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  1. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Spotted Compass Transportation (in California...) # 327, an MCI E4500 (I think...) Compass Transportation 327 E 2-20-13 1 by THE Holy Hand Grenade!, on Flickr Compass Transportation 327 E 2-20-13 2 by THE Holy Hand Grenade!, on Flickr
  2. MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    The 86xx's have started to arrive... I spotted a number (around 9) in a yard south of Woods division on Aug 20th... I haven't seen one on the street yet, though...
  3. San Diego MTS

    I noticed, looking at the MTS page for the roster, that the lines 906/907 are missing from the "Routes" section. They run from the San Ysidro Border station of the SD Trolley's Blue line to the Iris station. 906 is the clockwize route, 907 the counter-clockwize route. These two lines are (apparently) run out of the South Bay division.
  4. MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    Actually, it's three Light rail yards: Green, Metro East, and "Cameron Beach" which is catty-corner to Green, across San Jose and Geneva Avenues. ("Cameron Beach" is where the historic fleet and PCC's hang out. Cameron Beach yard is staffed seperately from the other two LRV yards.)
  5. Golden Gate Transit

    Wonder why the bus didn't get at least the logo removed...
  6. AC Transit

    The Gillig low floor 1300's are starting to hit the streets. I think that (when posted, at least [5/2013]...) they are based out of the Emeryville division, as I've mostly seen them on the 51 line.
  7. AC Transit

    RE: the notice that FC13 is retired or stored on the wiki... It's quite possible that AC Transit skipped FC13 altogether, since there's so many triscadecophobes out there. ("Scared/afraid of the number13") In fact I notice that on the serial numbers, FC12 and FC14 are consecutive...
  8. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    I spotted Silverado # 5695 in San Francisco, a Prevost: most likely an H3-45, like 5694 and 5696 (5695 isn't on the roster here...) picture: Silverado 5695 SF 10-11-12 by THE Holy Hand Grenade!, on Flickr
  9. Golden Gate Transit

    GGT # 1401, a Flxible Metro "D" that was supposed to be retired (according to the GGT page on cptdb...) was seen in San Francisco on Oct 7, 2012, photo: GGT 1401 Ferry 10-7-12 by THE Holy Hand Grenade!, on Flickr See next post...
  10. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Changed caption... and original comment
  11. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Another bus company not on the list, this one out of Monterrey, CA. Dicsovery # 4022, another MCI 102-D3, also spotted in San Francisco, CA for Fleet Week (Oct 7, 2012)... Discovery 4022 HCW 10-7-12 by THE Holy Hand Grenade!, on Flickr
  12. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Spotted Sierra Pacific Tours # 712, an MCI in San Francisco for Fleet Week (October 7, 2012...) I don't definatively recognize the model, and can't find the company on the list... my guess on model is a 102-DL3... Photo: Sierra Pacific tours 712 HCW 10-7-12 by THE Holy Hand Grenade!, on Flickr Click on photo to go to the FlickĀ® page, where you can go to the "original size"...
  13. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    Spotted Storer Coachways # 2019, a VanHool T2140, in San Francisco, CA on October 7, 2012... picture here:
  14. MCI discusion/photos

    Divine Transportation of Arizona # 7006 is a MCI J4500 of unknown model year. (Although It is likely a 2007, as is 7005,9 and 10...) I saw it in Merced, CA. It isn't mentioned on D.T.'s page.
  15. AC Transit

    Whoever responded to my call to re-format the AC Transit roster, THANKS!