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  1. Hello. I'm Turbo, the FBT Community Manager and I'd like the opportunity to formally welcome you to Five Borough Transit. We are now in full operation and the worst is behind us. Go ahead and enjoy the community. Look around, get a feel, and contribute as you like. As always thank you all for your interest and support. Link to Five Borough Transit: http://fiveboroughtransit.invisionzone.com/ & Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fiveboroughtransit
  2. The C4550 is avaliable with a CNG propulsion system, as is the F-450, and the F-550. Any model that is built on the mentioned fronts can likely operate on CNG.
  3. I'm more than pleased. =D
  4. Perhaps an overreaction on my part but I am displeased the commuter Gillig's do not feature reclining seats as was initially planned. Could not have costed that much more.
  5. Lift-U's Solid Platform Lift (commonly found on lift equipped V's) extends to slightly over a meter when deployed.http://www.lift-u.com/products/liftsramps-for-transit/solidplatformlift-lu10/
  6. This year indefinitely, otherwise Metro would have to perform work to legal operate the buses into 2015.
  7. Minor edits done for now: http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Sarasota_County_Area_Transit#Roster
  8. Unless Gillig releases a new platform of which to build upon it would be useless to do so at this time.
  9. I'll get to it when I get to it, and not a second sooner. So this weekend most likely.
  10. Doing a joint venture this weekend in an attempt to aquire a 2002 Ex Foothill Orion V CNG: http://www.kenporterauctions.com/vehicle_listing_temp.asp?auctionid=325&currpage=1&viewtotal=20&category=&sortby=lot_num&searchval=Buses
  11. If it's Gillig's by chance it would have been better to use the business format.
  12. I couldn't say exactly, but it may very well be the case. No surprise as all the other manufacturers push the BRT styling.And no problem.
  13. Their plant is in my town and I can confirm there are a few standard front buses being produced, mainly for Hertz.
  14. Damn it, I'm working on it! Be patient, please.
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