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  1. LRT start date pushed back until at least December now. http://www.570news.com/2018/04/13/ion-start-date-pushed-back-december/ Anyone surprised?
  2. Saw an ion bus on what I assume was route 61 today. Didn't catch a fleet number, just saw the livery and white destination sign.
  3. Josh

    GRT Retirements

    What's that I see in behind? xD still kicking around eh?
  4. Odd. I thought it looked like shit.
  5. Is there a chance the track could bend? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. Anyone notice the former 22xx sitting on Courtland? Couldn't see a fleet number
  7. Josh

    GRT Retirements

    Interesting to see the decals removed, this is a first. And that $4500 starting price! Why so much? 2206 only started at $1000.
  8. Josh

    GRT Retirements

    Pfft, read the listing... I was more referring to the fact that those fareboxes are "obsolete" to GRT
  9. Josh

    GRT Retirements

    Oh snap! Still has it's farebox in it, maybe it's included? Heh And since I like digging up 2 year old shit, did they scrap 793?
  10. Has anyone actually rode a trip with one of these damn things? Boardings are now slower then ever. Don't know why the driver can't just push a button to make the transfer print?
  11. The automated voices on the bus have been switched up a bit. They have the different voices, as previously mentioned, but now no longer say "next stop" before announcing the stop. Also, when the bus arrives at a terminal, it will now say, "Welcome to, (Forest Glen, Charles terminal, etc)"
  12. I really don't think that would fix anything. It's already every half hour for the most part, and that's more generous then some of the routes in the cities. It should be shorter buses, it should cover more of Elmira, and the service should run later then 6pm on weekdays and 3pm on Saturdays.
  13. Why can't they just pay someone minimum wage to record some real voices for the system, like TTC... I feel bad for the drivers! Dreams of "next stop" ??
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