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  1. While I'm not a fan of Freaky Friday, I do know the premise behind the movie of a mother and daughter's minds switching. I had the thought about another mother/daughter switching places that could be interesting: Carrie and Margret White (of Steven King fame).
  2. I went out to try to ride the automated bus shuttle out of Rouge Hill between 2:00 and 2:30 but the bus didn't show up. Is they still running the automated bus shuttle? Also, any chance it would be out Sunday?
  3. I know a year or two ago, Rapido brought their fishbowl to Hillcrest.
  4. 2151 was on the 26 today. One of the electric Novas finally made it out.
  5. Brampton 2151 was on 26. While Brampton's electric buses usually go on the 26, this is the first time I've seen a NOVA in service. Also, around 6:20-6:30 I saw GO MP40 #615 hauling 4 (yes, four) coaches North from Langstaff.
  6. Has anyone seen cars 3006/07 in service in the last few months/
  7. IIRC, there's a charging station at the Davis/Hwy 404 transit station? If I am right I'm guessing the next route to gain electric buses would be 57 Mulock.
  8. Today I saw Electric bus #1911 on route 56 so it looks like three routes will be getting electric buses as a result of the new 2100 series XE40s. How many does YRT have on order?
  9. I remember in 2005, the TTC had a few CLRV wrapped in a promotion for a mobile phone company where the red on the CLRV livery was changed to a different colour. Does anyone remember how many cars were used or their numbers. I know for certain there was a blue CLRV and I believe a green CLRV.
  10. Does anyone know where they store the equipment for the Agawa Canyon Tour train in Sault Ste Marie? I'm not able to ride the train and am hoping to get some photos from the street.
  11. Bump: I have seen photos that Calgary 1130 exists and is operational. Is it privately owned or did Calgary Transit keep it alongside 1046?
  12. I'm still going to Sault Ste. Marie. But I will be coming on the Ontario Northland bus and flying home. Any idea where the yard where the tourist train is and how can I get there on transit. (I have ZERO intention on trespassing).
  13. I had booked a ticket on the Agawa Canyon Tour train for September 21. After booking a trip around the dates including requesting time off work, it looks now the departure is cancelled. I will get a refund on my ticket but I would have liked to have known this sooner.
  14. Yesterday I saw an unidentified TTC Nova LFS hybrid going South on Hwy 400 from the Windseeker at Wonderland. I'm not sure where it was coming from.
  15. Please pardon me if this isn't the right thread, but this question is streetcar related. I know former A-7 class PCC 4412 was used as a cafe in Scarborough called the "Jolly Trolley" for a number of years before going to a camp near Kitchener. Two questions: 1. Does the car still exist in 2021? 2. What is the name of the camp?
  16. I was riding the RT and saw a TTC BYD bus and a police bus in a lot between Lawrence East and Ellesmere stations. Any idea which unit and what it was doing there?
  17. I finally got to go to HCRR and much to my surprise they were running a streetcar. The one car that ran was CLRV #4178.
  18. Has anyone ever got on/off a train at the opposite platform at McCowen? I got off a train on the opposite platform today.
  19. None in particular, but wondered if any of the three strip fishbowls were in better condition?
  20. I had this thought. While I'm glad Calgary Transit kept 1046, but did they ever consider keeping a different fishbowl (one in the later white livery) and repainting it into the two-tone blue?
  21. In that case it would have been 8346 as it had something on the roof. I saw 8189 (or another 8100) today at the police funeral.
  22. Unidentified TTC Orion 7 heading south on Yonge Street from Highway 7 just before 3:00 pm today.
  23. The four AG300s are now gone from the Wonderland parking lot.
  24. Does VIA plan to increase departures on the Canadian or Sudbury-White River lines anytime soon?
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