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  1. Gsgeek540

    Calgary Transit

    Customer Service and PS100 (who oversees @calgarytransit) do not have access to CAD/AVL for this information. In all honesty, most of their information they provide customers regarding such requests they obtain from Transit55 (for bus location) or the website (for schedule information)... I have confirmed that CAD/AVL is working "perfectly".
  2. Gsgeek540

    General CTrain Discussion

    There was quite the push last year from some of the staff that have volunteered at the booth over the last several years *cough cough* for some change, as last year, we were actually being called out for our booth being exactly the the same as years past and in some cases, out dated. Although i was not apart of it this year, from the information they provided in their call out for volunteers, and the pictures and what not posted here, it sounds like they achieved that quite well.
  3. Gsgeek540

    Garage Transfers

    Bus was used for a road change off on Friday with a VP block of work and will be moved back in due course.
  4. Gsgeek540

    Calgary Transit

    If we are defining a facility being open as staff working within the facility, then technically, all facilities are 24 hours. Whether it is Mechanics, Electromechanics, Operations Staff (Supervisors, Controllers), Service Staff, etc, most facilities have someone working within them from all hours of the day. However, Regarding the dispatch of vehicle for revenue service, which being alluded to in the posts above, Spring Gardens is the only 24 hour facility. There is a dispatcher on site to dispatch vehicles at Spring Gardens 24/7/365. Victoria Park, Stoney and Anderson Only dispatch buses 5 days a week and have dispatchers on site until approximately 19:00. Anderson and Oliver Bowen dispatches trains 7 mornings a week and 5 afternoons a week. Anderson's dispatcher is on site until 19:00 and Oliver Bowen usually has a dispatcher on site until all vehicles have been dispatched. Haysboro dispatches vehicles every rush hour and have a dispatcher on site until all vehicles have been dispatched. In the event there is a special event requiring extra trains or buses, Operations Staff or Service Staff will arrange. Change offs are done solely by fleet/ service staff.
  5. Gsgeek540

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    2076 is scrap.
  6. Gsgeek540

    Calgary Transit

    I can assure you that the information provided by the @calgarytransit twitter account is false. Spring Gardens is the only 24 hour facilty. The closure on Sunday will be operated using 40 foot buses from Spring Gardens. I have said time and time again that the @calgarytransit twitter is not a reliable source for anything not related to real time service. They do not have direct access to 95% of the answers that this user asks them.
  7. Gsgeek540

    Stoney Bus Garage

    7601-7702, all novas and the 50ish Highest numbered (i believe its the highest numbered) articulateds Nothing in forseeable future. There have been a couple staff only open houses but nothing public yet.
  8. Gsgeek540

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    2067 has been marked as scrap
  9. Gsgeek540

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    Shuttle Vehicle Commitment Weekday Mid Day (0930-1400) is between 45 and 65 depending on when specifically. Take a couple shuttles with bad order CADs, or other reasons it may not show up on a third party source, and it is right on par.
  10. Gsgeek540

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    2072 and 2078 are marked as scrap.
  11. Gsgeek540

    General Route Discussion and History

    For the most part, Many 40 foot routes out of the NW, North Pointe and the NE and some of the route north articulated blocks (some 3,301, expresses and school blocks that run articulated buses) You gotta keep in mind tho, unlike many other transit propeties in Canada and North America, Calgary Transit routes are not based off of a specific garage, for various reasons. Therefore, you may (and will) see some blocks on some routes out of all 4 garages.
  12. Gsgeek540

    Calgary Transit

    The main focus in the initial design of these routes is to service the new Stoney Garage that begins operation in the March signup Monday to Friday. As the area continues to develop and populate, the routes, schedules, vehicle type, etc will be amended to accomodate the changes.
  13. Gsgeek540

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    All other U2s listed as active in revenue units have been in service in 2019 and are currently marked as active units. 2044 is the exception, as it has not seen service in 2019 but still marked as active. As suggested by another insider, it will likely be marked as scrap in due course. This is reportidly one the in better shape U2s and there is still discussion around its future.
  14. Gsgeek540

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    As accurate as Transit55 is, it is only as accurate as the schedules that are published at the beginning of every schedule period. Frankly, assignments and blocks of work get recut on a daily basis for various reasons. The way i see it, it is a Spring Gardens 40 foot bus on a Spring Gardens 40 foot block of work. It “could” be a number of things (breakdown, fill trip, recut work, etc). However, we are referring to an unnofficial schedule source to determine if thats the bus that “should” be there or not.
  15. Gsgeek540

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    No.... In reviewing the post i suspect you read, the member states that it “may” be next on the chopping block based on a number of factors. This not the case and this train was in service up until the beginning of February. It was transfered to Oliver Bowen last week and was offically marked as scrap this week. Member Vicinity, who is also an insider, posted an up to date list of retired U2s as of January 31. Add these 4 trains to the list and it is up to date.