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  1. Vancouver

    Nova CNG demonstrators

    Been out of town for a bit, but when did one of these get painted or wrapped with the standard CT livery? Just saw it as I was passing SG and thought that it looks pretty sharp.
  2. Vancouver

    1995 D40LF Fleet

    According to T55, 7558 is out all day on the 302 until 9PM, on a Saturday! Wish the weather was better for pictures though.
  3. Still with a good amount of Translink stripes on it. I guess they decided to just remove the Southland decals on it back from 2011 and will eventually wrap it with Spruce Meadows livery later. Cool to see these ex-C40's still in service after riding so many of them in Vancouver.
  4. Vancouver

    Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    How were the loads on the XD40's used on the C-Train shuttles this weekend? I saw some pictures of long lines at Bridgeland, but wasn't in the area to see for myself. I assume they have to have higher frequency during midday compared to running the D60LFR's or XD60's out of VP before March to ensure everyone gets on.
  5. More information and VIN numbers of them on their website. Looks like they all have around 400,000kms or 240,000 Miles. http://details.maauctions.com/indlistingyyc_2018
  6. Vancouver

    Sunshine Village Ski Resort

    Was in Banff today and saw both 44 and I think 45. They both retain the Red Deer Transit livery. 44, the D40LFR has some Sunshine banners on the side. The D40LF was just in Red Deer livery but did have Banff programmed into the destination sign. Looks like Sunshine is just keeps buying used buses which seems to work out for them. Does Red Deer have so many buses that they can sell off their 2007 D40LFRs? They seem pretty young for a used bus that was purchased by a ski hill.
  7. Vancouver

    2018 Arbocs

    Just had 1244 pass by on the 93. They sure are getting these delivered and in service pretty quickly.
  8. Vancouver

    Calgary Transit

    They balanced that today by putting some 96 D40LFs on the 3 and 57 according to T55, along with a couple of 99s including 7674 on the 301 which probably hasn't gotten one for quite some time. Surprised how many D40LF's are actually out today considering SG has so many XD40s and Novas they can put out instead.
  9. Vancouver

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    I saw 2083 this week and thought that it had some very large rust holes in it for a train that's in service. There's definitely some better ones than others. When I stop at 7th Ave and 4th St SE, it's always interesting to see how bad some of them actually look.
  10. Vancouver

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Was having lunch at a cafe facing a stop on Broadway and you can see why an artic is needed on this route even on weekends. 9741 was super packed and each of the 40' were really full as well. Was really surprised to see a Nova on this route so that's why I asked. When I was at UBC, it was really common to see Classics and D40LFs on the route.
  11. Vancouver

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    It's been actually 10 years since I moved from Vancouver. How common are 40' Nova's on the 99 these days. There's a couple of them out there this afternoon such as 9741 which I got on at Broadway-Commercial Station, but I thought it was supposed to be an artic only route.
  12. Vancouver

    Cold Lake Transit

    Was up in Cold Lake on Saturday. The 2 buses in service that day were 5009 and 5011. Nice to see the Ex-Calgary Classics in service, though I wasn't able to get any pictures. There wasn't much ridership on a Saturday afternoon however, so not sure how efficient it is to run a 40' bus during all times of the week.
  13. Vancouver

    Calgary Transit

    Well, there goes my 7 and 8 minute peak frequencies... To be honest, these service hours since the opening of the West LRT could really be more useful elsewhere, but it sucks to have to wait longer for a bus. Plus the short turn trips to 69th Ave Station were much more reliable since the two hour long route throws off the schedule when there are accidents further down along the route. Also not great to have 40 minute late night vs 30 minute, but it is what it is I guess. Looking at the other routes, the 32, 33, 37 and 43 minute frequencies really will make it hard for people without a phone to remember their bus schedule. I guess these are a result of some interlining and these numbers made the most sense on a planning level to maximize service, but not great for normal riders who use the service.
  14. And they are now back from refurbishing at Big Rig and on their way back to BC in the new livery. Saw them heading Westbound between Morley and Highway 22 this afternoon. Are they going back to Sunshine Coast?
  15. Vancouver

    2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Looks really poorly drawn for sure. Why don't the people have fingers? And why's the guy's arm over the side destination sign? Or why are their legs so much longer and not in proportion to their body? At least it's only here for 3 months...