cross-referencing a photo of a Brockville Transit bus I took back in 2005 (Attached). There's a small "2" under the read ad-rack, however on the Wiki, 2 is supposed to have been an Orion I when the photo looks like a Ford Cutaway. Thanks, Alex Laval, QC
  2. STL 1620 is the first 16XX in service. It's currently on the 63.
  3. I have yet to see it since it went in service this week. I'm working at that time.
  4. STL 151212 (The Designline Electric bus) has been seeing regular service today and yesterday. STL confirms that It's operating regularly as is on the second part of run L27 which is a return trip on the 42 as follows: 10:42 AM - 11:48 AM 42. Direction Saint-François 12:00 PM - 1:09 PM 42. Direction Terminus Le Carrefour Very interesting to note that this bus is tracking on TransSee as vehicle 7777.
  5. SCOOP! A few changes coming to the STL on August 22nd for the fall board period: 1) New Rush Hour Route 36 will link Montmorency Metro station with 100e Avenue / Cleroux (via Notre-Dame). 2) Route 48 finally gets extended to the major shopping mall at the corner of A440/A19. Finally. 3) Routes 25 and 28 (which follow very similar routing) will be merged and new routes 22 and 222 will be created. Historically, 2XX routes were short turns of the two-digit routes (such as 52/252 and 28/228 [in the past]). This is no exception: 4) Route 904 (which linked Metro Saint-Michel, Gare Saint-Michel-Montreal-Nord, and Boul de la Concorde) is being withdrawn due to poor ridership. I coincidentally was on the 904 today and there were only 4 people who crossed the bridge. Source: http://www.stl.laval.qc.ca/fr/horaires-et-trajets/changements-automne-2015/ Alex
  6. May 1, 2015 6213, 6406, 6407 were in school service this morning. 6105 and 6403 were in school service earlier this week. Alex
  7. Note for anyone attending this weekend's charters: There are several road closures on and around the Champlain Bridge this coming weekend: http://pontchamplainbridge.ca/en/champlain-corridor-two-work-blitzes-in-may/ Please allow for more time in the event of traffic in the area. Alex
  8. CITHSL has officially stopped serving Huntingdon and Godmanchester. The new Bout-de-Ligne is now Ormstown. http://mrchsl.com/mrc_transport_cit According to The Gleaner Newspaper, 633 people boarded at stops in those two municipalities in all of December 2014. No word yet on what, if anything, the two municipalities are going to do about transit, but the entire CITHSL system is said to be in turmoil at the moment. Alex
  9. As of this writing I've seen 1401-1410 (minus 1408) in service.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if it was the same, but I don't know for sure. The last sighting I personally have of 8345-24-5 was in 2011. We have shots of 8021-24-5 (not to be confused with 8021-25-2 the Alexander Denis Double Decker Demo) at the BHA last year. In other CIT News, I travelled up to Saint-Jerome today to observe the first day if their expanded transit system. Saint-Jerome is part of CIT Laurentides and is operated by Transcobec (independent from Transdev). Here are some of my sightings in Saint-Jerome. All are Transcobec unless otherwise stated: 614 - Route 102 616 - Route 100 624 - Route 107 629 - Route 105 630 - Route 101 - This is the New Flyer MiDi Demo bus Autobus Deux-Montagnes 11-6 - Route 103 Autobus La Quebecoise 1408 on TACL - Operated independently from CIT Laurentides, offers daily service between Saint-Jerome and Mont-Tremblant with select trips to Riviere-Rouge) On the way back, I transferred at Sainte-Therese and saw the following from Transdev: 551-21-9 - Route 51 3019-21-4 - Route 23 3024-21-8 - Route 11 - My ride back to Laval 5009-21-2 - Route 52 And here are my Route 9 sightings along the way: 356-21-6 365-21-8 367-21-8 387-21-1 391-21-9 - My ride from Montmorency to Saint-Jerome 3025-21-4 - My ride from Saint-Jerome to Sainte-Therese Alex
  11. Hi, Going through some of my photos from May, I have a picture of a 2014 (4th Gen) LFS on a road test in Laval. It's all-white and it's fleet number is 8141. Anyone know who this may belong to? Thanks, Alex
  12. Two STM bus routes: 170 Keller and 16 Graham. Both connect with AMT commuter train stations (Bois-Franc and Mont-Royal respectively).
  13. I saw RTL 21412 today and an all white Hybrid on Boul. St-Martin in Laval on Essai Routier.
  14. La Quebecoise still runs the TCI Laurentides service (Mont-Laurier / Mont-Tremblant / St-Jerome) In other news, I saw 3030-33-4 on Route 28 this afternoon around 16:50 on Rene-Levesque / de la Montagne. This is the first time I've seen an LFS on the 28.
  15. Charter bus 6203 was in revenue service this evening on routes 904, 37 and 58.
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