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  1. The VIIs from 2002-2009 all have that issue too (hence why the rear tip-in windows are always open [major OCD when the ac is on]). The only difference is that they don’t run as warm on the back row of seats as nearly any Novabus (RTS or LFS) we’ve owned. But if you do pop the vent in the rear of the bus, push up just the front of the hatch for decent air flow
  2. (Slightly non-related) I would assume that may be pending still even though a good number of the remaining 47 buses received new LED headlights
  3. I remember when the engineering department (I think) were the ones who planned to screw lock the tip-in on the NG hybrid when they were new because of the window issue. When the AC Fail light would come on and the driver would still keep the bad HVAC on in the middle of the summer with locked window was the best idea ever!!!
  4. I don’t think it’s a retrofit. It looks like we went with a new style window frame bc I’ve seen a similar window frame lock on a newer (mid-2000s or later NABI) Denver bus. The regular latch is there on the frame, but installed shy of the tip-in holding clip I get why they’re locked when they arrive, but don’t get why they are still locked upon entering service
  5. Every time someone sees 4001 or 4003, they don’t need to share how pristine the car looks. If every post was detailed on 4003, one of you guys would have posted that there’s a crack in the paint on driver’s side front, near the fleet number End of rant *exhales*
  6. 4230 is back at Russell. It was parked on 12 track went I got back on my break
  7. 1768 was added and hitched up behind 1808 last night, still intact
  8. The beeping comes from the fire suppression unit on the vehicle. It is either related to the fire suppression system, or it indicates that the battery charge is low. This is the case on the VIIs. I’m not sure of the LFSes
  9. It does work. Sit at Spadina and Queen’s Quay, and watch when a southbound car arrives. Compare it to when there is no car. Then evaluate off of that observation
  10. It was probably being towed to Hillcrest or Roncesvalles since there’s a picture on Facebook with the car being towed westbound, crossing Yonge St
  11. Please validate this for us. I’m curious to see how the 3rd in sequence was the first one built
  12. Not necessarily. You could entertain the 900 Airport Express from the airport when you land. The UP Express takes the fun out of the ride, and is a bit more than the local transit ride. The complimentary shuttle is still being run by Porter. The shuttle runs to the foot of Bathurst St, then the foot mission begins from there to the terminal via the pedestrian tunnel.
  13. No. Flatbed from factory directly to Mount Dennis
  14. The new service summary is out early! https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service Summary_2019-06-23.pdf
  15. Back to the main topic, 1585, 1667 & 1759 are parked in the south lane by the old International shop. Meanwhile, 1636 is parked with 1825, 1808 and 1787 to the north 1585, 1667, 1758 & 1636 are all still intact
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