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    Have you ever rode a bus that broke down?

    Last Monday I had gone looking for TTC 3411 and checked Transsee to see it was on route 995. I went to York Mills and prepared to board the bus there. 3411 pulled in and I got on. It then broke down and went out of service.
  2. Tom1122

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Which buses were involved? IIRC ES-4 was one of them.
  3. Tom1122

    The Eglinton Center Track in Line 1 Yonge

    I've seen a TR enter the Eglinton tail track at least once. Back in 1999, the M-1 charter actually pulled into the tail track before heading back to Davisville.
  4. Tom1122

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    With 4464 being out for awhile, is it possible for TTC to swap the back of 4464 with 4543?
  5. Tom1122

    TTC Electric Buses

    After the run with the dignitaries, will the bus used in revenue service or go back to the garage?
  6. Tom1122

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Here's a picture of 2280 taken sometime in 2011.
  7. I thought I should start a miscellaneous discussion to cover lesser discussed topics involving Greyhound like how there's a miscellaneous TTC discussion. I noticed on Greyhound's website you can no longer travel directly from Sudbury to North Bay like I did in 2007 and 2011. If you try to go between those cities, it puts you on two former Ontario Northland routes connecting in Barrie or Toronto. I'm surprised Greyhound dropped the service. They had three buses per day in each direction running between the cities. The times I rode the routes, the buses were pretty full as well. I wonder why Greyhound cut the service. Edit: I checked Greyhound's site again and the service is once again showing. Must have been an error of some sort.
  8. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream that Hillcrest got covered in snow. It was deep enough it covered fishbowl 8058 that was still waiting for a spot in Harvey. Fortunately it was soon dug out and 8058 wasn't affected.
  9. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream that someone had acquired 5300/01 from HCRR as well as H-6s 5896/97 and were running them on the CN York sub. I saw them pass on the bridge above Duffern.
  10. Tom1122

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    I heard YRT has some 100% electric buses on order (I've heard from Nova). Is that still the case?
  11. The major factor in the cars not running at museums is the electronics which are more complicated than say a PCC or Witt.
  12. Bump: 4014 has been restored and is operational.
  13. I know HCRR will get one CLRV and one ALRV.
  14. Tom1122

    TTC Electric Buses

    Any idea when 3701-3719 will arrive?
  15. Tom1122

    If Buses Could Talk?

    ALRVs in spring 2019: We're waiting...
  16. 4001 was in the Easter parade today. AFAIK, this is the first time I've seen a SIG CLRV in the parade.
  17. Tom1122

    TTC Electric Buses

    I wonder if that's because the TTC doesn't want to risk draining the batteries for something besides the bus's propulsion/Air conditioning/heating in winter.
  18. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream all the preserved BBC trolleybuses had been brought to one place and I photographed them. I was hoping to go for a ride. I left and came back 30 minutes later and all of them had gone out for a run. I later saw an older D40LF painted in the older Kitchener Transit livery numbered 16.
  19. Tom1122

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Does anyone know if 8790 and 8791 (later 2290 and 2291) would have crossed trolleybus routes operated from Lansdowne division in the early 90s? I'm curious if there was ever the chance they would have come across the Edmonton BBCs in service; especially 189 which is preserved at Sandtoft.
  20. Tom1122

    TTC GM New Look Fishbowl Preservation

    Probably 2021 considering how long it took for 2252 to be completed and 2252 was in better condition.
  21. I've got a hypothetical question: Suppose TTC wanted to make it so some T-1s could be compatible with the signal system on the TYSSE and decided to assign cars 5350-5355 for simplicity sake and the trains ran with the cars in numerical order with 5350 and 5355 as lead cars. Would only cars 5350 and 5355 have to be modified, their mate cars too, or all six cars? I just thought of this and I was curious.
  22. Tom1122

    TTC GM New Look Fishbowl Preservation

    Will they be keeping 8058 as a two speed or changing it to three speed transmission. And are they adding power steering or trying to keep the bus as close to original as possible.
  23. Tom1122

    Stupid commercials...

    Two more contenders as seen on YouTube: 1. The Triscuts commercial where a woman freaks out because her co-worker is eating a plain triscut as if he was naked. 2. The Coors non-alcoholic drink where someone on a jury loudly opens a can of the drink as the verdict is about to be read and then says, "It's non alcoholic."
  24. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream that I was in Burlington and they had built a zoo. At this zoo was what looked like a streetcar line though people were calling it a monorail. They had a Flexity streetcar similar to TTC's Flexities but it was apparently standard gauge and painted blue and orange. I then heard that possibly due to Doug Ford that funding for the "monorail" was cut and watched them put the Flexity into a barn hearing it was going to be scrapped.