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  1. 2026, 2065, 2075 and 2079 are scrap. 41 left.
  2. Saw bus NB on Deerfoot Trail at approximately Anderson at approximately 18:00 tonight. Completely forgot about this post. Had thought about it all night until i saw that post.
  3. I believe getting all (remaining) buses off of the avenue until it is clear of snow is within at snow plan as well.
  4. Given operators start signing up today, i will divulge. For reasons that are unknown at this point, all conventional buses after the PM rush hour starting next signup are 40 foot buses. Routes that normally have will have buses from other routes, such as a route 40 that goes shuttle after pm rush hour, become that route. I believe the last one goes out of service at around 19:30ish. Might be winter. I was one of the first operators to be signed on a late night Route 3 articulated bus key back in the winter of 2013. I knew how to drive them...unfortunately, there were a lot of days where i was one of the only articulated Route 3s that wasn't late or stuck during a storm at 10:00 at night. I don't know. I signed the Route 1 for a number of signups late night, with a 40 footer and an articulated bus. I was consistently standing load at 9pm on a 40 foot bus and nearly full seated load on an articulated going both directions.
  5. Ill touch on the artics. After the october snow storm last year, transit worked on a plan to continue to provide a full, or as close to a full amount of service as possible. One of the things that was highlighted was the articulated buses on the 3 and 301 often get stuck on route, and on reasonable detour routes. As a result, as per the plan, at a certain level (that must be in play), articulated get assigned to more...flatter routes....and 40 footers are assigned according. Additionally, articulated buses are not to run after pm rush hour if 40 footers are available. A sneek peak to next signup, this wont be a problem...
  6. Anddddd they’re gone! 45 left.
  7. You just beat me to it. I was going to add that in talking to a scheduler recently, the 468 was one of the lowest cost routes in the city. My understanding to this is the ridership per hour per bus was through the roof, at the cost of 2 shuttle buses, with midday ridership per hour acceptable for a shuttle run. Obviously, now with 3 rush hour big buses and 2 shuttle buses mid day, this will change.
  8. Cars 2002 and 2022 are done. Keep your eyes on 2004, 2023, 2055 and 2081.
  9. Northland Yard / Northland Tail Track
  10. I whole heartedly agree and respect your advocacy for your fellow riders. With that being said, for what, if anything, its worth, i used to run a store in chinook and Cadillac Fairview has strict, near nazi, policies regarding such...campaigning...ugh i cant think of the right word... We had some sort of neighbourhood survey our campaign once in my restaurant career. We had issues with it because of the extra work it made for me having to explain it but how if we misrepresent the information, we are evil. And we were accused of misrepresenting the information by answering a question about something that had nothing to do with our restaurant that was being advertised that the customer needed the answer to before giving input.
  11. For what it is worth, there are quite a few regular routes big bus and shuttle where they put in an extra bus out there for a friday early dismissal or any random day early dismissal to accommodate potential student loads. I remember driving a 3 from wise wood on a special 1130 dismissal and i did a trip between 2 regular keys from sb elbow at 50th (last time point before heritage) to elbow and canyon meadows (back in the day) and back to the garage. Ive been signed on a friday only trip on the route 4 to accommodate diefenbaker. A friday only trip on a 23 to accommodate pearson. Its nothing new regularless of what type bus is out there. We gotta remember, they had a week and a half to make the hard decisions. If someone said no, you better bet someone had a reason why and an alternative ready to go because they had no time to waste to get the signup changed in 1/10 the time it normally takes to prep a regular signup.
  12. If i recall, there are a number of school routes that have been cut for various reasons, including school areas being shuffled. I believe 8 new ones in and 8 out. Given the opening of the high school in Seton last year, now that most students have transitioned, etc, if i recall, a bunch of the Beaverbrook to SE routes, including 717 are no more.
  13. 2037 is done. 51 U2s remain in regular revenue service.
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