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  1. Will they be getting any electric buses this year or next year?
  2. Tom1122

    Milton Transit

    Will the bus still have its reindeer face next week?
  3. I heard from my mom that my aunt was trying to phone one of her friends. She first called and got the message the number was a long-distance number. She then called like a long-distant call and got a message that the number was local.
  4. It was the last time ever. My dad is selling it. We had gone up for the day to get stuff.
  5. Last Thursday my parents and I were going up to our cottage for the last time. On the way, we passed a pickup towing a trailer. On the trailer was a toy dump truck that was strapped down.
  6. It's a good thing that the big airport was built near Gander, Newfoundland instead of Dildo. While I suppose the locals from Dildo would have probably been as kind to the people whose flights were diverted on 9-11-01, I'm not sure if the music "Come From Away" would have been produced or had the same impact as it does in real life.
  7. From what I heard, 2280 is staying on this side of the Atlantic.
  8. I heard that the CLRVs will go to Seashore next spring.
  9. At CN's MacMillian Yard, there are 8 of the 8100 series double decker buses on flatcars and much more waiting to be loaded. Any idea where they're going?
  10. I learned that the American Mining Museum is actually building a line for the CLRVs to run on at their Ohio location. Perhaps the museum could build the line to TTC gauge since they don't have any other streetcars. Also, someone was at Seashore and claimed to be someone for HCRR which is still holding onto their cars. This person claimed that they needed them to pick up their CLRVs right away resulting in a frantic call to HCRR who assured them they do not need Seashore to pick up their cars.
  11. 3723 and 3724 are back at Arrow Road instead of Birchmount.
  12. Tom1122

    Kingston Transit

    I know that Kingston Transit sold fishbowl 7975 to the police services. Does anyone know if they still have it or has it been scrapped?
  13. I heard at Hillcrest that they will have the BYDs fixed and put back on the road.
  14. When a computer program doesn't respond. When you type something but there's a disconnect between what you type to what appears on the screen. Raccoons or other animals getting into the green bin.
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