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  1. ilbuses_6333

    STO bus spottings

    Bonjour! Had a bit of time on my hands today so here goes. Got to ride 7901 (felt good to ride a fishie again) on the "45". Spotted 7757 Northbound on Portage bridge displaying "Eleve au Volant" student driver. 8401 on "45 Galleries Aylmer" 8785 and 8413 spotted in service on Portage street in Hull. Paint peeling off front doorside rim of 8413, can see the red OC paint. 8805 has a red OC rim driverside rear, same as 8413..... peeling paint. Casino bus 0606 on "67 Les Promenade", saw 0710-0711-0007-0011- (0012 "98 Buckingham")-9003-04-9011 and a few other LFS. Original STO buses (No LED lights, still blue stripe) spotted are 9118-9120-9127-9205. A bien-tot Cheers