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  1. 2 massive signals cabinets were destroyed by a vehicle accident a couple weeks ago that essentially control everything between Kensington Bridge and 7 avenue. Operations were manipulated over the last couple weeks to continue running trains through there. They have been rebuilt and are being installed during the closures. The closure is to ease operations. Trains technically “could” run through there but not having train traffic makes it easier.
  2. That is about the time the last route 23 goes out of service at McKenzie towne terminal
  3. Many of these run cuts are happening last minute based on manpower. What could be scheduled to run at 17:30 the night before when the run is cut could be cut by the next morning because that operator went sick...sometimes within minutes of the scheduled report time...sometimes pulled off the road because an operator is deemed unfit for duty...trying to keep everyone safe and healthy... This, like a number of points that you bring up, are not as simple as you think it is... As many members can attest to, I have challenged several people on this board that calls out what i believe are fairy tale/dream world incompetencies and challenge them to apply and see what is gone on first hand, on the front lines. Multiple members that i have challenged on this board are now some of the City of Calgary’s finest staff and have a full understanding of what is going on. Care to join that list?
  4. Not really anything new, as Calgary City Council approved the first series 10s this budget or 2 budgets ago for delivery to begin in 2021. The thing that has fluctuated is the number of cars we were getting, due provincial funding. Worst case scenario was the 15 we see today. Best case scenario i believe was 33, with us essentially receiving cars 31-33 free because of discounts applied for ordering a certain number, etc.
  5. Inside or Outside? If inside, that was the whole point of them. Less seating. More room for more people and more accessible.
  6. Key number. 1-69 for Red. 70-79 for non revenue. 80-127 for Blue.
  7. Simple economics. These routes have an established and proven ridership model, free or not. Having been signed on pick up buses before (first Route 72 of the Morning and brought staff from Crowfoot (end of the line at that point), and Dalhousie to Brentwood to turn into a 72 to Spring Gardens and from Saddletowne, Martindale and Mcknight to Oliver Bowen and Whitehorn to do a Route 73 to Spring Gardens, unless you have a full seated, if not standing load, which you would see commencing revenue service the economics make very very little sense. CT continues to follow RouteAhead in service planning decisions, which has determined overnight service would serve an unsustainable demographic.
  8. Transit55 technically doesn’t “have” any data. Transit55 simply has access to the real time data provided by the City of Calgary and manipulates it (commendably) to provide the information on Transit55. As for why not trains? The movement of LRVs is not tracked by GPS.
  9. This was considered during the platform expansion 5 or 6 years ago with consultations between Marlborough and Sunridge Malls as well as adjacent businesses and was ultimately shut down mainly due to various safety concerns (public safety, operational safety, etc) as well as logistical concerns (the intersection layout at 36 street and 5 avenue NE for example). If you go back quite a few years, i successfully FOIPed the report and summarized on the board.
  10. Midnight Madness D60LF broken down NB Seton Way at Seton Blvd in outside left turn lane. No four ways. No lights.
  11. It could. However, lets think of the economics. If you choose not to put a heated bus shelter at a stop, given the demographic, are you going to lose any riders? In my opinion, you won’t. Given that most students that go to MRU are riders multiple transfers, that is like at unsheltered stops. Are you going to gain any riders for it? Possible but unlikely.
  12. Good question. If i recall, they were given authorization/approval to start using last week. Update - A commitment was made by council to residents of Lakeview that said road would only be used during predetermined and approved hours (likely peak hours) Safe to say based on the time of your post that your observation was during said hours?
  13. Refurbs with refurbs for now with the ultimate goal still of having them be able to run with the series 8s. They changed the coupler on the refurbs so they are no longer compatible with non refurbs.
  14. Hopefully 2204 was a smooth ride on your trip. It’s been a pain in the ass (their terms) the last couple of weeks with a bunch of one off technical glitches that they haven’t seen from any of the other cars as of yet. Nothing major. Just the train being over safe. I think today was the first time in a while it was out on an all day key on a weekday but it sounds like the last couple weeks, they’ve worked frantically off peak, including overnights and between rush hours, testing some stuff out in time to meet service commitments.
  15. It theoretically is. However, CTrainDude is on the mark with their remarks. There are no vehicles on the road this week meaning there is no traffic and no one is taking transit in general this week meaning there is no ridership. I drove a 20 the other day and a trip from Heritage to 78 avenue that has a lot of extra time built in a result of rush hour traffic and schools resulted in my sitting for nearly 20-25 minutes at time points killing time, where normally we are barely on time. It is completely premature cast judgement until next week when the world back gets back to its regular routine.
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