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  1. General CTrain Discussion

    Part of it is a matter of how the trains were stored at Tuscany Tail Track overnight. My understanding is they had intentions of running 3 car trains for that portion. But because the consists were mixed up on the 2 tracks (not 8 of the same train on each track), a decision had to be made to run 4 car trains or to split up those trains and run them as deuces.
  2. Onestop Screens

    Global is run by shaw and since we talked last night, i thought about it and with shaw providing wifi to transit platforms, it makes sense.
  3. Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    A number of those are pretty standard to me. 7658 being out on weekends stands out, when typically a rush hour bus (i dont consider a spring gardens low floor on a spring gardens block of work out of the ordinary though..) and a non bike rack 20 stands out. Other then that... 54/154/77 has been big bus saturday afternoons for years so a spring gardens low floor 7917 would be a typical bus. Route 8 has been big bus weekends for a few signups so a spring gardens low floor would be a typical bus And a spring gardens low floor on a spring gardens block on the 25. Seems fairly standard to me.
  4. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    That police incident in the core last night made for an interesting night and morning for LRT. 7 ave shut down for nearly 6 hours. 2 trains parked at 69 street tail track, 3 additional trains parked at tuscany, 1 on tail track (thanks to 2 3 cars on the unpreferred side), 1 on the unpreferred platform, 1 outside of interlocking on the outbound track (to ensure the first trains have a straight shot in an out of the station until operators can be shifted up there).
  5. Calgary Transit

    I have finally confirmed that the reason for the delay of the launch of these routes is incomplete roads within the community. A fair portion of this route will be on detour on monday.
  6. Calgary Transit

    They have a big event in Kensington this weekend. I wonder if that is why?
  7. Calgary Transit

    As long as the schools transportation rep communicates with transits school schedulers, it will be done. There are still times where school is dismissed early for a day and there is no communication with transit, resulting in no extra service for their kids.
  8. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Articulated buses Have a shorter wheel base then 40 foot buses. In summer driving conditions, they can manouver anywhere a 40 footer can, if not more places. Drivers, like me, struggle driving a 40 footer in fish creek loop and crowfoot loop but give them an artic, they can do it in their sleep. In talking to a few people today, ridership appears to be the reason. Closures outside of the NE and full downtown closures do not justify use of 60 foot buses. They come out of Spring Gardens to simply enhance the customer experience. Air conditioned and bike rack buses, something that 40 foot buses out of victoria park garage cannot offer both of.
  9. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    40. Still not sure why.
  10. Calgary Transit

    Most drivers dont even know they have a bus with an automatic passenger counter. There are some buses with big "APC" stickers and they dont even know what APC is. It simply tracks movement through the front door, in and out.
  11. Calgary Transit

    Headways, when they are advertised and published, take either the typical/average headway between buses, or in cases like the route 1 and 3, take the highest headway between buses and advettise. For example, the 199 could be 15 minutes for most of rush hour but there might be a fill bus or 2 that make it 10 minutes for a short time. Or there might be a period of 30-40 minutes where part of the route 3 goes from 8 to 5 minutes or the 1 goes from 12 to 8 minutes to accomodate single trippedrs. The route 199, like all routes in the city, take schools along the route, and their start and end times, into account and add single trip buses, in addition to the prescribed headway, to accomodate those students accordingly, based on the communities that school services. For example, when pearson gets out, single part trippers are put on the route 23 to make it every 5 minutes to get people to saddletowne. At wise wood and scarlett, single trippers are put on the route 3 (will be route 37 for scarlett in september) to get people to heritage station. Ridership numbers come from 4 sources. Automatic passenger counters (on roughly half of the fleet, with a tender out to make 3/4 of the fleet), operator count cards (multiple times a signup), transit studies counts and observations (performed regularly), and in addition, operators being required, by rule, to report overloads (overloads went from an average of 10 a day to 10 a month from 2015 to now). When i am out driving bus or train and talking to customers, they continue to think that because it is a full seated load and they have to stand that the bus is full, which is incorrect. Service is based on the full capacity of buses and trains and aside from courtesy seating, which is a courtesy, not a guarantee as per our bylaws in calgary, is not a guarantee. i remember i had a count card on a route 3 and 1 person standing the entire day and some one saw me filling out my card and asked me if i am going to demand full service because of these full buses....
  12. Calgary Transit

    Much like all city departments, budget is an issue and trying to find wiggle room (such as cutting a headway from 5-8 or 10-15 minutes) without making significant changes (such as cutting a headway from 30-60 minutes) is the goal right now. Quite bluntly, Ridership numbers show otherwise to your statement. The transit studies and planning teams have done significant analysis (operator count cards, apc counts, front line counts, etc) to determine the service levels going into september, and have taken into account the possible influx of students taking transit as a result of bill 1. I was signed on a 56 for many years. Weekdays and Weekends, night and day. That is one route where ridership had tanked over the last few years. Even at its peak in the early 2010s, you would rarely see a standing load on a regular basis. Now a days, you are lucky to come close to a full seated load. Weekends are much the same. When the 56 went from shuttle to big bus on weekends in 2012, shuttles were overloading. Since early 2016, ridership numbers have significant decreased. This only affects to Bridlewood which was previously every 5 minutes. To Cranston/SHC remains every 15 minutes.
  13. Calgary Transit

    Some of the operational costs of starting up the new BRTs and making appropriate changes to adjacent routes were prebudgeted when the capital was approved. Kind of a "build it and they will come" model for the first year if operation, for atleast some of it.
  14. Calgary Transit

    All changes are based on ridership trends from September 2016 to the end of June 2017. These cuts are to routes that on normal days, are barely getting a full seated load under normal circumstances. The target is always to find that fine line between fully seated and overloaded (leaving people behind).
  15. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Car vs train at 50 avenue. Virtually no damage. Wont be long at all.