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  1. None that i am aware of but ill scout my sources....ugh alot of them are laid off:(...Infact, the only damage i know of was some washed out ballast on the NE line near Martindale.
  2. Locked out as in to isolate a car in a consist?
  3. Gotta agree with that statement whole heartedly. As most members on this board are aware, I’ve been an insider on this board for over 8 years, who has a track record for providing accurate and substantiated information. With that being said, There is evidence that substantiates how signage has gone missing and how signage is being defaced. I took a series 9 for a spin in revenue service last month. Within half a trip, both my chains were ripped down, several signs were defaced and the social distance sign on my cab door was ripped off my cab between crowfoot and dalhouse...as i was driving... The adhesive used for these stickers is the same adhesive for the stickers that are on the wheel wells, that have been on some buses for upwards of 20 years, some of which have never had to be replaced, despite bags and backpacks being placed on them, people sitting on them, etc.
  4. From what ive heard from someone that works in service lane, upwards of a thousand signs have had to be replaced. It is believed that the public in revolt to the policies are removing/defacing signage. Bus and LRT.
  5. Somerset is very safe station. I took the Somerset train daily at all hours of the day from when it opened in 2004 and used to drive the last trains of the night out if Somerset on a regular basis for many years. I never once had any concerns with the safety down there. When trains are being swept, DOAP team is often on hand to assist. As well, PS transport anyone left at the end of the night to a facility (such as alpha house). It’s not like they kick them off with no trains and leave them there for the community to deal with... As for sensors and what not, they’d be going off non stop and would be ineffective. For every 1 unauthorized person reported to be on the ROW, i can safely say there are probably upwards of 30-40 that arent reported. This could be people using the tracks to cross 36 street or crowchild trail, people entering the ROW to pick bottles, people dropping stuff on the ROW and jumping down to pick it up, people jumping fences to cross the ROW, people that just want to go for a walk between stations, etc, etc, etc. I don’t think with the amount of open track that there is, anything (sensors, money, etc) could possibly fix the challanges we, and other at grade light rail systems, let alone heavy rail systems have around the world, in regards to tresspassing
  6. With the cuts in work starting monday, there will be several hundred buses parked starting tomorrow, as i believe there is no more then 400 buses on the road at once, down from near 900. There is no such thing as a non unionized Calgary Transit Operator or Calgary Transit Community Shuttle Operator..... EVERY operator is unionized.....
  7. A couple reasons... These projects are thoroughly scheduled and thoroughly planned months, if not years in advance. In most cases, there are dozens of contractors performing work, along side transit staff that all has to be synchronized. In addition, with manufacturing shut down around the world, parts are starting becoming a premium. TTC has come out and said they’d love to do some work but can’t get parts at the moment. A full West LRT closure has already happened within the last year. If i am not mistaken, there is another one scheduled.
  8. Already underway but like several police and security departments, the specifics and details are often classified information.
  9. It is very unlikely there will be any challenges with man power over the weekend. I can think of at least 2 operators that follow this board who state they have not turned a wheel yet this week...just sitting standby... The official new signup started this past Monday, which essentially moves Weekday service to an enhanced Saturday Service, which significantly lowers the number of operators required for Weekdays (more then half), enabling more operators to be available on weekends. The run cuts on the weekend prior to this occurred because the minimum commitment on weekdays was so high, due to the old signup that not only did they not have enough people to cover weekday commitment, they were unable to shift additional availability from weekdays to weekends, causing the cuts. This has been rectified with the new signup and there should be no manpower issues moving forward. This signup accounts for worst case scenario for operator availability (such as a big increase in operators sick or isolating), and as a result, consists of a masssssive safety cushion.
  10. Could be a few things. The most unlikely is that service commitment couldn’t be met at Spring Gardens, Victoria Park and or Anderson, resulting in buses being moved to supplement fleet at any of those facilities. Could be a nova that for what ever reason ended up at a different garage other then Stoney last week (change off, road change off, off site work, etc). Could be an operator with vehicle restrictions, such as ergonomic restrictions, and for what ever reason can only drive a nova bus, which may have resulted in some garage shuffling.
  11. 2 massive signals cabinets were destroyed by a vehicle accident a couple weeks ago that essentially control everything between Kensington Bridge and 7 avenue. Operations were manipulated over the last couple weeks to continue running trains through there. They have been rebuilt and are being installed during the closures. The closure is to ease operations. Trains technically “could” run through there but not having train traffic makes it easier.
  12. That is about the time the last route 23 goes out of service at McKenzie towne terminal
  13. Many of these run cuts are happening last minute based on manpower. What could be scheduled to run at 17:30 the night before when the run is cut could be cut by the next morning because that operator went sick...sometimes within minutes of the scheduled report time...sometimes pulled off the road because an operator is deemed unfit for duty...trying to keep everyone safe and healthy... This, like a number of points that you bring up, are not as simple as you think it is... As many members can attest to, I have challenged several people on this board that calls out what i believe are fairy tale/dream world incompetencies and challenge them to apply and see what is gone on first hand, on the front lines. Multiple members that i have challenged on this board are now some of the City of Calgary’s finest staff and have a full understanding of what is going on. Care to join that list?
  14. Not really anything new, as Calgary City Council approved the first series 10s this budget or 2 budgets ago for delivery to begin in 2021. The thing that has fluctuated is the number of cars we were getting, due provincial funding. Worst case scenario was the 15 we see today. Best case scenario i believe was 33, with us essentially receiving cars 31-33 free because of discounts applied for ordering a certain number, etc.
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