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  1. Possible that they did that anticipating that it was going to snow.
  2. But when the "Road" runs out underneath them you would think that they would turn around instead keep going for another 1.5km's and total their car.
  3. Never mind getting a ticket, they need to have their car lifted by a special machine to get out. So it's not like you can just turn around and leave. Besides it's almost 2km from that entrance to the Union platform. If you haven't figured out that there is something wrong by the time you got there, you do not deserve your license. Especially if you did it on purpose. Plus odds are your car is destroyed.
  4. So the fact that the budget went over what they foretasted means that more people used it! Doesn't this mean that this is a good thing? We encouraged people to take transit and it was successful! WOW. Now lets get rid of it. Great Idea!
  5. Now that is an accomplishment! Why dont they stop once the tarmac runs out shortly down the ramp? They must be really committed to go all the way to the platform. And I guess the Queens Quay platform is no indication that they are in the wrong place.
  6. Apparently the issue has to do with the fact that the train wheels have flat spots. How is it possible that so many trains have flatspots? Can't they machine the wheels to be smooth again in a few hours? Do they not have spare wheel sets available? Or is this just an example of poor resources management? Why not have the phase II cars tested so they can be used in service incase this type of issue comes up?
  7. It seems like the management has no clue what they are doing. Meanwhile the mayor isn't do much to rectify the situation.
  8. This is a disaster. Now only 8 trains running.
  9. How many spare trains are there? 13 are required for service but how many are available in total?
  10. I think that your points are fair. However what's to say that any other vendor could have done a better job? Look at Ottawa. I think that your points are fair. However what's to say that any other vendor could have done a better job? Look at Ottawa, they are having worse issues with their cars getting stuck in the snow, door problems and problems with cab heat. Although we have had our share of issues, Bombardier is doing what they can to manage issues and to correct them. At least the majority of them are meeting their reliability targets and meeting service level objectives (with the fleet available). Also take into consideration that the legacy system that the TTC has its unique challenges. Tight curves and steep grades. You dont see the ION cars making the news on a daily basis, indicating that the system is shut down due to issues with the equipment.
  11. The artics on the yonge shuttle where doing fine. There where a few buses abandoned on mount pleasant. There where no plows out there (on mount pleasant)
  12. I would think it would be possible to strip them to the frame and then install all new train control equipment with the latest technology. But at that point it might be easier to build new cars from scratch, plus with the open gangway design you have less cabs, which require less maintenance and can carry more passengers.
  13. I guess that even replacing the computer that controls the trains was considered? The trains of the past where mostly mechanical. The T1's have a lot of electronics and computers that control it's operations, and I guess that's why they cannot be in service for as long as the previous cars where.
  14. Are they the same ones used on non hybrid units? The non hybrid ones dont smoke.
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