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  1. According to this blogTO article, these TBM's have been digging since spring and have made almost 1.5km of tunneling progress. Thats not a lot of progress for 6 months of work. https://www.blogto.com/city/2022/10/crosstown-extension-makes-swift-progress-toronto-waits-first-phase-open/
  2. BYD has a successful reputation in china for building electric buses. I'm not sure why they would spend all that money building a factory in Canada to sell junk. Might be a quality control issue at the plant in Newmarket. Are the Proterra's doing better? Frame cracking with SEPTA's fleet was considered "cosmetic". https://www.google.com/amp/s/whyy.org/articles/septas-cracking-battery-buses-raise-questions-about-the-future-of-electric-transit/amp/
  3. Did they sell off their 45foot units too?
  4. Right but where they do have dedicated lanes they should have signal priority. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of having their own lane.
  5. BRT has dedicated lanes. I think the issue is the lack of transit signal prioritization along the BRT route. Dedicated bus lanes are useless if they have to stop at red lights.
  6. In any case I don't think it can be considered to be "rapid" transit when a bicycle is faster.
  7. Not likely seeing that the BRT buses never adhere to the schedule and local buses can be faster.
  8. Can someone tell me if there is still bunching at Finch during peak periods?
  9. Isn't that a duplication of the existing service along Leslie?
  10. Is VIVA green comming back or is it dead?
  11. Did they fix the leaking and faulty AC units? They look nice with fresh paint.
  12. Is that why the station smells so bad? Lol Did they ever decide to fix that?
  13. I think Doug could care less about the average person who takes transit. His voter base is big business. More like the companies that bid on these projects to make more money.
  14. The service should run from the 404/woodbine parking lot and serve Bloomington, Gormley, major Mackenzie and 404, and keep going south to Union. OR get off at Sheppard go east to consumers Rd, and then hop back on the 401 at Victoria park and head south on the DVP to go downtown. OR take the HOV lane all the way down to the 401 and get off at Leslie. This way they can serve Oriole GO station with connections to Leslie station. The problem with Oriole is that I won't work northbound because the ramp to go east is south of the 401. It could go into the hospital and go over the bridge to turn around to get back on the 401 to go east. Why not extend the woodbine bus, Leslie and Bayview buses to Gormley?
  15. Wow 5 years? I think the friendly busses lasted longer than 5 years before getting rebuilt. Thats unfortunate. How many KM's in 5 years?
  16. I'm surprised that they spent all that money on Gormley station with no weekend service at all. They could at least extend the Leslie bus to terminate there or something. If they had bus service on the Richmond Hill line on weekends, people could park their car at the station and take the bus downtown. It would be faster than taking the VIVA bus to Finch and then the subway to Union. Makes no sense.
  17. So will Finch West open before crosstown?
  18. I really think that there has to be a smarter way to run VIVA blue and 99/98. On Saturday I paced the blue bus from Elgin Mills all the way to Clark on my bike. To be fair I bypassed Richmond Hill Centre. But the bus and I left Elgin Mills at the same time and it caught up with me as it got to the lights to turn left on Yonge Street to go to Richmond Hill Centre. They are constantly going 2 at at a time and the 98/99 bus is faster without using the BRT lanes. I think the VIVA bus left Finch 10 min after the 99/98 did and it only caught up near Bernard Terminal. This is a sad situation. Perhaps an express bus from Finch to Richmond Hill Centre would reduce travel time? And then express to Bernard Terminal only stopping at 16th, Major Mack and Elgin Mills. Frankly I think it was so much better when you could board the GO bus and it would get you to Newmarket in 60 minutes. Now it takes double that time and it doesn't even come on time. Can they not increase the speed of the busway to shorten the travel time? They have to do something to make these travel times more reasonable.
  19. Do the old hawker orange line cars have anything in common with H series cars built for the TTC?
  20. Last time they rented Loran grinders.
  21. Amazing since some of them dont even have their welds fixed. Any upgrades after rebuild? Brighter exterior lights?
  22. Nobody would know to the it since they would assume the last train already left.
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