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  1. I guess I was wrong. Sorry for assuming in an earlier post
  2. Not jealous one bit. I do wish that I had more exposure to them given that I lived far from the IIIs when they ran in Toronto. I personally like the brown padded seats that we had. Much better than the red upholstered, and gray framed seats that the buses arrived with 2-3 years later
  3. Bad leadership and poor decision making from the head honchos in my opinion. There were good manufacturers that we could’ve sided with post IIIs OC Transpo did get a couple of TTC units in the later years. Not for this to sound rude, but out of curiosity: how long did the 8500s Orion-Ikarus buses last/retire? None of the 7900/8000s have received the new livery to date. Good chance that none of them will, but we’ll have to wait and see about that
  4. 4586 was sitting in Roncesvalles yard before 9:30pm. Must’ve left shortly after to get back to Leslie for a crew change. 4585 was most likely offloaded on Friday October 18th, but probably suffered a bent pole on the same day.
  5. The 8100s used to have a DPF switch in the driver’s area for the High Exhaust System Temperature when the light came on. When I drove two separate buses during refresher training, I didn’t see that switch on either of the two buses, or other I’ve ridden on with drivers I know. The switch was explained during training, but nowhere to be found when using the equipment. Also, now there seems to be a coolant-like smell in the exhaust from the 8100s whenever I seem to be near one. I dislike them for that now
  6. The reason that idea was never explored is because of the fact that in the early months of the BD line, if a train went belly up when both lines ran as one, the entire system crippled. That is why this idea is as good as smoke in the wind. It always helps to do a bit of research before posting sometimes
  7. The bent pole is the reason why the car is stuck there. The car will have to be pulled back to Leslie Barns to replace the trolley pole
  8. The rear window reminds me of the rectangular rear window on the D800s, but in the finished coated style
  9. They needed to replace the two that were heavily vandalized. Most likely they will be numbered ES-6 and ES-8 within reason. If any of you ask why, the world is over as we know it
  10. If operators were to put up Greenwood & Connaught signs, the public would wait for the next Neville Park car regardless of what it takes. We have sadly been forced to cater to the illiterate and lack of common sense
  11. The change is supposed to be progressive, not happen overnight. By the looks of things, Russell will house the Carlton allocated low floors
  12. I don’t even need to look at the video to know which car you mean haha. 4126 had overhead wire fall on top of it and and went into storage briefly. The car went up to Hillcrest, then came back into revenue service afterwards
  13. I think 1725 is parked on the south side of 1810 Markham Rd. (can be seen by the back of Harvey’s)
  14. Not true. If there is no one at a stop or requesting a stop, all streetcar can continue in service. If someone is standing in the proximity of the stop near a store front, we won’t stop because they aren’t readily showing their intention of wanting the streetcar. In essence, make your presence known by standing beside the stop post The board period begins tomorrow. Regular legacy car utilization remains for today. As were are trained: once we service a stop, we do not open the doors a second time. Some operators may do so as per their discretion. If you push the door button well in advance of the stop, the car will stop. If you push the door button as the car is near and close to passing your desired stop, the car will drop you off at the next stop due to the lack of notice the passenger gave the driver about wanting that stop.
  15. Not in all cases. Also, 4190 had its pole down... I need not say more
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