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  1. Any word on buses being held out of retirement or leased from elsewhere for the remainder of this year? GRT's getting absolutely freaking *hammered* in Waterloo on weekdays between 4 and 6:30pm, and when I call customer service from a sardine can of an iXpress at 6:40pm to complain, I'm fed boilerplate about no more available buses (although charters seem mysteriously available after 4:30pm, and GRT's definition of "rush hour" for most non-UPASS routes seems to end at 5:30) and told my comments will be taken into account for service planning... ...next year. As a working UW student who has the luxury of commuting mostly against the UPASS flow, I'm going to be terribly amused at said attitude come February when riders on UPASS-affected routes are being left out in the cold and the media starts skwawking...
  2. Ohh, I see. What do you mean by "summer switch-ups" then? Is this kind of thing a regular occurrence every summer? If so, why?
  3. I can't imagine recent MTO inspection activity would have anything to do with using any and all available buses as spares...
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