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  1. Sign up has already been perused and signed off on. Operators start signing up next week.
  2. Routes in the area are delayed upwards of an hour. Shuttle buses are running but are experiencing similar delays because of roads in the area of the closure being clogged up. From a strictly operational point of view that location is terrible for such an incident to happen.
  3. And pre covid You have to remember though, there sre certain situations on certains routes in certain locations where it is more viable to keep larger vehicles out all day then have one come put, deadhead a smaller one to and from, only to deadhead another 1 four or 5 hours later. All it takes is the bus to fill up or overlod during the am and pm rush hour and its financially sustainable for the rest of the day. They strategically schedule it to catch schools right before entry and shortly after dismissal to maximize utilization. Im sure shuttle buses would be more appropriate based on passenger load on many of our routes mid day as well…
  4. This usually happens in the rare event that there is an overlap with a major event and a scheduled service disruption.
  5. Please dont’t quote pictures…. Could be lack of parts, manpower, etc. If the bus is deemed safe, which most spider shatters are if there is no glass falling out, and they are short of commitment, they will run the bus.
  6. I believe that picture was still from the weekend with much of the work still to be complete, given the amount of work crews out there and given Macleod Trail is down to one lane. There are gated level crossings at the both the north (for the outbound track only) and south (to cross both tracks). There are ample audible and visual warnings at both crossings. The goal with the level crossings were to make them as barrier free and accessible as possible. Pulling into Stampede outbound is 70kmh so it feels like pulling into Banff Trail outbound and pulling in inbound is 30kmh. Its no safer/unsafer then Banff Trail or even Chinook.
  7. Yes. The only trains that usually do not run on weekends, unless extenuating circumstances, are the U2s. Otherwise, a train is a train.
  8. Chestermere kicked in a significant investment resulting in regular fare both directions.
  9. Max upgrades have not been funded to date for the existing BRTs. I would speculate that a good part of the reason is with construction starting as early as this year, those upgrades are likely to be torn up.
  10. Hmm i wonder who was driving that *innocent whistle* See you all Saturday!
  11. People said the same thing about traveling to Airdire when those trips started but those trips were very successful and sustainable prior to COVID, rather than just deadheading the bus back to Airdrie. It’s people from the northern edge of the city that often took the bus back to airdrie and then take it into calgary in the afternoon. Ding!
  12. 2012 would be close. Im pretty sure it went shuttle all day all night in the March, 2012 signup, along with a ton of stuff at anderson station ugh… They did a single tripper big bus on the 35 to finish out that school year then created a school run from Anderson to Scarlett.
  13. I have confirmed that the dates listed were 2020. I have confirmed that the CAD system of bus 7636 was powered up May 4, 2021, but the bus has not been in service since April 3, 2020.
  14. Wont be stampede or the summer.
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