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  1. Ontario Northland

    If it can do a round trip from North Bay to Toronto on one tank that's pretty good. Can the diesel bus do the same? I guess if it was fast fill they could fill it in a few minutes?
  2. General Subway/RT Discussion

    This idea is similar to what was done when the H5 cars where not allowed to be used as lead cars due to a safety issue. They eventually fixed it, but for a while a lot of them had stickers on them saying not to use them as a lead car. So it's possible but what you are talking about is totally different. You would need to build consists so that lead cars are fitted with ATO. This would mean you would need to change the current equipment cycle schedule to match that requirement. This also would mean that the cars with ATO would see more service than the middle cars since they would be in demand more often. And what would you do if there were not enough of those cars available for service? You would have cars lying around in the yard that could be used for service. So it's not going to happen. It would be a logistical nightmare.
  3. TTC in the news

    Sheppard station washrooms smell really bad,
  4. General Subway/RT Discussion

    For the odd time this is required I don't think the costs can be justified. Otherwise they would do it.
  5. VIA Rail Canada

    If VIA actually builds the northern high speed route, i foresee problems in Peterborough where there isn't a lot of space to build a second track. I guess they would need to buy those home owners out and evict them or build it overhead. I dont see that working out too well.
  6. GO Transit

    Does this make the trip shorter?
  7. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Can they not do it in stages? Or utilize the pocket track while they fix each main line?
  8. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Has anyone else noticed that the track between Eglinton and St Clair through Davisville is very rough at high speeds? (Southbound)
  9. Buses for sale

    What kind of mileage do they have?
  10. Canada 150 Train

    Why is there one car with fading paint? http://railpictures.net/photo/626594/ Who gets to ride on the train?
  11. TTC Delays and Disruptions

    What about shuttle buses connecting east and west stations, and then shutting down the line where the problems exist? For example shut down between St George and Union for yesterday's issue.
  12. What about all of those unofficial daily delays? Taking 40 minutes sometimes to get from Eglinton to Finch or Eglinton west to Downs view? And these delays are not announced or explained? The worst part is when you file a complaint and it goes nowhere, and nobody responds. It's almost as if these problems are part of the status quo, just another day at the office.
  13. TTC Delays and Disruptions

    An easy solution would be to short turn half the trains at union and have them go back up to finch. Park some of the excess trains in tail tracks or at Davisville yard until the problem cleared. This would mean less trains but more space for the trains to travel meaning faster travel times. The trains would be fuller but at least they would be moving. I just don't understand why they can't put into place simple Solutions like these. Im sure if they offered overtime, there could have been drivers that would be willing to work shuttle service during the outage. Don't tell me that they dont have 20 spare buses that are not scheduled for maintenance during the day. And 20 operators who would work overtime.
  14. TTC Delays and Disruptions

    The delays today must have been really frustrating for commuters. Could the TTC have handled the situation better? Perhaps running shuttle busses after the morning rush to help alleviate the delayed passengers? Could routing trains through lower Bay allowed them to add more trains in the morning? Instead of using the bottom loop, which is where the problem spot was? I just feel like them saying sorry is not good enough. There must be mechanisms put into place to help people. Perhaps running more buses between east and west stations to allow customers to use the yonge line? I just feel like they are always apologizing for stuff that goes wrong and don't really do anything during the crisis to help accommodate passengers.
  15. Especially with the attitude that some employees have towards customers and the lack of communication with delays. If we are the best transit system in North America I wonder how much worse everywhere else is.