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  1. So the last buses without ABS are the D40-90's and Classics? I believe the 97 Orion V's did have ABS but primitive. Did the RTS' have ABS?
  2. But interesting enough HP ratings have not changed much even though buses have become heavier. 50 Series 250HP 725 ft⋅lbf (983 N⋅m) @ 1200 rpm 6V-71 225HP 600 lb⋅ft (813 N⋅m) @ 1600 RPM ULSD: Cummins ISL 8.9 280 HP Hybrid: Cummins ISL 8.9 280 HP or Cummins ISB 6.7 280 HP Natural Gas: Cummins ISL 8.9 280 HP
  3. I remember the first batch of D4500's GO transit got came with Kumho tires and within 3 months of them hitting the road they were going bauld. Was traction less of an issue when buses were not as fast? Did fishies do better in snow than the heavy buses we have now?
  4. Does it affect fuel economy at all? I bet those all season tires are useless with more than 10cm of snow.
  5. I noticed that some hybrids have these knobby Goodyear tires. Why is it only certain buses that are being outfitted? I thought that they were going to do that for attics?
  6. Why don't they just fix the permanent slow orders? That way you could maintain the schedule without using Hi-rate. Is that slow order at Yorkdale going to get resolved anytime soon?
  7. Ah I see. Thanks. So that door is to access the hidden platform? I guess there is a plan to make use of this platform in the near future?
  8. That's in reference to the center platform on line 4. This door is on line 1 northbound. Is there another platform behind that wall?
  9. I thought that they were going to extend the LRT from the EX to Humber? When the queen car can run again isn't that faster than a bus stuck in traffic?
  10. I still think that it makes sense to have a express service to Bernard Terminal stopping only at Richmond Hill Centre heading to Newmarket. That might save you 30min. It makes no sense that sometimes 99/98 which is a local service is faster than BRT.
  11. The service has gotten worse today than it was when GO ran it. You could go from Finch to Newmarket in one hour. It now takes two.
  12. Does anyone know what this door is for? Sheppard station northbound.
  13. Viva doesn't even serve Keswick....
  14. The former Toronto Hydro building is being used as a homeless shelter. They could tear it down and start digging from there. Move the shelter somewhere else or behind it has some space they could build a temporary structure.
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