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  1. Visual sightings: TTC 7926 & 8014 were both helping out on the 927 Highway 27 Express this morning. One of them was most likely covering 1023 that broke down unexpectedly
  2. 3753 is in a lot visible from the Scarborough RT line (line 3 for the picky lot), between Lawrence East and Ellesmere Stns. There’s no need to go off if this has been mentioned earlier
  3. Tracker sighting: TTC 8889 is on the 98 Willowdale-Senlac route
  4. An old face from a new place yesterday: TTC 3281 did a few trips yesterday on the 60 Steeles West corridor. I noticed the bus did at least one 60A trip, and one 60D trip as well 3534 was out on the 89 Weston last night Lastly, 8689 covered the 307 Bathurst night bus
  5. There were RADs everywhere in the west end today! TTC 8126 did 3 trips on the 15 Evans route before doing on round on the 26 Dupont 7947 was leaving Jane Stn signed up for the 15 Evans route (I pointed out to the driver just before they crossed Jane heading westbound on Bloor St 3105 is currently reliving the past on the 35 Jane route from a new home (McNicoll) 8746 is currently on the 79 Scarlett Rd route as well
  6. Tracker sighting: TTC 8341 is silhouetting the 77 Swansea route as a training bus
  7. I’ve got word from a trusty bird that 1388 is officially done and retired
  8. After what looked like a road trip across the QEW & up the 427, the bus is now back at Wilson
  9. I reported this back in mid March
  10. Weston Rd doesn’t do any bus any favours for how bad the road itself is I saw the bus from afar, but was way too far up Jane to see a vehicle number just before the bus turned east on Heathrow
  11. Albion and Kipling – E/B – 6:02 AM Fire from electrical compartment at front of bus. Bus shut down and evacuate. No injuries reportedMobile Unit 101 and Toronto Fire Services on sceneFire extinguishedMajor damage to bus. ^^^ the source and cause of death
  12. I thought it was a photoshop job at first. She’s toast
  13. Visual sighting: TTC 3347 (Arrow Rd) was operating on the 35 Jane for a good portion of the afternoon. 3261 (McNicoll) was about to start on the 35 Jane from Pioneer Village Stn at around 8pm
  14. 1371 is carrying the rear HVAC panel from 1278. The giveaway is the poorly placed numbering, and up close, you can see the former unit numbers
  15. Visual sighting: TTC 1384 & 8101 are both aiding the 35 Jane morning service
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