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  1. No, 4068 (in addition to 4105) is designated as a Leslie Mule. Unlikely you'll ever see it in revenue service again.
  2. Apparently 4133 is having brake issues and is now parked at Wolseley. Edit: Looks like it's going back to Russell on Queen. Edit 2: And now 4069 is circling on the spare track as Not in Service.
  3. Which is very bizarre considering the source. Enjoy it while you can then.
  4. Speaking of 4021, I've been told today is probably it's last day.
  5. There's no more CLRVs (excluding 4178) on the 506. Looks like they replaced them with buses this morning.
  6. That's an old announcement from fall 2018 when streetcars returned to the 506 after bustitution in the spring and summer of that year. The buses were accessible, the CLRVs are not, making the route temporarily accessible. That page hasn't been updated in nearly 6 months so it's outdated anyways.
  7. The contest is up. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5kwbRwhn-8/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TorontoTransitCommission/photos/a.10151511397329239/10158131403764239/ Rules: http://www.ttc.ca/Social_Media/CLRV_Last_Ride_Contest.jsp Since it's not making stops and its invite only, I'm not sure if I'd personally consider it the "last run".
  8. Definitely did this back when they were running the H5 & H6s on Yonge in the 1990s I think?
  9. I've counted 25 CLRVs in service. Lets see how long that lasts.
  10. Is around it here or am I off base?
  11. From what I've read from various media sources: The damage was originally found on 7 cars on the 501 route. In all cases the damage was to the brakes on the left side. Since it was just on the left side and it was only vehicles that were on the 501 route, they pulled the cars as a preventive measure, thinking it could be a problem with the track. Overnight inspection revealed that a total of 25 cars had damage on the brakes again on the left side, again suggesting its something specific to the 501 route. Inspection of the track of the entire 501 route failed to reveal anything that could have caused this so they're still investigating. Although this impacted the Flexity cars since its the only vehicle type used on Queen (excluding carhouse runs for Bathurst), TTC Spokesperson Stuart Green had indicated that this would have impacted the CLRVs if they were running on the route, making it unlikely that its isolated to the one vehicle type. I'm probably missing some details.
  12. A friend just spotted a CLRV on a truck on Lake Shore heading west by the Princes' Gates. He didn't get a number.
  13. And here I thought it was the fact that we're short on streetcars. Not all of the Flexitys have arrived yet and from what was originally said, Flexitys would be deployed to the 511 as they become available. It's unfortunate because most of the operators on the 511 specifically chose that route because of the CLRVs.
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