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  1. I had a dream the TTC's Proterra buses had arrived and at least one was in service. I also saw a Build Your Dream demo bus. I heard YRT might also be getting some Proterra/BYD buses. I then ended up in California and was by an Amtrak station.
  2. IIRC, I've heard TTC is planning on keeping 1-2 CLRVs and an ALRV as historic cars. Plus cars are going to HCRR.
  3. I'm well aware they're all in the UK so if they ever brought 2290 or 2291 to Sandtoft for a reunion with 189.
  4. How likely would 2290 and 2291 (then numbered 8790 and 8791) would have crossed paths with Lansdowne trolleybus routes? The reason I'm asking is that I wonder if they would have crossed paths with BBC 9189 (Edmonton 189).
  5. Makes me wonder if there was something wrong with quality control?
  6. 4001 is the oldest CLRV in service. 4002 was the first CLRV to touch TTC rails though.
  7. Last Monday I had gone looking for TTC 3411 and checked Transsee to see it was on route 995. I went to York Mills and prepared to board the bus there. 3411 pulled in and I got on. It then broke down and went out of service.
  8. Which buses were involved? IIRC ES-4 was one of them.
  9. I've seen a TR enter the Eglinton tail track at least once. Back in 1999, the M-1 charter actually pulled into the tail track before heading back to Davisville.
  10. With 4464 being out for awhile, is it possible for TTC to swap the back of 4464 with 4543?
  11. After the run with the dignitaries, will the bus used in revenue service or go back to the garage?
  12. I had a dream that Hillcrest got covered in snow. It was deep enough it covered fishbowl 8058 that was still waiting for a spot in Harvey. Fortunately it was soon dug out and 8058 wasn't affected.
  13. I had a dream that someone had acquired 5300/01 from HCRR as well as H-6s 5896/97 and were running them on the CN York sub. I saw them pass on the bridge above Duffern.
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