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  1. Yesterday’s sighting: 8313 started service on the 71 Runnymede Thursday morning at Mt Dennis division at roughly 5:45a Today’s sighting: 8699 was finishing up an up trip on the 13 Avenue Rd route at roughly 3:25p, eastbound on Eglinton past Lascelles Blvd
  2. Here’s the 14 Glencairn transfers of today
  3. I noticed car 6262 inside the Eglinton MSF as I was taking my bus down Industry St this afternoon
  4. 1415 is now a vehicle to add to the list. It’s been parked in the same spot for just over two weeks
  5. TTC 3312 was drafted to help out on the 34 this afternoon. I spotted the bus entering Eglinton Stn at roughly 5:52p as I was leaving to run my bus into the garage
  6. These were what I was issued for the 509 shuttle today
  7. TTC 8107 & 9234 appear to be on the 71 Runnymede as 1 & 4 run (it was a shock to see it at the division until the driver briefly turned the power on to reveal that it was a RAD)
  8. They really aren’t. The stations are well built compared to that of TTC’s. More artistically influenced and they definitely don’t put up with the bs that we deal with in Toronto. If I were to compare STM to TTC, I’d give STM the upper hand
  9. TTC: 8325 was on the 56 L E A S I D E this morning 1384 was on the 88 South Leaside just after the lunch hour
  10. I’m guessing that the curb side wraps are getting scuffed up a bit and being removed based on the scuff damage (personal opinion). 3725, 3728, 3732, 3737 & 3744 are the ones I know of that are missing the curb side wrap. 3741 was one of the buses that were in the field. I got it on the 32 for my afternoon round trip, and it was dusty all over the dash. I’m assuming that they’re being rotated and diagnosed on an as-needed basis. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t end up procuring more of them
  11. TTC 8461 and 8426 were helping out on the 35 Jane for the early evening
  12. TTC 3182 was today’s rad on the 109C R A N E E
  13. 1025 has moved to Wilson for some repairs I’m guessing. The bus has been missing in action for just over two weeks. 1132 has also be out of the regular lineup for a bit as well 1035 however has luckily returned to service. Today, the bus is tracking on the 935
  14. 1287 looks to be the next retiree at Mt Dennis. Plates have been removed
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