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  1. VIA Rail Canada

    It's interesting that a lot of P42's are assigned to trains with Budd cars which have a lower top speed. Is that because those cars are heavier?
  2. Amtrak

    Is there a reason why MPI's locomotives are only purchased for commuter rail operators? Why did Amatrak and other long haul passenger rail agencies purchase the charger or EMD products? Is there something about them that makes them less attractive for long haul routes?
  3. VIA Rail Canada

    It's because their maintenance is limited to TMC and MMR. They where procured for use in the corridor.
  4. Ontario Northland Railway

    A political change at Queens Park to concervative won't help the northlander. And a NDP government in party is highly unlikely, unless just locally in the North.
  5. Ontario Northland Railway

    What is the reason for lowering the speed if the train has a APU as a separate unit?
  6. They can loop around in the parking lot.
  7. Ontario Northland Railway

    ONR is saying that the rebuilt northlander cars are going to be used on the polar near express, so in order to bring back the Northlander they would need to procure rolling stock. Two train sets would require about 10 cars? Plus some spares? Are there any NJ commet cars or AMT Ex GO cars available that could be refurbished and put into service? How about metrolink (California) bi-level cars? Are those still in storage? New equipment would be nice but I don't know if that's realistic. Leasing cars from VIA isn't possible since they is no spare rolling stock available.
  8. TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Was it an automatic train control issue?
  9. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Apparently there was no power at Greenwood Until about 8am this morning. http://www.680news.com/2018/01/08/large-power-outage/ I'm surprised to find out they dont have more than one feed into the yard? Or a generator?
  10. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Remember the everything before the H5 cars didn't have air conditioning. Not to mention that safety is now a greater concern than it was before.
  11. VIA Rail Canada

    Any specific reason why it was 7 hours late?
  12. So how likely is it for charter operators to pick up Alexander Dennis super low floor units? VS Vanhool which one has more cargo capacity?
  13. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Is this the unit that was wrecked?
  14. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Anyone have stats on which is heavier?
  15. There where a lot of comments on this board with the lack of reliability with the Setra units, and the companies that took them on mostly had them sitting around more than they where on the road. I doubt that going out in their own will improve sales but perhaps the European transit busses they have might have a place in the north American market?