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    - Photography has always been my passion for many years anything from Livestock to transportation. I will never stop being a SHUTTERBUG!

    - I have been interested in buses (transit) especially the Peterborough Fishbowls I sorely miss for years. I have been interested in this for many year before Trevor has got me really into transit fanning.


    - I love to Railfan, I love the sound of the EMD V16 with a 710 Prime mover in the beast at notch 8 is music to my ears! OHHH and of course the Idle of a GP60, SD/GP40-2, SD70ACe's in notch 2/3 idling. The turbo going sounds awesome! Favourite GE is AC4400CW When they scream by at notch 8 hauling a big load of freight and under powered. I hate GE's because of their exploding runaway diesel engines and fires in stacks (*they think they are steam/ALCO's*) lol!

    - My favourite Fallen Flag(s) are Chessie System and Conrail
    - My favourite passenger is Amtrak totally beats out VIA for customer and comfort when travelling,
    -My favourite current railroad has got to be NS because it has a lot of different lease units and foreign stuff on the consist.

    - I have always defend others when harassed and embarrassed by others when transit fanning, its not like we are actually doing something bad. Its a passion that a lot of people like doing. We aren't weird we are gifted in this hobby!

    - I like to ride the rails of the TTC I love the Toronto Rocket those nice subway cars are stylish and quiet.

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  1. Pregnant and moving... oh the joys

  2. Question would VIA ever consider having showers for those in economy class?
  3. It looks like a VanHool had hankypanky with a J4500!! Its fugly looking really! i still love Prevost better! Sharper design
  4. hey when did they repaint the EX GO F59PH's to the new colours, I have seen a few with a funky design
  5. oh whatever I just got told this today so wasnt sure
  6. Loved the CP Holiday Train, Winnipeg and Regina Here I come! My first D40HF I have ever ridden on!

  7. Personal opinion, why did they neglect the rail here on the CP Havelock Subdivision, They should have been taking better care of them. The rails are completely worn down, the ties are rotting out, the switches are pretty much at the end of their lifespan, the bridge beside the station in Peterborough their bolts are not even tighten and just hanging if CP is going to allow trains to come to Peterborough, there is going to have to be a lot of work to the railroad beds, the ballast, the rail, the ties, the crossings, more than Id say about 80% of the crossings are neglected and are extremely rough making some cars bottoming out. Happened to me a few times. There will be so much work to do. I tried to get a hold of dean del mastro hes not doing anything to bring it to the city. He never returned my calls. So I dont know if its worth bringing the train. WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! IF E HUNTERS IN POWER HES GONNA CHOP EVERYTHING WHAT ABOUT THIS PROJECT. I got a bad feeling about this being a no-go hes letting so many employees go, he is going to put this on the back burner.
  8. CP is confirmed that these GMDD GP9u and GP7u's have been scrapped as E Hunter Harrison (that name makes me cringe) is scrapping majority of them. keeping very few for rebuild program. Get as many photos as you can! Such a sad thing to see! CN GMD1's and GMD GP9RM's are outlasting GP9u's! The following 31 GP7u/GP9u locos from the list below already been scrapped at ABC: CP 1501, 1503, 1505, 1515, 1519, 1525, 1528, 1565, 1566, 1567, 1568, 1569, 1570, 1581, 1582, 1588,1603, 1611, 1617, 1621, 1638, 1644, 1649, 1682, 1696, 1697, 8224, 8229, 8240, 8242,and 8264
  9. huh? What about the GP38-2's that they have? Is that what you mean? I dont think they have any SD38's, Here is a shot from the Havelock sub, 3 GP38-2's they are fixing the tracks right now. And they only allow 4 axle units on it right now Did anyone else get the CP Holiday Train?
  10. Great news if you are a cardboard/paper bus cut out fans, London has D40HF's They are one of a kind and are really cool looking! Here is a photo I edited in memory of their Classics Enjoy!
  11. I know that trying to get the GO MPI MP40PH-3C is really quite hard to get a decent shot at night because as soon as he pulls into the Oshawa GO Station he puts his Red Marker lights on. Make it hard to get a really nice shot but this is one of my best shots of the GO Locomotive! Taken with a Canon Rebel XS http://www.flickr.co...fan/8205462795/ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Got a question for you all! Do any of you use an iPhone4 S for night time shots? Does it usually have a really odd fuzzy look to the photos and not crisp? I have tried everything always comes out grainy and kind of weird looking. As much as I edit to make it look better, it makes it look worse! Dont get me wrong these are nice but I hate how they come out pixlated and grainy. Anyone have the solution? Yet Trevor has the same phone the 4 S but better quality? Here is a Hawker Siddley CLRV Street cars, turned out horrible!!! http://www.flickr.co...fan/8205511031/ GO Locomotive http://www.flickr.co...fan/8205508819/ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Wow that is an amazing shot! Nice and crisp. I dont like Orion VII NG HEV's but this shot makes it look good! Awesome!
  12. Oshawa VIA Rail Is going to demolish GO and VIA Rail is tearing it down! Get your pictures as much as you can. Confirmed by a GO Transit Driver!
  13. Wow those buses are ugly yuck lol
  14. Well In my opinion that it would be beneficial for those who are wanting to go to Toronto but not pay such an expensive rate. If GO comes to Peterborough, those MPI MP40PH-3C are actually fuel efficient and can easily haul 12 Bombardier Bi-Level coaches. - so 162 x 12 = 1944 passengers per train. - GO Bus carries max is 50 sitting and 20 standing so 70 maximum. The GO Bus always have passengers standing especially on the weekend However they need to take out the section rail and put in heavy ribbon rail so that the GO can go faster and also they need to do a lot of fixing up with more ballast and also trimming a lot of vines and shrubbery and new Crossbucks. I think that this DEAN DELMASTRO guy is being not informative. I will call the office tomorrow and asking what is going on with the rail service. Where it is going
  15. Is so tired of BULLYING ON HERE!

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