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  1. Must’ve been 4057. 4055 is long gone in streetcar heaven
  2. 4077 had the trailer being staged in front of it this morning. I’ve come back after a trip on the 506, and the streetcar and truck are gone
  3. 4077 is stripped and sitting at the top of 20 track awaiting fate, coupled to 4051. 4089 is behind missing the front skirts I don’t recall if 4049 still had the GO RVing wrap on it this morning @Robert Lubinski
  4. A cement road base takes much longer than an asphalt road base to rehabilitate. Also, given that the buses are built with more body weight, I don’t think the TTC wants to do a half ass job on the station roadway
  5. 4192 is off to pasture as it was rolled onto the modified flatbed today
  6. All new operators are only being trained on the CLRVs. The last class that trained on the ALRV was in January
  7. 4125 is still on the flatbed at Russell. Might leave later tonight
  8. Roughly after 8 in the morning, or in the evening now as it seems. Not sure about the evening scrapping times
  9. 4148 is stripped on 20 track, while 4125 is being stripped inside of the carhouse at Russell. 4001 & 4003 are behind the ALRVs on 18 track
  10. I’m currently driving 4476 on Bathurst. Tracker must have some sort of issue
  11. The reason I went on with this assumption is because when the operators signed for the August board period, the crew guides stated that they were to all be low floors. I would’ve signed Bathurst if they were legacy cars. But I signed the latter
  12. 9074, 9075, 9076 & 9096 have been helping out on the 511 Bathurst throughout the day
  13. The August board service summary is available https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service Summary_2019-08-04.pdf One known change that is incorrect in the summary is that the 511 Bathurst car is to be running all low floor. It currently states that they will be running CLRVs
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