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  1. Did the TTC ever run the CLRVs in service on PCC trucks?
  2. My dad ignored the hand wash only sign on my favorite souvenir cup (Canada's Wonderland pay all year 2017; red). Now it's ruined. I am looking for a replacement without any luck.
  3. Someone should write a parody of Whitney Houston's "It's not Right, But it's Okay" from the point of view of her boyfriend who actually wasn't cheating.
  4. Yesterday I saw a commercial for Subway where a woman (or based on reddit terminology, a Karen) kicks soccer balls at people ordering/eating non Subway food. First a Pedo now a "Karen".
  5. I went by Wonderland earlier but stuck close to Jane Street. I identified one of the other buses as #210. I don't know the 4th bus' number or which of the buses facing away from Jane is 222. Edit: I did a little more research and found out the number of the fourth bus is 217. It appears the buses are from South to North: 203 (facing East), 222 (Facing West), 210 (Facing East) and 217 (Facing west)
  6. At least two ex YRT AG300s are being used as part of a drive-thru COVID-19 vaccination at Canada's Wonderland.
  7. Of the 67 cars that need welding work, how many have been done and are in the process of being done?
  8. BUMP Is there any further developments with getting an E902 back on the streets?
  9. At least at the time of this post, Donald Trump has been officially impeached as much as all other U.S. presidents combined.
  10. The third prong broke off our 5 year old snowblower.
  11. The first case of the Brazilian COVID-19 case has shown up in Toronto and Canada. While it's not my immediate family, it's upsetting that there's yet another variant of COVID out there.
  12. I wonder if TTC could piggyback onto CTA's order for new El cars. If there is a problem with the signals they could also install a new system when the RT is closed for the night.
  13. If John Lennon never joined The Beatles, would he have still written "And so This is Christmas"? If he wouldn't have written/recorded it, I wonder in the universe of the movie "Yesterday" where the Beatles no longer exist and the protagonist; a struggling musician remembers their songs so he decides to pass off the Beatles' songs as his own and becomes famous. Assuming John Lennon never wrote/recorded "And so this is Christmas", I wonder what Christmas song the charity would use in its place showing starving children in Africa.
  14. I found it a minute ago. This usually happens when I post that I can't find something it usually turns up a short time later.
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