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  1. I'd be content to see them pulled full stop but I realize that isn't in the cards.
  2. I disagree, while making a regular turn the taper of the rack (narrower than the width of the bus) does not affect clearance, however on a turn where you need to go as far forward before hooking the turn the rack does reduce clearance. A great example of this is the right turn from Shepard to Tuscan Gt, made by the 108A and the 107.
  3. The bike racks on the Nova's are being returned to service after being locked-out by the Ministry of Labour last year. The solution to the problem is to only allow one bike on the rack instead of two, and a new set of restrictions on objects attached to bikes that can further obscure the Operator's view. The forward wheel securement will be removed thus making it unusable and the rack will be placed back in service.
  4. I'm surprised there hasn't been any concrete deal brought the the commission for final approval. Unless it's been done in camera.
  5. The westbound Yonge St stop on Drewry should be moved further west regardless, it's way too close to Yonge and the lane is narrow there to accommodate the left turn lane.
  6. The only raised platform on Sherbourne that isn't long enough is Queen northbound, but that platform isn't even long enough for a 40'er because of the driveways. The Artics should be put on Drewry, the loading in AM the PM rush hour is ridiculous, crush loads on every bus in the peak direction.
  7. Sherbourne has really taken off, I worry about how bad it will be once a few runs are slashed for summer.
  8. I don't know what's wrong with Ontarians, we have no pride in our province or country. We are so happy to scrap every bit of our history because it may cost some money to keep it around. This is like city council under Mayor Ford, considering wether or not to pay $50,000 a year to keep the clock and bells at Old City Hall working. $50,000 isn't nothing but if you compare that to the City's overall budget it's like an average person buying a Coffee. In a First World nation it's worth it to be world class, Toronto is biggest city in this country and its where the world comes to see Canada.
  9. The HCRY helps the TTC with maintaining the historic streetcar collection. Many systems around the world see the benefits of maintaining a historic vehicle collection, MTA in NYC has an impressive collection of buses that they run during the Christmas season and for special events. A system the size of the TTC can easily maintain a fleet of historic vehicles and use them for PR purposes.
  10. You missed the buses that were out there on Monday night.
  11. 9405 is still active, it was in service on Monday on Cummer. The retired 9400s are 9400, 06, 07, 08, 16, 27, 34, 37. 9428 is on the watch list, we'll have to wait and see.
  12. It's the booster heater module, clicking means it's not working, lots of hybrids click.
  13. Some of the Artics already have that mirror, such as 9017.
  14. The 117 travels along Dufferin in the peak direction providing extra service where it's needed, there are quite a few factories on Alness and Flint Rd so it saves their employees from a long walk out to Dufferin. I think it's kind of cleaver, the only downside is that the buses are always traveling on Dufferin in the same direction as the rush hour commuters.
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