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  1. 98 Willowdale-Senlac (RIP Orion VI and overall decent service) It's my home route for as long as I have been in Canada.
  2. IIRC anything 8100 and up are go-anywhere type. That 8205 also certainly looks like go-anywhere to me.
  3. All routes free? (Edit: Brampton website only says no fare is required.) I only know of Thunder Bay waiving all transit fares up till now.
  4. At this point anything is better than whatever TTC currently has. 2075 and 2078 coming to you. Seen at Flying J at Headingley, just west of Winnipeg perimeter.
  5. 3714 is on its way, if not here already. Spotted at the Loves at Capac, MI, somewhere on I-69.
  6. Just spotted GO 8347. Getting some work done I suppose?
  7. 7911 now Sault Ste Marie 162, doing route 7 up there yesterday. Seen at the Great Northern Walmart.
  8. I will not be one bit surprised if Presto contributed to the animosity between Toronto and the province, and it will become worse in all senses.
  9. Ooh... we all learned something today.
  10. Off topic, but I'll bite. They are not hoodlum lights (I had to search for what it means), they mean the bus is accessible, starting in 1996 with the Orion Vs as you noticed.
  11. If the electrical system is liquid cooled, it should be possible to pull heat out (must have been done by someone already), my concern is: is there enough? Relevant part on page 24, copied below for the lazy: Vehicle Delivery: Due to repeated delays in delivery schedule from BYD and delays to submission of non-bus deliverables required under contract, on May 3rd, 2019, TTC issued BYD a formal vendor performance review. Subsequent letters were sent to BYD on May 6th and May 27th advising that TTC would not be exercising options for additional buses under this contract and requesting follow- up on the requested action plan to improve performance on the base contract for 10 eBuses. TTC has engaged in discussions with both New Flyer and Proterra who have confirmed that they would be able to increase their option order by 5 buses each, allowing TTC to fulfill the Board directive to deliver 60 eBuses under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund even if the negotiated procurements were not split equally between vendors.
  12. American style school buses? My brother passed me this news too by way of Bloomberg. I thought world domination.
  13. I think this is the closest place I can put this after some searching. Two MetroLINK Proterras caught at Iowa 80 truck stop being delivered, two of 5 according to their site. No numbers yet. https://www.gogreenmetro.com/375/Electric-Bus
  14. I guess the joint venture is there to mod it to 1495 gauge among other things. BTW https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/02/someone-replaced-ttc-subway-posters-something-more-appropriate/ That poster is so funny
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