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  1. Well the buses may need different paint since you need to know what region the bus is from or going to. But the fare structure and route management would be centralized.
  2. Are there revenue seats in a cab car that you would loose if you where to use that space for luggage or pets?
  3. Since there is only one locomotive per trainset it would be nice if they used the cab car for luggage and pets.
  4. There are way to many people not obeying rules.
  5. In all fairness i think that what he's trying to say is that it doesn't need to be 10 or 15 or 17 or whatever the number. It's not to distract them from driving the bus safely. Just comes across as not so nice. I still think blocking off cab cars is a good idea, but then you put more people in less cars. At least the the TR's have closed cabs.
  6. If that's the case just become a trucking company.
  7. Who is it being contacted out to? Using ONT equipment?
  8. So now more the reason to block off cab cars to prevent more people from being infected.
  9. Is it possible on the T1's to stop the doors on the first and last car from opening? Why not block the first and last car from passengers? Or use those red tarps to prevent people from getting on? Same with GO transit. Why not prevent people from boarding can cars?
  10. Do you need to remove panels to be able to see the frame? Is that why the frame corrosion issues where not discovered during regular maintenance? How many KM's did they have when they where retired? Didn't the D40-89's have the same issue? Nobody ever thought that carbon steel would rust? But this issue didn't exist with fishbowls?
  11. In New York the area that is locked down has national guard troops handing out food. https://www.yourcentralvalley.com/news/governor-newsom-deploys-california-national-guard-to-help-distribute-food-at-food-banks/
  12. So if you wanted to get home I guess you would need to take a cab from the bus station to the border and then cross on foot.
  13. Canadians can come back from the US, it's just anyone else who can't.
  14. So how would that work? They would need to add third rail contacts? And then make it compatible for high level boarding? Considering how unreliable they are, what would be the advantage of that when we could use T1's.
  15. Currently there is an 80% drop in ridership. Are you saying that we should run services at 100% when only 20% of the volume is there? Not sure what you want here.
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