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  1. The MTA, for one, is keenly aware of this: "The interviewee also explained that NYCT orders such a large volume of buses that they typically divvy up a large order between several manufacturers. This is also an attempt to keep the transit bus manufacturing industry competitive. Going with a single manufacturer could potentially drive other manufacturers out of business. NYCT doesn’t want to be in a position where they are reliant on a single manufacturer." http://transweb.sjsu.edu/PDFs/research/1234-US-transit-bus-mfg-industry.pdf (Page 40)
  2. (Shrugs) The system we have's worked pretty well for the past 38 years. Spinning around happens very rarely (only if there's an issue with the doors on one side of the pontoon or a ferry's going out of service), and the ferries have a great on-time performance record. Considering they already run every 15 minutes, I don't really know what would be gained by faster boarding? Factoring in the need for a bit of dwell time for schedule adherence, I don't think you'd save enough time for extra crossings... Very nice photos, though, I must say.
  3. Here's a PDF with descriptions of all the individual funded projects: http://www.halifax.ca/council/agendasc/documents/160621ca14113.pdf Doesn't specify a particular manufacturer, only mentions that there are "potential partnership opportunities" related to the project.
  4. Halifax Transit received a good amount of money from the Federal Government's Public Transit Improvement Fund: http://www.halifax.ca/council/agendasc/documents/160920ca1435.pdf As as result, instead of receiving 30 new LFS buses later this year, we will be receiving 59. That makes it the largest single order of buses in Halifax in almost 50 years. This will allow for the retirement of all Classics, 1999-2000 LFS buses, the D30LFs, and the Glaval Titans. Exciting times!
  5. It's actually the Dartmouth III that will be retired first: http://www.halifax.ca/boardscom/SCfinance/documents/MTFerryRecapitalization.pdf
  6. The time is finally here...today, Halifax Transit unveiled the Moving Forward Together plan, a complete redesign of the system. From my quick look, I'm very excited at what I see! http://maketransitbetter.ca/ For a more dense read, here's the PDF of the full 102-page plan itself (12 MB): http://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/transitsurvey/MovingForwardTogetherDraftPlan_Feb172015.pdf
  7. I like the new livery, but agree that the colours are too washed-out, particularly the yellow. I'm also concerned about how much white space it's going to leave in the middle of an artic...
  8. Sorry for the delay. I'm of two minds about this, because the name change is really cosmetic - there's been no organizational or operational changes associated with this. However, it is a new name and identity all the same, so I will leave it to your discretion, as you're far more involved with the Wiki than I am. Either way works for me.
  9. Could someone please move "Metro Transit" to "Halifax Transit"? The name change is official as of yesterday, and I will go about updating the page's content to reflect that. Halifax Transit currently redirects to Halifax Transit Corporation, which is the old transit system from the 70s, but we can figure out how to deal with that.
  10. Yep, it's official now: http://halifax.ca/transit/morethananamechange.php
  11. There's going to be a press conference today at 2:30 in the Grand Parade regarding the "next step" of the Halifax rebranding project, and Eddie Robar is going to be present. No proof, but I assume they will be unveiling the name change to "Halifax Transit", with a new livery.
  12. Do you mean in terms of fleet size? Metro Transit has over 300 buses, 47 of which are 60-foot articulated buses. You can find more detailed info on the fleet on the wiki: http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Metro_Transit The best place to see buses is on Barrington Street in Downtown Halifax - the street has over 1,100 bus movements every weekday. Hope you enjoy your stay in Halifax!
  13. Looks like there will be a lot less Classics soon in Windsor: http://citywindsor.ca/residents/transitwindsor/Corporate-and-Contact-Information/Documents/May%2013%202014%20MEETING/Item%2021.pdf
  14. Sure, the new logo's not what I had in mind (I'm still not sure about those "A"s), and people can rightfully debate its merits, as well as the amount of money spent. I would still argue, though, that it's miles better than the old one, which is starting to show its age, and there's thankfully no lighthouses or waves in sight. I guess we'll just have to disagree. I do like our current transit livery, except for the amount of blank white space left on a bus: I would much prefer something like the TransLink livery. As far as I know, there's been nothing new on the Porter's Lake issue since this staff report in January: https://www.halifax....140114cai04.pdf
  15. I don't like the purple, but I like the general concept.
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