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  1. I did a deputation on this topic at the commission meeting. I mentioned several safety & accessibility issues with the Proterras, the way the wheelchair spaces are designed, it’s literally an afterthought.
  2. I wish TTC would figure out a better way of cleaning the wheelchair ramps on buses, my goodness, so many lately are so clogged with debris & dirt that they are getting stuck & not working properly. (mainly buses from MT.D, Eglinton, Arrow rd.) The operators in my area, lately have just shrugged & taken off, not even bothered to use J-Hooks, I have inquired about this (C.S) & have been told that drivers are still supposed to use JHooks, unless medically unable, same basic comments from Union Reps. Yes, I’m venting, Yes, I’m annoyed, but it’s frustrating to have to
  3. Living where I do now, I like seeing the complete mashup that has become MTD, also the E-Buses, are being stored outside on a regular basis there. the 10xx are regularly seen on 32, but have ventured over to the 89, 35 & 29 ( I used to think that the 29 was a slinky & Nova only zone) #71/77 have always been interlinked in some way, it’s actually not odd that they are at QSY, they are definitely not the farthest east routed for QSY either.
  4. @drum118 unfortunately, only Transit55 is showing actual service issues, Transit app, has & is the ONLY app, that actually shows the screwed up times. I lived on the 26/76 for the entire time I lived in Mississauga ( moved back to Toronto, 1 month ago- glad I did) The MiWay drivers I got to know on those 2 routes, absolutely HATE the routing to Islington-Kipling , most are pissed that they don’t just do the 76 routing from Burnhamthorpe & Westmall, the only reason they don’t, & still service Islington is the whiny/lazy ppl that still DEMAND service to Islington, it’s
  5. I’ve been working with Metrolinx in many ways, over the last 20yrs. (As you know well) Some things.. Port Credit: NONE of the shelters on track level are wheelchair accessible, never have been, won’t be until reconstruction is completed. (during construction, the way out for ppl in wheelchairs is a massive maze, especially from MIWAY & when main station is closed ) Elevators are far past their lifespan, have been since 2011, glass blocks in front are constantly breaking & it’s a huge tripping hazard. Aldershot: it’s not even properly AODA compliant, e
  6. As well as finally getting ‘wheelchair parking spots’ no more getting stuck in doorways!
  7. Thanks for the update. I’m missing my hometown so bad, but might be moving back in the next year or so, as my employer is moving to Hamilton (Amazon)
  8. Has anyone seen a good photo of the wheelchair area on the coaches used on The Canadian? I’m settling an argument between train nerd friends...
  9. The new Nova’s also will have the redesigned QStraint wheelchair restraints, (they look a lot alike, the changes are inside the devices themselves)
  10. #KiplingTerminal a few pics. I did a full 3hr intensive Accessibility Audit at the Kipling Terminal on opening morning (545am-845am) it has a lot of issues. posted a few pics, but didn’t want to use huge amounts of site storage, so just posted 3 of about 75 that I took. I’m working deeply with City of Mississauga & MiWay, on Accessibility issues. After having in-depth discussion with with MiWay & Metrolinx staff, found out that none of them, bothered to access the knowledge of any of the 3 area Accessibility Advisory committees, due to
  11. Hey everyone. So the discussion on the accessibility of the new Nova Buses in Toronto, had me wanting to reply, as a full time user of a power wheelchair (as of 2012) & as a daily user of the TTC (not Wheeltrans) I want to give you all a thought from an actual user. I vastly prefer the Novabus design. From the much better ramp design, to the wider door opening, the navigation from the doors to either one of the wheelchair accessible spots, its far superior, to any other design that is in TTC's fleet, (even better than my beloved D40LF'S). The one thing I love most about the des
  12. I was thinking the same, the new livery is not needed, at all, what is, is route management, service increases & an overnight bus network, even 2 routes would be ok.. Sweet pics, Thanks for posting.. I'm glad it was opened for DOH.
  13. Any news on accessible buses for MB? I've not had time since moving back to Ontario to keep an eye on the situation.. I've been hired to do more accessibility work, so have been focusing on that. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A using Tapatalk
  14. Re: undercover boss TTC episode, Karen is no longer TTC chair, as of January's commission MTG, she resigned, to focus on running for mayor. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A using Tapatalk
  15. We are in Kingston rd/Lawrence area, have great bus service on the 86/305, but morningside 116 is awful, as is the 54. 116 are so packed at times we can't get on with my wheelchair, so have to wait 2-3 buses go by before one can pick us up. Drivers on the 86 are incredible. Living near a Go Station is very handy too. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A using Tapatalk
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