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  1. Hopefully this will lead to other improvements aside from just increased frequencies. (Such as more lines, better routing, later runs) When i lived in Windsor, and started my first job (about 6 years ago now) at a store on Walker road, i remember boarding the 7 bus at about 10pm and hearing the driver inform me it was the last time he was doing that run and going forward the route would stop just before 7pm. There’s no other east/west route in that end of the city and i had to walk home if i couldn’t get a ride, and none of the roads on the way home had sidewalks, which lead to a couple scary moments. Definitely didn’t leave a great impression of windsor’s transit system for me, but maybe this is a turning point for them. Fingers crossed.
  2. https://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/transit-windsor-review-aims-for-better-and-stronger-transit-service/amp Hopefully when this service review is completed, more of the recommendations will be implemented than the last one.
  3. It would still be confusing to many riders, and require an increase in service hours, while also reducing service frequency (in each direction) in that loop. It would be more effective to serve the area in that loop with it’s own service, which was proposed in the 2005 Master Plan
  4. loops are tricky. They allow a larger service area but should only exist in areas where passengers would not want to transfer in the opposite direction of the loop, such is not the case on the 5 Dominion, where a passenger may board a northbound bus and then have to transfer to a south ound bus on the same route to access st clair college. A two-way loop is a solution that could be implemented through branching, but inefficient to operate and confusing to riders. Transit Windsor had a plan to divert route 7 into south windsor along the existing 5 loop to Grand Marais and straighten route 5 such that it runs directly into the college, and then continues southbound along country club dr, then looping near north Talbot and 6th concession, thus finally serving Southwood Lakes. This was never actioned, unfortunately.
  5. I’m visiting family in Windsor this weekend and rode route 6 (a 2018 nova) downtown to meet a friend for lunch and was surprised to hear the bus making automated announcements! And they were pretty easy to hear as well. It was a saturday so a lot fewer buses were out but was also happy to see only newer (‘09 or later) vehicles while downtown. And i was able to plan my trips using google maps like in other cities. Seems they’ve made some big improvements technology-wise, but the schedules are still the same as I remember.
  6. Very true. They need to look at how many extras they have typically and work them into the schedule so customers know what time those buses are coming, which should help even out the passenger load, and adjust the new 5 runs so the spacing is even, otherwise there’s bound to be a bus that’s full and bypassing customers, as well as falling behind schedule with the next bus nearly empty. They should change the 6 and 7 to be 30 minutes or less headways as well so they are more useful routes. Artics on TW’s busiest routes could leave more service hours available for the south windsor routes in the event the 1C/2 need increased capacity as well. The express route i think is a pretty good opportunity to pilot express bus services. The route runs from the college to sandwich town (high student population) then to the university and along university avenue (also high student population) to the transit terminal. If it could run both ways all day on weekdays it would be a great way to see how customers react to this type of service. Along sandwich/university it should only stop at transfer points with this clearly signed at the stops, to keep these buses moving quickly.
  7. So despite the increase in service on route 5, there’s still serious overcrowding? Maybe TW can find some working buses to purchase second hand from another property like LTC OC transpo, mississauaga, etc? Maybe time to purchase some 18m vehicles?
  8. Saw a CLRV pushing a flexity eastbound along Queen yesterday afternoon wonder if it was 4406. Also an interesting video i found on twitter of the struggles the streetcars faced last night.
  9. That's the one I spotted at Dundas Friday night. According to the TTC's 2016 Customer Charter, Sheppard trains will be TRs beginning this summer
  10. There was a 4-car TR testing northbound at Dundas yesterday at 10pm
  11. I don't think many people are killed by people stopping to let someone out or pick someone up at rush hours, but there have been ticketing blitzes for that as well.
  12. they take cash, but they don't give change, so even if i have a $5 note, that's not a good deal, especially on Transit Windsor. I also wouldn't purchase a Transit Windsor day pass anyways, as I mostly use it to get from the Via station to the south end and then back when I leave, and maybe to visit downtown at some point. You can't purchase a day pass on TTC buses or streetcars, but you can at Pearson Airport, Union station and all subway stations; so if you're visiting, you're probably covered.
  13. Was in Windsor over the holidays and was reminded how difficult it is to pay the fare, having to carry around so many coins like it's 2010. Anyone know how their fare card is coming along? I wish they had presto; would make it much easier for me to get around when I visit my folks.
  14. I still see many cars on Dundas, Queen and Carlton that don't have presto readers even installed on them as of yet.
  15. There are certainly inspectors at Union Station at certain times. They tend to ride the car back and forth between Union and Spadina, staying at either station for a little while before changing. The transfer machine records the approximate location where you tapped
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