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  1. You may not like the new street cars but at least we are not having issues like Ottawa is. Every system has its issues, but with about 200 in service I think we are in good shape.
  2. I was under the impression that the new cab car order was enough to replace all of the old ones?
  3. I notice that there work cars are coupled to H4 train sets. Will they be compatible with T1's? Or will they just be dead in tow? I guess we also have a track geometry train? There is a T1 trainset that has red lasers. But by using T1's as work cars, does that make it hard to keep up with daily service requirements and rebuilds?
  4. And let them get potentially vandalized?
  5. Some of the older double deckers will be retired soon as well requiring more buses to replace those. It's cheaper to keep the assembly line going than to have it and and start up again, so I wonder what the plan is.
  6. Once this current order of doubled Decker's is finished, is that it for new buses? They will continue to retire MCI coaches, and is there a need to replace them with single level busses where double deckers are not needed?
  7. They need to close the whole line? Why not in stages?
  8. If they where going to keep the Ren Rolling Stock around for a while, would it be worth it to make the HEP generator smaller and make better use of the empty car by adding seats?
  9. Although the technology is interesting, the moral of the story is they should have stuck with streetcars.
  10. But in an enclosed system, that would not be an issue. But are there any advantages to this system over conventional third rail systems?
  11. Have they corrected some of these design flaws in newer versions of this vehicle?
  12. Is there no space between the building and the cross over? Why not move the cross over to farther down the bridge.
  13. You could add an additional car to the consist giving more capacity. How about using a Step back system to allow for faster turn around?
  14. Why not just extend the high platform to platform 3. One more car length would be possible since the locomotive usually takes up that space when a GO train is there.
  15. The routes with Less ridership are Sarnia VIA Kitchener. They are looking at a new route near Halifax, and maybe if that becomes a reality they can be used there. I am more concerned about the fact that the current terminal is setup for high floor boarding, and the curves are very tight. Are they planning on building a new terminal building? The way it is currently designed is very convenient for everyone. Why change it if it's not broken?
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