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  1. I had a dream that I had managed to acquire former Toronto PCC 4367 from the Edmonton Radial Railway Society.
  2. A little OT but IIRC there was a low budget movie that had one scene were people push a CLRV (4066?) onto its side. Does anyone know the title of the movie?
  3. I just noticed this threat now. But in grade 5 (1993-1994 school year), I read a book in school called "The Trolley Car family". Basically the father of the family is driving streetcars until the company decided to abandon streetcar service for buses. The father loves driving streetcars and has one specific car and isn't happy to drive buses and resigns. One of his children suggests the family lives in his streetcar which ends up happening. The transit company does allow him to use the streetcar as a house and they become farmers for a time. However in the end, the father goes back to the transit company saying he'll get used to driving buses.
  4. Not really a FY moment but it was interesting nevertheless: After work I had stopped for gas on the way home. I was just filling my car's tank until it cut off. The pump cut off at EXACTLY $34. What were the odds? It must mean something, but I don't know what.
  5. 4600 as more as CLRVs 4178, 4068, 4024, and 4170 arrive: No! No! Not this again! CLRV 4039: CLRV party in the house! ALRV 4204: Any more ALRVs? 4039: No, sorry. CLRV 4003 meets PCC 4000 for the first time 4003: 4000, you look different. 4000: What do you mean? 4003: You're supposed to look like me. You look like a PCC. 4000: I am a PCC. You must be one of those CLRVs my younger cousins told me about. 4003: So where is my sister 4000? 4000: With MY sister 4003! GO Transit F59PH on the Milton line during 2020: I haven't run on this line in forever! Hey, were is everyone? Any bus during spring 2020: Why aren't there many people and why am I getting more baths? Why are people entering through my back doors?
  6. I watched a video on YouTube of someone asking people on Reddit if you had 20,000 of the last thing you bought online. For me, I'd have 20,000 Rapido Tempo train sets (VIA Rail with locomotive 3154 DC). I know what I'd give PCCstreetcar4549 for his birthday next year and another friend who isn't on the board.
  7. All four cops involved in the death of George Floyd have been charged and the one who actually killed him has been upgraded to second degree murder.
  8. I had gone out in my car to photograph the YRT Van Hool artics on 90. I had parked and was standing on a public sidewalk and photographed Artic 207 when the driver was shaking his head no that I couldn't. I continued to take pictures but was annoyed. I did not board any bus when I was out.
  9. I just meant that HCRR members can't access the museum at present. IRM people can.
  10. Unlike HCRR, IRM members are still able to access the museum and have run CLRV 4034 back and forth on its current piece of TTC track.
  11. IIRC, there's already been a charter with a Flexity which happened while there were still CLRVs.
  12. If a CLRV could work in the park, an ALRV could also work. Since 4612 works in the park the odds would have been good if ERRS did acquire an ALRV, it would work.
  13. I have seen pictures of 4401 with the fleet numbers changed to white.
  14. Even if they did, the CLRV would presumably be used in the park as it's only single ended.
  15. Apparently 2252 was seen heading out on the DVP.
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