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  1. I had a dream I was at the Union Pacific's steam shops in Cheyanne, Wyoming and Union Pacific had started restoration on Challenger #3985 which in real life they will restore once 4014 is done so presumably after this season, restoration will start soon.
  2. A little OT, but last Monday, I rode a Proterra bus in Dallas on route 749. Unlike the TTC order, this bus did NOT have a back window. However, there were charging stations so presumably DART's Proterras are short range (like the electric Novas STM uses). I know the Proterras TTC is getting are long range.
  3. I'm in Dallas, Texas and was at the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority's carbarn today and heard back on Wednesday or Thursday there were two people visiting from Toronto? Anyone here?
  4. 8058 retired in late 2004. It arrived at HCRR some point in late spring-early summer 2005.
  5. I'm in Tucson, Arizona and earlier I saw two people standing on the sidewalk with five goats.
  6. Former Mythbusters star Jessi Combs was killed while trying to break a speed record.
  7. I'm not sure if this counts, but Al Haynes, the pilot who {crash} landed United Airlines flight 232 in Souix City, Iowa after the plane lost hydraulics has died at age 87.
  8. Apparently the Seashore Trolley Museum may be putting at least some of their bus collection up for sale.
  9. I had a dream my Mom and I were in New York and we saw an MTA Orion 5 despite the fact that they and the RTS buses are now all retired. I wanted to ride it.
  10. I caught 4567 turning from Bathurst onto Queen presumably heading for Leslie.
  11. If 7575 is indeed not bound for preservation, perhaps TTC should convert it into an event support bus to replace one of the buses lost to overexcited Raptors fans.
  12. HCRR's line is not flat. Going from east to west, the line is downhill. I know because I did a little training there and going west from the loop, cars pretty much coast a lot of the way.
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