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  1. Well then, the side lights are still there. This is why taking pictures of unpowered cars at night without a zoom can give misleading details. It seriously looked like a light was missing but it could have been the shadows.
  2. I think it's just its right side light but I didn't pay much attention unfortunately. Behind it is 4170, 4048, 4068 (I think?), 4178, 4104 and 4085, all on Track 19 Track 20 has 4042 and Track 21 has 4085 4053 at the front, both missing their front light. Both cars appear to be missing their left side light as well. 4001 and one of the PCCs is sitting inside on Track 7. Edit: Can't have two 4085's. Track 21 was 4053 (looked like it was 4058 tho).
  3. That's a shame. Besides the occasional heater issue, 4069 not only worked great (according to some of the operators) but the interior and exterior was in good shape. If there was ever a need for a static display unit, that would be one of my choices.
  4. Unlikely. It's costly to move a car and its easier to just ship parts that have already been salvaged.
  5. I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks something was a bit fishy about this. It was already strange that the retirement date was in the middle of a board period BUT it was also the last weekend before the new year. We're constantly told the cars are unreliable but those that watched the 511 and 501 specials back in December only saw a very small number of cars that had problems and most, if not all of those were resolved. The TTC even admitted to keeping two sets of reliability stats to put down the old cars while making the new cars look nearly perfect. If I put my conspiracy theory hat on, I'd say this was all done for two reasons. The first is to create an urgent need to get more streetcars (although this need was well known many months ago). The second reason, and the reason why I'd say the retirement was done in the last weekend in 2019, was to make for a nice paragraph/blurb in the CEOs report about the surface fleet being 100% accessible by the end of 2019. And I don't dismiss accessibility being a grand goal, but a shortage means less room for people with wheelchairs and devices/carriages because the cars are so packed. And specific to the 508 (which I use), a couple of the makeshift stops would not be accessible anyways due to the bus not using the private right of way. Also, making this route a bus means the bus does not serve Humber Loop and from what I recall, the 508 cars were to provide additional capacity on the 501L cars for customers transferring from the 501 Queen. If we kept a few CLRVs to fill the gap, that would not have precluded us from buying more cars. But even if we order 60 more new cars next month they wouldn't be coming anytime soon anyways. But what's done is done.
  6. On the plus side there was no 15 minute wait for Queen cars to clear Humber Loop.
  7. Unless 20 low floor cars breakdown in the next 15 hours, you are correct.
  8. Looks like 4193 is stuck at Harbord, due to a collision on Bathurst. The 511 is now diverting to Spadina Station.
  9. 4069, 4104, 4133 and 4155 have not yet left Russell. Expect them on Bathurst around 12:30pm. Edit: Spoke too soon. 4456 is signed on as 511 and 4193 just rolled out of Russell. I wouldn't trust GPS data inside the car house - a number of those cars tracking in Russell are from last night and probably won't be returning into service today. Edit 2: 4526 is also tracking as a 511 run (showing 504 Bathurst) on King.
  10. At least three more cars will come out around noon. How many of them will be CLRVs is unknown.
  11. My blurb was more directed towards the hypothetical scenario of the TTC not doing anything. Considering I thought Queen was done back in June, the Queen extras were definitely an unexpected bonus.
  12. On the point of doing nothing. Unlike a specific bus model/type if you look around the downtown core you see imagery of a CLRV, whether its on the side of a building, books, signs and even on TV. Considering an entire generation grew up with these cars and they were a visible element on city streets downtown, these cars are as much a part of Toronto as the Skydome, CN Tower and the Gardiner Expressway. Love or hate it, they've supported the growth we see downtown. When you're this embedded in the City, the collective population "owns" them as much as the TTC does. So yes, the TTC kind of has an obligation to the public. They could do nothing but that would kill much of the good will they still have. And with the worsening schedules (check out the struggle of the O'Connor or Keel buses), delayed transit projects, delays and subway closures the public's tolerance is already very short. Doing nothing, being quiet about the last trip, would give yet another excuse for people to bitch about the TTC, not to mention lose allies that help keep a positive image of the agency. As for Bathurst, I'm willing to bet money they didn't keep the CLRVs on there out of the goodness of their heart, just like they didn't put the CLRVs on Carlton a few weeks ago for nostalgia. I think the higher expectations come from the Miller-Giambrone and Byford years. They were great at engaging the public. However, I gave up on expectations long ago.
  13. Ugh what a horrible thing to wake up to. Those Queen CLRV cars better come out today. Edit: Horrible for me and transit enthusiasts but good news for those with accessibility needs. I remember seeing an elderly person with a walker at Bathurst and College last weekend and when the operator offered to help her get to the streetcar she said she called for a cab already. There is need for some of these cars on this route even though it makes fanning difficult.
  14. Any idea what the issue was? Also, Transsee shows 4164 going out of service at Bathurst at 8:12am and is currently in the shed at Russell.
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