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  1. They were probably parked there temporarily for Sunday bc the TTC hosted the Roadeo yesterday at Arrow Rd
  2. The 8100-8219 order was all delivered to Wilson when new. Sometime in 2014-2015, they were split up and Birchmount received a good number of them
  3. 8878 & 8890 have replaced the shark fin antenna with a long, sturdy 2’ antenna at the front Edit: 8883 also has the 2’ antenna
  4. TTC 8927 was on the 35A J A N E for much of Saturday afternoon
  5. GO Transit: 8475 will be out for collision repair as it was involved in a smash. Damage to the front curb side corner. TTC: 1094, 1102, 1202 & 1419 are missing their license plates. I’m assuming they are waiting for replacement plates
  6. 8698 appears to be refurbished as well. It was outside of Harvey Shops in pics from yesterday’s event
  7. 8696 appears to be fully refurbished, and will likely be on display at the Harvey Shop open house today
  8. Thread bump: To anyone curious, new ride guide lite versions for fall 2022 have been sprinting up on Mt Dennis buses with the streetcar cover. I thought some would be interested, especially with the open house at Hillcrest today
  9. TTC 8386 is out on the 332 covering the 4:33x run in (I don’t recall the run number off hand)
  10. TTC 3539 is on the 332 EGLINTON WEST Night Bus
  11. 8674 is refurbished and is back at Eglinton 8716 is at Hillcrest
  12. 8713 is at Hillcrest. Aside from 8697 & 8716, this batch has been pretty much covered for going into refurbishment
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