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  1. Curious how much is known about this yet, but I've heard through sources in the world of data/communications contractors that CT has a tender opportunity out (or nearing going out) for the relocation of the non-maintenance facilities from Vic Park to Westbrook. So control and all that stuff. Timeline supposedly for it to be completed by next fall.
  2. 39th Ave's platform extension is a quick and dirty fix. Rather than concrete supports its steel, designed to be cheaper to build and easily removed when it comes time to relocate the platform in the future (either to south of 42nd or north of its current location, I've heard rumors of both)
  3. Spotted as high as 8272 myself, and 8268 on a truck being hauled from by the University the other day. I think in the past two weeks I've seen maybe one or two non XD40 on the 20 going through Campus. Route 72/73 is also pretty heavy with them
  4. Spotted both 8207 and 8209 a few minutes behind it this morning, and they definitely do look sharp.
  5. Is George still there? I haven't seen him around in a while. CBC is reporting that someone lit a fire inside a CTrain last night. Any idea which one or where it happened? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/man-sets-fire-to-c-train-car-1.2495703
  6. That explains what that bus was. I spotted it a few months back on Anderson heading onto NB 14th Street and was wondering where it came from/was going to.
  7. Mostly due to the design of the connection to Bow Trail I'd guess. 4th turns into a single lane and I've experienced that it often backs up well past 8th Street in the afternoon rush with drivers who don't bother to notice that the lane they are in doesn't actually turn onto the Louise Bridge and then try to merge over. And in the morning you can't actually get onto Bow Trail from there, due to the lane reversal that creates the 5th Avenue Connector.
  8. That it does... at least from the outside. The inside is quite different in that it has no escalators, only a single elevator from what I recall and its a bit narrower.
  9. Quite the switch... Will be interesting to see them move that into place.
  10. I was expecting it may beat the Fall 2014 timeline and be likely for Spring 2014 instead. Theres still a lot of track and electrical work to do though so I wouldn't expect it this Fall or Winter.
  11. Wow... can't believe I missed that. Thanks. I'm looking forward to it,
  12. Looks like there may be something to the long rumored putting D60LFR's on the #3. All of the #3 stops I saw today between Anderson and Glenmore are being lengthened (if there was a sidewalk right at the curb for the stop) or being built from scratch (for the couple stops that were on the grass). The lengthened sections look to be about the right length to have all 3 doors of a D60LFR open onto the concrete.
  13. They were pouring the north ramp this morning, looks to be the same pattern as used in a lot of the rest of the station, some grey some almost black concrete.
  14. Fencing is up around the south end of university station now.
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