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  1. TTC 3328 is currently on the 32 EGLINTON WEST heading eastbound, two stops after Keele when I saw it
  2. TTC 7953 has a full body wrap of the bus being used for a vaccination clinic
  3. TTC 9122 doing an in-service training run on the 36 FINCH WEST between Finch and Finch West Stns 3522 & an OG VII HEV were on the 37A ISLINGTON (10/11 bus right behind 3522) westbound at Rexdale & Kipling
  4. TTC 8151 is on the 32 EGLINTON WEST this morning
  5. TTC 3588 was on the 935 JANE EXPRESS this afternoon A 10xx/11xx series bus on the 71 Runnymede at Jane & St Clair
  6. Yesterday sightings: TTC 3617 & 8878 were on the 60 STEELES WEST on the morning 1095 was on the 60 STEELES WEST (I forgot which branch through) westbound at Kipling in the afternoon
  7. Today’s specials TTC 8342 was on the 32A EGLINTON WEST during the midday 8159 was drafted out to the 29 DUFFERIN 8320 was out to help out on the 929 DUFFERIN EXPRESS in the evening 8912 & 9046 were out on the 35A J A N E
  8. TTC 8153 was on the its namesake route, the 96B W I L S O N 9239 must’ve been lookin for old friends at Kipling Stn while working on the 112B WEST MALL
  9. TTC 1254 was out on the 52G Lawrence West last night
  10. TTC 3155 came out to the west end to revisit history while helping out on the 45B KIPLING this morning 8148 was on the 96A W I L S O N. I saw this one going eastbound, about to turn off of John Garland onto Kipling this morning
  11. TTC 1260 or 1360 was on the 121 FRONT-ESPLANADE 8898 is on the 29 DUFFERIN 3561 was sitting in Exhibition East Loop signed up as 511 BATHURST
  12. TTC 3350 is currently on the 32 EGLINTON WEST eastbound at Oakwood
  13. TTC 1077 was on the 44 KIPLING SOUTH this morning
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