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  1. Looks like an odd fit, but it seems like this bus is getting ready for a future route (I still can get why the pic uploads on a different angle of how I took it *sigh*)
  2. 8606 is back in service. I saw this bus sitting outside of Kipling Stn on Aukland on a layover. It may have been back in service for a little bit
  3. 8464 was on the 35A Jane northbound early this afternoon
  4. I think 3710 (I might be wrong) has most of the Electric Bus wrap missing on the driver’s side. The start of the wrap including the thunderbolt to the front of the rear wheel well is just the fresh painted side
  5. 8072 was doing some trips on the 168 this afternoon 8059 was on Jane this evening
  6. 9004 was on 72 run 7 Bathurst just before 4pm. I did see the bus in the first spot in the queue line at Bathurst Stn at around 7:15pm finishing my final trip before I deadheaded back to Mt Dennis
  7. The HEVs will not be going to Birchmount as there is a height restriction at that division that does not allow for the height of the hybrids to safely mobilize through the facility without ruining the rooftop equipment
  8. TTC 1413 (Mt Dennis unit) was on the 7 Bathurst around 4pm
  9. I heard from a reliable bird that the 15xx & 16xx buses from Mt Dennis will be the only buses transferring out to Malvern with the moves when they occur
  10. 8076 has been helping out on the 511 since after 1pm this afternoon
  11. 3140 has had the top rear panel replaced and left blank (no unit number or wheelchair decal)
  12. 1662 did a trip on the 36 midday originating at Finch (Yonge St) Stn
  13. 1553 managed to get new rear doors off of repair work outside of the refurbishment
  14. 9238 was on the 94A Wellesley westbound this morning at Bathurst. Also, 8085 was on Weston Rd southbound, at Eglinton. I don’t know if the bus was in service on the 89 route though Edit: 8085 was about to start helping out on the 512 (which I thought I saw it signed up for, but wasn’t sure) 1130 & 8432 were on westbound trips on the 512 around 3pm
  15. 1143 just arrived at Bathurst Stn from a trip on the 7 Bathurst, with a load of workers from Hillcrest
  16. 1409 was on the 121 Front-Esplanade this morning outside of Princes’ Gate Loop as there was already another 121 inside the loop. Also, 1058 is on the 7 Bathurst
  17. More of a really odd sighting than a special sighting: Castleton Ave & Corbett Ave (71 Runnymede northbound stop) bus shelter is showing 34A & 34C arrival times lol
  18. Yesterday: 3201 did a full trip and a bit of an early appearance to the east end on the 506 Carlton 8088 was on the 89 Weston route in the evening
  19. 9229 might have been helping out on the 47 Lansdowne route this afternoon as it was turning onto the side street west of Lansdowne at Queen. Also, 1575 might have been on a 506S to Coxwell & Queen as it was turning at Coxwell loop
  20. 3280 was northbound on the 41 Keele route this afternoon
  21. 3588 was on the 47 Lansdowne route this morning (sorry for the poor photo quality)
  22. 3568 arrived at Long Branch loop at roughly 6:10am, leaving the loop 5 mins later. It came and left signed as ‘Not In Service’
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