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  1. General CTrain Discussion

    4 car rust on 202 this morning
  2. Calgary Transit - Two Tone Blue Fishbowls

    TV show Fargo has used in the past.
  3. General Route Discussion and History

    Member “vicinity” is actually fairly close, as he usually is, in regards to inside information. Certainly, if you don’t want to believe him, certainly you will believe me given my track record on this forum. Formal/informal/direct/indirect conversations has been ongoing with transit planners and transit staff for the last several months about upcoming changes, that are a direct result of the north cross town BRT. Public consultations are now targeted, in that the conversations with stakeholders take place directly with the front line riders (at terminals, on buses, etc), and not online, after online consultations in the past turned into “i live in the south and this nw project is a waste of money. Focus on my neighbourhood instead” and the information was skewed. These are intended to improve connections, improve efficiency, reduce routing duplications, and expand service, with minimal impact to the bottom line/budget. Timeline is still for September, 2018 but it all depends on the new council and the transit and transportation committee.
  4. CTrain U2 AC Cars (2101 & 2102)

    Scout will be spending the rest of the week out on main line, during the day, for regular duties.
  5. Calgary Transit

  6. Calgary Transit

    Long time Calgary Transit Badge 1 passed away this morning following a short battle with cancer. George retired a couple years ago after a 50 year career with the city. George was one of the original LRT motormen and was apart of the grand opening ceremony for West LRT.
  7. General BRT discussion

    No there won't be
  8. General CTrain Discussion

    They are being brought up to replace 2 mechanically bad order cars that are on the tail track.
  9. General Route Discussion and History

    I can confirm the Route 19 will not be the North Crosstown BRT. There will be an entirely separate route for that.
  10. General CTrain Discussion

    Part of it is a matter of how the trains were stored at Tuscany Tail Track overnight. My understanding is they had intentions of running 3 car trains for that portion. But because the consists were mixed up on the 2 tracks (not 8 of the same train on each track), a decision had to be made to run 4 car trains or to split up those trains and run them as deuces.
  11. Onestop Screens

    Global is run by shaw and since we talked last night, i thought about it and with shaw providing wifi to transit platforms, it makes sense.
  12. Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    A number of those are pretty standard to me. 7658 being out on weekends stands out, when typically a rush hour bus (i dont consider a spring gardens low floor on a spring gardens block of work out of the ordinary though..) and a non bike rack 20 stands out. Other then that... 54/154/77 has been big bus saturday afternoons for years so a spring gardens low floor 7917 would be a typical bus. Route 8 has been big bus weekends for a few signups so a spring gardens low floor would be a typical bus And a spring gardens low floor on a spring gardens block on the 25. Seems fairly standard to me.
  13. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    That police incident in the core last night made for an interesting night and morning for LRT. 7 ave shut down for nearly 6 hours. 2 trains parked at 69 street tail track, 3 additional trains parked at tuscany, 1 on tail track (thanks to 2 3 cars on the unpreferred side), 1 on the unpreferred platform, 1 outside of interlocking on the outbound track (to ensure the first trains have a straight shot in an out of the station until operators can be shifted up there).
  14. Calgary Transit

    I have finally confirmed that the reason for the delay of the launch of these routes is incomplete roads within the community. A fair portion of this route will be on detour on monday.
  15. Calgary Transit

    They have a big event in Kensington this weekend. I wonder if that is why?