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  1. Tom1122

    General WTF Moments

    I saw a woman inside a clothing donation box. It looked like she had thrown items in the box out. When she saw me, she said she was looking for something which I couldn't hear.
  2. Tom1122

    Société de transport de Montréal

    Quick question: Of the three battery powered LFSes (36-901, 36-902, and 36-903), has anyone ever seen more than one in service at a time?
  3. Tom1122

    GM Fishbowl Tracking Thread

    Bump. How many fishbowls did Calgary Transit own with double stream rear doors? All the fishbowls I recall seeing are single stream.
  4. Tom1122

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    I'm surprised they didn't skip 4500 because of the PCC. When they were rebuilding the fishbowls into the 2700 series, they skipped 2766 because of the Witt. Unless TTC plans to renumber the car.
  5. Tom1122

    Adieu MR-63

    81-502 has been repainted and has left for Exporail.
  6. Tom1122

    General FML moments

    I forgot about the sale at Credit Valley so I missed out in going and seeing the Rapido bus.
  7. A couple things from riding BART last week. 1. A guy in a wheelchair was vaping on board a train despite it being against the bylaws. 2. Depending what he was using, I saw another passenger injecting himself with something. I don't know if he was a diabetic and was injecting himself with insulin, or something more illicit. I also noticed many signs telling people not to use elevators and other places on BART as washrooms. It's sad when transit systems HAVE to tell people this!
  8. Tom1122

    Reactions to Transit Enthusiasts

    Two things from San Francisco last week: 1. After getting off a Golden Gate Transit Orion 5 and attempting to film it pulling away, a guy sweeping the sidewalk said that I'd better not be filming him and if I was, he'd smash me. I asked, "Are you threatening me?" and walked away. 2. I was by Muni Metro east and attempting to photograph PCC #1007 awaiting shipping to Brookville for rebuilding. A Muni employee said, "No pictures" so I went across the street and photographed the car when she wasn't looking since I was on public property. I then left once I got my photo.
  9. Tom1122

    General LOL moments

    A combined LOL/WTF moment: Earlier today I was on a GO train heaving to the CNE and there were some kids talking and one said that when they had kids, they wanted to name them C and N after the CNE. Another kid with them said they want to name their kids "Seven" and "Fridge".
  10. Tom1122

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    I wonder if this means work on the second fishbowl will soon start/resume?
  11. It looks like 4027 is done. This leaves only 4029 as the only car Boston leased to be in service.
  12. Tom1122

    General WTF Moments

    The feature is working properly now.
  13. Tom1122

    General WTF Moments

    The website streetcar.org has a feature that shows you which historic streetcars are running and their approximate location on the "E" and "F" lines in San Francisco. Just now I decided to see what was running. Instead of downtown San Francisco, it went straight to off the western coast of Africa! (No, MUNI does not go to Africa!)