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  1. "Strait Shot" beginning June 17. Interesting to see they decided to do a trip on Sunday too. http://www.clallamtransit.com/Portals/17/Images/Schedule and Map/The Strait Shot.pdf I was at the Bainbridge Terminal when they were doing some training with a 40' Gillig LF on 4/26.
  2. These are from Friday. I only saw 9301, which had route/destination on passenger side but only destination on driver side It got put on wiki page https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Sound_Transit_91701.jpg
  3. These were from last week in Westport
  4. Saw a photo today of new ST 91701 at CT base. Also, the 9300s ('16 MCI D4500s) have gone into service.
  5. Kitsap Transit has recently changed their operations in Poulsbo. The new "North Viking Transit Center" opened on 12/4. Route 90 buses no longer have a letter (90A/90B etc) attached to the number. The commuter runs from the Bainbridge Ferry now show "90 Express to..." or "90 All stops". Personally I like the letter designator better, as it was clear to riders what bus went where. In addition to the new transit center, there is finally a bus that connects with the 4:45AM ferry to Seattle, something that was previously lacking
  6. Those were the ones I mentioned in a previous post. I never saw them on the roads, not sure why they kept them for so long. Been a long time since I posted here. Got a look inside one of the new Gillig Low Floors (786). Their seats are a whole lot different than anything they've gotten before.
  7. From what I've seen, the afternoon 22 is also operated with a 7200 (different than the morning one). It was posted previously that KCM was planning on getting some/all of Everett's D60s. They are spec'd the same as KCM D60s...Just the aesthetic variations.
  8. I remember riding those. They had plastic seats without fabric in the rear of the coach. #804 had a USS Missouri mural on the side. I though that KT sold the remaining 2002/03 Aerotechs (975-980). I saw one (not sure what #) at the Bainbridge Ferry this morning. Interesting that they decided to hold on to a couple of them
  9. I haven't been posted in a long time... I went out on March 8th to catch up on whats happening. Took a ride on the First Hill Streetcar. The train I took back to Pioneer Square was running on battery and I didn't event know it until I saw the pantograph lowered in my photos. I like the next stop display they have...I think it could be made a little better if it showed more of a map format with cross streets, connections to Metro and what not. Anyways, amongst other things, I saw a very dirty 4517 with Minnesota plates and no KCM decals "out of service" headed east on Jackson St. Would this
  10. I went out on Monday and got to see 4517 testing. Very dirty still with Minnesota plates. No KCM logos or bike rack Also caught a ride on 6200. I like the interior layout better than the other RR coaches. I think the 4500s are the same except for the missing seats in the articulated joint. Sorry if any of this was covered before. I haven't read up on the latest posts. Just wanted to do a quick share of some of what I saw on Monday. I'll catch up on the rest tomorrow.
  11. Video of 4349 on battery power with front doors open King County Metro 2015 New Flyer XT40 4349 by Zack Heistand, on Flickr
  12. Just an observation from yesterday. I saw several 4100s and 4200s running around with no advertisements (ad racks in place, just empty) Something I did not know: There are hooks that hold the poles down on the top of the coach on the 4300s. I watched the hooks retract (into the orange plastic covers) after the poles were reconnected to the wires. Does that work the opposite way? Operator flips a switch/button to retract poles and the hooks come down to hold poles to the roof of the coach? I think I may have heard something in the past about the driver being able to retract poles from the s
  13. Not me on this one. That would make sense to keep some of them in a "reserve fleet" (Like Pierce Transit). I have not seen any new XT40s showing up in the last couple weeks. Any ideas? (I'm wondering if the RapidRide XDE60s take precedence and are being readied for service). The 2004/2005 Gillig Low Floors that Kitsap Transit have that problem. The low seats windows are too high and the high seat windows go too low. [url=https://flic.kr/p/fziyaB] People in the low seats have to stretch their necks to see and people in the high seats nearly have their butts exposed to the outside worl
  14. From what I've seen perusing the internet, the BAE only seems to show up on 40' coaches (Gotta be some exceptions, but not a normal thing for a 60'). Allison is used on both 40' and 60' coaches. Anybody have information on what Metro is doing with the 4100s once they are retired (other than parts coaches)? Also (I've asked before, but want to see if anybody has seen any updated information), what happens to diesel Phantoms and D60s after they are retired? There were a few King County surplus auctions (bi-annual and specials) that had King County Metro buses in 2011-2013, but the recent o
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