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  1. Saturday morning special: TTC 3629 was on the 47B LANSDOWNE 3614 just started a trip on the 123C SHERWAY
  2. Bright & early: TTC 3514 was on the 32A EGLINTON WEST Edit: supervisor instructed the driver to wait at the stop west of Keele for at Mt Dennis based bus to replace it
  3. I think they are relics. All day passes now are apart of the presto system
  4. Today’s special: TTC 1521 was on the 61 AVENUE RD NORTH
  5. I think that one is 1077. If it doesn’t have an upper rear panel, 1052 is sporting it’s salvaged part
  6. 1259 received plates, but was in the backyard (not a direct foot path when showing up or heading home). 1105, 1114 & 1125 are parked indefinitely
  7. To date, 1044, 1075, 1105, 1114 & 1125 haven’t received plates. I’ll assume that these are the 5 to have retired recently
  8. 8641, 8648 & 8649 are all refurbished and back at Eglinton 8684, 8688, 8692 & 8693 are all at Hillcrest
  9. 1063, 1139, 1203, 1260 & 1273 all received new plates today
  10. 1044 & 1075 received new plates late last month, only to lose them a few weeks later lol. I have a strong feeling that 1105, 1114, 1125 & 1139 are pooched for good. Some of them haven’t moved for over a month
  11. Yesterday’s special: TTC 8919 finished a run in the 168 SYMINGTON at the new end point of Dufferin & Bloor before deadheading up Dufferin This morning’s special: TTC 89x2 (I think it was 8942) was on the 32 EGLINTON WEST, eastbound approaching Kipling Ave. I think it was around 7:30a
  12. 1044, 1063, 1075, 1105, 1114, 1125, 1139, 1259, 1260, 1273 have all lost their license plates. The buses with bold number are most likely retired
  13. 8636 was taken somewhere…? No update to the tracker’s location 8671 & 8677 are both at Hillcrest
  14. Last night’s special: TTC 9040 was on the 45 K I P L I N G
  15. The reason behind this post is because 8065 has been MIA since January 25, 2021. It’s touting a stagnant tracker, if it’s still alive
  16. I was under the assumption that it was bound for Eglinton. The tracker is still showing the bus at Hillcrest.
  17. 3487 doubling back west to get two other units. Presumably 3483 & 3488 Edit: it doesn’t appear as such. 3487 is on the road, but I’m not sure if it’s being used for training or not
  18. 8636 is refurbished. It was on the back of a tow truck heading northbound on Bathurst at Briar Hill around 4:40p, en route to Eglinton 8638 is also refurbished, and back at Eglinton
  19. This morning’s specials: TTC 1254 was on the 73C ROYAL YORK for the am rush 1404 was on the 944 KIPLING SOUTH EXPRESS after having done a trip on the 45 K I P L I N G 3224 & 3237 were on the 60B STEELES WEST
  20. Today’s specials: TTC 1107 was on the 73C ROYAL YORK for a good chunk of the morning 3485 was (might still be) on the 104 FAYWOOD during the afternoon/early evening
  21. Today’s specials: TTC 3520 was on the 46 MARTIN GROVE (definitely not a school trip seeing it at Kipling station on two separate trips) 3508 was on the 48 RATHBURN
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