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  1. Hi Everyone, my collegue asked me to find technical drawings of following streetcars in USA "Brilliner" (Philadelphia Suburban), "Magic Carpet", and PCC Pacific Electric (double ended) We tried to google, and found everything except needed drawings. http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=276734 I guess so, he means this guy. thanks
  2. Thanks, if I choose to visit Montreal, I will probably do it neither in summer nor in winter
  3. And how are the train delivered if the path is removed? By road (using their rubber wheels) or by special trucks for oversized loads? And is it possible to see trains on surface when they are removed from service?
  4. https://www.google.com/maps/@45.544128,-73.647615,3a,75y,143.5h,72.82t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1szSWXYXJrdxLjssC1NZE2Gg!2e0 And here, I guess is the only place, where you can see Montreal Metro Train from street level. Right?
  5. By the way, with a help of wikipedia I've found one "street level" facility in North Montreal, it's on St Lawrence Boulevard. Are the new train delivered there too?
  6. Is "ventilation only" option enough for Montreal? is there any air conditioning under the Montreal ground (including walking passages)? As of New York climate - Air conditioning is a must. - Generally speaking, It's much easier to control climate in enclosed underground space when it doesn't have such "holes" as portals. The same technology is in use on Russian underground systems. however Mosocw has a few overground stretches, and St Petersburg has its yards (garages) on the street level. Why can't Montreal Metro trains work outdoor? And why are "train yards" called "garages"?
  7. Hi, everyone! Can you tell me please, why are all "train yards" in Montreal - underground? Is it done some, in order to provide a maximal climate control in entire system? Also, why are they names garages?
  8. My friends could do it. They were visiting Toronto by a tour bus, Sure it stopped on Queens Quay. Hope they were NOT lucky to see LFLRV. They are NOT railfans fortunately. I plan to visit Toronto next year, since more and more LFLRVs will be in service, intermixed with older streetcars.
  9. Nice vids. Wish to ride this streetcar myself on one of the days. Yesterday my friends were in Toronto, leaving me in a hot and humid Brooklyn, NY. Hope they did not got a privilege to see the New Streetcars.
  10. Sometime the dean of high school I've finished appears on tv, yet on a very local channel. His subject of speech is a kind of philosophy. So once upon a time I was speaking with my mom About air plug design, like which one are better, which materials is more sound resistant and stuff. I speak speak speak, and suddenly I turn my face to tv and see my school dean on a screen. And a though visits me, seem like he speaks on by his topic (tv is muted for some reason, like phone call took place) or anywa I don't listen to him. So this illusion made me laugh tremendously. The idea of writing a symphony of bus operations, and presenting it in Carnegie Hall. The idea of presenting a bus history in New York City, with all technical details, like Orion V vs Orion VII difference, From the stage of Carnegie or Avery Fischer Hall read by known musicologist.
  11. In my 10th grade, I was kind of bored in English class, and came up with an idea "atomic trolleybus". I meant just as funny saying, not making trolleybus atomic, nuclear, and dangerous. So once upon a time teacher called me to the chalkboard, and I am preparing to start my speech ...one of my classmates yells "atomic trolleybus" and I laugh in front of class. In a humid summer day, as usual in my locale, I come to a compact disc store. You know, now almost no one buys that stuff. People listen to music mostly from mp3 and other online sources, and much more stuff is illegally copied. So the store owner seats at his place, kind of being bored. I gently ask him, -do you have any CDs/cassettes with Songs About Chemistry? (Meaning chemistry like a branch of science, not the euphemism for love) -.Yes We Do! He answer. I laugh. -and where are they, or first or on a second floor? -on the roof. I laugh quietly but in hysterical manner. Both of us were kidding,... Make me smile
  12. Can you explain your answer in words, please? I am neither as good as cartoonist, nor as emotion reader, but understand it so: 1)Oh Yes, I like it! 2)Oh, a bit boring, I already had it 3)The same stuff over and over again. Correct? Let me attach one of their form of transportation
  13. Did some of you try to sell or give away paper trains you've made, either as a template or assembled? What was the result, if yes? How are they dealing with copyright issued? Assume, they liked my train and want next one: Will they create a copy with their own hands, or wait till I come a next time? Do they care is a paper train a "copy" of Amtrak, or Japanese National Railway for example? Would be fun to suggest my works to Amishes and Mennonites.
  14. Can't find job, I truly deserve.
  15. 1) When i came up with an idea of flaming trumpet, or flaming accordion (just a thought, never gonna built or try it) Very recently I googled for a "trumpet with fire" and found that I am not alone with this "ingenious" idea. (0:37) At that moment I was at home, alone in my room, my parents were sleeping, and did not have an internet connection there (only at University with some DIAL-UP posibilities fromhome) It was back in 1999 2) The similar idea about creating fire-extinguishing trumpet or accordion came in my mind, when I was in middle of a serious conflict with computer networking teacher. And actually speaking with someone at financial aid office. I expressed my idea, and everyone laughed in an office. It was back in 2000 When I was told that ZAPOROZHETS decided to manufacture TVs, with such a special feature as screens at their back wall. The thing is that Zaporozhets, its Soviet-made car, with its engine located at the rear, and trunk in front section of the vehicle. Just like Ferrari. So, by the same analogy - lets build a TV with its screen at the rear. PS Don't worry I am not planning to build a flaming trumpet or something like this at home. I am very careful even when I use a kitchen stove, or a soldering iron for modeling.
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