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  1. It was unplugged when Olympic Plaza switches went in. Discussions on a fix are ongoing. But folks, It isn't as simple as moving the loop to the nearside of 8 street. If you move it to the nearside, are the lights going to change for the train when 18A goes green or run on regular timing? If traffic light timing is changed at 8 street, will the same follow at 9 street for 202s? What about trains coming onto the avenue from the NW and the West? Are their light cycles going to change too? How this going to affect traffic flow in the rest of the downtown core?
  2. It hasn't been active for a few years.
  3. Its a no win folks unfortunately. Transit has been working long hours with a signals engineer dedicated on downtown trafic flow, including LRT movements. Either 201s get priority onto the avenue from the NW and the 202 blocks 8 street...or the 202s get priority and the 201 blocks 6 avenue. Thoughts that have been talked about to resolve this issues -For 201s coming onto the avenue, tie C21a and 19a together to upgrade at the same time to allow for a straight shot onto the avenue. Much like how they wanted to manipulate a17a and a13a for stampede. -For 202s leaving the avenue, move the advance loop from the farside of 8 street to the near side and require trains to remain in that block until 18a upgrades to a favorable. Much like stampede, signals is very against maniuplating the signal system. The plan with stampede and the location of a13a was to move the advance call on for a13a back and modify a17a to display a red and a green. You need a clear or an approach at a13a to get on the platform at stampede. So, a17a a red aspect would show if the block is occupied or if a13a was an unfavourable aspect. Now a days, you can get an approach at a17a which will get 3 cars on the platform. The same has been proposed on 9 streets for 201s As for holding trains before 8 street until a favorable at 18a, it would have a small impact on headway in all directions, on all lines. The last i heard it was potentially 3 less trains during rush hour total to accomodate. LRT, if you want to simplify my giberish to english or if anyone wants to reach out and i can try to simplify, let me know.
  4. Special software train dead 421-418-414 on mainline around 9pm last night just before A96 (before southland outbound. Train was still there when i drove by around midnight. Single tracked on inbound track.
  5. The joy of a U2, most problems can be fixed with a battery off battery on. The few things that can't be fixed simply -Resistor fans being plugged up, with blowing snow for example, will create a resistor fanfault that reduces the speed to 40km/h and taken off line asap. -A rotary converter being blown will cause emergency lighting in the trouble car and may produce a 220v, battery discharge and electronic fault and reduce the speed to 40km/h. -Those one off bad couples....where the doors will open on the first 2 cars of a consist and not the trailing car for example -Obvious Pantograph, Body or Wheel damage caused by many things LRT? Ctraindude? PhoBoStuDios...if you remember anything from training.....Anything else?
  6. Running U2s on weekends has been the norm for well over a year...since remote storage began at Tuscany early last year. It ultimately comes down to basic storage issues. Approximately 50 SDs are currently dedicated to Anderson and Haysboro garages. The 4 trains that are parked at Tuscany are generally 4, 4 car series 5, 6, 7, 8 trains every weeknight. So 16 cars. In addition, all day trains that finish every week night at haysboro garage which are 3, 3 car SD trains for another 9 which is 25. There are roughly 25 series 5, 6, 7, 8 trains parked at Anderson any given day. On weekends, 16 are used for 4, 4 car all day trains, that ultimately end at tuscany, while the 4 from there come back to anderson. Any spare SDs become 3 car trains for rush hour. On weekends, the remaining SDs are usually 3 car trains, which provides anywhere from 6-8 consists for the redline on a weekend....depending on maintenance, availability, etc. The rest are filled by series 9 trains (siemens calls that shot), and U2s. As to what trains ended up where for maintenance closures, all attempts are made to have keys that are going to be remotely stored have SD trains. It is not as simple as it seems. You cant just leave any train at 69 street station and call it a day. There are scheduling issues and terms and conditions of the collective agreement that must be followed. As a result, rush hour 1 or 2 trip trains are often the ones that are left. My understanding is there was a service rebuild that had to be done on Friday which caused a number of train swaps on the blue line resulting in what i heard was all U2s in the west line. There was originally only supposed to be 2. I can ensure U2s on weekends has nothing to do with cost, power or running them to the ground.
  7. North west is operating at a 15 minute headway. The reason for the 4 car trains is strictly due to the remote storage at Tuscany track. All trains that go offlines on a weekday are theoretically supposed to be 4 car.
  8. I have known this for a few weeks but since Supt Brian Whitelaw of Transit PS&E just announced it publically in a news conference, Chinook Station level crossing will be getting crossing arms/gates for the pedestrian level crossing for the north end of the station this fall.
  9. Cost has never been an issue in regards to low floor vs high floor on the green line project. It has always been about perception, community integration, the potential for transit orientated development and most importantly, one of transits main focuses - accessability. Integrating the station into the rest of the community where it can be more then just a station, integrating existing and future sidewalks and roadways with the stations, street level stations and platforms that blend into a community more then stand out, follow the trends of Kerby and Shaganappi Pointe where access to platforms is easy for all pedestrians...just a little easier then the west end, etc, etc Ultimately, these have all been goals and direction laid out by city council and administration since before West LRT opened. Now, they have a clean slate to achieve and exceed some of those standards, ideas such as low floor LRT become an option. How they achieve accessability goals for underground stations, hopefully much to the same standards as Westbrook. Very accessable despite being an underground station.
  10. It is 100% 2205. Again folks, this train was towed from anderson garage to haysboro tuesday morning after rush and moved to the cp spur and on the car late morning..a move that was supposed to be made on monday.
  11. No. 2207 has not returned yet. 2205 was towed from Anderson to Haysboro after rush hour yesterday morning (supposed to be monday) and moved onto the Haysboro spur and loaded up accordingly. This is the 3rd car to go down.
  12. Its 2205
  13. The media event at 11:00 featured a 4 car series 9 train. 6, 4 car trains out on the 202 line. All 6 are all day keys (out for am rush, mid day and pm rush). I believe a couple are late night key. Of those 6, 1 consist (Key 80) was a Calgary 9. I'm not sure who tipped them off that key 80 was going to be Calgary 9 but the operator indicated multiple people boarding his train with cameras and all at Whitehorn Station just before 4am and riding it for a full trip.
  14. Isnt 2247 car with the black numbers on the white backing?
  15. Ah thank you. Monday at 11 for media event at Saddletowne.