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  1. Yesterday: 3201 did a full trip and a bit of an early appearance to the east end on the 506 Carlton 8088 was on the 89 Weston route in the evening
  2. 9229 might have been helping out on the 47 Lansdowne route this afternoon as it was turning onto the side street west of Lansdowne at Queen. Also, 1575 might have been on a 506S to Coxwell & Queen as it was turning at Coxwell loop
  3. 3280 was northbound on the 41 Keele route this afternoon
  4. 3588 was on the 47 Lansdowne route this morning (sorry for the poor photo quality)
  5. 3568 arrived at Long Branch loop at roughly 6:10am, leaving the loop 5 mins later. It came and left signed as ‘Not In Service’
  6. 8467 is currently on a southbound trip on the 133 Neilson route
  7. 3509 travelled westbound on Eglinton to Eglinton Stn, then went northbound on Yonge via Berwick 3558 finished a trip westbound on the 54 to Eglinton Stn around 8:30pm 2 eastbound 32 buses used the blue night routing shortly after 8:30pm to enter Eglinton’s bus terminal instead of the regular routing. Possibly due to a blocked entrance to the station...?
  8. 9080 was refurbished over a month ago, but hasn’t been updated on the first page yet
  9. 3517 is helping out on the 363 Ossington night bus as 72 run (2:07am)
  10. I was thinking: will the TTC ever utilise the battery-electric drive option on the LFS hybrids that were recently acquired?
  11. Actually third, coming in nearly eight years behind the Zum fleet in Brampton
  12. It’s been cleared for some time now. At least a few years
  13. 8362 was the bus fire at Vaughan & St Clair
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