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  1. New Flyer MSI'S

    The New Flyer buses have something wrong with the driver's compartment that causes strains and pain to operators. There is something wrong there and after ergo assessments operators are told how to sit properly. They have had no issues with Novas but have developed issues with New Flyers. I would like to hear of your concerns as it is obvious that we are easier to replace than buses it appears. Please contact me either here or privately but please contact me for the good of all transit drivers who are required to drive these vehicles. Thank you
  2. Grand River Transit

    The understanding right now is that the Fishcer Hallman Express will be loading and unloading on the street and will not enter the terminal, go figure! At least there wont be a strike thats the good news!!
  3. Grand River Transit

    I heard that the contract expired and no talks are even scheduled.......maybe thats the plan to eliminate the sightings.......STRIKE
  4. Burlington Transit

    I read about the issue somewhere this summer. I thought it was Burlington that had an issue. Sorry if I was mistaken!
  5. Burlington Transit

    At least the new ones wont have a mold problem for a while!
  6. Transit Service to Elmira

    QUOTE (Paul Cyr @ Mar 2 2010, 11:07 PM) Because university students take up half the space of a person paying cash? And someone with a transfer takes up two times the space? "A Nova bus can hold up to 40 people. If there are twice as many university students as those paying cash, half as many people paying with tickets as there are university students, and one-third of how many paying cash using a transfer, how ridiculous was hybrid1's cheap anti-LRT comment?" I think now is the time for any and all LRT cheap shots. After its here, it wont be cheap anymore! Its nothing more than an expensive way to haul students and drunks around at taxpayers expense.
  7. Grand River Transit

    As 74humper states it was across from the Market Square. Here is a picture probably taken from the parking garage. I found this on the union website.
  8. Grand River Transit

    I just read in the contract 37.3 Casual clothing is permitted on days approved for fundraising activities provided the employee has made the donation and is wearing the identifying sticker or button. One piece of GRT issued clothing with a GRT logo must be worn for identification purposes. Appropriate footwear must always be worn. If safety shoes/boots are mandatory, they must be worn. I guess management has to make sure that this is being followed and if they checked for the identifying sticker of button, how many would not be allowed to dress casual anyways?
  9. Grand River Transit

    You are absolutely right. Now someone who may like to work a stat but got beaten out by the campers will get an equal opportunity. Thats what its all about is equality. The only ones who wont like it will be the ones that did their best to take it all away from their coworkers. Maybe the union did them a favour. Now their kids may have a day with their parent on a holiday as they will be home instead of at work. Also the new crowns and caps benefit is a huge addition. No concessions and only upgrades. Also more restrictions on part time, that means any work that is extra such as charters will be overtime instead of part time, the same as covering part time superviors must be overtime as well. The "scammers" have plenty of opportunity to make more than ever before without having to camp out for stats. You are also right in that it is a good contract all around and it puts us on track for when the economy turns back!!
  10. Grand River Transit

    Well even if something was taken away, do you really think going on strike and losing weeks of pay will get it back for you....give your head a shake....if it was worth a strike your negotiators would have put you out there!!!
  11. Grand River Transit

    It was 8.5 last year but I think you will be lucky to get 3 without giving up anything....
  12. Grand River Transit

    What was the "old one"? Do you mean the same increase as last year 8.5%?
  13. Ontario Human Rights Comission

    It looks like you are right. It looks as though the union has stand up and do it because management just dumped it on the workers and said "here now its your problem". I think they have a rough road to go. Win or lose at least they tried.
  14. Ontario Human Rights Comission

    Do you know how many buses are in Sudbury's fleet?