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  1. 3745 is back in service for the first time in who knows how long
  2. I've come down with a cold and one of the three remaining TTC electric buses that I have yet to ride (as well as the only one I have yet to photograph) is in service for the first time in months.
  3. Saw VIVA 1390 deadheading back to the garage. This was the bus where someone was stabbed on Monday.
  4. Someone was stabbed on a VIVA bus at Yonge and Royal Orchard which is right near me. I saw the bus surrounded by emergency vehicles. Bus involved is #1390.
  5. After restoring Big Boy 4014 to operation, Union Pacific decided against restoring Challenger 3985 to operation; instead retired the locomotive. 3985 last ran in 2010. Earlier today, Union Pacific announced it would donate 3985 to Railroading Heritage of Midwest America along with 2-10-2 #5511 which is in storage at Union Pacific's Cheyanne roundhouse as well as a few passenger cars, the shell of a E9B, a caboose, and Centennial #6936. The Railroading Heritage of Midwest America plans to restore 3985 then 5511 to operation. There is one unknown: When Union Pacific restored 4014 to operation, it is currently running with 3985's tender and the tender 4014 came from California with hasn't been touched yet. I'm not sure which tender will accompany the 3985 to its new home in Illinois.
  6. Today someone returned a Christmas tree to the Home Depot I work at. IN APRIL. I put it in the clearance section for $25. One of my co-workers considered buying it but ended up not buying it. If he had, I would have been the only person in the world to have sold a Christmas tree today.
  7. I've seen that some of the 8100 series double decker buses are being stored at HCRR. Any idea know how many buses there and what numbers they are?
  8. It appears between now and the end of next year YRT is expecting another four electric buses.
  9. I'm not sure if 3755 was considered MIA but according to Transsee, it was in service on 91.
  10. It makes me wonder what they'd say if they would have been asked if they thought the cars would be in service for 40 years?
  11. It appears TRAMS is scrapping 132.
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