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  1. I saw 1 parked at obmf on christmas eve. Hm
  2. According to the information i have, 7564 is at OBMF. "LRT", i know you are signed up there. Can you confirm if that one lonely awkwardly parked bus is 7564?
  3. They were working on preventative maintenance all weekend on non damaged units.
  4. The main issue was found in 2 trains. They determined it could happen to any car though. A secondary water issue cropped up upon further investigation.
  5. Series 9s have been pulled indefinitely due to water damage in critical electrical systems.
  6. No intentions of replacing down escalators. Tuscany doesn't have escalators based off of feedback from pre-construction consultations. The compromise was 2 no restriction (request using help phone) elevators in the station. They feedback since the station has opened has been fantastic. No escalators has virtually been a non issue.
  7. This is a regular scheduled block effective this signup to augment overloads on adjacent trips over the last couple of signups.
  8. Negative. The previous lists posted by other users, including myself, remain accurate. We pride ourselves in keeping those lists up to date for other users to see.
  9. Have been they have full intensions of using vicinities for magic of christmas shuttle buses as long as operators are trained. This includes shuttles from warehouse to spring gardens, "reindeer buses" (with santa and elves onboard delivering presents to houses), seniors homes and hospitals. So far, 1625 on shuttle from magic of christmas warehouse to spring gardens.
  10. Bridge was built when Brentwood extention opened in 90
  11. Freeport industrial (between Deerfoot Trail and Barlow Trail, Airport Trail and Country Hills Blvd) and Nolan Hill will be getting weekday peak service. Not sure where the service will be running to at this point.
  12. Single car training trains continue to run mid day S200s are only being dispatched for the AM and PM rush hours by virtue of the fact that for the time being, they want the trains dispatched out of Anderson and want them to return to Anderson every night. All 12 all day keys either come out or return to Tuscany or Haysboro so assigning those keys to those blocks of work is out of the question. The AM Rush keys are usually out between 04:00-09:00 and the PM rush keys are anywhere from 13:30-02:00.
  13. I stand corrected from earlier posts. 302s will run as 40 foot buses. They were originally assigned to shuttle and signed on by shuttle operators but it accordingly to multiple sources, language in the Collective agreement forces all buses on Christmas to be conventional....including operator pick up and take home buses.
  14. Was strictly ridership. It has decimated over the last few signups. Trying to figure out bus assignments on 94 going forward. Headways show vp buses but sg buses appear to be scheduled all week.
  15. The first few trips of the morning have been big big since the route began in september. Since then, route 53s average 1 overload in the am rush hour and 2 overloads in the pm rush hour. Good move.