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  1. The new parking lot? At Newmarket makes turning tight.
  2. You could do Hamilton to Brantford and then London. Has anyone installed washrooms on an enviro double decker before? I guess having washrooms stops would make more sense.
  3. Will we not need to rebuild the F40'S again to extend their life for another ten years?
  4. Aren't there some skyline cars in long term storage that could be rebuilt?
  5. Is it just me or is 99/98 faster than Viva BRT? All of the schedules point me to take the local bus over BRT. Wll VIVA ever be extended to Green Lane? Looks like there is more and more development pushing north. Why are there no routes going north from Green Lane towards Bradford along Yonge? The GO bus takes an indirect route.
  6. I see this becoming a traction problem on rainy days. Or use lots of sand.
  7. Why did they choose the hilly part to cover with grass.
  8. I still think Alliston transmissions are smoother. GO transit is another example, don't feel the jerkyness unless it's a ZF ECOmat transmission.
  9. That could be it. It feels like go stop go stop. It would be better to program it so that the first 1/8 of the brake pedal being depressed would trigger the retarder, before the service brake is activated. I don't find it as bad with the VIVA fleet but that's probably due to the fact that it stops less.
  10. There are a lot of ports in the area, nobody has space for a wye to turn the train?
  11. Is there something about the configuration of the YRT fleet that makes the ride so jerky? Its not the operator because almost every bus is like that and I can't blame it on new flyer because I rode on Nova equipment and found the same. I would take a guess and say that Allison does a better job of providing a smoother ride. But is that the answer? Does anyone else feel the same way?
  12. I mean the train only runs backwards for 3 hours? In one direction before it can be turned around. So out of the two day journey only 3 hours is backwards. Is that worth spending 100k replacing the seats and mounts? If you are going to do a refurbishment anyways, then it would be worth it.
  13. It's probably a lot of work for rolling stock that needs to be replaced soon. You would need to replace all of the seats, and the mounts that they sit on.
  14. Regarding the LRC locomotives, could they not have re-powered them instead of retiring them? Was it that an option that was considered?
  15. So will they be tacking onto the next train to Montreal?
  16. Is that one trainset plus an extra Locomotive?
  17. You could blend it into an operational cost instead of a capital cost? Not sure if it's advantage....just throwing it out there.
  18. I was thinking more of what the TTC did with the T1 cars. They bought them new and then "sold" or transferred them to a leasing company to release the capital, and to "lease" them back instead. If a company like Siemens is going to build and maintain the fleet over it's lifetime, could they not "lease" the rolling stock to VIA for 30 years?
  19. It would probably be cheaper in the long run to get new cars. I guess leasing is not an option?
  20. Well AMTRAK is going to be submitting a tender to replace AMFLEET and Superliners so someone will be building something, which means VIA can tack on to it if required. Do they usually board from the sleeper cars? I thought they usually board through the coach and then you make your way through to the car that you are assigned to?
  21. They should look at ordering a sleeper version of the Venture cars or Viewliner sleepers. Of course funding is a problem.
  22. I guess they had some work done during the pandemic and are needed on the Canadian? Are they repainting any of them like the bud cars?
  23. So basically instead of a differential gear box it's an electric motor?
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