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  1. Not sure how they got it in there, but they had a hell of a time getting it out last night. Didn't want to scrape a brand new bus I guess with just inches on that ramp on either side.
  2. Saw former Strathcona County Transit MCI Classic 900 broken down last night in Manchester Industrial. Looks like it's been converted into a kitchen of some sort.
  3. I'm curious why Stoney buses are on these shuttle runs tonight, including 8382 on the 118, and I guess the couple from Monday out of Anderson and Stoney. It is from a lack of drivers both shuttle and big bus at SG? In the past, they would be SG big buses to cover these shuttle runs.
  4. I've been seeing it for the past couple of months, so that's why I thought I would ask here to see why it's still happening.
  5. Had 8294 go past me on the 453 last night covering a shuttle run. Are we still pretty low on shuttle drivers ATM?
  6. The body of 2017 actually looks so much better than a lot of the others that have been scrapped. It barely has any rust or holes. But these are probably scrapped when something is too expensive to repair or there's something wrong with the electronics that isn't worth fixing.
  7. I'm surprised how few of these have went out this week, especially since Monday. Is there something wrong with them that they are fixing?
  8. On the 301. Probably should have been an artic that should have went out instead.
  9. For the service review, it's interesting to see that they want to extend the 93 to Chinook from Westhills instead of covering 45th Street and Spruce Cliff. I don't know how well this would work for service reliability with possible delays on Glenmore, but I do like the transferless East - West access across the Glenmore Causeway. Still keeps it a pretty long route though from Coach Hill to Chinook.
  10. I thought they would have more of them ready to go on the first day of Stoney Garage since they've been sitting around for a couple of months already.
  11. I guess not really out of the ordinary with the new sheet, but interesting to see some of the assignments from Stoney. There were artics on a run of the 9 and 23 this morning because they were interlined with the 116. And a couple of 7600s on the 307 during the AM peak which probably makes sense since they were only out as AM trippers.
  12. Saw this video online today. Super close call for sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYeTh6atdo8
  13. Are there buses with signs still not programmed correctly for the Max Teal? Saw a Max Teal 7800-series bus on 37th Street SW today displaying the old 306 BRT MRU Heritage. Took me by surprise for sure.
  14. There's at least 5 more of these along the South Fence at SG, and saw 2 more being delivered yesterday heading off Deerfoot onto 32nd Avenue. The Luminator Titan sign looks sharp. Will they run from SG at all or are we keeping them until Stoney opens in the new year?
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