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  1. The crippled Nova bike racks still bugs me to this date. What makes carrying 2 bikes on a LFS so difficult? And does it mean every other bus drivers in GTA operating LFSes are just "sucking it up"? Disclosure: I have a bicycle with 700c wheels.
  2. Buurin

    Lego Bus Thread

    Those of you who read the Wilson Bus thread in GTA forum know I'm building a 1:16 scale model of TTC 79XX, and there're at least two other fellow members that build buses with Lego as well (you know who you are ). So I might as well start a thread and put everything about building Lego bus models in one place. So any of you that do Lego and buses, post away!
  3. Buurin

    List the airports you've used

    VHHX Kai Tak VHHH Chek Lap Kok CYYZ Toronto CYVR Vancouver CYWG Winnipeg RPLL Manila RJFF Fukuoka YPAD Adelaide
  4. Buurin

    TTC in the news

    And now something more heartwarming. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ttc-riders-who-jumped-on-tracks-to-save-fallen-man-awarded-for-their-actions-1.4007327 ps. Official tweet A 4th passenger hit the power cut but was presumably uncredited.
  5. Buurin

    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    Duetto Buffo di due Gatti... Meow!
  6. Buurin

    Today's Sightings

    TTC A Camry in contact with driver corner of 8801 NB Don Mills before Van Horne. Two lanes blocked. Everyone there. Still ongoing.
  7. Buurin

    TTC in the news

    Not until someone figure out how to put 2 bikes on it.
  8. Buurin

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    Previous reports of past quarterly reviews of projects with 10k votes. Only Ideas sets would be limited this way.
  9. Buurin

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    When I saw this in my emails I just went "OMG". https://ideas.lego.com/projects/3836a22b-b316-4ee0-85b4-367376887164 It apparently has TTC's (unofficial) blessing: * I have my doubts if this project can actually takes off, mainly because Lego lately have been limiting their piece counts to <2000 and this is too big at 2910.
  10. I pick on Novas because neutered bike rack. I rest my case. Toronto's cycling lobby - if there's one - should lobby TTC to require a bus model capable of carrying 2 bikes without obstructing driver's view. Let's see if we would end up with no buses.
  11. Buurin

    Today's Sightings

    Brampton 18: 1518
  12. Buurin

    Spadina Subway Extension

    Beat me to the punch. https://mobile.twitter.com/TTCnotices/status/942111243439030272 Ontario picks up the tab.
  13. Buurin

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Just saw 4457 on a flatbed on the rail overpass on Sheppard between Midland and Brimley. Be really close.
  14. So my home route still have no data. Guess I gotta check back next year. (But that Helen Keller centre is going to keep the route - 98C - alive I'm sure.) Maybe run an extended 10/shortened 169 that turns back at Kennedy if they wants to be generous and save the people from the long walk? Those "stranded" stops on Commander are in industrial areas that will probably see zero boarding anyway.
  15. Buurin

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    I just couldn't get this off my mind: If TTC were to require the buses to have a bike rack that can hold two bikes without blocking operator's view, would we not get any at all? And did Nova win the latest bus bid?
  16. Buurin

    TTC in the news

    Minnan-Wong: “Presto is a lemon and we were forced to buy this lemon by the provincial government...” Heh heh heh... And I'm from a city where a similar system have been used for more than just transit fares for more than 20 years.
  17. Buurin

    TTC in the news

    http://www.680news.com/2017/02/21/etiquette-lesson-goes-awry-as-woman-sits-on-riders-feet-on-ttc-subway/ Sigh. Anything more than just a link and I could be stuck with a nasty label.
  18. Buurin

    Today's Sightings

    Is there a pic here somewhere? Just curious. TTC Newly liveried 1272 on 39. Nothing else is noteworthy.
  19. Started cutting corners when they know they're never gonna send this bus on a streetcar route? Or they finally wised up that there never was need for two readers in the first place? There's a dedicated Presto thread here.
  20. Buurin

    Toronto Rocket Subway Cars

    If it is camera issues, does onboard equipment or procedure allow the operator to close doors while watching out the cab door window, like before OPTO?
  21. Buurin

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Then that leaves the drivers... Although I tend to blame the bus first (too high a bumper) and a lack of choice (the other viable Canadian bus brand which shall remain unnamed doesn't really want our business). The way I feel about the situation is cyclists are on their own. I have actually considered dropping $2k+ for an ebike, forgoing buses altogether for any trips within 6km.
  22. Buurin

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    In about time. The dip in the middle stripe towards the front didn't make sense at all on a low floor bus, and we're all low floor now. Still, I like my bus number big. If anyone watched the virtual town hall, still nobody said anything about the Nova's crippled bike rack?
  23. And this won't help either... The reader on 8372 crashed. And this is no isolated incident; I've seen these readers crash at least twice before. Now I know it runs a .NET app on a Windows CE device.
  24. Buurin

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 1785 on 85J 8196 on 196B