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  1. If they can schedule it properly two routes could share a bus Bay.
  2. Any idea where they where going to get work done?
  3. Any idea if those REN Cars where in service on this train?
  4. You know the track gauge is different right? And you can't mix heavy and light rail due to safety regulations. The subway yard would be a different area all together, and the tracks cannot be shared even if it was electrified .
  5. The Destination Sign is missing...
  6. Are they allowed in the terminal? Looks really tight.
  7. How much recovery time does it have in Vancouver before it needs to depart.
  8. If i'm not mistaken Obico yard was purchased by Metrolinx not the city of Toronto.
  9. Don't forget that this trans continental train travels 5000km one way on shared track. If it was 24 hours late, did it leave on time the next Day? Is there a spare trains Set? But in terms of the corridor, three times out of three that I traveled it was more than 30 minutes late. Why not just change the scedule to match actual travel times?
  10. I saw these old photo's of Orion I's the TTC had. This picture is from about 1982, why did these buses have a paint scheme without grey, but other buses ordered afterwards came with grey paint? The new flyer's and classics all came with Grey paint. Was this paint scheme ahead of its time?
  11. Was it only a cosmetic rebuild? Some shots from up high show solar panels? Is that for the interior lights?
  12. Do they still have frame cracks issues? If it was really a safety concern they wouldn't be on the road....right?
  13. Are those RMR cars in storage or surplus during the off season?
  14. They have the three units they were testing on the Chatham sub. I think the plan was to start the service from Stratford to Toronto or London to Windsor . Not sure why it never got off the ground . Are those unit's in storage at MMC? What happened to the lake superior route changing to Locomotive hauled Trains?
  15. Apparently VIA tried to buy some used RDC's. Where would they get capital funds for this? Too bad it didn't work out.