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  1. The only way to enter an overload now is operators in real time on CAD. There is alot of data documented and tracked through CAD when it comes to overloads. Controllers are unable to input overloads.
  2. Bus has to be stopped for more than three seconds in order for the CAD screen to unlock and then it is 6 or 7 button pushes, through multiple menus to get to the annunciator.
  3. Incorrect Someone correct. There were was 1 weather model/forecast, out of about 5 of them, that was forecasting 5-10cms. The others were forecasting trace flurries less then a centimetre. Needless to say which weather model wes believed in this situation… Changed off friday night with an anderson bus. The anderson bus ended at stoney and the stoney bus at anderson.
  4. Work in progress for entire fleet. Not for preventing the public from looking in. To prevent significant and at times dangerous amount of glare and reflection. I’ve driven one. Didnt really notice a difference.
  5. There are multiple scheduled Route 14 buses that only do trips to the west inbetween regular keys. When they return to the station, they go out of service for a short time and then start back in westbound. The first one starts around 14:30, as there is atleast 1 school on that route that gets out around that time daily. Suprisingly, it does not appear this bus was cut along with the other winter break cuts for school runs and school extra regular blocks of work.
  6. 8215 has been hiding at vp for the last week or so for some resson. I’d consider an XD on a VP run out of ordinary. SG bus on an AG run, that appears to have come out of SG. Definately out of ordinary.
  7. 7724, 7726, 7731, 7753, 7784 can be added to the list above. 7739 and 7791 can be removed. It sounds like they were used to ferry staff from VP to Stoney the morning of the move. As another user indicated, there is a possibility these buses will not see any service up at Stoney. VP got to hand pick their worst buses (first to get scrapped) to send to Stoney.
  8. Now that they have been moved…. 8131-8158 to SG from SF 7990-8015 to VP from SG It sounds like 7702, 7703, 7704, 7711, 7733, 7738, 7739, 7741, 7750, 7785, 7788, 7791, 7797 and maybe even more to Stoney from VP. VP got to hand pick up to 18 buses that went up to VP based on what is the worst of the worst (first to be scrapped). It sounds like a couple may have been towed from VP to Stoney or will be fixed at VP and ferried to VP at a later day.
  9. Essentially, from what i understand, it is to get some of the oldest buses to Stoney….which will eventually be replaced by new CNG novas. Since Novas cant go to vp at this time to replace those buses, they shuffled buses from spring to vic and novas to sg. i think it will be interesting to see how the 7700s that make it to Stoney operate….im guessing like the 7600s did and be rush hour only.
  10. Several 2010/11 series LFS from Stoney Facility to Spring Gardens Several 2007 series D40LF from Spring Gardens to Victoria Park Several 2001/02 D40LF from Victoria Park to Stoney Facility
  11. If there were some extra cars lying around, 4 card would be in the mix. Unfortunately, they barely have enough to run the number of 3 car trains they commited to
  12. I think they are eager to purchase any kind of bus at this point…. To get back on topic, Due to school bus driver shortages, Calgary Transit has also picked up several (around 20) unpublished elementry/junior high charters indefinately. These operate much different then regular school runs, as they mirror school bus runs, with fewer stops and many stops not being at CT bus zones, many roads not traveled by CT, etc. This is the first time that transit has had elementary/junior high charters in roughly 15 years.
  13. In situations this year where 2 40 foot buses have been dispatched instead of an articulated bus, it is a shortage of articulated buses, which has been a significant problem the last few days. A number of Victoria Park garage articulated blocks were moved to stoney because of the shortages causing a shortage of articulated buses at Stoney which is replaced by their ample number of 40 foot buses. surprised they are finding the operators though. I have to admit though, so far, with the still low number of operators and fleet challenges, Service design continues to work nonstop and has so far done fairly well to try to resolve a number of issues within their control.
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