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  1. Tom1122

    General LOL moments

    A combined LOL/WTF moment from earlier at work: A manager asked me to spot him on the forklift but another forklift certified employee ended up driving in the manager's place, but the manager was there to oversee at first. This employee seemed to burn rubber with the forklift and at one point did donuts in the parking lot in front of the manager and I. Fortunately the manager was a good sport about it because he wasn't in danger of hitting anyone. Two days earlier I oversaw my supervisor speaking with a customer because the customer was looking for an item that had been discontinued due to poor sales last year. At one point the customer asked if they could speak with a manager and he said, "I'm the manager!"
  2. Tom1122

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Has 4401 left yet or is it still at Hillcrest?
  3. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream that one of the electric buses the TTC was demoing (not the New Flyer) was used as a shuttle for an event.
  4. Tom1122

    Streetcar News

    I wonder if 4445 can be repaired in Toronto or if it will have to be shipped back to Thunder Bay?
  5. Tom1122

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    2255 was bought for parts for 2290 and 2291 in Ireland.
  6. Tom1122

    CP Power

    8 years after the end of the Vancouver Olympics, as of yesterday CP STILL has at lease one GEVO still with the Olympics wrap.
  7. Tom1122

    Streetcar News

    I went by Hillcrest and sure enough 4401 is waiting to be loaded onto a flatcar to head to Thunder Bay.
  8. Tom1122

    Milton Transit

    Back in December of 2013, I was on A VIA train that diverted on the line that runs behind the Milton garage. I could have sworn I saw some Orion 7 NGs there, but was unable to photograph them. I know Pacific Western is contracted to drive Milton Transit and I know that Milton Transit never had an Orion 7. Could I have seen their XD40s and mistaken them for Orion 7 NGs?