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  1. I was driving down the 10th line in Stouffville today and noticed that they are installing 3 light LED signals at the crossing on the 10th north of main street. I always thought the Stouffville line was OCS north of Hagerman. Is this for future all day travel?
  2. I was wondering if anyone remembered these units. They had something almost like a spoiler on the roof at the back and the Detroit engines had a very deep bass sound to them. I always wondered why they sounded so different than the Flyers or GMs from the 70s. IIRC, they had the same 6V71 engines in them
  3. When the TTC was the envy of every North American Transit system
  4. Every time I'm in Newmarket on the weekend to go to Crappy Tire, Home Depot etc, I always see EZ Riders operating on the 98.
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