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  1. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/ttc-orders-110-buses-from-nfi-group-subsidiary-to-update-wheel-trans-fleet-1.1631413 Is there a reason why they didn't order more promasters instead?
  2. I clicked on a bunch of departure cities and there are no destination cities for any of them.
  3. Shaun


    With all the bad PR this has caused, you would think they would just replace those buses are new ones? It would likely be cheaper. Can you repair a unibody fibreglass body?
  4. But there is no way for them to pass each other if the bus breaks down. I thought it would be easier to build bus priority lanes along Midland.
  5. https://www.trains.com/trn/news-reviews/news-wire/remote-canadian-first-nation-owned-railway-to-receive-c55-million-for-modernization/ What kind of rolling stock do they think they will be able to purchase with that money? Are there any EX-montreal GO Cars available that could be refurbished?
  6. One track on the Campa sub is complete and connected to the main line. The other track needs some work yet. The industrial siding to the west of the cross overs got a dwarf signal, to enter the main line. Is that going to be required going forward? Makes sense from a safety perspective. Signal picture
  7. Why not have train marshall's on board for those trains in the middle of nowhere? Two officers per train. Canadian, ocean, and the train to Churchill. On rotation how many officers would be required? 20? Then you would need to provide sleeping arrangements and food on board. All of that cost would need to be added to each ticket. Might cost $2.00 for every ticket sold if you include the corridor trains.
  8. Since currently anything west of Brantford is only serviced by VIA and there are only 4 trips a day, it's kinda hard to get around. And Kitchener west to London. Maybe a bus service from Hamilton via Highway 6 to Guelph would make sense.
  9. Looks like there is a plan for VIA to start commuter service from Kitchener using RDC's. I wasn't aware that there are any operational units left? Aren't they all used in Sudbury? https://www.therecord.com/news/waterloo-region/2016/03/04/via-rail-calls-on-old-trains-for-new-service-to-kitchener.html
  10. I bet you the Milk run has more ridership than the express buses.
  11. Is the bus going to travel along process to get to McCowan? Doesn't that duplicate the TTC service that is already in place?
  12. They didnt built a cross over in the tail track?
  13. Sounds like gross miss management and purposefully running the company into the ground. Managers and VP's made their money and let the company starve to death.
  14. Why invest in something that is loosing money? Besides that money should be going to corporate bonuses not fixed buses. The D4505's were new....in 2006.
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