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  1. Blue Lamps in TTC Subway Tunnels

    I heard that the blue lights indicate the location of an emergency ladder to evacuate trains (T-1 and older) in the tunnel in an emergency.
  2. Today's Special Sightings

    4003 and 4004 were on 512 today. For some reason 4003 has a Hawker builders plate.
  3. Streetcar News

    AFAIK, we still have 4001-4004.
  4. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    With the demise of CLRV 4000, I thought I'd bring up the fact that PCC 4000 barely escaped the same fate in 1966. By the time HCRR acquired it, it was in the next slot to be scrapped. IRC, HCRR hadn't intended to acquire the car initially, but one member was the driving force behind it. IIRC, he passed away a year or two ago.
  5. For TTC: Include CLRV 4000 in the refurb and keep it for historical reasons. I also would have liked them to retain a train of Gloucesters in early 90s.
  6. Spadina Subway Extension

    Has the TTC announced anything for opening day considering the events surrounding the opening with the first official train? This will be the first extension that I will actually be present for the opening.
  7. Streetcar News

    Where's 4454?
  8. The Random Thoughts Thread

    After I got an email from a charity asking me to double my donation (Never donated to them). I thought out loud, "I already have! 2X0=0!"
  9. General LOL moments

    Today I was at a grocery store when I saw a silent auction for a painting. There was a sign that said bidding closes November 31st!
  10. Streetcar News

  11. Streetcar News

    Something I've been wondering. If the TTC knew how long it would take to deliver the Flexitys, would it have been a good idea to finish 4063's rebuild? Maybe even rebuild a few more CLRVs in addition?
  12. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    If 8058 was to be a donor bus only, why would TTC have bothered to put a tarp over it when they needed space on the shop floor? Neither 2345 nor 2444 got a tarp. And 2444 sat for months in the elements with its rear end removed. When someone got access to Hillcrest early this year or late last year and showed photos of 8058 undergoing rebuild before it was stopped, someone did say how thoroughly stripped down 8058 was. If it was going to be scrapped, they would have removed the rollsign and other parts. Even as recently as three weeks ago 8058 still has its rollsign.
  13. Waterloo Region Rapid Transit

    How many cars are on property?
  14. Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream I was out fanning and I saw TTC 7326 in service even though the D40LFs were retired. I missed it but decided I would try to ride it later.
  15. Though no recent examples, I'm sure we would love transit employees to understand that photography is allowed as long as we don't disrupt service.