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  1. The 502 is an unsigned piece of work. As was reported last month, there are a number of shuttle pieces that were left spare and will be moved to big bus, as a result of shortage in community shuttle operators. I can confirm the big bus today is a result of community shuttle manpower shortages, as is the case with the 8, 10, 17, 22, 24 as well as several blocks being replaced by big buses mid day.
  2. There is a negociated percentage in the collective agreement, a minimum percentage of work that has to be assigned to big buses during the work week. With the elimination of school runs, there will be alot more big buses on all day runs that may normally be shuttle, late night runs that may normally be shuttle and some weekend runs that be normally be shuttle. There are some modest service increases this signup.
  3. Yes. Roughly every 15 minutes. Including sneek a peek and starts after the parade on the friday.
  4. New Stampede Route has been funded and announced last minute. 507 - Mckenzie Towne to Stampede via Ogden Road. Essentially a 302 that goes to Stampede instead of Downtown. 15 minute headway. Appears to stop at several, but not all, 302 stops.
  5. “2022-06-27 Rev A” is the latest destination sign update that was buses to buses revently in preparation of the start of the summer signup next week.
  6. The floater buses to assist with Lilac Festival delays are big buses. 8262 is filling a 449.
  7. There are hundreds of documented out of ordinary spottings of buses being assigned to blocks out of different garages over the nearly 13 years. Although I respect this post is in the wrong thread, as has been pointed out, at what point did the goal posts move, to where they have been over the last 13 years, in determining what is and isn’t an “acceptable” out of ordinary bus spotting? As an insider, who often knows why alot of these out of ordinary spottings actually happen, and has been the cause of several out of ordinary spottings over the last several years,I have always had a keen interest in reading some of the reasons other members speculate these vehicle assignments are happening. In addition, when did the long standing policy of do not tag photos in replies become non existant?
  8. vicinity is an insider….his information is rarely incorrect or inaccurate.
  9. Although big buses may infact have been assigned to it thoughout the signup, 148-91, the block of work that runs Saturday’s on the Route 148, is infact shuttle bus key, as of the March signup, and is a shuttle key once again in the summer signup. The work is unsigned and as a result, is an easy selection to move to bug bus when manpower is short.
  10. Summer changes. In addition to the changes below, because they are actively recuiting shuttle operators over the summer, there are a number of routes and blocks of work that will be big bus to start the signup, then when they get more shuttle operators, will transition to shuttle buses. Route 1 midday increased from 30 minutes to 20 Route 7 midday increased from 25 minutes to 20 minutes Route 8 midday increased from 35 minutes to 21 minutes Route 9 midday increased from 40 minutes midday to 20 minutes Route 14 midday increased from 45 minutes to 30 minutes Route 21 increased to 18 minutes midday Route 23 increased from 30 minutes midday to 20 minutes midday Route 28 midday and peak increased from 60 minutes to 30 minutes Route 34 midday increased from 40 minutes to 20 minutes midday Route 37 midday increased from 36 minutes to 18 minutes Route 38 midday increased from 27 minutes to 19 minutes Route 42 midday increased from 40 minutes to 20 minutes Route 48 midday increased from 40 minutes to 20 minutes Route 49 midday increased from 40 minutes to 20 minutes midday New route 75 mahogany somerset…replaces 406 peak 23 minutes midday 34 minutes evening 34 minutes New route 79 Cranston mahogany…replaces 468 peak 24 minutes midday 32 minutes ending @ 19:00 Route 301 midday increased from 18 minutes to 12 minutes Evening 20 minutes Route 302 midday increased from 32 minutes to 25 minutes
  11. It made it over there pretty quick. Was towed out if Haysboro Spur at about noon today.
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