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  1. Great timing as with the reopening of Royal York station the 73 saw a service reduction. But 2 added buses are running from Eg West and north on Royal York.
  2. Queensway is not so good anymore sadly.
  3. 50 schedule was unrealistic even at the best of times.
  4. Had a Nova today. Lady yelling at me to turn the heat off. Well it's automatic climate control but I guess I'll just turn it off then.
  5. Not anymore. All employee parking has been removed. Lot's of space now. More buses coming.
  6. The hybrids at Obico are being used as dedicated training buses.
  7. Quite a few. Even one 10 years in between failing and training again.
  8. Cause Trump, TTC emblems and bus # have all been removed. Currently parked beside 7936 also.
  9. If you have high blood pressure now just wait till you become an operator. As well I'd seek another opinion as sometimes you can make all the lifestyle changes you want and still have high blood pressure. Good luck.
  10. 4/5 extras in peak. Rads and Construction buses have been dispatched lately to Roncie, in the am anyways.
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