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  1. Sorry 460 000kms. Even that seems low
  2. Only 461km's? That's nothing. I hope they have a second Life somewhere.
  3. Around the late 90's most charter companies had SAT phones in their fleet. Also CB radios have quite a bit of range. I think at the depot or rest stops they had phone for drivers so they could call dispatch.
  4. Think about the fact that the Canadian is not running until November, means that even if it's an essential service, the service levels dont need to be maintained.
  5. Is it because the access to Hillcrest is closed? I wonder which one is cheaper, by rail or by truck. I would imagine truck would be faster thou.
  6. I don't think it's fair to compare First Group to Stage Coach since one of those companies are still staying afloat.
  7. But doesn't it cost more to have a bus break down on the road? The equipment is held up from being put on the next run so it's not generating money. You need a relief bus and driver which is taking that equipment away from overflow runs. Costs more and takes longer to repair in the long run. Bad PR for the company resulting in less people using your service. So what's so good about patching up the bus so that it's just barely good enough to be road worthy? I tried pitching ELD to a bus company in the GTA, and the cost was about $1.00 per seat per bus per month based on 55 passengers. They said that it's much too expensive and that they could not afford it. I explained that the cost of having a full bus full of passengers impounded over border would be much more expensive than the cost of the system. Not to mention that you would need to charter a bus that was ELD compliant to pickup those passengers and continue that journey, and towing the bus back to Toronto. He said he rather take the risk.
  8. I also think that small investment in technologies that make it easier to track buses on the road with an app would have made a huge difference. A bus coming from Vancouver might be 8 hours late getting into Saskatoon, and the terminal closes before the bus arrives. Or even remote locations, imagine having to wait hours for the bus and then as soon as you went to the washroom you missed your bus. It would have been such as easy thing to implement, but there was no vision to do it.
  9. This "trackwork" going on between Sheppard and Finch is due to the installation of ATO? The TTC is not specified on the exact track work being completed.
  10. So why wouldn't greyhound put into place these types of rules? I took the greyhound once and at Scarborough town centre their was a requirement for a wheel chair but the door wouldn't open. Took them over an hour to get a replacement. If the driver had done his pre-trip inspection I bet he would have known that the door was jammed. And usually wheel chair users need to book in advance, so if the foreman knew this he should have made sure that the door opens and the lift works before deploying the bus. Not to mention not having overflow runs available, when you know that you have sold X amount of tickets for a full bus. Causing issues down the route with people not being able to board the bus because it's full. These small things add up to bad customer service and people stop taking the bus. Find other ways to travel. I guess it's all about saving a penny and not understanding their whole business. Penny pinchers running a company with no vision resulted in their demise.
  11. I guess the issue with Northland would be finding since they are a crown corporation? They would need approval from the province?
  12. Toronto -Peterborough-ottawa is very busy. Would Megabus want this route? I wonder if anyone would want Guelph Kitchener routes, I bet it's hard to compete with GO transit. I would bet Great Canadian would pick this up. As for northern routes I would see Hammnond take over the Owen Sound Route. If the Pembroke route was dropped would the Government be obligated to provide services by using ON Northland? Maybe Can-AR would want it since they do the Lindsay Minden route.
  13. I guess ONR will be the only other ones operating D4505's. Getaway coach had some before Hammond bought them. I guess J4500's are better suited for charters.
  14. I guess we can expect them to sell off the assets next. Would anyone want to pickup the D4505's and Prevosts? I dont think the older units have any value left in them.
  15. I would like to know if the executives and the people up at the top will be taking a pay cut? Why should the drivers be the one to suffer. They would be better off finding work at who ever takes those routes. Even if they loose their seniority.
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