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  1. The stalled bus also resulted in the 5, 6 and 19 all being horribly off schedule for the PM rush hour and early evening.
  2. The service changes, and the sheet with the drivers signing new shifts all started on September 6. The Sept 21 sheet is an update to the TComm info to reflect any minor changes that have occurred since the new sheet began, such as adding the overload trips to the 44, or the 3's SB stop at Main and Broadway moving across the intersection. If you pay attention to the alerts page, they are often minor changes to service between sheets, mostly bus stop relocations or slight adjustments to departure times to improve connections. The data available for third party websites will then be updated mid sheet to ensure accurate info.
  3. CMBC D40LF 7438 heads north on route 3 on Main St at Broadway in the early hours of September 19, 2021. This bus was running instead of the E60LFR trolleybuses due to construction at the south end of the route in the intersection of Main St and Marine Dr.
  4. The PM rush hour was a bit of a disaster in Vancouver today. There was a protest march on Broadway, so the 9 and 99 were on detour between Cambie and Oak and were horribly off schedule and coming in packs. There was a lot of traffic congestion around Marine Dr and the Arthur Liang Bridge, so the 10 and 17 were terminating at Marpole Loop, while the 100 was terminating at Marine Dr Stn, and there were alerts that all three routes were experiencing delays of 40 to 60 minutes. And there was an MVA somewhere in East Van that resulted in alerts for 40 to 60 minute delays on the 20,41,49 and R4.
  5. CMBC XN40 16048 lays over at the SFU exchange as a route 143 on September 7, 2021. This was the first day of operation for route 143 in over a year. When Simon Fraser University went to online learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, route 143 was cancelled, since its ridership vanished and there were alternative routes available. With SFU resuming in person classes for September 2021, this route, along with route 44, has resumed operation. Though for the time being it is running with 40 foot buses instead of artics.
  6. Similar trips existed pre-Covid with 44's coming out of BTC running in service on a short 95/R5; in theory they should run with standard artics. It remains to be seen what equipment actually winds up on the 44 tomorrow, given that some of the artics at BTC have been diverted to the 240.
  7. The service is designed for people commuting between Chestemere and Downtown Calgary, and is scheduled for that market. The off peak direction trips (AM EB & PM WB) are basically bonus trips, since the bus will be heading that way anyway and may as well run in service. Hence, they are timed around the operational needs of the commuter trips
  8. The last independent Blue Bus Order was the 1999 D40LF's. Since then, all new Blue Buses have been ordered and allocated by Translink.
  9. Construction on Willingdon at Metrotown, so the 19 (and the 130) is using McKay Ave between Kingsway and Central Blvd. The 49 gets a big detour, going via Patterson, Kingsway, McKay.
  10. 9211 wound up replacing 16105 on the 350 this evening.
  11. They are not going to the island, Fraser Health is using them for a mobile vaccine clinic at the Tswwassen Ferry Terminal today. https://www.fraserhealth.ca/easi
  12. CMBC's newest Seabus, the Burrard Chinook, crosses Vancouver Harbor approaching Lonsadale Quay on its second day of service. This vessel has been given an art wrap showing the lifecycle of the Chinook Salmon it is named for, giving it a distinct appearance compared to the other Seabuses.
  13. I don't think it's an illusion. Even later in the turn closer up it still looked the same:
  14. ETS Proterra 8037 pulls out of Belvedere Transit Centre while working route 107.
  15. That block of the 3 has had a diesel every day this sheet.
  16. 20 is on detour today since Commercial is closed from 1st Ave to Venables for Every Child Matter - Indigenous Artist. Buses are using Clark for this stretch. There are some trolleys out on the 14 and 16 now, blocks that started after 10am have been coming out as trolleys, while earlier blocks are diesels. So there may have been some construction or police incident along East Hastings that impacted operations this morning. I would refer you to the first post in this thread: "Feel free to post absolutely anything under this section............this topic is created for those individuals who are absolutely dedicated to transit and would love to share sightings of every single bus spotted throughout the day. Post absolutely anything you want here..........the other reason that I created this topic is simply due to the fact that I am absolutely fed up of the politics within the special-sightings topic and I think this is an effective way to eliminate any arguments or debates over the "true definition" of "special sightings". Again, all I am trying to enforce is that we "stay on topic".....or in other words, criteria of post that matches with headline topic stated. Have fun posting........and do not hesistate to post under this topic as there are no specific guidelines / topics / themes........in other words ,there are absolutely no limits and boundaries as long as the criteria posted is acceptable to the general public of all ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and so on and follows the general theme of "transit sightings" " So yes, dieselisation of a trolley route would absolutely fall under general transit sightings. And often if a trolley route is completely dieselised it is due to a construction project or other event of note, that could also be of interest. So don't try to police what people post just because you are not interested in it. Everyone has their own areas of interest, and there is nothing to be gained by judging them. Personally, I don't care about tracking ad wraps or license plates on buses; but I will not shame or judge those who are interested in those things and post about them.
  17. Looking at the alerts page, some stops for the 17 and 25 will be reinstated on Monday, July 5. On the 17, the stops at Oak and 43rd Ave in both directions will be re-opened, and the 25 stop EB at Alexandra St (which is basically nearside Granville) will re-open.
  18. You could call the 229 the "Lonsdale Ave-29th St", but knowing the bus goes up Lonsdale Ave from the Quay is important, as it is the main corridor. You could also make the 229 and 230 branches of the same route, both signed up as the Lonsdale Ave bus.
  19. A driver I know said the September sheets are already posted in the depots, so any changes are set in stone at this point. As for the 301, it's the same as the 3, 8, 20 and 555 which saw big cuts last fall because they are running with high capacity buses that aren't full yet, and so it's felt frequency can be cut to match demand (never mind that cutting one third to one half the buses would hamper ridership recovery).
  20. Those extra 227 trips were supposed to start with the April sheet, but were cancelled last minute because the District of North Vancouver closed the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge for Covid. Of course, in my experience, those extra trips have been of limited use anyway since most people heading to the suspension bridge get on at Phibbs, not Lynn Valley Ctr.
  21. The EB stops for the 9 and 99 at Main are closed, all EB buses are now boarding FS Kingsway in front of Kingsgate Mall. Since this is a timing point for both the 8 and the 9, there was some bus congestion there this afternoon, with several 9's taking the recovery time east of the actual stop. With all the lane closures and stops moving in that area, I feel the 8 should have the timing points there moved to Fraser/Broadway.
  22. During the afternoon rush hour in Vancouver E40LFR 2189 crosses Broadway on Kingsway on route 19, while Nova Hybrid 9509 waits at the light as a 9.
  23. Lane changes occurred on Broadway at the future Mount Pleasant Station this weekend, all travel is on the north side of the road.
  24. Tree removal is occurring today on Broadway between Laurel and Oak.
  25. Even with the R5 present you don't need or want the local buses to have overly close stops. It still slows down the buses for the people who need to use the local stops. And the issues that are prompting the bus stop consolidation on other routes - buses spending too much time stopped, which drains service hours- are still present. There is a balance to be had between local access and speed and operational efficiency, and this particular stretch is skewed too far towards local access. Of note, this three block westbound stretch with a stop every block has uniquely close spacing, even on Hastings St through Burnaby. The rest of Hastings St, including the corresponding eastbound blocks, has wider stop spacing.
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