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  1. After a convoy over to Mt Dennis to drop off 8849 -> 8700 & 8703 are both at Hillcrest
  2. 1402 I think also has a Kotak Law full body wrap
  3. 8662, 8665 & 8666 have all been refurbished, and have returned to Eglinton 8665 is on the 56 L E A S I D E
  4. After a few weeks of being off property, then being back at Harvey Shop, 8636 is back at Eglinton
  5. To my knowledge, I don’t believe there is another 3714 other that TTC’s Yesterday’s special: TTC 3645 was signed up as a 61 AVENUE RD NORTH (probably waiting for their assigned departure time) at Eglinton Stn
  6. Yesterday’s special: TTC 3605 was on the 32A EGLINTON WEST (westbound) at Old Park Rd at 3:18p. This one wasn’t one of the 52 school trippers since both of them were XE40s
  7. Saturday morning special: TTC 3629 was on the 47B LANSDOWNE 3614 just started a trip on the 123C SHERWAY
  8. Bright & early: TTC 3514 was on the 32A EGLINTON WEST Edit: supervisor instructed the driver to wait at the stop west of Keele for at Mt Dennis based bus to replace it
  9. I think they are relics. All day passes now are apart of the presto system
  10. Today’s special: TTC 1521 was on the 61 AVENUE RD NORTH
  11. I think that one is 1077. If it doesn’t have an upper rear panel, 1052 is sporting it’s salvaged part
  12. 1259 received plates, but was in the backyard (not a direct foot path when showing up or heading home). 1105, 1114 & 1125 are parked indefinitely
  13. To date, 1044, 1075, 1105, 1114 & 1125 haven’t received plates. I’ll assume that these are the 5 to have retired recently
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