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  1. Are the Sumitomo cars used on the UP express suitable for long distance travel? What if you used different seats?
  2. They only have one device to upload one bus at a time? Why did this occur all of the sudden? How do they have a fix without knowing what the case is.
  3. What about the hybrid in the back? And the NG missing its front.
  4. They only have one round trip to STC for $13.90 return. Does the just do this route or is it an extension of another trip?
  5. When they say shipping, do they mean to thunderbay? Wasn't Bombardier doing repairs to the Skytriain cars at Via TMC? Could repairs be done there?
  6. It would help if either Union or Spadina could hold two cars. This would prevent as many cars to be backed up at either end of each line.
  7. I don't think coach Canada and PW have special plates but they do have stickers on the window. I guess this is part of the plan to make Pearson a Transportation hub.
  8. The biggest problem is at Union. If there is a LFRV in the station the second one needs to wait. Sometimes the operator takes his time with the washroom causing the other trains to wait in the tunnel is there no space to extend the platform?
  9. Maybe more NG hybrids are out for rebuild? Hence more OG hybrids around?
  10. I wish that GO Transit would put dead heading trains into service even if it's express back to Union or the opposite.
  11. Yes or the P42's
  12. Funny that the Orion VI's had disk brakes and that didn't go well. Too early for their time?
  13. When the TTC has CNG buses during snow storms the buses needed to go back to wilson to fill up during rush hour causing a shortage of busses during peak times.
  14. What happens if the bus gets stuck in traffic for extended periods of time? If it runs out of power it will need to be towed? I can imagine during snow storms the buses will get stuck in traffic and run out of juice before it gets to the changing station.
  15. In this video you can see the Fin on the back of the locomotive.