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  1. Hopefully TTC will have a last run of an ALRV and/or CLRV as they did with the H-4s, H-5s, H-6s and Orion 5s.
  2. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream I was in Halifax at the VIA station. Halifax had also launched a commuter rail service. The trains were locomotive hauled and had the Bombardier bi level coaches like GO Transit and other commuter operators use. However, they had extra large windows. The train looked like it had 7 coaches hauled by a locomotive that looked like an F40. The train was painted in a livery that was a cross between the West Coast Express and NorthStar. However the first three coaches were wrapped for Home Depot as part of a contest.
  3. Tom1122

    TTC GM New Look Fishbowl Preservation

    Any idea if 2252 was in the St. Patrick's Day parade today? How likely will 2252 be in the Easter parade and/or the Pride parade?
  4. Tom1122

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    I know 9411 was, but I heard someone also bought 7575.
  5. Tom1122

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    iirc hasn't someone bought 7575?
  6. Tom1122

    TTC Electric Buses

    Any idea how the buses will be numbered?
  7. Tom1122

    General FML moments

    A combined FML/WTF moment from earlier. When I was driving home from work, I was using my windshield wipers when the passenger side wiper fell off! Fortunately I wasn't too far from Wal-Mart where I bought a replacement. since the wiper had fallen off my car and I wasn't in a position to recover it from where it was.
  8. Tom1122

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    I wonder if anyone will buy a Rapido model of TTC fishbowl 2345 and modify it to replicate how the real 2345 looks today? I probably wouldn't even if I had a model of 2345 which I don't intend to buy at this time.
  9. Tom1122

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    I went by Hillcrest today and checked out the fishbowls from Davenport Avenue. 2345 and 2444 were still there but 8058 was nowhere to be seen. Presumably it was moved inside.
  10. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream that Muni had sold PCC 1055 (ex SEPTA painted in Phily's original green livery) to a museum or other transit property.
  11. Tom1122

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Hopefully that means the car will soon be back in service.
  12. Only if you count buses in revenue service. 😛
  13. Tom1122

    Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream I was riding a Gloucester train in Toronto on the Bloor Danforth line. The TTC has reacquired 5098/5099 from HCRR. I was with PCCstreetcar4549 and at one point we got separated. I decided to look for him by riding west to try to head off the Gloucester, but I saw it going west a Victoria Park station so I hurried to the opposite platform (I was on the eastbound platform). It turned out to be the last round trip the Gloucester was making. I rode it to the end and back. I didn't find PCCstreetcar4549 by the time the Gloucester went out of service, but I phoned and arranged to meet up. I was later at HCRR and 5098/99 were back there and running and I got to ride them. (I last rode them there in 2004). I was later telling my parents that while 4000 wasn't running that day at HCRR, they were running the Gloucesters.
  14. Tom1122

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    At CUTA, I spoke with a TTC bus fleet manager named Jason who said they're going to fix 8058.
  15. Tom1122

    General FML moments

    I've done that. I'm running all the taps; not just in the basement.