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  1. Assuming a little thing from China doesn't ruin it, HCRR is having an event called 40th anniversary of the CLRV on Canada Day.
  2. I had a dream I was on a T-1 that was going North and pulled into Sheppard West station. I wanted to stay on because I haven't ridden a T-1 on the new extension. I ended up riding one stop to Downsview Park and got off. I went upstairs to the connection to the Barrie {GO train} line. However, there was a huge terminal which was painted blue and there were multiple stairways to not just the GO station, but several bus bays. (In real life, there aren't bus bays at Downsview Park).
  3. The Easter Parade was cancelled so unless the TTC plans to open any streetcar facilities later this year, 2766 won't be going out.
  4. The only place that could be considered save from COVID19 may be the International Space Station.
  5. TTC also converted a Witt and two Toronto Civic Railway single truck cars to subway use too. Though I'm surprised TTC is going this way again instead of using former H-4 passenger cars.
  6. Has YRT made any plans for when the electric buses will enter service. Since these buses are based out of Newmarket, I have a hunch they'll be used on Route 55 Davis.
  7. Yesterday when I was working at my job at Home Depot, I had this conversation with a customer shortly after I started. Customer: Do you have any hand sanitizer? Me: We're sold out. Customer: Why? Me: {pause} Something from China.
  8. A Witt car was converted to a work car on the subway. Unfortunately the car was scrapped in the 70's. I don't know if it was offered to HCRR or not. Anyway I had a dream I was in the Bay area (Oakland, San Francisco and saw the cruise ship preparing to dock after several people were confirmed with the Coronavirus. I then ended up in downtown San Francisco and photographed PCCs on Muni's "F" line.
  9. I learned of this earlier today. Avatar Airlines is a startup low budget airline based in the U.S. They intend to fly exclusively Boeing 747s and are looking into buying 30 new Boeing 747-8s from Boeing. (I'm sure they'll appreciate this!) At this time I don't know which routes they'll fly but I may go fly with them at some point if this airline gets off the ground (no pun intended) since I've never flown on a Boeing 747.
  10. After a car comes back from welding, how much of a burn in does the car have to do compared to when a Flexity was first delivered (600 km)?
  11. He also helped find the wreck of the Carpathia.
  12. About a month ago in Dallas, I was at the Cityplace DART station and saw someone smoking less than 2m from a No Smoking sign. Cityplace is the only underground DART station for those unfamiliar with DART.
  13. I wonder if there will be a CLRV and/or 4207 in this year's Easter parade.
  14. Good. Let's hope this time it stays in there until it's finished.
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