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  1. No, the two are completely unrelated. (Unfortunately) It's an experiment, but feel free to let me know what you think, either here or on there. Just as a teaser what I sort of had in mind for some time down the road would be a bot that posts in real time when buses are out of service for more than X days, when they return to service after X days, or a D40LF on the 555, etc. Haven't fully thought this out yet but if there are any thoughts on any useful "alerts" please feel free to bring it up
  2. Should be working now. Was on vacation when everything crashed and it was difficult to fix from an iPad.
  3. The "scheduled" Orion run is more like 3-3:30pm Monday-Friday and it goes only from Cambie and Jacombs to Brighouse Station and bypasses the #3 Road portion. The block schedule is here. I checked the history on T-Comm and that's the only 407 run that has Orions tracked for the past while (excluding any specials that don't show up). If you saw it Friday evenings it may have been night market shuttles? I've seen those in the past (albeit not Orions) but not sure about the details this year.
  4. 2530 on the #17 right now. I believe this is special but please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I would hope not... there are official TMAC data sources that should be available to them -- I don't have details but I would guess likely more accurate (higher update frequency) and more operationally complete (including service/supervisory vehicles and out-of-service vehicles). My site uses a public export of the TMAC data provided by TransLink, which covers most of the data needed at a customer level. However, I know of many operators, and some office staff and customer info agents who use my site to aid in their work day.
  6. Apologies for the inconveniences caused yesterday. Hopefully everyone survived their day =)
  7. It's the midnight bug, which happens every day.
  8. SkyTrain attendants regularly use short sections of the M-Line for hostler (manual drive) training. The ones I think are more common are Renfrew-Rupert, VCC-Commercial, Production-Lougheed.
  9. The reason for that break for a small driveway has always perplexed me. I didn't know there was a loop intended for that location. Thanks for the info.
  10. To add to this, if memory serves me correctly there are no next station announcements in manual mode, no door chimes - the attendant will announce doors closing over the PA.
  11. I believe the trains are still automated, but there is an attendant at the head of every train ready to emergency-brake the trains if they see a guideway intrusion (since the platform intrusion sensors have been disabled). The attendants aren't driving the train. Frequency is reduced because the number of trains is now dependent on the number of field staff available to ride the trains.
  12. It's not there. A bit of T-Comm history: The retirement export dates back to around October 2012 (T-Comm was created around Christmas 2011 - hard to believe it's almost 5 years old), when some people (I think it was @Enviro 500 and @Citaro but correct me if my memory is wrong) wanted to find missing buses sent to FOH, storage or retirement. The retirement export was a quick creation to help them do that, but I never had time to get around to making it look nicer or more usable to integrate it as a part of the site. It's not anything secret or private; I am aware the link has been making i
  13. If anyone would be so kind as to do me a favour and see what this bus is, it would be greatly appreciated...
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