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  1. Midnight Madness D60LF broken down NB Seton Way at Seton Blvd in outside left turn lane. No four ways. No lights.
  2. It could. However, lets think of the economics. If you choose not to put a heated bus shelter at a stop, given the demographic, are you going to lose any riders? In my opinion, you won’t. Given that most students that go to MRU are riders multiple transfers, that is like at unsheltered stops. Are you going to gain any riders for it? Possible but unlikely.
  3. Good question. If i recall, they were given authorization/approval to start using last week. Update - A commitment was made by council to residents of Lakeview that said road would only be used during predetermined and approved hours (likely peak hours) Safe to say based on the time of your post that your observation was during said hours?
  4. Refurbs with refurbs for now with the ultimate goal still of having them be able to run with the series 8s. They changed the coupler on the refurbs so they are no longer compatible with non refurbs.
  5. Hopefully 2204 was a smooth ride on your trip. It’s been a pain in the ass (their terms) the last couple of weeks with a bunch of one off technical glitches that they haven’t seen from any of the other cars as of yet. Nothing major. Just the train being over safe. I think today was the first time in a while it was out on an all day key on a weekday but it sounds like the last couple weeks, they’ve worked frantically off peak, including overnights and between rush hours, testing some stuff out in time to meet service commitments.
  6. It theoretically is. However, CTrainDude is on the mark with their remarks. There are no vehicles on the road this week meaning there is no traffic and no one is taking transit in general this week meaning there is no ridership. I drove a 20 the other day and a trip from Heritage to 78 avenue that has a lot of extra time built in a result of rush hour traffic and schools resulted in my sitting for nearly 20-25 minutes at time points killing time, where normally we are barely on time. It is completely premature cast judgement until next week when the world back gets back to its regular routine.
  7. This was an over site and has been corrected starting today.
  8. Given that the start of the Calgary Transit Winter schedule begins one of the statistically lower ridership weeks of the year, it is fairly safe to say ceremonies, compared that of Max Purple will likely take place, if at all, in the new year when they can (hopefully) highlight the ridership successes. With that being said, it is safe to say that critics will likely be out and about that week calling out the low ridership buses, likely citing the project as a waste of time and money. If anyone recalls, the group “Ready to Engage” filmed a number of empty buses servicing the Rockyview Hopsital, on what was believe to be Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2016. Luckily, City Council called out this flawed tactic of misleading them and the constituents they represent, threatening legal action, hence why the project proceeded with very little vocal opposition since.
  9. A couple of things to point out to oppose your view point, as i am incredibly concerned by the stereotypes suggested in such a post. The statement of suggesting that “high or wasted” people are often those that tend to “sneak in the bus” is completely false and unjustified. Quite bluntly, do you have any evidence that said stereotype do or do not have a valid fare product? In fact, in discussing such a concern with transit peace officers in the past, it is a matter of fact that several if not most, of said stereotype HAVE a valid fare product as a result of social programs that are in place. Alpha House, Drop In, Mustard Seed, etc work directly with their clients to help them get in the sliding scale low income transit pass program. A specific example i can give is a year or two ago, there was a group of a stereotype (12-15 people) that rode a train for several trips. However, ALL OF THEM, despite the stereotype you suggest, had a VALID proof of payment and given the transit bylaw and several fare products state that loop riding is permitted, there was absolutely nothing that could be done by peace officers. Riding on a train drunk or high for 5 hours at a time with a valid proof of fare payment is not a crime. The public has a concern with perception but at the end of the day, it is PUBLIC TRANSIT and thankfully, due to this beautiful and amazing country we live in, the public does not dictate what LAW ABIDING CITIZENS can or cannot access public services, such as transit In addition, as implied in the transit bylaw, a person that pays a cash fare on a bus is not required to obtain proof of fare payment (a transfer) from the bus operator. In my years of driving, on many of the cross town type of routes where you can get to your destination on 1 vehicle (bus or train), Id say easily, 60-65% of cash or single ticket riders did not obtain a proof of fare payment for me. At which point, there is no way to further enforce unless an overhaul on the fare collection system and policies, which i strongly believe would contradict the collective agreement that more or less states that operators are not to pursue a fare to the point of confrontation. You could put more officers on buses but where are you getting the resources? There is a misconception that hiring more officers to write more tickets solves the problem. To some degree. Remember, for every ticket that is written, the officer MUST be available, and way from their regular duties, to attend court to stand by any tickets that are written. If you spend a week writing tickets non stop, there is a week that you are off the streets. Hence why education, as well as delegation to more appropriate resources continues to be favored over enforcement. Thats my 2 cents. I await your response.
  10. You cant responsibly schedule post game buses on certain routes. There are too many uncontrollable factors that control what time the game may end and what time crowds may let out. As a result, extra buses will be staged near by to accommodate regular service accordingly.
  11. Additional service has been scheduled on Routes 9, 20, 31 and Max Orange from prior to the game. Some of these buses will be scheduled for partial trips to feed passengers to the game. Post game, my understanding is there will be several bus floaters (hearing around 8 ) that will be staged be staged around University Drive to provide additional service on these routes. They are not regular scheduled blocks due to the inability to predict when crowds will start letting out due to various reasons (pre/post game ceremonies, half time show, overtime, typical football delays, etc) Train service is 5 minutes pre, during and post game with 8 floater trains post game and about 8 minutes on the blue line.
  12. Apparently car 2010 had been in another accident that resulted in it ending up on the ground prior to March 27, 2002. This article is from November 11, 1982.
  13. Its on detour. http://www.calgarytransit.com/service-updates?nid=153089&route=306
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