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  1. Scout was highlighted at Supertrain at the Calgary Transit booth. Several Photos and videos of scout in action as well as detailed information posters as to what scot does were featured.
  2. That's an assumption. The reason for 40 foot buses instead of 60 foot buses is still unknown and speculatjon is unconfirmed.
  3. This is the first signup since 4 car service started where they haven't indicated on the block list the preferred 4 car train blocks. There was some speculation going into signup planning that the entire red line will get 4 car trains throughout, leaving the blue line with 3 car trains, but that has yet to be confirmed. If funds allow for crowd control folks at City Hall during the day and Erlton and Vic Park at night once again, the consistency of 4 car trains on the red line make their job a lot easier.
  4. There can't be any better location then the outbound track at Vic Park for that to happen!
  5. Everyone is virtually correct. They literally ran them to the last day possible without compromising commitment. Reliability was a big factor. Infact, at one point, they thought that the garage the bus was being maintained out of and was a contributing factor. So, in 2013, all 24 were moved to Spring Gardens. The last information i had was that no more then 10 were sold to a market in PEI and no more then 14 remain in the grave yard. I will verify numbers this week and amend if needed.
  6. No operators were driven up to spring gardens due to this change. Some operators were notifed of the location change. Other blocks were covered by standbys at spring gardens. There were a couple of spring buses that came out of vic due to manpower.
  7. Given it is an Anderson bus, I can safely say that it was not training. 7688 is equipped with a Vultron destination sign. The route number and the route destination are not attached in any way on the sign. Just because you have 73 on the sign doesn't mean you couldn't have Sandstone or Somerset as your destination. With that being said, operator input errors on vultron signs and malfunctioning are not uncommon with these signs.
  8. I am not going to defend the 302 in any way. I spent many years signed up on it and saw the decline in ridership throughout my career. I know there are multiple reasons as to why ridership as dropped. A couple of them have been fixed. A couple of them can't be fixed. I will give my reasons as to why what they have is likely the best available option to them when if/when you respond to my next question because I'm pretty sure that the things that make a route "simplified" from an outsider point of view are really the things that hurt a routing the most. but do you care to share any suggestions as to how the routing should be amended?
  9. Decision to run Spring Gardens 40 foot buses with bike racks for C-Train shuttle was a last minute literally last minute. Still digging as to why.
  10. Interesting indeed. Alot different then the fleet list i saw for today. Ill look into when i get back in a few days
  11. I failed to see XD40 instead of XD60 which is should read. I can confirm that all of them are....or atleast were.....dispatched as XD60s...all of which with bike racks.
  12. For all scheduled maintenance projects resulting in C-Train shuttles in 2017, one of Calgary Transits customer commitment goals is to dispatch buses with bike racks. As a result, given that only 4 D60LFR have bike racks, this will likely be the norm for a good part of the summer.
  13. Give it another 9 or so months and you will see some changes in the way BRTs are implemented and operated in Calgary that will start to creep up to match up with those higher class cities. Right now, it is no secret that they are running on an "express" model of service. City Council intially gave them that direction before the 301 was launched in the mid 2000s to simply move people faster on a budget. The 305 was created shortly after with the same purpose and the 302 was developed to display what the LRT could be like.
  14. There are alot...and alot...of changes slated for March, 2018. If we thought the magnitude of the changes in the NW were huge, just wait kids. This incorporates the addition of the North Cross Town BRT from saddletowne to brentwood, the extention of the south cross town brt from heritage to douglasglen, and changes to service in the area of marlborough station (selective community engagement took place from 2014-2015)....along with some other changes strictly for efficiency sake.
  15. A few of reasons. Fleet allocation, storage and cost. On any given night, 4 trains, 4 car trains, are stored at Tuscany Tail Track. Those trains could "theoretically" be anything. U2, SD 5/6/7, SD 8, S200. The direction was to develop a headway where a spare train would be available if need be with no additional storage in the NW. Aside from the fact there is no more room at Tuscany Tail track, The cost of rearranging more work to have an additional train parked "somewhere"...whether its northland or left of the platform at tuscany (strongly frowned upon..) and having additional 24 hour security for that wouldn't be worth the benefit. For a 10 minute headway, 4 trains would be required. Meaning, if something breaks down, you are hooped. Now you may ask "why not break those trains up". It simply comes down to the fact that there is no guarantee what trains will end up at Tuscany. Anything goes during a rebuild after a delay. Just because your all day keys are all SD 5/6/7 for example doesn't mean they will end up that way. In addition, you would need to pay a rail service tech to move cars around if things were to actually work out....which in my experience is very unlikely. The way the line was operated was virtually no additional cost. Yes a lighter headway but there was a spare available in case anything happened. Now of course, if a train was to break down and be parked on the tail track, that becomes your 4th train on tuesday. Where do you get that 4th train on tuesday? Of course it does come online at 6am so if need be, they could get a train out of Anderson or Oliver Bowen and start earlier to get it up there for its scheduled leave time inbound from Tuscany. With the service the way it was, 16 minute service with 4 car trains