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  1. The panel I saw was on the other side of the bus. But I wasn’t aware that it was the same bus had it on both sides
  2. 508 service started back again this morning
  3. W242 has the new paint scheme, with a white panel on the bottom driver’s side
  4. 1221 is repainted. It was running on the 90 Vaughan Rd route until the driver had to run it in since the driver that was to relieve him didn’t show up
  5. As an operator, I’m obliged to come to work to keep my job Keeping on topic: I saw 3345 as a 505 crossing the Don Valley bridge westbound
  6. 3292, 3653, 8091 (I think) and 8440 were some of the buses helping out on the 505 Dundas today
  7. 4410 & 4417 are both back at Leslie. I did see another car over the past week run with the lights off across Gerrard westbound at Jones. By the time the car was near me, my attention span was near numb due to the excessive running time and eerily quiet atmosphere on Carlton
  8. It’s a smart thought, but it wouldn’t do much since the front end of the shield is open air as well. Strictly rear door boarding, with a reduced passenger count seems like the better idea coming from a person already on the frontlines
  9. It looks like 4207 and the C behind it on 19 track were moved bc they were there before I left at 6:30ish
  10. A low floor snuck its way up to Hillcrest last night with all the interior lights switched off. I was at Bathurst Stn waiting for my time when I saw this, and couldn’t get a read on the body number
  11. 4402, 4413, 4415, 4416 and 4418 have vision Edit: 4509 has vision as well
  12. 4418 did return to service. It was tracked on the 509 or 511 this morning
  13. Correct. 4538 has it as well. I saw a friend’s pic of 4402 with the same crown too sitting outside of Harvey Shop
  14. 4422 did receive vision. It has a new steel crown above the cab at the front of the car. It was heading back to Leslie eastbound on Queen at Church I presume around 11:20 this morning
  15. On Wednesday evening, I saw a repainted 135x (either what I believe was 1352 or 1356) being driven north on Bathurst, crossing St Clair at either 9:20p or 10:15p (long shift driving the 512). I wish I could tell the last digit, but the new fleet # arrangement is hard to tell from a long distance
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