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  1. By the time 4435 arrives at Hillcrest and goes through acceptance testing, it'll be May, so technically 4435 could be the 1st of 3 "May" cars.
  2. You can ride the electric bus around the MCC area.
  3. I'll grab pics and post them.
  4. An Electric bus will be on display this Friday April 22nd in Celebration Square from 10 - 2. That's all the information that was given.
  5. The line will end at Scarborough Town Centre, according the sources.
  6. ^^There are subways with long distances between stations. It's not a rare thing. This plan is an improvement over the 3 stop subway plan, but let's face it. Politicians wasted time and a lot of money to come up with a plan that will cost more, and basically replicate what the SLRT and SMLRT were planned for.
  7. I spoke to someone in the BRT group at work, and they're hoping to get Tahoe and Etobicoke Creek stations open in the 3rd week of January.
  8. Jan 4? Etobicoke creek station doesn't look like it'll be ready, IMO. Tahoe looks pretty much complete, though.
  9. 0561 is on the 109 today. First time I've seen a local liveried bus on an express route.
  10. Put that phone in a good case.
  11. STM might be able to convert some cars to work cars?
  12. Exactly. Getting booted off, and having fare inspection officers write you a ticket while everyone is watching is embarrassing and demeaning regardless of your situation.
  13. I've been on Miway buses that felt like we were doing 100/110 easily on the 427.
  14. Arsenal walloped Man City in the Community Shield, TFC beat the Crew, and our U20 Canada Women Soccer team came back to beat Finland! F__K yeah!!
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