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  1. Their power is limited and not backed up by the supervisors, they are unable to take a bus out of service or kick off the fare evader unless the customer begins acting unruly. but correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. what I find ridiculous is bus drivers can't even take buses out of service if someone doesn't pay because of a policy that took into effect like 2 years ago where bus drivers can't enforce the fares anymore so more fare evasion can occur without anything being done about it I even spoke to some bus drivers who used to be strict on Photo ID for high school students before the changes happened in 2014 and a driver told me the TTC is a joke now you have to allow people on without id's, or short on change and you could get in trouble if you confront fare evaders he just stop caring about fares because his managements gives him a hard time so he is no longer strict or even cares about the fares and metropass fraud which is kind of sad and shows the reflection of the TTC's management. So their solution is to silence the strict drivers and just raise the fares on the honest customers.
  3. What I believe TTC should do is Kids must show photo ID, without ID they should pay Adult fare as a penalty not student fare since you should be showing your ID anyways to pay senior/student fare actually, also if Students Fail to show ID adult fare should be paid just like the old days. and Metropasses should get taken away if they fail to show ID because back then Fare Collectors and Drivers used to do that that could probably solve the money issues.
  4. chicago downtown, Mercedes-Benz O305 with Detroit Diesel Series 50 Allison B400R

  5. Detroit Diesel Series 50 with With Allison B400R on this Chicago Map
  6. - New Video Detroit Diesel Series 50 Allison B400R
  7. Orion V's can go 100 km/h on highway with governer on. without governer 124.54 km/h-ish