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  1. I find it interesting because electric buses are fairly simple, there is an electric motor, connected to a battery. The software determines how much power to put out or regenerate, much like a GO Cart. It's much simpler than a conventional diesel bus. If range is an issue, it could be with the software that allows too much power to be sent out to the wheels or not enough Re-gen. Or it's simply an issue with the batteries not holding the charge that they where designed to.
  2. How many do they have? Did they receive any rebuilds before going into service?
  3. Buddy. Do you understand that there are restrictions from Alberta Residents travelling into BC by car? And then Nova Scotia and PEI is another bubble? You can't travel freely between these provinces anyways. So what's the point of running the train? You would need to contact trace who got on and off where on what train. And then make sure that people from Quebec are not able to travel to Halifax without a specific reason. How would you control that? Not to mention enforcement of social distancing and sanitizing all of those surfaces, without putting crew members in danger.
  4. From LinkedIn. Rail safety day. Also looks like the ocean won't return for November 1st.
  5. Aren't there some HEP I cars getting interior upgrades as well?
  6. And...replaced with...what? Until we see a winning tender for replacement, we dont know for sure.
  7. Those Ren cars might not even last as long as the stainless fleet. Did they ever get around to fixing the leaking HVAC and roof leaks on the REN cars?
  8. The other thing i was wondering was with the corrosion issues with the sleepers, when they did the Prestige cars they they not uncover the corrosion issues then? Or was it not as bad then?
  9. So then I guess there is no accessibility on heritage fleet trains until they get some new rolling stock. Or at a minimum insert one new accessible car per train? Would that be a solution?
  10. So only the accessibility portion is cancelled? Don't they have those wheel chair lifts at stations that allow people with wheel chairs to board? What's so difficult about building tie down locations by taking out seats? The wheel chair lifts I can understand. Maybe there is more to this that we don't know?
  11. What was the scope of work? Was this for HEP II cars?
  12. I thought the reason why they moved the station to Walker yard is because CN pulled the plug on the downtown station? The area around Belvedere Station has some space, but it would require a partnership with the city to let them build a station on their land. But I dont know how CN would feel about that.
  13. What is the point of running it only until October? People dont need to travel to Tobemory from Owen sound in the winter months?
  14. What was the cause of the damage? Vandalism?
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