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  1. 9078 appears to have transferred back again to McNicoll
  2. This is wracking my brain right now! There is a handful of pics on the inter web of the TTC New Flyer ‘TUF’ demonstrator (early version of the D40LF), but I can’t seem to find them. Does anyone know where I can find these hard to find gems?
  3. TTC 8168 departed Wilson Stn westbound on the 996
  4. 8950 was on the back of a tow truck at Todd Baylis & Industry St (coming from Mt Dennis). Most likely en route to Eglinton at 7:25pm
  5. TTC 1219 on the 925 (saw a pic of the bus at Pape Stn)
  6. Assumably so. Next week, the work selection will be posted for the April board period
  7. Visual sighting: TTC 1372 on the 165 eb entering Wilson Stn 3418 was on the 935 southbound at Weston Rd 3366 I think was on the 32A westbound at Weston Rd
  8. TTC 8030 is currently on a northbound 35A J A N E trip. It passed Trethewey at roughly 5:40p
  9. 8915 has finally made it to Birchmount 8916 is still probably in the repair shop at Eglinton
  10. 8587 had completed a trip on the 75 Sherbourne, and went left instead of going right at Queen’s Quay & Sherbourne
  11. 8915 & 8916 seem to still be straggling at Eglinton garage
  12. Birchmount trying their hands today on future routes: 9202 was signed up for the 94 Wellesley, heading eastbound on Bloor St at Bay. A few minutes later, 8962 headed northbound on the 6 B A Y, crossing Bloor St Before these sightings, a recently refurbished LFS was on the back of a tow truck eastbound on the Gardner, passing the ACC (couldn’t see the number bc the new font is too small to see from south of Lake Shore)
  13. TTC: An unidentifiable Nova hybrid and 3327 were on the 26 Dupont 8616 was on the 6 B A Y, crossing Sherbourne when I saw the vehicle 8779 was on the 75 Sherbourne
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