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  1. Gsgeek540

    Calgary Transit

    Victoria Park is open extended hours during stampede, including weekends, to accomodate stampede express buses, the floater buses as well as some of the extended service buses that may not be tied to a preexisting piece of work.
  2. Gsgeek540

    Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    City vehicles are self insured meaning they, not a third party, absorb all costs in such and incident (damage, liability, etc)
  3. Gsgeek540

    Calgary Transit

    40 post stampede parade floaters.
  4. Gsgeek540

    Calgary Transit

    As of January, roof hatches are only to be open in emergency situations. All signage indicating the emergency hatch doubles as a vent was to be removed on all buses. Operators are not allowed to open, by rule, with the exception of the electronic vents on the novas.
  5. edit selkirk transit

    Senator 2

  6. Gsgeek540

    2018 Arbocs

    First new Arboc is on site as of today. Fleet numbers 1200-1336. 1722-1823 will be retired. Once again, all shuttles will be moved to Spring Gardens as of the March, 2018 signup. No indication as to what will come the othet way. Spring Gardens will become the new 24/7 garage with Victoria Park becoming Mon-Fri only, along with Anderson.
  7. From what i can see, this topic hasnt been created yet. There is one for CNGs being a possibility but i dont think there has been a followup forum for when they actually come into play. Given the fact that the 2 new flyer buses are expected to come into service for the March signup.