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  1. Got confirmation today that Bus 8084 has been decomissioned following an engine fire at the beginning of October.
  2. Bus changes are being made on a weekly basis. They arent big changes. Schedule adjustments and adding a bus here and there. Updates to real time data are being pushed every 4-5 weeks until the end of the signup. The next update is slated for November 9.
  3. Ridership on the on-demand service will be monitored for the first couple of weeks and if need be school express runs will be added.
  4. Update- 1200-1218 are the buses for on demand.
  5. Can safely say Councillor Carra misspoke or there is a typo in there. My understanding is the entire project is 50 million, which includes additional rolling stock.
  6. http://globalnews.ca/news/7381019/calgary-midtown-station-development-proposal/
  7. If i am not mistaken, 1201-1206 are going to be the “dedicated” on demand buses... even though technically any shuttle bus could do it... given they just use a tablet
  8. All newly added runs will be added to real time the week of October 12
  9. This is a new, regular piece of work scheduled out of stoney
  10. I saw a 4 car U2 consist making its way up to A114C (south call on at Anderson Garage) at 13:30 this afternoon. LRT or Pantograf, i think you 2 are the only insiders in the south this signup. Any word if this was a revenue train?
  11. That picture is as misleading as “ready to engage” videotaping empty Route 20s coming out of Rockyview Hospital on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day a few years ago.
  12. You have to remember too that one of the conditions of the funding for Stoney was it was to be a primarly CNG facility. Although diesel was an after thought, after they realized the wouldn’t be able to secure funding to fill the facility with only CNG buses for several years, the perception of running diesel buses out of that facility over available CNG buses available would be quite questionable.
  13. 2063 is listed as a good car.
  14. Track 21 is usually storage/repair holds. Ill see what i can find out. Decoms are usually on the far side of the garage or outside.
  15. https://calgaryherald.com/entertainment/local-arts/artist-turns-decommissioned-ctrain-into-sculpture-in-ramsay
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