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  1. YRT 2016 on 90. The first time I noticed an XD60 on 90.
  2. There are a couple chipmunks running around my Home Depot. A customer saw one and asked me if the chipmunk was for sale. I said "It's free if you can catch it"
  3. Too bad PCC 4341 couldn't have held up longer at Superburger. They could have replaced it with a CLRV!
  4. Today at Home Depot at customer came in looking for a cheap electric mower. I pointed her to a returned mower in the clearance section and with manager approval got $100 off the normal price as-is. An hour after she left, I saw her with another manager getting a brand new mower.
  5. Yesterday I heard an amusing story at work. A few days earlier a customer had bought a Weber BBQ at my Home Depot and took it home and assembled it and added the propane tank. The BBQ didn't work. They called Weber who asked them to try removing and reattaching the tank. It didn't work. They came in yesterday and spoke to a coworker about it. It turned out the propane tank they were using was empty!
  6. I wonder if anything different would have happened had instead of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 another Lion Air 737 Max had crashed instead?
  7. Hours ago, I finally located my missing flash drive so things are good.
  8. Too bad it didn't happen a few years earlier so they could have bought the BBCs that were shipped over from Edmonton. Last Sunday I had my own FY moment when at my family's cottage I was able to pull a fish out of the lake for the fourth time ever. I am the only one in my family to catch a fish in the lake. Last Sunday's fish was a 9 inch long Smallmouth Bass.
  9. On Thursday I brought a USB drive with lots of important files for a hobby to my room with the intent to put it in my bag. I felt it fall out of my pocket in my room and I haven't been able to find it despite going thoroughly through my room.
  10. YRT 1913 was at the York Region building across High Tech from the Richmond Hill Center.
  11. I looked on Transsee earlier and it said 4603 was on the 503. Can anyone confirm the 503 is being run with streetcars?
  12. Now that people are boarding from the front doors, is it the same with VIVA buses or do they still all door?
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