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  1. They can get windows from retired buses, and hopefully the graffiti will come off with paint thinner.
  2. If the fire surpression system worked, why are there flames still coming out of the back of the bus when Toronto Fire arrived.
  3. I hope they know that their faces are on TV. Good luck explaining that to your boss at work the next day.
  4. Since the HEP cars don't have MU cables does this mean that the second unit is DIT providing HEP to the coaches?
  5. I'm sure eventually they will figure out a way to take the heat from the batteries and use that energy to heat the bus. Until then i guess it's more efficient to have an aux generator for heat.
  6. And why cancel the wonderland service? It is more direct than taking the TTC..
  7. So the 38 is cancelled but is there still service to Bolton from Brampton? I guess nobody was taking the bus to port Perry.
  8. In retrospect, if they where rebuilt 5 years ago and where rebuilt properly, would they still be in service today?
  9. This new corridor fleet is intended to replace the LRC and HEP II cars. Does this include the REN cars as well? With these HEP II cars going through an overhaul can they be reassigned to other areas? It would be a shame to retire them when they are all fixed up. Same goes with the rebuit LRC cars, could they be reassigned to expand service in Quebec or Eastern Canada?
  10. I find that a lot of the arrow division buses have their windows locked shut. Makes it harder to get air in the bus.
  11. The limited stops make the trip faster, making the service more attractive? The backing up at Hamilton probably doesn't help. I'm sure that in the winter people would rather take the train than drive to Toronto. Trains leaving Toronto going to Niagara for the morning and then going back in the evening would help tourism. The QEW in either direction is not fun to drive at any time of the day on weekdays.
  12. For sure I agree with you, they just don't see that they did this to themselves. Cutting routes, feeder routes, late buses with poor customer service. However they seem to be hirring new drivers, saw a few buses driving around downtown Toronto with the training banner on them.
  13. When you reduce the business to bear ones with extremely poor customer service, you eliminated the reason why people used your service. Maybe investing in their business to grow their customer base would help grow their profit margins.
  14. I hope they fixed all of the cracked windsheilds.
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