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  1. I have confirmed that the dates listed were 2020. I have confirmed that the CAD system of bus 7636 was powered up May 4, 2021, but the bus has not been in service since April 3, 2020.
  2. Wont be stampede or the summer.
  3. I wouldn’t go as far as saying escolated. The situation hasn’t gotten any worse. Given that the incident is in the middle of an interlocking, a complete track closure allows Work to be done more efficiently and safely, with a complete power cut to both tracks. It was a matter of time before this happened, with primary goal of resuming regular operations for AM peak service.
  4. Catenary Down on West LRT at Shaganappi Point Interlocking outbound.
  5. If i recall, the exact numbers are 39 new blocks of work have been added and 49 blocks of work have been amended (with most of the amendments already reflectinf)
  6. 861 went from Grandin, Southland Drive, Deerfoot Trail, 24 street, 114 avemue, 52 street SE. Id always ask if anyone needed Mahogany and if not, turn into auburn bay instead.....then the nice 25 Minutes to get to NB 4 street at 11 avenue SW for a route 3.....ugh
  7. Back in those days, the 861 primarly went to Mahogany and Auburn Bay. I remember that signup oh to well
  8. All shields have been installed on active buses and all buses and Anderson will also be getting shortly. Policy regarding operators wearing masks has been updated and is now in line and consistent with local and provincial legislation, which speak to employees protected by a certified and authorized shield/barrier being exempt. It is now optional for all operators when they are within the closed shield.
  9. No issues compared to any other series of fleet
  10. The change wasn’t officially made until near the end of February. Pocket schedules typically go to the printer immediately after the signup is perused and approved by the union (about 8 weeks before it starts.
  11. Aside from Whitehorn, the only “major” change this signup is the Max Yellow. Currently, it is a 2 hour round trip with a significant amount of layover time at each end and alot of time between time points. They have made adjustments to cut it down to a 90 minute round trip. I think if/when traffic gets back to normal, specifically on 14 street/glenmore/mru/core, a 2 hour round trip may be justified again but a 90 minute round trip is beyond do-able!
  12. Expresses and the 305 have officially been removed from the upcoming signup. They were originally slated to return March 15 and have been pushed back to atleast the summer signup (June 28) Most, if not all, of the trip cancellations “unofficially” took effect mid February, and not reflected on the schedule. They have been “officially” cancelled for the March Signup.
  13. Yup... my old line “I dont care if you are supposed To be Key 6! We are playing secret santa and you drew Key 1! Now if you get lucky, you might finish 90 minutes early (not)”
  14. Also might be a situation where a group of operators were all scheduled to get relieved in a row...where rebuilding your headway is delayed another half trip/trip
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