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  1. According to Transsee there are four Proterras out.
  2. I had a dream I was at HCRR and they were running 4010, 4039, 4204, and 4600. HCRR had painted 4010 into the shade of orange that ALRV demonstrator 4900 was painted in.
  3. This is kinda alarming as much as a WTF moment: Today at work, my coworker was explaining to a customer how a bracket to mount an electric fireplace is used and the customer was perplexed. However according to my coworker this customer works in construction building custom houses.
  4. I know Artic 9003 is a write off due to accident damage. I know MiWay has had an LFS Artic suffer fire damage. I wonder if they could use the undamaged sections from both buses and make one good bus out of the two damaged sections. More importantly who would this bus go with: TTC or MiWay?
  5. Apparently Gander, Newfoundland was considered an emergency landing airport for the Space Shuttle. It would have been interesting had a shuttle needed to land in Gander if the locals would offer to have the astronauts kiss a fish. (If you've seen Come From Away, you'd understand).
  6. That does sound like a good idea: Run the 502 and 503 as stub routes on their own unique trackage. (I.E. 502 from Woodbine Loop to Victoria Park) and 503 on its downtown portion. IF TTC was to do this, approximately how many Flexitys would be required for this?
  7. PCC 4600 as ALRV 4204 and CLRVs arrive: Oh no, not again. 2424: This feels like deja-vu. ALRV 4204 is on its first test run at HCRR 4204: This is new. 4618: (Sees 4204 go past): What? 4204: Oh, hello grandpa. Long time no see.
  8. What time do the cars usually get hauled off from Russell?
  9. How close is the 511 to being pan operation? I know the 512 cars deadhead with their pans up. I believe it's the same with the 509.
  10. I had a dream that TTC had managed to reacquire ALRV 4208 in addition to 4207. I know in real life, TTC is having trouble with 4207's bellows. I'm wasn't sure if 4208 was being used for its bellows or being kept as a historic car instead of 4207.
  11. A little OT bus it appears that Challenger 3985 is retired.
  12. I had a dream I saw the New York section of Amtrak's Lakeshore Limited being led by P32AC-DM #710 when I heard it hit someone and stopped on a bridge. I somehow ended up at the Home Depot near the Richmond Hill Center for some reason.
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