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  1. Saw this video online today. Super close call for sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYeTh6atdo8
  2. Vancouver

    General BRT discussion

    Are there buses with signs still not programmed correctly for the Max Teal? Saw a Max Teal 7800-series bus on 37th Street SW today displaying the old 306 BRT MRU Heritage. Took me by surprise for sure.
  3. Vancouver

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    There's at least 5 more of these along the South Fence at SG, and saw 2 more being delivered yesterday heading off Deerfoot onto 32nd Avenue. The Luminator Titan sign looks sharp. Will they run from SG at all or are we keeping them until Stoney opens in the new year?
  4. Vancouver

    New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    Was only in Vancouver for 3 days back at the end of November, and won't be back again for a couple of months. Will see if any of these are around then. But it was great to see 7115 out and running then regardless.
  5. Vancouver

    New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    I saw it two weeks ago near Metrotown while driving and said I had to get a picture before it went into retirement. Seeing it still around brought a smile to my face. Fond memories of riding the 95/96 D40LFs during my university days. Thought it might stick around for another couple of months but I guess that's not going to happen with all the new buses coming in.
  6. Vancouver

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    I think another one of these might have arrived as this one had #02 on the sheet of paper attached to the front window. Here's a picture of it beside 7659 and 8203 at SG.
  7. Vancouver

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    Both the demonstrators don't have back windows. I was trying to say it was similar to 8203 / 8204 and not like the Red Deer LFS CNGs which do but I guess I did phrase that correctly.
  8. I passed by Spring Gardens tonight and noticed a completely white Novabus LFS CNG bus parked between 8203 and 8204. It has the new LFS driver window design and does not have a back window like 8203 / 8204. I assume this is one of the 40 that is coming from the order that was placed earlier this year. This thread is to post sightings and deliveries of these buses, unless I'm completely out of touch and this isn't actually one of the Calgary units that's part of this order.
  9. Vancouver

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    Is that our last one? Or are there some in the middle that haven't arrived yet?
  10. Vancouver

    General BRT discussion

    I'm surprised they still haven't figured out the traffic light timings on 17th Ave SE. It's midday 3 days in and looking at T55, there's still Max Purples and Route 1s that are over 15 to 20 minutes late. Not a great first impression to riders if you are consistently late on a BRT service that is supposed to be faster to bring people out of their cars.
  11. Vancouver

    Nova CNG demonstrators

    Been out of town for a bit, but when did one of these get painted or wrapped with the standard CT livery? Just saw it as I was passing SG and thought that it looks pretty sharp.
  12. Vancouver

    1995 D40LF Fleet

    According to T55, 7558 is out all day on the 302 until 9PM, on a Saturday! Wish the weather was better for pictures though.
  13. Still with a good amount of Translink stripes on it. I guess they decided to just remove the Southland decals on it back from 2011 and will eventually wrap it with Spruce Meadows livery later. Cool to see these ex-C40's still in service after riding so many of them in Vancouver.
  14. Vancouver

    Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    How were the loads on the XD40's used on the C-Train shuttles this weekend? I saw some pictures of long lines at Bridgeland, but wasn't in the area to see for myself. I assume they have to have higher frequency during midday compared to running the D60LFR's or XD60's out of VP before March to ensure everyone gets on.
  15. More information and VIN numbers of them on their website. Looks like they all have around 400,000kms or 240,000 Miles. http://details.maauctions.com/indlistingyyc_2018