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  1. The preliminary investigation has found that some of the cars in the derailment in Saskatchewan where the newer type of cars which are supposed to be less likely to leak in a derailment. Although we don't know the exact cause of the derailment, it does bring up some concerns about the design of these new tank cars. If this happened in an urban areas, there could have been casualties, worse than what we saw in Quebec. Possibly more oversight on the maintenance procedures and track maintenance is requested to prevent derailment like this. Transport Canada doesn't seem to have much of an appetite for safer railways or more regulation. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatoon/cp-train-crude-oil-derailment-saskatchewan-1.5393622
  2. Don't forget, emergency funds and repairs are different from budgeted capital expenditures.
  3. How the hell did they not see that thing coming?
  4. What is the speed limit on the GM CP Alignment that is currently in place? I always see freight cars parked on the bridge over the 401, so how would they run trains on it? Add a second track and bridge?
  5. If they didn't delay the cross town and TTC cars they would have been able to supply cars for Hurontario and Finch. What about Brampton LRT? or is that dead? There is also Sheppard line, and Eglinton may get extended to the airport requiring more cars. There is stuff on the Horizon, just not today.
  6. I would think that they would have lost their licence by now. But apparently not.
  7. Are there exceptions for poor weather and accidents on route?
  8. I wonder why the truck took highway 7, instead of the 401. Could have taken highway 2 if the speed limit was an issue.
  9. So who makes these schedules? Do the companies or do the region? Do the companies get measured on, on time performance? If that is the case I can see why the schedule is so padded.
  10. I saw two 17xx Nova LFS Attics going with on the 404 today. They look brand new. But they where going east to get the 404, so they are not built in Quebec? Or have decals applied somewhere in the west end? I have always wonder why the buses travel so slow, where as GO transit and TTC drivers drive according to traffic.
  11. I don't know how much they save by combining the trains, however it would be more convenient for passengers to have an additional departure at a different time. Giving people more options to travel. It would be nice for a train like the Enterprise that was cancelled to allow people to leave Toronto at like 1am and arrive in Montreal at like 6am. If you could get a berth for less than the cost of one night hotel and the train ticket that would be awesome especially if food is included. Hotels in Toronto go for about $200.00 for decent one and $100 for a business train ticket. Flying is about $160 plus $200 for hotel, plus your can ride which is at least $50.00 (unless you take the UP express). Around the $200.00 mark would be a sweet spot.
  12. I have a question about J trains. Is the reason why they combine the trains is to save cost? I have noticed that on some occasions the crew that takes one of the trains sits in the coach until the trains are separated. Does VIA get charged on the track usage per train or per axle?
  13. So do the southbound trains go into Sheppard, drop off the passengers, and then proceed south past the cross over and then enter the cross over to the north platform? Is there a turnback sign to let crews know when they have cleared the cross over?
  14. If that is the case why does it take two hours to resolve the problems?
  15. The doors where red for production units. Unless this is a door that was installed before it was painted.
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