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  1. C119 and C120 are listed as 64 passenger, and I know for sure C119 is shorter, I saw it... but not as sure about C120
  2. I see it has already changed, but I can defintely confirm that C49 is propane
  3. C179 and C180 still haven't been added. There is also 2 more new buses in the cunningham fleet, C181 2015 International 70 passenger C182 2015 International 64 passenger All 4 are Cummins engines
  4. I copied the wrong I link I meant http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=IC_Bus_CE_Series
  5. I'm not an expert here, but it looks like the http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=IC_Bus page needs some love. While I can't confirm that they are just called CE now, the newer ones I have seen just say CE on the side, and no longer have 200 or 300. And Cummins engines are available now.
  6. New buses C179 IC CE 70passenger Cummins engine C180 IC CE 70passenger Cummins engine
  7. C10 - Retired C12 - Retired C13 - Retired C14 - Retired C36 - Retired O63 - Retired C35 - Retired C38 - Retired C42 - Retired C105 2008 IC CE300 72passenger C106 2008 IC CE300 72passenger C114 2010 Freightliner 70passenger C119 Correct info but I have listed as 64 passenger (Will try to confirm this at a later date) C120 Correct info but I have listed as 64 passenger C124 - 2011 Freightliner 72passenger C125 - 2011 Freightliner 72passenger
  8. I've gotten some additional info that will help determine some more units that might be out of service. It will take some time though, and I am still very busy. But there's definitely more info coning.
  9. I haven't been able to go through it all yet, but so far looks good
  10. Great, I can also confirm 100% that C86 is a CE200
  11. C71 2002 GMC cat engine 72passenger C72 2002 GMC cat engine 72passenger O72 1999 GMC cat engine 36passenger C73 2004 IC Bluebird 72passenger O73 2000 GMC B7T042 72passenger C74 2004 IC 3000 72passenger O74 2000 TC2000 Bluebird 72passenger C75 2004 IC 3000 72passenger O75 2002 GMC Bluebird 54passenger C76 2004 IC 3000 72passenger O76 2002 GMC B7T042 54passenger O77 2002 GMC B7T042 48passenger C79 2004 IC 3000 72passenger C80 2004 IC 3000 72passenger C81 2004 IC 3000 72passenger C82 2006 IC CE200(?) 72passenger C83 2006 IC CE200(?) 72passenger C84 2006 IC CE200 72passenger C85
  12. I mean to check, but pretty sure you are correct. In relation to my previous post, it would exclude C2
  13. I believe it's just "Onoway" as they have a small, separate fleet that operates there. Originally they designated those buses as such, but later (I believe) found it fit better to move buses around fluidly as needed due to maintenance and replacement concerns, So they stopped doing it, but did not remove the existing "O" designations. Either that, or when they bought out the company that operated there, they just numbered the buses that came with the purchase as such. I was not particularly aware there were many options available for engine in the Saf-t-liner C2's, so just to note, every Cun
  14. C29 is, same specs as C31, but 1990 Additionally, a bit more back info: C6 all the way through C19 were apparently all propane. Not sure if they were converted or what, but some in Cunninghams fleet (past or still active) were converted. C21 through C31 also, were/are all propane O61 also is propane, and is the last unit (numerically) that is propane. Everything after will be diesel. C49 in the database shows as diesel, but is listed as propane. I will try to confirm, maybe leave it as is for thetime being. I know for sure that C71 and O72 have a big yellow cat diesel in them Also,
  15. Ok thanks for the info. I sitll have a lot more info, just so little time lately, sorry. I will post more but here is just a few more C31 1991 GMC s6000 72passenger C32 2004 IC 3000 72passenger C34 Out of Service C35 1987 Ford Bluebird 48passenger C36 1988 Chev S6000 48passenger C37 2004 IC 3000 72passenger C38 1993 IC 3000 72passenger C39 Out of Service 1993 IC 3000 72passenger C40 1993 GMC B7T042 66passenger C41 Out of service 1993 GM Bluebird 72passenger C42 1993 GM Bluebird 72passenger C43 Out of service(?) C44 1995 IC 3000 72passenger C45 1997 GM B7T042 66passenger C46 Out
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