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  1. Gsgeek540

    Random Ctrain pics

    Road Test***
  2. Gsgeek540

    Random Ctrain pics

    Road test**
  3. Gsgeek540

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    Wouldn’t the simplier answer be the fact that those properties use direct fixation at many, if not most or all of their stations, as opposed to Calgary where we only have a handful and the core?
  4. Gsgeek540

    Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    I would not consider any information provided by customer service or the call centre, regarding anything about route and schedule information, as credible information. The source you have provided, has the correct information.
  5. Gsgeek540

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    In referring to the same source (transit55) for some more information, I have discovered that this bus went into service on this block of work at 09:12am. Given that information, and given that it was not dispatched from the beginning of the service day, there are a few things, one of which likely happened, resulting in this out of the ordinary spotting. 1. The regular bus broke down or had a mechanical issue and this bus was used as a road change off to replace the bad order bus. The fact that it was an Articulated Bus for a 40 foot bus or a Spring Gardens Bus for a Victoria Park Bus is irrelevant to a Bus Controller if it means preventing or reducing loss of service. A conventional bus is a conventional bus. 2. The regular bus broke down or had a mechanical issue and for what ever reason, Victoria Park Garage was unable to change off, resulting in a Spring Gardens bus being used. 3. Something happened to the Operator, such as illness, where they were unable to carry on. Given that Spring Gardens is now the 24/7 garage, it is not uncommon for them to have a plethora of standby Operators on hand at all times of the day in the event that this happens. If this is the case, they likely sent an operator out with a new bus, as opposed to the operator finding their way to the original bus. This allows controllers to send the new operator wherever they need to get back in service ASAP. 4. Given that a number of the floater buses for the MAX line come from Spring Gardens, and given there is no strict direction that they can only be used for MAX, there is a possibility that one of these buses was used to replace service on the Route 301, for what ever reason (accident/incident, illness, breakdown, etc) Given the information above, if in fact one of those scenarios is correct, which i don't doubt for a second, that speaks to the spotting of 8114 on the Route 156 and shows the irrelevance to the question of "Why was a Nova, with the fewest seats of any 40 foot bus was used?" With that being said, There are some logistical challenges with such a change off. There are still quite a few Operators that are not trained on Nova buses, as well as quite a few operators not trained on Articulated buses. There is the risk that a relief operator may not be trained to drive the Nova. Due to the late finish, this bus would have been dispatched, the next day, strategically, out of Victoria Park Garage on a Victoria Park Run that ends early in the evening, if not after the AM rush hour, which it was. This allows the bus to be ferried to the proper facility. I would not be surprised if this bus is back in service at its prescribed facility the next time it is on a regular block of work.
  6. Gsgeek540

    General BRT discussion

    Yes. Lots in the SW are still being optioned out. Stay tuned. It sounds public consultations are to begin in the Spring. They will be noticable.
  7. Gsgeek540

    General Route Discussion and History

    The service has to be enticing and easy to take. There is a reason On It to somerset struggled. Because you had to park to take a bus to a train...at 2 different fares. Parking and taking 1 bus, at one fare, more or less direct to the core is a more attractive service then having to transfer, especially from 1 bus to another...at potentially premium or seperate fares. That is one of the things with the Max Teal. An opportunity was missed going into Deerfoot Meadows like the 43 does. However, it needs to be as direct as possible for the residential riders on the east side taking the route, which ultimately you need for it to be successful.
  8. Gsgeek540

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    2049 and 2074 are done
  9. Gsgeek540

    General Route Discussion and History

    No different then the studies that have been done with municipalities North, West and South of Calgary regarding intercity service, that has arguably contributed to some of the services such towns. The unique part of this study is the fact that as of late 2018, Calgary’s City Limits are roughly 2-3km west of Chestermere.
  10. Gsgeek540

    Calgary Transit

    Shuttle buses have not run for the last several years on Christmas as a result of language in the collective bargaining agreement
  11. Gsgeek540

    General BRT discussion

    Crossing Heritage is probably going to be the easier movement. Crossing 75th on/off of 14th however..
  12. Gsgeek540

    Garage Transfers

    The member above is correct. 7729 was temporarly moved from VP to SG middle of October...October 22 to be exact...and i have confirmed it is now property of spring gardens until the 2 MAX XD40s from SG return. However, the member above is incorrect, in that 8206, despite being MAX wrapped, is NOT a VP unit and is based out of Spring Gardens. Only the 2 XD40 listed in my original post, the other 2 MAX wrapped buses, are based out of Victoria Park.
  13. Gsgeek540

    Garage Transfers

    Without having the list with me, 7729 “should” be a VP bus, not Anderson as they get 7876-7994. Keep in mind though, There are roughly 13 7700s and 7800s that are SG. This may be one of them
  14. Gsgeek540

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    City Council approved the purchase of 15 LRVs during budget deliberations this past week. From the information that has been made public, it appears to be the 6 previously announced, 6 more that were added to the budget and 3 that were asked for late in deliberations yesterday to allow for a volume discount on the order. Delivery expected in late 2020 to early 2021.