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  1. I'm sure that someone will pick them up. For the northern routes like Toronto to Owen Sound I would think Hammond could take those over. They had a route going from Peterborough to Pembroke, and likely ONR would take over that route. As for Toronto to Ottawa and Montreal it's anyone's guess, but would TOK or Pacific Western want to do that route? Why doesn't anyone want to do the Guelph north of Highway 6 to Owen Sound?
  2. Well maybe if someone takes it over they can do a better job. How long does greyhound have until their routes will be sold off?
  3. You know even though travel is less during the pandemic, it's not like it's zero ridership. They could have continued to run trips but with reduced runs or think outside the box a bit and run the most popular routes. If Megabus can get ridership between Toronto and Montreal via Kingston with 25% occupancy, I'm sure greyhound could make it work. Other features such as GPS to track the location or WIFI would be a start. Not to mention properly paying ticket agents. And for remote locations, a small shelter with lights or some landmark would help.
  4. Did Wilson take over 60 Steeles west? I saw some 8300's on that route, which is unusual.
  5. Understand that. But it said "winter" testing which is where I got confused.
  6. Q2 would be spring. Is that what they mean?
  7. So is there any chance of greyhound coming back?
  8. The VIA station in Ottawa already has a shuttle stop in front for some flight crews before the pandemic. I'm sure they could make space for a few buses to load at a time. With the Toronto terminal closing I wonder where they plan to pick up passengers from Toronto? Did they make an agreement to use the new GO Terminal? I dont remember if anyone said if ONR is planning on using it. Did can-ar move to the new terminal?
  9. I wanted to ask if replacing the batteries on the hybrids with Lythium accomplish resolving the problems that the TTC was experiencing with them? Were the issues with the electronics fixed during the rebuild process? I guess that with newer Hybrids being so reliable and efficient it doesn't make sense to keep the NG's running.
  10. Do you have any idea the logistics required to pull off a project that size? How many major intersections are in the city? And having it or it having it at one effects another. It's not as easy as you think.
  11. I think bus priority signals would be cheaper. Plus you would only need it in the fleet of busses using that route, plus the other buses that use that road so maybe 100? Plus you have two years to install it and test it.
  12. Is it normal for two geeps to carry a train of that size without any problems? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/runaway-train-in-goderich-ont-leaves-significant-damage-1.5896558
  13. I'm not sure why a Public Transit Agency like ONR would order buses without Wheel Chair lifts. Is accessibility not a mandate?
  14. Is one SRT car have the equivalent capacity of a hybrid bus? With 28 SRT cars would be 28 buses required at a 1 to 1 ratio. 60 buses should be enough. It depends on how reliable or frequent the service would be.
  15. I wonder how far into the future they will be able to 3D print body panels instead of having to build a mould and then have them in stock and ship them. You could even pick the colour of plastic you want rather than having to paint it
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