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  1. The list has been posted countless times before, but: 45-51-67-69-80-121-141-165-535
  2. You said that already! So this means Niagara/Cambridge-Hamilton/TO-KING-MTL?
  3. And also ST-Levis! Although I don't think they purchase as many if any used buses like STO does.
  4. Good! There is a lot of great action out during AM rush! I know the feeling, its worse having to ride the ★ departure between two 'anything goes' departures.
  5. Guess it progresses downwards...but will you like ever like the LFS!?
  6. Yeah you should Much less travel time involved also! Artics are great, they will provide some much needed variety. I know, but at least you've got 12s, while La Salle has none!
  7. Paint + Fiberglass = disaster waiting to happen. The STO barely has what we could call a livery, might have something to do with it. Once again, until now I have been told it was a vinyl decal. Transit in Montreal is a lost cause...fits well with the rest of the city IMHO. I feel sorry for all the painters that will loose their jobs, the STM used to have dozens and there is now less than 12!
  8. Live Sighting: 28-102 on the 207SB leaving Ile Bizard.
  9. Thank you very much for asking about it, and finally getting us some real answers. I hope mechanics eventually remove the carrier stickers. I still find it ridiculous that we have A/C units on our buses that have been disabled. When will the STM learn that passenger deserve climate control!? If they want to compete with the automobile, this isn't the way to go! BEING CHEAP NEVER PAYS. Yup. I guess no one ever posted about it, but I know both me and Mystic came to this conclusion very early on in the game, it's obvious when you take a close look around the front door light. AFAIK, t
  10. We aren't getting all 202 this year, Nova would never be able to keep up production! People can speak for themselves, I took a glance at them, but they are fairly long, and I have many other things that are more deserving of my attention. Excellent!
  11. There was a DD on display to drivers at Kingston Terminal on July17th and one hanging around the Coach Canada yard yesterday in Montreal.
  12. Denial never helped anyone.....putting on my sunglasses will only make it more difficult for me to read my screen. Yes I see that, other than the missing blue, everything is very well organized. WRONG! See post by 80-040 Guy-Concordia below: IE? Sorry to hear people might still be stuck using that awful application. [FYI: I am currently using safari.] Everything else highlighted in blue appears fine.
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