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  1. Edmonton BBC's

    IT's true. They were all ready to buy it when they found out the scrapper had cut the bus up.
  2. Earlier today I was riding the subway and at Davisville a scruffy looking person got on and was facing an empty seat, but didn't sit. His butt crack was showing and he was pretty much half mooning the car. Fortunately he got off at St. Clair.
  3. Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream my family was in Bulgaria. I had originally gone as BBC 152 was successfully saved and my family had come along. I was still debating where I would go afterwards. It seemed so real I was convinced I was really there until I woke up and realized I was in Canada.
  4. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    I'm guessing 4466 was towed to Hillcrest.
  5. Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream a couple nights ago that there was an open house at Hillcrest and I saw 2444 on a hoist. 8058 and 2345 were moved to the opposite side of the complex. I was going to check out Duncan to try to see how 2252 was coming along. I decided to go by Hillcrest in real life and saw the fishbowls hadn't moved.
  6. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Transsee just listed 4468 on the 301. (yes, THREE-zero-one) I'm guessing it's either a mistake or TTC "assigned" it to the 301 as part of its testing.
  7. TTC Application Process

    I wonder if TTC could install arrestor concrete like some airports use for aircraft overruns at the Union station portal? Like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engineered_materials_arrestor_system
  8. General LOL moments

    Today at Home Depot, I was unable to help a customer find an item he was looking for. At the same time, the U2 song with the chorus "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" was playing. Doesn't beat the time the Pina Colada song came on when I was making Pina Colada ice cream!
  9. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    Transsee said 4001 was on 501 so she's still active.
  10. Edmonton BBC's

    I heard that GM was not too pleased when they found out the 100 bus bodies were used for electric trolley buses}.
  11. The Random Thoughts Thread

    I think so or they're pretty close.
  12. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Why are Reese's Peanut Butter cups sold in packs of 3 in Canada but packs of 2 in the United States?
  13. My biggest beef with "Railroad Alaska" was that half the show wasn't about trains, but people living off the grid. They should have made that a completely different show.
  14. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    Has anyone seen 4001 recently?
  15. Bump: Somewhat shocking; yesterday I was riding a CLRV on 511 when a guy sat near me. He was scruffy looking and unshaven and asked me if I was listening to the Blue Jays Game. I guess he might of thought that because I had my earphones on (but not listening to anything at a time). He then said that they had lost to the {Detroit} Tigers, but had won the last two games and asked if I knew why. I said no. He said, "Because they're a better team". This guy then moved and sat down to someone else and was talking about the Blue Jays with him.