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  1. To the best of my knowledge, an ETS version was never produced, just Calgary and San Diego. I found my on eBay
  2. Hello everyone, pictured is an HO scale brass MTS imports U2 LRV. I am wondering if anyone out here knows, or has access to dimensions on the stripes, and the CT logo. I would like to get decals made up for this model.
  3. Hi everyone, this afternoon I noticed 4 Go Transit Alexander Dennis buses on two flat cars at the CP Ogden railyard. I am wondering if they will be off loaded out there, and where they might be heading if anyone knows....
  4. I’m not sure if anyone has looked, but it appears that the fares on the Greyhound app are $8888 to any Canadian destination.
  5. Seen at Airdrie today, two coaches with trailers, Alberta plates
  6. GMD1

    CP Power

    Good to see the Beaver back! It makes an otherwise dull paint scheme come alive. Now if CP would just keep these clean.
  7. They do, it was stored inside the new Regina bus depot
  8. Another question I've been pondering, is what is going to happen to the Western Flyer heritage bus?
  9. GMD1

    Canada 150 Train

    Of interest is the visit of the train to Ottawa. Probably the first time a CP Locomotive has been in Ottawa in a couple of decades. One wonders how the train will get to Ottawa, Alexandria sub, or Smiths Falls sub
  10. My guess is that they would try and avoid the terminals, especially the one in Regina, very nice facility, probably the nicest bus depot in Western Canada, but too large. Lean and mean is the way to go, give passengers a clean warm place to wait for the bus, and that's it.
  11. With Prince Albert being about 40000 people, I can't see it with out some sort of bus service to Saskatoon
  12. Firstly my heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the STC employees affected by this. I rode STC many years ago when I lived in Saskatchewan, it was a good service. One wonders if Greyhound will be around in ten years, when you consider the size of the former and current bus depots in Edmonton, it's easy to see the service isn't what is was. Public ground transportation in western Canada is sadly a fraction of what it was 35 years ago
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