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  1. Canada 150 Train

    The train is supposed to be in Ottawa this weekend. Presumably after it will deadhead west and hopefully pass through Toronto on Monday.
  2. Canada 150 Train

    Any idea when the train will be leaving Agincourt yard tomorrow? Edit: I found it left at 8:00 am. Hopefully I'll see it deadheading back west in the future.
  3. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    Well, the fact they want to try and keep 4000 as a yard goat is a sign; if 4113 had been the one with condemned wheels, it would probably have been retired and stripped of parts.
  4. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    Can they swap out the wheels/trucks with ones from a retired CLRV?
  5. Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream I was in the mountains and I saw a train led by two rebuild VIA F40s about to descend a grade that is much too steep for trains.
  6. General LOL moments

    Today driving through the west side of Washington DC, PCCstreetcar4549 and I saw a street called "Frying Pan Road"
  7. Peeves in everyday life...

    1. The fact I keep getting the bar popping up on Youtube for every time I search for a video saying "Watch Youtube Videos with Chrome". "Yes, download Chrome now". While I can deselect it, it pops up on every time I navigate to another page on Youtube. I do not want to download Chrome and I wish there was a way for the bar to NEVER come back. 2. After a trial of an advance version of AVG which expired (still have the free version), I keep getting windows popping up telling me to buy the full version. I'm cheap so no.
  8. General WTF Moments

    Today at my job at Home Depot an item fell off the shelf and the way and position it came to rest made no sense because after putting it back, I did an experiment to see what would happen if it slid off and it didn't land anywhere near where it did. My co worker also saw the item fall and was at least as perplexed by it because there were no customers in the aisle. We said it may have been a ghost. My co worker thought it could have been her {late} sister.
  9. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    While 8058 is presumably unfinished, potentially could TTC have finished its rebuild between when it was first observed undergoing rebuild to when it was seen outside under the tarp? I know 2252 STILL isn't done though I can't blame TTC since the fishbowls are more "nice to haves" and their fleet of Orion 7s undergoing rebuilding is more important. I have a theory that TTC started rebuilding 2252 first because it was in better condition and could give the employees at Hillcrest an idea what to look for when they tackled 8058.
  10. Streetcar News

    Assuming Bombardier does manage to get 40 cars to Toronto by year's end and TTC gets them into service thus bringing the fleet to 70 cars, would the active fleet consist of 4400-4469 or 4400, 4402-4470 with 4401 either unmodified or in Thunder Bay to come back to Toronto in 2018?
  11. Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream I was at Hillcrest looking at fishbowl 8058 prior to it going in for rebuild.
  12. Streetcar News

    4440 is on property.
  13. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Do they still make slot cars? If so, I wonder if someone could adapt an HO scale fishbowl (Rapido) to run on a slot car track; especially if they make a model of "Santa Monica Intercity Bus Lines" fishbowl #2525 in the future.
  14. The Trillium Line

    Whatever became of the Talent DMUs that originally ran on the line?