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  1. The round trip fare is $4, with no time limit on return, so if you use it as a commuting option, the price is cheaper than the cash fare of the LRT (2x$2.25=$4.50).
  2. The 5 and a handful of 3/120's got trolleyised (152 wound up on 12002 in the evening). The 135's 2 midday runs were left as diesels, and the 3 runs that came out aroun 1100 were trolleys.
  3. I didn't see any trolley runs before going to the University (128 showed up on time), but after school finished at 1100, I went via Downtown using the LRT, and the 5's were all trolleys. The 135 was a mixture of trolleys and diesels, and the 3/120 looked to be all diesels still. Bill finished his shift with 175 today. Also out were 126,130,138,160,170,195,198
  4. Probaly not for the simple reason that New Flyer is headquatered in Winnipeg, so Winnipeg would probaly go for D40LF's to support "local" business.
  5. And 3 Cromdale, 7 Belgravia, 120 Stadium, 133 Parkallen, 9 Southgate, 9 Northgate, 1 West Edmonton Mall, 135 Downtown, 134 Northgate, 8 Abbotsfield, etc.
  6. Whatever it was that ailed 135 couldn't have been too serious, as it was out both Tuesday and today (On 12014 on Tuesday, and 13310 today)
  7. I have to work 10-6 on Monday, so I can't meet up. I will try to get it on Saturday at noon, if you want to sneak out of work early cap'n.
  8. That's because the trolley routes are actually given layover time, and not interlined with crap that takes them halfway across the city. At Westmount, the 5/135 runs every 7-8 minutes, and it's given a 7 minute layover at Westmont, so one bus should pull out just as the other pulls in, but with traffic and loads some come earlier and some later. It's the same way with the 120 at Jasper Place, getting a 12 minute layover and 15 minute service. This was posted in another thread, but fits better here. Train 10 died at University today around 1515 (consist of 1001, 1024 and 1034). With that train blocking the SB track, service was single tracked from the south end of the bridge to Health Sciences, so I imagine the LRT would have a little messed up in the PM rush hour.
  9. That Clock Tower seems to be ETS's latest signature piece. They put one in at Heritage, Mill Woods, Clareview, Kingsway and Telus Tower. So, it looks like every time a transit center gets upgraded, it gets a giant clock put in. (Accuracy on the clock is not promised)
  10. And, on Wednesday morning when I headed to University by taking a 133 to 116 St/107 Ave, then transferring to a 130 down the hill (the 128 was late and Groat Road was delayed by an accident, for those of you wondering why I would take a route like that), there an ETS person doing a passenger count on the bus at 116 St/Jasper Ave SB. The counter also made a note when the driver told her that his run was overcrowded from Northgate to St Joseph High School (just south of Kingsway), so ETS may be trying to figure out which routes are most in need of extra service.
  11. A interesting day for unit 102 on route 3 (run 305) today. Driven by a rookie, wound up being 30 minutes late at Jasper Place at 1500, placing right ahead of unit 129 on the 3 that was two runs behind it. Run 316, which should have been 15 minutes behind it wound up being 15 minutes ahead. So 102 takes off from Jasper Place, and I follow soon after on 129, which catches up to 102 on 124 St. The driver then drops all his passengers, who all get on 129 and 102 takes off. Then at 101 St and 102 Ave, 129 once again catches up to 102, which dewired on the trailing switch, because the driver was in the second lane from the curb (trying to avoid pulling into the stop). Once it's rewired, 102 takes off like a flash again, only to dewire again at the switch at 99 St/102 Ave, which the driver did not slow down for. On the other hand, I did manage to get an interesting shot of two trolleys head on on 102 Ave just east of 101 St.
  12. I had that happen to me on Tuesday morning, on the LRT at Corona to University. The chimes had sounded, so these two guys decided to hold the doors open, to allow their friend to run down the stairs and get on...and the person after that... and another person who had just appeared at the top of the stairs. I think the next BOB on LRT campaign: Don't block the doors. Also of note, there was an article in the Journal a couple days ago about a whole list of transportation things, and one of the points was that 76 Ave station will now be named Belgravia-McKernan Station.
  13. Actually, don't expect to see car 1 ever run too much. My dad (who works for city attractions), has told me that car 1 is an historical asset, and so it is not to be run for regular service, but mainly preserved and only used for special occasions. And, the fact that it will be 99 years old next year, and only has a wooden frame means it will not be best to use if for crush loads the streetcars get at the park.
  14. Unfortunatley, there's a gap between where Edmonton's Electric Transit leaves off (mid 1982), and where my own recollection begins (mid 90's). It's up to people like you to fill in that gap Terry. The 33 and 52 both currently occupy the two bays right beside the building. Unfortunatley, the picture is too focused on 100, and so there is not a lot of context to figure out exactly which bay it is in.
  15. Considering that Kingsway got its original realignment back in the early 1980's, you probaly are the only one who remembers it, as most of us weren't in existance then.
  16. Actually, some of the routes Ode proposed have better or equivalent service than the mainline routes. Out of all of ETS's routes, right now only the 1,4,5/135,6,8,9,140 and LRT (and the overlap of the 3 and 7 on 107 Ave), have service better than 30 minutes outside of Rush Hour. Routes such as the 33,81 and 125 have the same service levels as routes 3,7/133 and 14, all of which are "Base" routes. All this base route/community route stuff is one of the great legacies of Horizon 2000. At the time, when dividing up the city for which routes should be assigned route numbers it was done rather illogically, and with no thought to future expansion. For instance, on June 29, 1997, #71 was the only free route number in Mill Woods, and now with the growth that area has seen, reused route numbers are being used (the current routes 78 and 79 mark the second time those numbers have been used on a route post Horizon 2000). I think ETS may be starting to move away from the practise of grouping "community route" numbers in one area, as we have already seen routes assigned that do not conform to their area (39,59,191,196,197,198 (sort of),199)
  17. It's not that there's more classes at University on Tuesday/Thursday that causes the problem, it's actually tha fact that there are less classes of different length, and they start at different times. :angry: At the University classes are divided up so that they occur on Monday/Wednesday/Friday Or Tuesday/Thursday. On M/W/F, classes are an hour long, and always start on the hour. On T/R, classes are an hour and a half long (to make up for the fact that they occur less often), and thus start every hour and a half. (800,930,1100,etc). As a result, a run that is crowded on M/W/F may not be crowded on T/R. For instance, the 4 leaving WEM at 830 would be full on M/W/F, since it arrives at the University right in time for the 900 class, while the one leaving WEM at 900 and arriving at University at 930 would see lighter loads due to the fact that it wouldn't arrive at a class start time. On T/R, due to the different class start times, the loads on the trips would be reversed with the 830 bus light and the 900 bus full. I saw the third Prevost of the new Strathcona order, 1009, running at the University on Friday and today.
  18. I was riding the 3 by Mitchell, and saw the Hybrids so I bailed, and got some pictures. There's a DE40LF and an Orion 7 hybrid, both of which are demo buses. Both had plates for the US. I was shown the inside of the DE40LF by an ETS employee on site who saw me taking pictures. Some notes, the hybrids diesel engine is the same size as the one in a pickup truck, and apparently with our own DE40LF's, we will not be getting driver operator doors, but a technology similar to the hand waving rear doors on the LFS.
  19. I doubt we'll see the return of 5 minute service with the new cars, since ETS is ordering the bare minimum of cars for the extension, so the tight spare ratio will likely continue.
  20. Nope, the passenger side was done at the same time as the driver's side, back in May 2006.
  21. 144's had that for a while. The last two panels on the driver's side have also been replaced.
  22. Makes sense that 101 and Jasper would be worn out, since every single trolley route goes through that intersection.
  23. A bit behind (that pole's actually been up for a couple weeks), but it is still a good thing. Previously that hanger was held up by a span wire which was attached to a pole in the middle of the Westmount Island as well, but that pole has been removed. Also, the feeder cable has been moved from the middle of Westmount to the side, so this work is all being done to accomodate the trolleys during the reconstruction of Westmount. So, this September (or whenever construction actually begins) when Westmount is rebuilt, there will still be trolleys on the 5/135
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