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  1. htd

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Man - wait till we have a nice sunny day when that metallic paint will just shine! Silver not gray!
  2. htd

    Hamilton Street Railway

    The designs on the new hybrids are painted on - I was talking about the HSR logo being decals and are added later when they arrive.
  3. htd

    Hamilton Street Railway

    As the designer of the winning bus design - I was told to leave it off my final design as they would be added later as decals. So when they are finally on the road and I assume at the press conference - they will all be decaled out! Just to give some of you the background of my design - the "swooshes and swoops" as they've been called represent the sweeping lines and magestic curves of Hamilton's two natural wonders - the harbour and escarpment. Blue representing the water of the harbour and gold showcasing the beauty that is the escarpment. The design also highlights our placement at the Head of the Lake and as the Hub of the Golden Horseshoe. I also think the curves will look great when the bus is breezing along King or Main Streets when it is on the B-Line. Lots of movement, fluidity and much more organic that the static lines that are a fixture on most of the HSR line. Dave Kuruc