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  1. There must be a manual air release to allow them to open the luggage doors. Unless that was broken also.
  2. Did it even take that long to build it in the first place? Even if you broke it down into sections, it should not take that long. Who would sign off on such a plan?
  3. Possibly a 20% savings in fuel? But I would think that having more standard equipment would make sense.
  4. You make it sound like there is something wrong with Kingston cars.
  5. Did he hate his job so much that he just left the bus there? Usually there is another bus that meets them so the drivers swap and change direction.
  6. That's cute. But does the smaller bus save money on operating costs?
  7. They are cutting the bus to Brantford so for now I would say no. In order for GO to be more successful in out lying areas they need to look at running smaller equipment. The cost for to justify a 12 car GO train makes it difficult to expand into new areas. Look at Hamilton, we have a station there but no all day service. I think there are areas that need service before going to London.
  8. If you have driven to Bolton or Orangeville you will notice that there are a lot of new communities popping up and there is tons of future growth. It's like how they cut the Barrie GO train only to bring it back later. Two steps back, one step forward. I'm sure that once a formal announcement is made, the mayor's of those cities won't be happy. And neither will be the constituents of those areas where those MPP's represent.
  9. The point you are missing is that you need service to build ridership. Bolton is just outside of Brampton and without GO bus service there is no direct connection. I think that the Niagara GO Train in the morning that carries an average of 7 people a day from Niagara Falls is even more a waste of money, and the fact that it takes forever to get to Union. They should have waited till the service could be run properly before launching the service. There are other routes such as the Kitchener line that could have made better use of those resources. The Barrie bus service is important because the plan is to have all day train service between Toronto and Barrie and having the bus builds the ridership for when the train goes all the way during off peak. It just seems like these cuts are politically motivated and not based on Ridership or future transit expansion. The Hamilton bus is extremely popular, why cut that route? It gets you there faster than the train does during off peak and evenings.
  10. That line to Sutton would be really convenient for commuters today if that line was still in place..
  11. So has the schedule been changed to remove the 100mph running?
  12. I think that Andrew Sheer has more to worry about this coming election with these cuts, and that might be a good thing.
  13. Between Barrie and Collingwood, highway 26 can be very snowy in the winter, are these buses fitted with knobby tires? Will they be able to sustain highway speeds between Barrie and Orillia? The service between Collingwood and Barrie would be useful on weekends. Does the region think that people dont travel on weekends?
  14. That front bumper is nice and beat up. That front bumper is nice and beat up.
  15. It's clear where the Ford government wants to take transit in this province. They have their own agenda and people should be careful who they vote for in the federal election this year. A lot of those services are essential to the future growth of the system.
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