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  1. I’m not sure if this holds true (historians with stronger knowledge and memory of this can explain this better than I could), but the 503 Kingston Rd. Tripper would return to its former routing when the PCCs were in their prime if the route runs from Dufferin Loop - Bingham Loop
  2. Height of the load most likely. At high speeds, and the older two-lane overpasses would’ve spelt chaotic if one of the trucks hit it fast with a streetcar as the load. The decommissioned legacy cars are on a lower, roll-on bed that can allow for them to travel the 401 no problem
  3. Just look at the back of the 509, 510 or 512 cars. All should be entering and leaving service via pantograph, and poles should be down (unless specific instructions from line supervisors state otherwise)
  4. Since the beginning of the board period just over two weeks ago. What I didn’t mention is that Bathurst is part of the routing to enter service for the 509 and 512 since my statement included the 510 Spadina route, which doesn’t get to Bathurst St. As of the January board, the 511 will most likely utilize pantograph operation as well
  5. Pantograph is only used for the 509, 510 and 512 routes running out/in from service via Queen & King to their respective routes
  6. You clearly missed my point. 7333 would’ve been retired if 7308 hadn’t suffered an engine fire. Rather than scrap two buses, sacrifice a section of the worst candidate to make a sufficient piece of equipment. Given that there are retired 79xx units floating around at Hillcrest, will the commission invest the labour to repair and refurbish 8095...?
  7. I have low expectations on this bus returning. But looking at how 7333 had crashed into a building, and returned to service less that a year or before the fleet started to retire... anything is possible
  8. Not until the transfers of routes occurs. Possibly to keep the 40 footers off of the pm rush. But at least 16-18 regular buses will have to be utilized to evenly cover service (amateur prediction. No need to hackle)
  9. That is correct. To add to that, there may be a divisional trainer in a vest near the driver when the operator in the seat is new or transitioning to that new mode. The safety vest on a bus operator is the giveaway
  10. It wouldn’t be a supervisor. It would be conducted under the incognito supervision of an instructor
  11. There was a low floor streetcar on a flatbed truck on Highway 7 near Tweed. From a group I’m in on Facebook
  12. I believe (don’t quote me on it) 3727 was out with sister 3728 on Bay on Friday. I might’ve been seen things
  13. I used to do this over fifteen years ago with my old Sony Walkman. I did it more over on the H5s, H6s and on buses. It definitely explain why was hum imitating buses sound in my early teen years lol (this goes way off topic. I do apologize mods)
  14. It’s probably after the streetcar tracks split off and the two lines go their separate ways
  15. Russell books out service for the Carlton line. The cars run in/out of Russell. Cars are swapped on weekends as there have been temporary measures put in place for on sight sanding at the moment
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