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  1. The purpose of this thread is to discuss any bits of interesting information about the STM that aren't important enough to sustain a full topic. I'll start off with an interesting little piece of info. I was on a St-Laurent 22 the other day, the exact unit number escapes me, and I noticed that next to the balios control panel, there was a large sticker. I got a closer look at it, luckily the bus was slightly SRO, so the driver didn't think it was odd that I was standing so close hovering forward, and it turned out to be instructions. It is written in the typical modern-day STM font that seems to be popping up on more and more things the STM publishes, and gives instructions on what buttons to press in order to display a route. IMO this is totally useless since it isn't that difficult to figure out, and if a driver dosen't know this before getting on the bus, then what did they teach him in training? I have only seen this once, so it isn't exactly reliable either. It reminded me of small Ontario systems that list all the routes on a similar sticker, but at least that is useful, simple instructions to press "Dest. A ### Entrez" are quite pointless if you ask me. Under that however was something interesting, instructions on how to display a P/R followed by a list of the available PR messages. Many of the PR's that we know weren't listed, I hope this does not mean that they have been wipped. Also, the sticker is entitled something along the lines of "Utilisation de la girouette Balios".