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  1. Not my Transit system, but I'd like to bring back Sudbury's old orange with a white stripe livery.
  2. Celebrity Death Thread

    Dukes of Hazzard star Don Pedro Colley passed October 10th. Nearly got his autograph a few months ago.
  3. Stupid commercials...

    The radio commercial where an opera singer is singing "Shirt shirt shirt shirt" repeatedly.
  4. Childhood Moments and Memories

    I remember in grade 5 or grade 6, on the school computer, there was a game called something along the lines of "new kid". Where you play a kid who just moved to a new community and guide him through his first day at his new school. Anyways, as the game progressed, you encountered situations that gave 3-4 solutions on what you can do; some were right and some were wrong. The first time I played, I was with 1 or 2 of my classmates and one situation in the game was that your character was reading a book and suddenly, a classmate grabs it from you saying it's his turn to read it. You: 1. Let him keep it. 2. Kick his desk over with your foot. 3. Try to work out a way to share it. When I played it with people, despite my objections, most my classmates always chose #2. As a result, the character got in trouble and had to write a letter to the teacher to apologize. They gave you a template, and you had to copy it exactly. If you didn't the character's teacher, Mrs. Marboro {don't remember 100% if that was her name but it was something similar that started with the letter "M"}. would say, "That's not quite right". And you'd have to do it again. I typed most of it but it wasn't working until the librarian pointed out I forgot the top part "Dear Mrs. Marboro". In the letter writing part, one of my classmates wrote something along the lines of "I will push over people's desks and I will murder you at midnight". In universe, the teacher dismissed the death threat as "not quite right". Earlier in the game, your character was hit by spitballs while in class. You were given four options: 1. Do nothing. 2. Shoot back at them. 3. Tell them to stop. 4. Tell the teacher. We eventually chose to tell the teacher as it was the only way to continue. Though some of my classmates chanted something along the lines of "We demand to shoot back at them". However, if you answered a later task right, your character would befriend one of the kids shooting spitballs after stopping him from being bullied. On a side note, I later played the game solo and chose the right answers.
  5. Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream the TTC had kept an H-5 and mated it with an H-6 for work car service. However, they still had their passenger numbers. I don't know why TTC did that instead of keeping two H-5s or two H-6s.
  6. General WTF Moments

    Earlier today there was a guy darting across the street and he said something to me along the lines if "I had nothing to do with it". He didn't say was "it" was. He seemed a bit jittery.
  7. Transit Related Dreams

    I had a dream I was in San Fransisco and Muni PCC #1063 had been returned from rebuilding repainted in the original Baltimore PCC livery. However, instead of unloading the car from the truck at the car house; (The PCCs are shipped to Brookville in PA for rebuilding in real life and 1063 is indeed out but is the next car expected back); 1063 was unloaded a mile away from the yard. However, it was on an active streetcar line so some people and I decided to drive it back to the car house. (In real life the cars have to run 1000 miles as break in runs to make sure everything is working before Muni will allow the cars back in service). While in my dream 1063 was operatable, it wasn't anywhere ready for service.
  8. GO Transit: GM fishbowls; especially the 1120 series. TTC: Gloucesters and Flyer D800s (If I had to choose between D800A and D800B, I'd choose D800B), Flyer trolleybuses (Never got to ride one), GM Artics. Brampton: Flyer D800, 35 foot fishbowls. YRT: Fishbowls, Flyer D900s.
  9. Peeves in everyday life...

    Getting a prerecorded telemarketing call that after you hang up is still playing once you pick the phone back up. Who is the asshole who made telemarketing hang up proof?
  10. General LOL moments

    If you're a fan of the Vinyl Café, you'll like this: Yesterday, at my mom's ice cream store, we had a cake order with the message to be written on a cake: "Happy birthday Morley". The person picking up the cake was Stephanie!
  11. TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    I know it was the bus that flipped over. I'm unsure where the photo was taken. I assumed it was Hillcrest.
  12. Grand River Transit

    It appears 793 is safe; it was moved to the new garage annex. Also, is 793 street legal? If so I wonder if GRT would let it out on a charter?
  13. General WTF Moments

    That's what I thought which makes me angry.
  14. General WTF Moments

    A combined WTF/FML moment; but first a little backstory: Last week, I found an empty box of a 5 piece tool set left in the soil aisle in the garden center at the Home Depot I work. It had a spider cable which acts as a theft deterrent which was removed and tossed beside the empty box. Today, I found another box of the same item discarded in the same location in the same style as last week! I'm not sure on the cost, but well over $100 for one box.
  15. Grand River Transit

    Any idea what's going on with Flyer #793?