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  1. Got to ride 6351 on 95 Fallowfield from Kent at 1600 yesterday. 6351 was on 2 Blair today at 1150 on Kent street. Very nice interior but I dont like the Stop request roof signs in the front part. Reminds me of STO RTS as the Exit at rear is on front bulkhead, Another above middle doors (a newflyer casing saying STOP REQUESTED), and the third at the regular spot in the trailer section before bulkhead saying exit at rear. Powertrain sounds a lot better that the 6000s. the joint section is awesome, lots of room ang grabstraps in the middle of bellows finally. Hope thay are good buses in the long run.
  2. Speaking ou useless tax dollars being spent, why are they wasting money repainting some of the 4000 series? 4019 was in fine shape and did not need new paint!! Also buses are still being spotted in Arnprior, just not an Antrim. There are always buses parkes on HWY 17 , 2 min east of Arnprior. The buses look like they are being hidden from view but are quite visible from the highway.
  3. Just saw 0702 broken down on HWY5 southbound lane between Mont-Bleu and st-Raymond exits.
  4. Its a turn off for tourists as well who want to come to the nations Capital, and read that Ottawa is not even capable of running public transit... Then the Mayor fiasco., O-train lawsuit. OCtranspo was better off before amalgamation.
  5. Thanks Tom thats all great pics. I was born in 1982 I have little memories from a child but those pics bring back a hole lot. 8776 was once on the cover of the transit map and I do remember the Montreal Fishbowls that would be layed up at Hurdman station in the mid 80. They had large OCTranspo billboards in the side add racks on the bus. I also remember they would park in the far east bays at ST-Laurent south Garage. Remember the Artic too I thought it was an articulated D60 at the time but it had Glide-slide rear doors. Again Tom... props...
  6. What happened to the Engin the bus is a year old
  7. Saw ex STCUQ 8620 (i think) on des Allumetiere westbound. Front Luminator said Hors-Service but it had a red LED sign on the back it sait 3242. Phone number is 770-3242!!!! Whats with that!
  8. I also though 4140 was the only VI to have a rack! oops.. 6023, 6095, 6177 and 6178 have extra holes on the engin compartment pannel (hood) to prevent overheating. 6325 has a egg-white A/C ceiling cover at the back section of the bus. 9303 no longer has its extra turn signals above the headlights that the fleet of 93 has. 9054 has a solid pane of glass behind the front door instead of tip in and black frames. (ex TTC window frames) 8950 has a large black trim painted around the rear window. 9701 had a piece of trim that looked like a piece of stained wood above the hump between the back seats instead of the stainless. have not been on 9701 in a long time.
  9. its something to talk about. Also i remember before, OC passes were not valid on STO buses before 9am. I never had a problem thoe.
  10. Have a look at this video, look for the articulated bus and comment on driver reaction! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKJDPGOdsHg
  11. Lincoln fields is the biggest. St-laurent tunnel also and Hurdman the most busy.
  12. I remember back in 1991, the 96 would go to airport before the 97 was invented. Riverside to heron to Billings. Also remember buses would get off at Riverside station (Pleasant park was not open yet) down Riverside to Bank and then Billings Bridge.
  13. I am having a hard time understanding why they would scrap 8222. They have done major engin work and a lot of bodywork on it. They have a lot of money to throw away apparently. Maybe start a petition to at least keep What has alredy been fixed (8222-8501-6101-5931-Sunshine bus).
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