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  1. a.dicion


    List updated
  2. a.dicion


    W139 and W243 have been repainted. Repaint list revised.
  3. a.dicion


    Can confirm, W227 is indeed back in service. Spotted it while I was driving, pulling out of the storage barn and out onto Commissioners. Driven by an operator, approximately a half hour ago.
  4. It'll all depend on what Nova has on the line and whether Plattsburgh and St Eustache are producing buses simultaneously. With the 8620-8968/9200-9239 batch, some weeks you would have 2 buses arriving, and other weeks 34 buses arriving.
  5. a.dicion


    List updated:
  6. a.dicion


    Didn't know the 6.7L Power Stroke was rear mounted...
  7. a.dicion


    Wheel-Trans Buses Repainted into LFLRV Scheme Community Buses (9): W100-W107, W211 First Gen (15) W139, W151, W153, W154, W157, W161, W162, W165, W170, W171, W177, W178, W187, W196, W203 Second Gen (8) W235, W242, W243, W265, W276, W280, W284, W299
  8. a.dicion


    Yup. Haven't seen our units stripped down to the frame to confirm if the upper front portion of the rear passenger compartment is welded to back end of the cab. There may have been some revisions between the 1st and 2nd gens, as cab sag doesn't seem to be prevalent on the 2nd gens.
  9. a.dicion

    TTC Orion VII Movement List

    1091, 1092, & 1117 were just ferried over this morning.
  10. 8837 & 8906 are both on property, completing the 8720-8964 batch deliveries.
  11. a.dicion

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    This may have been a result of a transfer between divisions. Back then, buses allocated to a division had the linen/mylar destination sign of the division it was allocated to installed in the sign box. It is not like today where an ODK for the electronic destination can carry all the route exposures for all surface routes. When a bus was transferred to another division, they would have to remove the old rollsign, and upon arrival at the new division. have a spare rollsign installed. If they were short buses, pretty sure these buses would be put into service (with a pre-made/handwritten window card), rather than being held from service. just to install a rollsign. There could have been other reasons as well: the motor for the sign could have been burnt out, no spare rollsigns to install, etc...
  12. a.dicion


    He might of been here for that BHA convention that saw a Van Hool visit Malvern, not too sure (as I wasn't able to attend at the time). Both men depicted in the photo were confirmed to be two of the three deceased.
  13. 8833, 8842, 8894, 8896, 8897, 8921, 8922, 8923, 8924, & 8925 are on property.
  14. 8801, 8852, 8862, 8868, 8879, 8882, 8884, 8890, & 8895 are on property.