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  1. 45 is being supplemented by multiple divisions. Mostly Arrow but a few from MD also.
  2. I heard today some who had received layoff notices had them rescinded. Good news somewhat......
  3. All training including recerts is cancelled for the foreseeable future. If your in the hiring pool don't plan on starting anytime soon. When it does restart the master transfers will take priority.
  4. Training of new hires should be slow. Many divisions are overstaffed at the moment and lot's of ops transferring modes/divisions still need training.
  5. Doesn't help! The 73 is still a shit show. Neither of those trips are express.....according to Vision anyways.
  6. Those trips have existed for a long time but definitely not express.
  7. The 2A had almost no ridership south of Rathburn. I used to ride it occasionally when I was a kid. Now that the 123F covers that southern stretch on the West Mall I think they have enough service in that area....adding buses to more underserviced routes are of a greater concern.
  8. No doubt but during peak rush it isn't bad then compared to in between.
  9. Yes The 110C will be a disaster in off peak when the running time is seriously lacking. They can't stay on time now so can only imagine how bad it will be.
  10. Don't. Seniority is a very valuable thing.
  11. Correct. The routing they originally planned was Cordova/Central Parkway but that would leave the 37 dropping and 110 picking up in same spot. 37 shouldn't be affected that much but the 110 is pretty much screwed for 2 months.
  12. It's been changed again. 110s to use Aberfoyle as they've been given approval for that. Starting Oct. 21 for approx. 2 months.
  13. No interline. Both 110 and 37 will unload/load in front of the station. The 37 will loop around in the station and the 110 via Cordova and Central Prkwy.
  14. Great timing as with the reopening of Royal York station the 73 saw a service reduction. But 2 added buses are running from Eg West and north on Royal York.
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