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  1. Hey everyone. So the discussion on the accessibility of the new Nova Buses in Toronto, had me wanting to reply, as a full time user of a power wheelchair (as of 2012) & as a daily user of the TTC (not Wheeltrans) I want to give you all a thought from an actual user. I vastly prefer the Novabus design. From the much better ramp design, to the wider door opening, the navigation from the doors to either one of the wheelchair accessible spots, its far superior, to any other design that is in TTC's fleet, (even better than my beloved D40LF'S). The one thing I love most about the des
  2. I was thinking the same, the new livery is not needed, at all, what is, is route management, service increases & an overnight bus network, even 2 routes would be ok.. Sweet pics, Thanks for posting.. I'm glad it was opened for DOH.
  3. Any news on accessible buses for MB? I've not had time since moving back to Ontario to keep an eye on the situation.. I've been hired to do more accessibility work, so have been focusing on that. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A using Tapatalk
  4. Re: undercover boss TTC episode, Karen is no longer TTC chair, as of January's commission MTG, she resigned, to focus on running for mayor. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A using Tapatalk
  5. We are in Kingston rd/Lawrence area, have great bus service on the 86/305, but morningside 116 is awful, as is the 54. 116 are so packed at times we can't get on with my wheelchair, so have to wait 2-3 buses go by before one can pick us up. Drivers on the 86 are incredible. Living near a Go Station is very handy too. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6040A using Tapatalk
  6. from what i was told by some supervisor & driver friends that,yeah, they only wanted to "pause" the buses, wait out the worst of the winds & snow, but, not remove all service in any way, but the storm just got so bad, with drivers reporting near jackknifing of several of the artics, the decision was made, to shut down, it was really confirmed when police advised them that they, themselves were even having issues, it became a serious safety issue, so buses were pulled at that point.. I personally know of 12 people that were stranded by this, one of my close friends was at work, she is
  7. You might find this document interesting, its a long read, but the in-depth details of it will likely give you a good idea of the internal stuff & transit planning at HSR.. Full IBI Report of HSR Services
  8. I know of about 7 operators on the roads the day of the blizzard, 3 of them were stranded, with ppl on their bus, but ppl all got to their destinations, I still keep in touch with many of my driver friends from Halifax. many pictures were posted on my FB, by bus driver friends & other friends in HFX/Dart, as well as I still follow Haligonia & The Coast.. I am glad that NSCC & DAL closed, as I know several friends who are disabled, who attend either one. my friend got stranded at work, it was a motel on Windmill, they were nice enough to let all the workers without cars to stay
  9. so, the HSR is changing the front route signage, its screwing those with low vision, which is pissing me off, as well as many other people here with low-vision, instead of the large number having the A as in 1A KING, its going to be just the 1, with 1A details in small print.. https://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/7D5E68B4-343C-4077-9E7E-4275A75E2221/0/2013WebDestinationSigns.pdf Also routing of the 5E is discontinuing.. & 5B is finally, officially DEAD. Just got the Details from a close friend who read the BUS NEWS to me, as the one online is a picture, (yes a PDF, but not properly for
  10. If we are going to get into political discussion, why dont we take it where it belongs ----> http://www.cptdb.ca/index.php?showforum=42
  11. didnt see the one thing I wanted, more weekend service on the 16, coming back from York U to Hamilton GO at night also is a frustrating sideshow of hell.
  12. I know of at least 45 ppl, in that position, some are at QSY, birch, MTD, Malvern, Russell, Roncy, Wilson sub.. The new contract process is looking from the inside to be a messy affair. my friends are going nuts, my bff, has had ppl on his run, several times in the last few months, before he was lucky if he got 1 a year.
  13. wow, didnt know the canadian was shorter than The Ocean.
  14. Yep, I (& others) have been fighting for past few years to get them accessible.. Drivers whined for several years about scheduling of the train meets, stating that it would take too long to load/unload wheelchairs to be able to keep on time.. We fought the union, fought GO Transit, in the end had to threaten human rights court action, to get anything done about it.
  15. Does this affect Columbia College students.. I see them all the time haggling with bus drivers, claiming to have 'forgotten' their pass at the dorm or claiming a language barrier to understanding that they have to pay regular fare when they dont have their pass.
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