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  1. Tom1122

    General FML moments

    I've done that. I'm running all the taps; not just in the basement.
  2. Tom1122

    General FML moments

    Today the furnace technician came and they need to order a part for the furnace so I'm without heat for another day which means I'm staying in a hotel. I booked a room for two nights.
  3. Tom1122

    General FML moments

    Heater is broken. Soonest technician can come is tomorrow. Looking into a hotel.
  4. Tom1122

    General Railway Questions

    Bump: I know the BC chapter of the National Railway Historical Society is having some legal trouble with their equipment which is being threatened to be seized. The have in their collection former VIA 6300. Any idea what the latest that's going on and is their equipment including 6300 safe?
  5. Tom1122

    List the airports you've used

    Two more airports to add to the list: Salt Lake City SLC: Changed planes. San Francisco SFO: Flew into.
  6. Tom1122

    Childhood Moments and Memories

    I remember when I was in the third grade my family went to Dearborn, Michigan for a weekend. One day we were at the Amtrak station and found a penny that had been flattened by a Chicago bound Amtrak train. The following week, I brought it to school for show and tell. My teacher said that when she was a kid she used to put pennies on the railway tracks.
  7. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream I was once again riding an H-5 in Toronto.
  8. Tom1122

    General WTF Moments

    Two Christmas related WTF moments: 1. On Boxing Day, I was working at Home Depot, and I had not one but two people ask if we had any real trees left over; (we didn't). The first person asked to check other stores. The Home Depot in Newmarket was said to have three, but when I phoned them, they had none. The second person didn't come until hours after the first. 2. Yesterday I got a Christmas card from my aunt. What's strange is that when she mailed it, she mailed one for my sister (to the same address) and it arrived some time BEFORE Christmas.
  9. Tom1122

    General LOL moments

    A combined LOL/WTF moment: I was looking on Amtrak's website for tickets between Dallas and Chicago. While they gave me the direct way, they also suggested an alternate route that runs by way of Los Angeles, Portland Oregon, and Chicago.
  10. Tom1122

    Streetcar News

    I know the 4600 series PCCs were rebuilt in the 80s because the cost of rebuilding a PCC was $100,000 cheaper than buying a new CLRV. I know around the time, the TTC had the ALRVs on order. Would it have been more expensive to add on to the ALRV order than to rebuild the PCCs?
  11. Tom1122

    General WTF Moments

    Today I worked at Home Depot. Not one but two customers asked if we still had any real Christmas trees left. (We didn't). the first customer asked if I could check other stores to the point I actually phoned the store in Newmarket. No real trees. The second person didn't come until hours after the first.
  12. Tom1122

    Reactions to Transit Enthusiasts

    Probably announcing his ignorance.
  13. Tom1122

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Yesterday I caught 4572 undergoing testing at Hillcrest by chance. I recorded two videos: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKA1o0E0pis 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br_VNnpFl-s
  14. Tom1122

    Stupid commercials...

    Anyone else getting irritated by the Dempsters Pull-Apart ads?
  15. Besides Seashore and HCRR, who else is interested in a CLRV?