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  1. I think it's the short wheel base. Which also made them a bit bouncy. Kinda like the new Nova's. They look short too.
  2. I always thought that these buses looked like they where 35ft rather than 40. But the ones with the Cummins engine looked longer, even though they are the same. Maybe it's due to the windows?
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/port-alberni-bus-crash-1.5283830 Regarding this bus crash, I don't think it is not in any shape for a bus to be driving down that road. I don't know the speed limit but anything over 40kmph is not safe. I have never driven that road but judging from the picture, I would not want to drive a bus on that road with people on board in the rain in the dark. During the day when the weather is good, maybe. But not in those conditions.
  4. So based on logic, we should order the cars now since we need them anyways. So...what's the issue? Funding?
  5. Once the assembly line at Thunderbay is closed for flexity cars it will cost more to turn it up again. Wouldn't it be cheaper to order the cars now? Plus it would be even more expensive for another vendor to build cars to their specs only for 60 cars.
  6. Does the connection point have a shelter? A heater? Can you track the buses on an app? If one bus is late, will the other bus radio the other bus and ask them to wait? If the are 20 min late now, just wait until winter. There should be weekend service to meet the GO train in Barrie.
  7. How many cars can you store at the EX? 5?
  8. Is keeping some CLRV's in service not an option?
  9. When they have crew members move buses from different divisions, how do they get back? Or to their next task? Do they take a cab? Or are there buses going from division to division all day getting people from division to division all day?
  10. I find that with ATO on line 1, either the trains run slower overall on the line, unless it just feels that way because the distance between the trains is being adjusted to allow the trains to be properly spaced.
  11. I think that this Ontario Northland and Go transit partnership should continue year round. Who wants to drive the 400 in a snow storm? I dont! It would be nice if they could have connecting bus service to Collingwood and other cities in cottage country. https://blog.metrolinx.com/2018/08/07/bus-service-to-muskoka-sold-out-to-start-new-go-transit-and-ontario-northland-partnership/
  12. https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/major-detours-over-years-loom-on-trans-canada-highway-through-rockies With all this work on the TransCanada highway, it would be great to have more rail service in the Rockies to help people get around.
  13. There is a New Flyer Electric bus on 984 this morning. It was laying over at Sheppard station.
  14. It would be nice to have some subsidy if a company wanted to run a specific route. I mean even a few million dollars would go a long way.
  15. https://www.timesunion.com/business/article/Amtrak-s-Great-Dome-car-has-been-retired-14402221.php The dome car has been retired.
  16. Are the Kingston cars delivered by CN and then interchanged to CP before being delivered to Hillcrest?
  17. And the T1 reburshments are being done at Greenwood? What about Smart Track? Don't we need rolling stock for that? And when is that going to Tender?
  18. Didn't Vancouver order Mark II cars? Where are those being built?
  19. Did they not build the ION and Eglinton cars there? It's not like they are sitting there doing nothing.
  20. I thought that either side of the Line 2 platform is taken up by the Bay Building? Dont they need to move the platform in order to have side platforms?
  21. Wonder if MCI (New flyer) would "buy them back" if there was an order for D4500's?
  22. There must be a manual air release to allow them to open the luggage doors. Unless that was broken also.
  23. Did it even take that long to build it in the first place? Even if you broke it down into sections, it should not take that long. Who would sign off on such a plan?
  24. Possibly a 20% savings in fuel? But I would think that having more standard equipment would make sense.
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