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  1. There are new routings for the 6 and 33 to evade the 111 St and 51 Ave intersection during peak hours. Hmmm... There are also a number of cuts to -you guessed it- night, early morning, and Sunday runs. We progress further to a Monday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm ETS. The Every Day Way To Turn In At 6:30?
  2. Does anyone have any updates concerning the LRC coach refurb program? According to the backgrounder, the first two cars were supposed to be finished back in May, but we all know how timelines work...
  3. The the City listened to every namby-pamby conspiracy theorist "public citizen", such as Ms. Marshall here, and incorporated everyone's oh-so-constructive "feedback" into planning and engineering processes, nothing would get done. If anything, the end product would be a freakish waste of resources that wouldn't function at all. Undoubtedly, it would result in paving the entire city into a parking lot, and widening all arterial roads to twelve lanes. It is time we left the engineering to the professionals. If there was any "conspiracy" to bitch about, it was the war-on-trolleys. But Edmontoni
  4. In the latest council agenda, buried amongst the taxpayer-subsidized land-grabs that some suburbanites are making in closing walkways, there is a report to council from transit requesting approval of the purchase of four Crestline Arboc shuttle buses instead of a 40' diesel that was supposed to be purchased this year. They will be used on the new feeder routes primarily. If successful, transit intends to purchase more (3 for the price of 1!) Link
  5. Some of the coming service changes eliminate one-way loops (the new 60A/B/C feeders operate in both directions thru Lakewood), while some add new loops (the 17, 28, the 23 in Blairmore, etc). It depends on the situation, but I think transit is trying to remove one-way loops whenever feasible. I think that PA uses loops because the city is literally too small to warrant much two-way service. Their route system is way too confusing and should be simplified.
  6. I like the 12 to get from downtown to Market Mall. It's the only freeway bus in Stoon. After it is moved to Lorne, though, it has fewer turns through Stonebridge, so in the end, it will take the same amount of time. The proposed changes are quite drastic, but many are much needed. I'm not sure they are the best solutions to the problems, but it's better than nothing. The transit planner, Kevin, is rarin' to change things, thats for sure. I like how he is really trying to communicate the reasoning behind these changes to people, rather than keeping it a big secret. I have seen unit 1001 and 1
  7. Thanks for the info, Bus Driver. I was wondering what the plans were for this service package, the information to council wasn't very specific. Do you know if the 50/60 is still being severed from the feeder routes in Lakewood? Do they need to sever the trunk from the feeders routes then west of Confed as well?
  8. There are additional 40-foot buses that were to be ordered (probably Flyers). The numbers keep changing but it may be 4 units, and they may be hybrids purchased with federal hybrid top-up money. So I'm guessing that 1001-1004 may be 40-foot, and 1005, 06, and 07 are the artics...
  9. I like the nice, consistent BOMBARDIER branding wordmark on the shrink wrap. Its a nice touch in comparison to "DO NOT HUMP".
  10. I was riding what I think was 9503 (or one of the 1995 Flyers anyway) the other day, and the front driver's side bubble window was ready to fall in or out. You can see right through the crack in the sealant in between the two front bubble windows, and the window was literally bobbing away as the bus trundled along. I'm sure I wasn't seeing things... Its ironic because these buses should probably be retired before the New Looks.
  11. Who is going to decide what is "of no interest"? I find an Orbea racing bicycle of particular interest in a bike shop window while walking on a public sidewalk, so I'll stare at it (drooling) for a long time. None of you may see what the fuss is about, or you may have no particular interest in bicycles. Does that mean you are going to report me to the police because this bike is "of no particular interest" to you, yet I'm looking at it on public property? What is "jittery"? Some people with developmental disabilities could appear "jittery" even when they are in a completely normal state, and
  12. Timetables and system map are up on takeets.com for the April 25th sign-up, including SLRT-related changes.
  13. The TTC is not "the problem". "The problem" is that we are building cities, including Toronto, for cars, instead of people. The result is the festering disaster of our public transit agencies and municipal pedestrian and transit infrastructure. Commit to building Toronto for PEOPLE and not cars; problem solved.
  14. I'm just conjecturing here, but their reasoning, if they have any reason, could be as follows: If someone is travelling from Downtown to the Uni, they should be on the LRT. If they are travelling from Downtown to 99 St/Whyte, they have the 7, 57, and 81 to choose from (between these 3 routes, there is a bus every 10 minutes) and if someone is travelling from 99 & Whyte to the Uni, they have the 7, 57, 4, and 106 to choose from. So the specific interval between the 7 and 57 doesn't matter so much, as there is a good spread around all the other routes. Hence why the night schedule (
  15. zero-tolerance-for-transit-ass.aspx The URL itself speaks volumes.
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