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  1. Eglinton will probably be 2035+
  2. Interesting to see the decals removed, this is a first. And that $4500 starting price! Why so much? 2206 only started at $1000.
  3. Pfft, read the listing... I was more referring to the fact that those fareboxes are "obsolete" to GRT
  4. Oh snap! Still has it's farebox in it, maybe it's included? Heh And since I like digging up 2 year old shit, did they scrap 793?
  5. Has anyone actually rode a trip with one of these damn things? Boardings are now slower then ever. Don't know why the driver can't just push a button to make the transfer print?
  6. The automated voices on the bus have been switched up a bit. They have the different voices, as previously mentioned, but now no longer say "next stop" before announcing the stop. Also, when the bus arrives at a terminal, it will now say, "Welcome to, (Forest Glen, Charles terminal, etc)"
  7. I really don't think that would fix anything. It's already every half hour for the most part, and that's more generous then some of the routes in the cities. It should be shorter buses, it should cover more of Elmira, and the service should run later then 6pm on weekdays and 3pm on Saturdays.
  8. Why can't they just pay someone minimum wage to record some real voices for the system, like TTC... I feel bad for the drivers! Dreams of "next stop" ??
  9. They should just leave the damn old ones in and get a refund while they can. Those new ones are going to be nothing but a nightmare as mentioned previously, but GRT doesn't give two shits as always.
  10. I'd say really behind schedule. Never in the history of GRT have they send in another vehicle for backup lol but I agree, the 201 is bad for lagging behind. And yet, even if one falls far enough behind to have the next one catch up to it, you'd think they'd let that driver just skip ahead to the terminal. Very odd.
  11. So 2206 is still in service as well? Spotted 2204 on route 110 and 2205 on route 11 on Thursday. Was pretty happy to see these bad boys running. Wonder if there's a shortage or if they regret scrapping the rest of the series?
  12. Damn shame I tell ya... Won't mind when they start hauling off the 23xx though!! Can't come soon enough lol.
  13. Seen a 22xx being towed by flat bed up Ottawa st yesterday, was too far away to see a number.
  14. Well, yeah lol. Like GRT would spend the money otherwise. I remember some buses had no side sign at all after they died. But I believe they were In the 94xx-96xx series.
  15. Haha ? and I meant the low km's, my old car had more! And I think the 8 added was more of a 'on the books' sort of thing.