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  1. Earlier today at work a customer came in in a t-shirt and shorts when it was snowing outside.
  2. Actually one 2 speed bus did: 8073 which became 2151 which became a 3 speed with power steering.
  3. I know when it was retired by TTC and went to HCRR, 8058 did not have power steering.
  4. Does anyone know what was the last fishbowl to be retired that did NOT undergo the life extension in 2009/2010?
  5. Rudy Boesch, who finished third on the original season of Survivor passed away on November 1st at age 91.
  6. I was in Newmarket today at the Hwy 404 Davis Drive Park and Ride when I saw not one but two BYDs bound for TTC. I took some pics and a video which can be seen here:
  7. Well, that's the last of the cars HCRR is getting.
  8. Considering PCC 4426 had an advertisement on the side for Lumber King for over 14 years after it touched HCRR rails, I don't see why it would be different with a CLRV.
  9. Actually, 14 cars were shipped outside the province. I do know 4613 and 4614 were shipped by rail with both CP and Union Pacific.
  10. No thanks. I'd rather not risk new clothes getting dirty and I'm not big on getting dressed up unless it's a special human occasion.
  11. I don't know how it came to be, but I got a catalog from Samuel Windsor; a company that sells British Menswear addressed to me. I've never heard of the company let alone subscribed to it.
  12. IT looks like parts bus 2345 has been removed from Hillcrest as 7575 was in its spot.
  13. In the 90's when I went to HCRR, I heard that PCC 4000 uses a lot of electricity. When the Gloucesters were made operational, they couldn't run anything else. How much power does a CLRV/ALRV draw compared to a PCC?
  14. Because of this, 4204 went to HCRR. The car apparently arrived with seats removed from 4207.
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