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  1. 2037 is done. 51 U2s remain in regular revenue service.
  2. Only in extenuating circumstances. Public access to C-Track platform is locked up. This consist broke down earlier in the day on blue line.
  3. I love the excitement of a Calgary Transit Out of Ordinary Spotting. For those users that know my career, they would know and understand how many times, i unintentionally contributed to several out of ordinary spotting’s. Given how regularly (at this point) Big Buses are used on shuttle pieces of work, i have created this topic, so we can separate what is truly out of the ordinary from what is becoming the norm. The other excitement of Out of Ordinary spotting’s is actually seeing them....and not seeing them on Transit55. With all due to respect to member “1604”, i hope that all posts can be “authentic” and not scouted from Transit55. Thank you to the handful of long time Calgary members for the discussion and your in site on this topic.
  4. Overpass from Bow Trail to Sunalta was apart of the closure for maintenance.
  5. Articulated buses are allowed on the temporary bridge. There was a detour in place for a night or 2 while they transitioned from the main bridge onto the temporary bridge. The detour included using the MacDonald bridge, which articulated buses are not allowed to use. As a result, several keys on the Route 1 and Max Purple that are normally articulated buses were dispatched as 40 foot buses to allow them to use the detour until the temporary bridge was open.
  6. As of part way through the march signup, this bus is Victoria Park. One of nearly 200 garage changes for buses prior to, and shortly after, the opening of Stoney. This link is is the most up to date.
  7. The trains were used were floater trains scheduled for the post football game rush.
  8. It left Alyth at around 130pm yesterday afternoon at was at there at around 2pm.
  9. Combination of Indigenous Day celebrations at Fort Calgary (For all 3 routes) and construction on Parkdale Blvd (For route 1)
  10. 1 offloaded at Heritage and went offline to Haysboro, switching ends at the motormans platform.
  11. There was a breakdown of another train earlier in the morning that had created a back up of trains. Multiple red line trains were put out of service at and taken offline at Anderson North Interlocking to avoid trains backing up at Somerset Interlocking. Most of them that did this were offloaded at Southland but there were a couple of trains that offloaded at Chinook because they were on red lights already because of there trains directly in front of them. No issues with this train at all yesterday.
  12. Once any vehicle, or group of vehicle, is as old as the original LRT fleet is, it is living on borrowed time and age becomes just a number, regardless if it is nearing 40 years old or nearing a mere 35 years. In Calgary, 2 main factors are considered before a vehicle is slated for retirement. The physical condition seems to overshadow the U2 retirements. However, reliability is arguably the main factor. Are the systems and electronics working as intended? Can the vehicle be put out on a day to day basis with a low likelihood of major issues? If no, is remediation available (given many parts are obsolete) and if so, is remediation even worth it? Calgary has 52 U2s left in service. Around 2013, trains were given Green, Yellow and Red stickers. At that point, Red was top on the list, based on the factors above for retirement. Yellow was between 3-5 years and Green was 5+ years.
  13. You have no soul:( What a video though!
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