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  1. Yes they sold 2 at Ritchie Bros Auctioneers last fall
  2. Saw Nova 1601 coming through Whitby this afternoon on its way to YRT
  3. 66102 was retired and sold for scrap back in November
  4. Anything going to retire?Is #14 still around?
  5. Nova 1501 was seen coming through Port Hope this morning around 10:00 on route to Barrie
  6. DRT

    Brandon Transit

    Yes give or take, though they should be able to get away with doing an in-frame rebuild. Just bad luck more then one goes at the same time.
  7. 8051 is the only one left, the rest have been scrapped
  8. 8536-8538 are assigned to Whitby division. The 910 is operated by both Whitby and Raleigh.
  9. 6 of them are in the active lanes at Westney. 8005 had a fire and is still at Westney out of service. The remaining 4 are in storage at Raleigh.
  10. I drove by it actually; that's what gave me the idea to see if the rest were gone or not.
  11. They are doing construction in that lot now and all the buses that sat there for years are gone. 04 was sold off so I presume the others were too. 14 and 29 may be in another city yard, I'm not sure.
  12. An unknown Pacific Western coach burned to the ground on the 401 this morning. http://www.northumberlandnews.com/news-story/4553821-update-bus-fire-closes-hwy-401-eastbound-lanes-near-port-hope-until-surface-can-be-repaved/
  13. Both as far as I know. The space is too big for Century's needs, plus they don't need the office up front. Coach Canada is currently in talks to lease back the office in the front.
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