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  1. It appears he was still chair when they chose the Flexity Outlook in 2009. I can't find anything about saving more than 2 cars specifically but I did find the article where he talked about the preservation of the PCCs and his interest of having the same treatment for the CLRVs.
  2. Where's 4057 these days? It was the only car of the Celebratory 6 that hasn't been accounted for yet.
  3. That was a surprise considering It looked great last time I saw it. That's kinda odd. 4187, which should still be on the lot, still had its headlight in the auction picture.
  4. Speaking of 4193, I'm pretty sure this is the car. A bit pricey.
  5. It's Halton's. One other car is as well. Meanwhile back at Russell, 4051 was inside the carhouse with the door open and 4053 was a few tracks away by itself, almost like it's ready for pickup. The dead area still has a number of CLRVs including 44104, 4069, 4179, 4110, 4123, 4187, 4184 and 4048 and many, if not all of them have the TTC logo removed from the sides of the car. There were two more but I couldn't identify them. Someone shoved an umbrella into where 4069's headlight used to be. Based upon the number of purchased cars still sitting on the property and the number of weekday
  6. 4123, 4179, 4184, 4193. Expenses (including the car) will be close, if not exceed $10,000 per car if you don't want to chop it up. I'd like to say the remaining cars would be offered to employees, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  7. I think you nailed it. Seven days is not enough time to make arrangements, figure out the logistics and get proper estimates before bidding, especially considering not everyone saw it on day 1. Then the entire thing needs to be executed within 10 business days. During a pandemic. Hell, the auction listings were never publicized or listed on the TTC's website and employees and retired employees, the people that would be the most interested, are not allowed to bid. Edit: There are now bids on 5 cars in total. All the oldest ones - 4040, 4053, 4069, 4104, 4110. Impressive. Edit #
  8. Thats a concern as well. The listing says pickup must be done within 10 business days but will Anderson even be available to take on the job? Will there be TTC staff available? And the fact that payment will have to be done by wire transfer, that usually requires visiting a bank and interacting with a teller.
  9. I believe the interest was more for preservation and retention for heritage or supplemental service, but I do know there were some TTC employees who were interested, who've now been excluded by the terms of sale. I recall hearing there were some other organizations that were interested as well but I believe they were just making informal inquiries. However, the listings have been up for less than 48 hours and theres a whole work week ahead for serious parties to figure out the logistics. Considering the costs and requirements tho I'd be surprised to see bids on more than a few cars.
  10. I'm guessing pretty hard. From what I understand IRM can do it (I think they use a press) but Seashore and the American Industrial Mining Museum (maybe) will be sending trucks from spare cars over there to get regauged as well. I was told there was considerable interest and pressure near the end of retirement so the TTC came to their senses. No idea how much truth there is in that. Also, these cars were the survivors - many of them they lasted to the last day of service so their condition, in theory, should be good enough to not automatically go to scrap.
  11. I can say with 100% certainty 4133 is Seashore's spare (and they only have one spare). Once they take the trucks off though, it will remain at Halton for parts. 4155 is the American mining museum's spare. I'm sorry everyone, I goofed. American Industrial Mining Museum's spare is 4170. I don't know whats going on with 4155.
  12. There are so many things wrong with this that I call BS on it. - The roof is off yet somehow has traction/power? - Why would it be at Dundas and College of all places? Last time I saw it was Feb 29th in the yard. It was not visible during a subsequent visit in March, although I know at one point there was a small stash of CLRVs inside the carhouse at Russell, excluding 4001 and 4081.
  13. Back in mid-December management had 4089 listed as being in heritage storage so I assumed that's still the case, but anything could have happened in the past 3 months.
  14. It's been there for weeks. I believe 4001 in front of it with a PCC unit at the very front.
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