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  1. That’s essentially what the LFS artic is now. The only thing that’s different on the fore and tail sections is the articulation joint and the first window on the tail section
  2. They maybe rolling stock, but I wouldn’t officially know for sure. 7958 passed by Mt Dennis after dropping off 7937 a few days ago
  3. 8653 & 8661 appear to be refurbished, and are tracking back at Eglinton 8685 is at Hillcrest
  4. 1105 has disappeared from its spot beside 1114. I have no idea where it is now
  5. TTC 1093 is missing it’s centre rear brake light. It’s been parked at Mt Dennis for a longer period of time (over a month at least)
  6. 3713 received a full body wrap for Pride. I haven’t seen good pics of the rest of the bus
  7. It was the fire suppression system that went off. No fire. It’ll be out of service until the fire suppression tank gets replaced, and the bus get cleaned of any fire suppression dust traveling inside the bus
  8. TTC 1262 (sporting a Healthy Planet full body wrap) has lost its rear licence plate. Stay tuned for further updates Update: 1262 & 1325 both received new plates. 1136 lost its rear plate, but was moved by the time I ran my bus in
  9. I would not doubt that I may be behind in some recent LFS shuffles between refurbs and going to refurb buses. But here’s what appears to have moved in the past week: 8686 has been refurbished, and has returned to service a few days ago. Currently on the 25 DON MILLS 8689 has been refurbished and has returned to Eglinton 8673, 8679 & 8680 are all at Hillcrest
  10. The visual proof of the damage is on the other side of the bus
  11. Do you have a bus number to go with this notion?
  12. 8670 is refurbished and back at Eglinton 8690 & 8691 are both at Hillcrest
  13. Miway 1794 had departed Renforth Stn as a 39 W BRITANNIA just as I was getting ready to pull around for my eastbound trip on the TTC 32 TTC 3562 was on the 32A EGLINTON WEST, heading west this afternoon
  14. I spotted the bus making a right turn from Jane St onto Finch Ave W, heading east yesterday morning
  15. There was at least 1 or 2 Arrow LFS hybrid RADs on the 960 STEELES WEST EXPRESS this morning. I saw one around 6:30a heading west near Martin Grove. I noticed this one too late to catch the number. The next one I saw was crossing Kipling, heading eastbound. I was approaching Steeles as it crossed
  16. 8647 is refurbished. This bus, along with 8640 & 8668 are all back at Eglinton
  17. Miway 0531 was on the 107 MALTON EXPRESS for the afternoon rush
  18. TTC 8945 was on the 45A K I P L I N G for a good portion of the day today, finishing at Kipling Stn at 1:20ish pm
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