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  1. I thought all the white buses where retired? Expect the D4505's.
  2. Anyone else know about this derailment west of Aldershot?
  3. So while they are at Obico does someone go and start them up and drive them around every few days? I'm sure if they didn't do that it would cause dead batteries and flatspots on the tires.
  4. Considering how high it is and that 50% of the time it is spent at high speeds it would make sense to design it with that in mind. The MCI 9's where pretty bad in stop and go traffic. They would constantly Bob up and down everytime the driver hit the brakes.
  5. That's good. Since VIA doesn't service that route. People have been asking for train to be re-instated.
  6. This blocade is having an impact on the economy. It doesn't seem like there is a resolution on the horizon. The one at the CN yard in Vaughan was disbanded, and so was the one on the Barrie line. I guess that the difference is that those areas don't border the reserve land (I understand that the entire country was taken from them). At what point will dialogue not be enough? I don't agree with Andrew Sheer's position. Although the occupation is illegal they have the right to protest the fact that someone is building a pipleline on their land. Edit:From what I understand is the pipeline company and the Hereditary Cheifs came to an agreement without consulting the people. The Hereditary Cheifs are appointed officials, and not elected by the people. The court has approved an injunction in BC to remove the people protesting, and the people dont want the police on their land. Apparently re-routing the pipeline is not feasible. It's a tough situation on all sides. Hopefully they can come to some resolution.
  7. Can't the steering feel be adjusted? Again it depends on the day, and the driver. Some hold it together better than others.
  8. I hope it will be stored indoors. But I dont think they have the space, do they?
  9. I have a question about the steering on the super low buses. Is the steering very light? I find that on the highway some drivers "play" with the steering wheel making the bus sway in the lane. Is it hard to keep the bus going straight? I'm sure it's over eggagerated due to the height of the vehicle, but some drivers do better than others. The MCI's tend not to sway at high speeds and I find the driver doesn't need to manipulate the steering wheel as much. I found this to be the same with some late 90's model H345's, they tend to not be able to stay in the lane as good as MCI's.
  10. So even with bi-directional running, they couldn't navigate trains around it so that they could be put into service on the Yonge side? Was the work train blocking the whole crossover?
  11. They are going to build a layover facility in the flood zone? How about wilson? Yard? There are some stub tracks south of the current east layover site. Near the spur track to the lakefront. Or the yard just east of the DVP, but they ripped up most of it.
  12. Only for the last 60km. Or just run it backwards.
  13. Instead of running the loco's elephant style put them back to back. That way running the train around will allow them to travel at full speed.
  14. When VIA had ten sets into Toronto they use to wye trains at Bayview Junction. Which is about 40km's from TMC. I dont know what the track speed is but once the passengers have disembarked they could run the train backwards to the wye and then turn it around and back into the station. Or wye the train before it gets to Halifax and run it backwards for the last 60km's. Unless there is a reason why they can't wye trains with passengers on board.
  15. At some point it needs to be resolved to some extent. Propane is running low and chlorine needs to be delivered to water treatment plants. At some point it is going to become a public safety issue. They have every right to protest the pipeline being built on their land, and their message is being heard. But where they not consulted when the pipeline was being planned? How did it get approved otherwise?
  16. I guess they would need to build a connecting track on either side? What is the speed limit on that bridge now?
  17. The court has ruled that the protesters must be removed from railway property, but the OPP refuse to intervene. I'm sure this has a lot to do with what happened ten years ago when Mike Harris was in power. Apparently the rule is, if the provincial police agency is not in a position to do its job, it must inform the Federal police that they cannot, and allow them to have the opportunity to intervene. Now as to why this hasn't happened is anyone's guess. If the native police where told by the court to remove the protesters, are they obligated to follow the courts order? What are the consequences if they ignore it? Also for the politicians, it is also a sensitive subject and is difficult to handle
  18. I don't see why things east of Montreal would be effected. Unless there are too many freight trains parked not moving preventing trains from moving.
  19. Does it make a different noise than senior discounts? So then it should be easy to identify if it's fraud or not.
  20. Regarding these people using children presto cards an easy solution would be to have them make a different noise when you tap them. So this way instead of beep if it makes a burp noise you can see that the person is not 12 years or less. Also make them another color, making it easy to identify.
  21. Was that built in Canada or Ireland? Kinda like this one. he said it's like driving a giant golf cart.
  22. Can they not build a connection track at the Fairview terminal to allow trains to wye there?
  23. https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/mobile/via-rail-s-passenger-service-to-halifax-in-doubt-after-fall-1.4807917 Apparently the port of Halifax is prohibiting VIA from using the port to turn the train. Is there not another wye that can turn the train? I'm sure there must be another solution.
  24. Another BYD heading south on the 404 this morning.
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