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  1. By the look of the moves in relation to the VII hybrid moves, it could be a fueling issue at Malvern
  2. You may have seen the streetcar before the car heads west to turn at Leslie in the evening
  3. 8302, 8417 & 8449 were backed onto the promenade area outside of Metro Hall, just east of John St today. Probably for a media event
  4. I did see 3534 heading northbound when I crossed Dufferin on my eastbound trip Edit: 3546 also crossed Dundas northbound in service on the 29 at 1:04x
  5. An LFS HEV was on the 29 Dufferin route southbound crossing Dundas. I couldn’t get the vehicle number or specific branch bc I was a block away when I noticed the uniquely high roofline
  6. 1411 (Mt. Dennis unit) was doing a trip on the 7 Bathurst 7937 was doing a trip on the 89 Weston Rd
  7. I don’t think all passengers transferring systems would walk down Aukland when there is a TTC bus stop right on the corner (aside from the restaurants in the immediate area of Dundas & Aukland to get a cup of joe, or other refreshments). I just used that as an example
  8. I’ve taken the 71 Sheridan-Subway eastbound in the afternoon. The reason why it returns to Toronto via the 427 instead of Islington is so that customers can connect to the the Bloor-Danforth line from Kipling Stn at Aukland Rd. On that note, the 71 is being renumbered to fall under the miExpress services umbrella as the 102 route
  9. 3607 on a training run, visiting Renforth Transitway Stn An unknown TTC LFS heading eastbound on the 403 west of Creditview Rd
  10. 8420 looks to be the first 40ft LFS that will be refurbished. Pics are from a source on Facebook
  11. 1000 and 1041 helping out with morning rush on the 7 Bathurst 11:25a: 3435 just departed Eglinton Stn on an eastbound 34A trip 5:40p: 3489 started an eastbound trip on the 56 from Eglinton Stn 6:40p 3139 just finishes a westbound trip on the 124, while 8472 starts on an eastbound trip
  12. 1408 and 1618 were both rads on the 7 Bathurst route
  13. 9054 helped out on the 501L Queen shuttle bus
  14. 1049 is just about to start a westbound trip from Gunn’s Loop on the 189 Stockyards route 1421 & 1626 were both spotted assisting on 7 Bathurst
  15. An Arrow Rd LFS was hit at the rear doors by a fire truck responding to a call at Avenue Rd & Wilson Ave. The bus was eastbound on the 165 Weston Rd North route
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