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  1. Tom1122

    CTHF 2018 Fan Trips

    I bought a seat on the charter to HCRR.
  2. Tom1122

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Where is the "If buses could talk" thread?
  3. Tom1122

    Streetcar News

    I wonder if 4408 will be one of the first cars to go back to fix the welding problems since it's out of service anyway?
  4. Tom1122

    Streetcar News

    Makes you wonder how much worst the problem would be if Bombardier had stuck to their original delivery schedule?
  5. Tom1122

    Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    The ads are good, but how about other signs from the interior of the MR-63 with the image of the subway car and the sign/ad saying 81-502 is going to Exporail?
  6. Tom1122

    Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    Cross posted from the Adieu MR-63 thread. I don't normally do this, but did someone photograph the ads from the MR-63 during its last runs? I lost most of my photos and I am asking if anyone would let me use their pictures? I will give credit. FelixINX let me use four, but I'm looking for more.
  7. Tom1122

    Adieu MR-63

    Thanks. Now does anyone have the rest of the ads/signs inside the MR-63 during its last runs?
  8. Tom1122

    Adieu MR-63

    I don't normally do this, but does anyone have photos of the ads inside the MR-63 train that I could post on my website. (My pictures were accidentally deleted; FML). I will give credit.
  9. Tom1122

    Reactions to Transit Enthusiasts

    Yesterday I had an interesting reaction. Prior to the Pride Parade, I had gone down to the staging area to photograph the buses participating in the parade and when I photographed GO 8326, someone called me over and gave me a t-shirt, some bookmarks, and some temporary tattoos.
  10. Tom1122

    General FML moments

    I may have inadvertently deleted many photos from my recent trip to Montreal to witness the last runs of the MR-63. However, many of my MR-63 pictures are not deleted; especially from their last day on the Blue line. I only realized this after I reused the memory card. I am trying to recover the pics but am having limited luck at this time but I'm still working at it.
  11. Tom1122

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    If the TTC's subway cars had the lifespan of the MR-63s. Gloucesters would have retired in 2006. M-1s retired in 2015. H-1s would be retiring now. H-2s and younger would still be going.
  12. Tom1122

    Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    Prior to 2018, has anyone photographed/ridden an MR-63 on the Blue line? I've ridden them on the other lines.
  13. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream that YRT came up with a new livery that looked like the Niagara Falls Transit livery and I saw a few D40LFs in the new livery. I then saw Orion 5 #310 in the new livery as well plus another Orion 5 in YRT's current livery {in real life}. (YRT retired their last Orion 5s last year).
  14. Tom1122

    TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    Seashore would probably only get one of the two. Most likely the car would be put on a truck, possibly by Silk Road Transport. (Who IIRC moved a select number of H-5s to Buffalo and Lake Erie and Northern 797 from Seashore to HCRR in 1999)
  15. Tom1122

    TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    Seashore's other candidate 4027 also lives as she was on the 501 yesterday.