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  1. March 16, 2016 SEPTA 7300, Nova artic, on Champlain bridge going toward highway 132 at 10am.
  2. The fans on the dashboard were also removed. I hope they don't send them out on snowy or rainy days.
  3. They are back. 9-405 and 9-412 were seen in service this morning. I talked to the driver of 9-405 who showed me that the farebox and the Opus reader had been removed.
  4. It was being delivered, it is now at Longueuil with 21421 and 21423.
  5. I drove 21403 twice last week but not in revenue service. It only had 362 kilometers on the odometer. As stm_5307N mentioned, there is no transmission which makes the ride very comfortable. Also, I just found out that RTL has a list of all their active buses on their webpage. To view it, go to the complain section in the customer service menu (english or french). There's a drop down list next to the bus number section where all active buses are displayed. I didn't intensively look at it all but it seems accurate.
  6. According to this document issued at the end of June, STL was looking for someone to buy 9503, 9508, 9509, 9633, 9635, 9636 and 9739. This would leave only 2 classic, has anyone seen them in service recently? https://www.stlevis.ca/sites/default/files/public/assets/stlevis/appels-doffres/2014/appel_doffres_not2014-001ent_ventes_de_7_vehicules_remises.pdf
  7. STL 6501 caught on fire today. Here's the news article in french. http://tvanouvelles.ca/lcn/infos/faitsdivers/archives/2014/09/20140910-201817.html
  8. Ex-STM 15-028 on Taschereau and Panama in Brossard heading towards highway 10 at 17:30.
  9. RTL 21301 has a rear wrap for Ile Soniq. From what I understand, it is a music festival happening in August at Ile Notre-Dame.
  10. 21313 has it too but this bus bearly goes out, it's always parked outside GASH among the buses waiting to get fixed.
  11. You're right, only the driver side was wrapped. I mixed it up with another wrapped bus but did not post about it because I forgot the bus number and what the wrap was for.
  12. 9-808 and 9-410 are also sitting at the back of garage Saint-Hubert among the retired buses
  13. Saw STM 30-093 fully wrapped, except the front, for cream (la crème) on the APTA conference shuttle.
  14. 9-903 is at GASH with the retired buses, I didn't notice if there was others.
  15. May 5, 2014 RTL 21226 wrapped for H&M clothing store.
  16. These coach buses are too heavy to cross the bridge and three at the same time is for sure forbidden. The CN allows RTL buses to cross the bridge but only one bus at the time. If two buses arrive at the same time at the bridge, the second must wait for the first one to cross completely. However, it is impossible for the second driver to know when the first is done, buses on that routes rarely have radios. Even if they had radios, the drivers can't use them to talk to another driver. March 24, 2014 29-150 (airport bus in 747 livery) on the 420 in AM rush. Does anyone know if the airport buses
  17. March 8, 2014 Drove 9-001 in AM rush on the 132 and 49.
  18. March 8, 2014 18-020 on the 804 (Berri UQAM - Papineau - Longueuil shuttle) today.
  19. March 6, 2014 I spotted a Vicinity on Champlain Bridge heading to the South Shore just before PM rush. I saw it quickly but noticed it was in a livery with some green I couldn't identify. There was a fleet number in the current Transdev format starting with 6000. The destination sign was set to Bonne Journée. March 8, 2014 Transdev CITSO 397333 a 2003 Orion V was in service last night on the 31 or 32. It was the first time I've seen an Orion since they took delivery of their new LFS.
  20. The 95 will be replaced by the new T94, a taxi collectif route. It will serve the promenades, "downtown" Saint-Bruno and a medical clinic in Saint-Basile Le Grand. I don't know if it will keep the exact same routing inside the city of Saint-Bruno. The T94 already existed before but served the Saint-Bruno industrial park. It was abolished in April 2009.
  21. Is this the end of the Sainte-Julie Orion Vs? I better get pictures before they all leave.
  22. There was a Vicinity bus on CIT Roussillion route 130 on Saturday January 11 around lunch time at Terminus Panama. It wasn't in any livery and did not have a fleet number. However, the destination sign was working and programmed.
  23. January 3, 2014 Transdev 9003, 2011 Blue Bird TX3, on CITVR route 300 in AM rush. It's the first time I see this type of bus on the 300.
  24. I just drove 9-606 last week, it wasn't a bad bus to drive and it drives way better than 9-624. It was the last LFS left with the double seat behind the driver wall.
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