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  1. I'm surprised that they are still wrapped considering the election was over a year ago.
  2. I did encounter a newly painted Friendly bus. Looked nice except it was blowing smoke from it's tail pipe as if it was burning oil or a blown turbo.
  3. And what about those routes that are not profitable? No service to those communities?
  4. Does the TTC know that even with step back crews on line 1 there are still delays at the terminal with trains backed up 3-4 stations?
  5. I took a detour off the 400 and noticed that there are PMCL bus stops along highway 10 north to king city . Did greyhound pickup this route when they bought PMCL? GO transit seems to service the same stops but theyes have both on the same post.
  6. Did anyone figure out why the RDC's that were being tested on the Chatham sub got sent to MMC? Any progress on a commuter service from Stratford to Toronto? It was supposed to be in place by the end of 2016.
  7. Will the LFS' be UWE Equipped? Are they going to keep that system?
  8. Could it have something to do with the 50 series engines? That is about the only thing that is unique about them.
  9. Do they have step back crews for the Sheppard line? Would adding them or adding another step back help? Was there a need to adjust the schedule to match the TR operating speeds?
  10. I wonder if any private operators or smaller communities would pick them up since theyes still have life left in them, unlike the Orion Vs and RTS.'
  11. Slow boxes do fine on the Highway runs to the downtown core right? Mind you they spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. This may change soon with bus lanes being installed on the DVP in January.
  12. You cant do that, the turning radius would be different. You would need to redesign all of the curves and cross overs, and change platform clearances.
  13. Interesting that they bothered to take our the switch and the crossing. That costs money.
  14. Those EZ Riders have a very very hard ride.
  15. Did Bombardier ever explain why this prototype took an extra year to get built? Is the picture above the second unit? Or is it of the first prototype?