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  1. It seems CMBC may have found a way to better manage the XDE60's at VTC. On Saturday, the 8 had a detour that only lasted until 7am. All 8 blocks that came out before 730 had 18000's, with later blocks getting E60LFR's. And there were no 18000's on the 3, 10 or 20. There's likely now enough XDE60's at VTC that they can get their own lane.
  2. The XT's in Seattle and San Francisco have newer generation batteries that give a longer range, and allow higher speed. They also allow auxiliary systems, most importantly the air compressor, to operate when the bus is in battery mode.
  3. There's watermain work going on at Fraser and 12th today. As for why the 18000's aren't on the 8; my guess would be how the 18000's at VTC are being parked and deployed. Given that they show up on random blocks on the 3, 8, 10 and 20, it seems likely that VTC is simply parking the 18000's in the artic trolley tracks and booking them out as if they were extra artic trolleys, going out on whatever run is next when they are the first bus in the lane, rather than having a dedicated lane for parking the XDE60's. Since the 18000's wind up randomly parked among the artic trolleys, it would not be possible to assign them all to one specific route. It would be nice if VTC would give the 18000's their own track so that there would be a lane readily avaliable to cover weekend detours on the 3, 8 or 20, but you would need a few more XDE60's at VTC to have enough to fill an entire lane. Of course, if I had my way, I would shuffle routes to assign the 44 and 480 to VTC, so that there would be some diesel artics avaliable to cover weekend reroutes of the 3, 8 and 20.
  4. On a rainy afternoon a pair of E40LFR trolleybuses pass on Pender St in Downtown Vancouver.
  5. Extra overload trip for Celebration of Light.
  6. After five years of being closed, the NB Commercial Drive farside Broadway stop for the 20 has reopened. Frustratingly, this means the NB 20 will once again have a stop on both sides of Broadway, even though the route worked fine with only the 10 Ave stop for years.
  7. Given that all routes around the Lions Gate Bridge have alerts that they are delayed up to 50 minutes due to congestion, it seems likely 9787 was diverted away from Downtown to fill a gap in service on the north shore.
  8. The R3 skipping Pitt Meadows shouldn't be a surprise to anyone; it's been in the documents since consultation began. And, the potential delays from crossing the CP mainline twice would be too great. As for serving Maple Meadows, it simply doesn't make sense to delay through riders for 5 minutes to loop around a car dealership and a parking lot. The Rapidbuses are meant to be direct routes, any deviation would need a significant anchor and ridership, such as the R2 diverting into Lonsdale Quay to meet the Seabus. Given that a hypothetical R3 diversion to Maple Meadows would exist only to provide a connection to local routes, not serving any major trip destination or anchors, it makes far more sense to extend the local routes to meet it, providing the same network connection.
  9. On a summer evening CMBC XDE60 18003 is seen at Richards and Pender as a route 20.
  10. For Production Way, the University is an appendage to the main station name, and is typically dropped when referring to the station. As well, the 145 provides a direct frequent link to SFU, while buses heading north from a Granville/Broadway Station would be going onto the bridge into Downtown, not directly serving Granville Island. If the bus restructure for the line added a direct, frequent link from the station to Granville Island you could justify using it as a secondary name, but not as the main name. (ie, name the station Fairview-Granville Island). But Production Way has the all day, every day bus link. Being slightly closer is meaningless when there are no sidewalks and a steep climb up a mountain.
  11. Or, just use regular buses on a handful of peak hour trippers. Proposing service cuts just because there aren't enough of the "right" type of bus to run the service is ridiculous.
  12. There shouldn't be any change, since on September 3 the BC Ferries schedule changes, and will see the last ferry leaving Departure Bay at 10:10, arriving at Horseshoe Bay at 11:50. As for delaying the last 250 of the night, that's not really an option. Since it leaves at 12:10, you'd have to delay it at least 20 minutes for a ferry arriving at 12:20 (giving enough time for docking, deboarding). This would have cascading effects down the route, since that 250 trip would now miss the last 239 at Park Royal (and before anyone asks, no you could no delay the 239 to still meet the 250 since that would screw up the connection with the last Seabus and other bus routes at Lonsdale/Phibbs) and miss the last trains leaving Downtown. If there was sufficient demand you could add a later departure, but that would require a critical mass of people on that last ferry to be justified. I highly doubt Orions will be used on any 503 trips with the new setup. The character of the 503 is fundamentally changing, as it will be a pseudo B-Line service through Surrey with ons and offs at all its stops. Trying to use Orions on that kind of service would no work out well. The fact that trips to Aldergrove will be longer is irrelevant, the operating characteristics of Surrey to Langley will require artics no matter the final destination. Also, there will not be separate buses doing the Aldergrove trips, whatever buses arrives at Surrey Central will depart on the next trip no matter the final destination. For example, the 9 doesn't have seperate blocks for trips to Commercial-Broadway or Boundary, buses arriving at Alma depart on the next trip to either destination no matter where their previous trip started.
  13. There were artics on the 160 on June 16 of this year for crowds from a festival. Weirdly, you were the one who posted that sighting, in the Special Sightings thread.
  14. For me the most interesting detail wasn't directly related to any of the nightbus proposals. If you look at the map for the 24 hour B-Line service proposal, the Richmond to Expo Line B-Line has shifted and is shown running to 22 St Station, following the 410 instead of the 430.
  15. I believe the desire is to provide a direct express so that riders from South of Fraser heading to the ferry don't have to endure a slow ride on the 640 stopping locally and looping through the Tilbury Industrial.
  16. There will be 47 XN40's arriving later this year.
  17. The West Coast Express commuter train pulls out of Waterfront Station with the waters of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore Mountains behind it.
  18. West Vancouver 1203, a 2012 XD40, is seen on Nelson Ave approaching Marine Dr shortly after departing Horseshoe Bay.
  19. Landsea Tours has recently acquired some second hand Van Hool double decker buses to launch a Hop-On, Hop-Off service in Vancouver. One of these buses is seen turning at the corner of Burrard and Davie.
  20. Landsea Tours (now owned by Wilson's) launched it at the start of May. Though I have seen regular Landsea Cutaways or Wilson's branded coaches filling in on this service too.
  21. Saw one drive by Nanaimo/Broadway this morning.
  22. Translink seems to be holding off on the B-Line launch until all the improved infrastructure (bus lanes and improved stops) is in place. Since the Fraser Highway service is no longer a B-Line/Rapidbus it can be launched earlier. Notably, the improved 503 will have lower frequency and longer running time than the proposed B-Line.
  23. When the 251/252 were converted from conventional to shuttle in 2014 the 250 got a big boost in service, going from 15 minutes all day to 7-8 minutes peak and 10 minutes midday. Bascially, all the conventional 251/252 hours were changed to 250's, with the new 251/252 shuttle service being net new service hours. I wouldn't expect any reduction in the West Van conventional fleet as the 250 and 255 have both seen frequency boosts since then, and the will likely need more service in the future, especially with the North Shore B-Line ending at Park Royal.
  24. The Amtrak Cascades is seen about to cross Braid St in New Westminster. Ebus 5726 is seen boarding passengers outside Pacific Central Station in Vancouver.
  25. Those were older buses that had been sold to Cruise Ship Victoria.
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