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  1. New Flyer E40LFR 2265 heads south on Dunbar St working route 7, framed by continuous blocks of pink cherry trees.
  2. That's a TMac with the wrong bus number programmed in. If you look at the assignment history, on April 21 it was supposedly doing the 19 at the same time as a Hamilton 128/155 block. And before that it was showing up on West Van blocks at the same time as Hamilton blocks. Plus, there is no way for an XN40 to refuel at VTC.
  3. CMBC 2021 XDE60 21002 makes a rare appearance on route 3 at Main and Broadway after doing a changeover for an artic trolley.
  4. The 44 and 84 will be on a long term detour starting Monday going via Blanca and University Blvd. The 68 will also be running down a residential Western Parkway instead of Wesbrook Mall. And someone isn't paying attention for the Sun Run detours. Even though the race path was updated this year to avoid the Cambie Bridge, the alerts pase still says the 17 will be running over the Granville Bridge.
  5. The 209 has the stacked signs too. The 209 is just "Mountain Hwy" while the 210 is "Mountain Hwy Exp".
  6. The 210/211/214 from Downtown to Phibbs are the last routes that follow the old suburban practice of being drop off only inbound/pick up only outbound in Vancouver. All other services that did this have either fallen to Skytrain expansion or been switched to regular stopping procedures.
  7. With more routes debuting stacked signs this week, it seems likely that Translink intends to roll it out to all routes. A thread for tracking which routes have been switched over seems useful. Routes switched so far: September 7, 2020 sheet: 10, 119, 151, 325 June 21, 2021 sheet: 41, 128, 228, 229, 323, 406 Early 2022: 555 (switched from multiple exposures to stacked signs) April 4, 2022: 3, 8 (SB trips only) Week of April 9, 2022: 210 (SB trips only), 408
  8. Stacked signage debuted on the 3 today. And, annoyingly, NB 3's are signed up as Downtown to Waterfront Stn just like the 10.
  9. There's also no turn wire from WB Robson to SB Granville for the posted 14/16 detour. Overall, these detours make no sense, there is no reason the 10/14/16 can't be on Granville south from Pender like the 4 and 7. Splitting service over multiple streets for a detour that is not necessary is terrible customer service; plus sending the 14/16 via Richards means they will be stuck behind 20's on layover.
  10. Looking at TCOMM, that may be a regular occurence, There's a block that does one round trip on the 33 before doing the 84 for the rest of the day. https://tcomm.bustrainferry.com/mobile/block/2021119
  11. CMBC XDE60 15012 heads east on Broadway approaching Main St during a light snowfall just after midnight. The bus is running on a temporary traffic deck that takes Broadway over the construction site of the future Mount Pleasant Station.
  12. More stop relocations for the 99 on Monday. The stop WB Broadway FS Kingsway (which itself was a relocation from the original stop at Main) will close, and the WB 99 will stop at Scotia St/NS Kingsway (sharing a stop with the 8 and 9), and WB at a new stop at Quebec St.
  13. Amtrak Cascades has started doing crew training/certification runs between Seattle and Vancouver, BC in anticipation of resuming cross-border service later this spring. After an almost two year absence; one is seen crossing Renfrew St in Vancouver:
  14. As the sun peaks out in the aftermath of a rainstorm, CMBC Nova Hybird 9439 departs 22nd St Station on a route 104 beneath a rainbow on January 30, 2022.
  15. In the aftermath of a Vancouver snow storm E40LFR 2221 heads south on route 3 at Main St and 16 Ave. This route normally runs with 60 foot articulated trolleybuses, but was booked out with 40 foot buses as part of Translink's Winter Storm Preparations.
  16. A couple of notes about the 4/7 stop consolidation: 1. Some stops that were supposed to close on Dundas St (EB/WB at Templeton, WB at Wall and the replacement consolidated stop WB at Lakewood) are remaining open due to customer feedback. Given this is a fairly dense area, despite being close together these stops were all very well used, and there is a bit of a slope on that stretch of Dundas. 2. All closures/relocations on the south end of Dunbar between King Edward and 41st have been postponed; the interactive map says these stops will be reviewed in the spring in consultation with the city of Vancouver and the community. 3. Despite those setbacks, the stop consolidation along West 4th Ave went ahead as planed. As a result, 4th Ave now has stops consistently every 2 blocks from Alma to Granville, as opposed to the essentially random 1, 2 or 3 block spacing that existed before. Overall the project should still bring improved travel times, since 4th Ave was the slowest, most congested section of the route (outside of Downtown)
  17. Lots of 9's and 99's stuck on the hill up from Boundary Loop this AM.
  18. Ex-Victoria decker being used as a movie bus on Cordova St:
  19. These reductions by themselves don't look that bad, but when combined with other service reductions that have occurred over the last two years it means some routes during some periods have half as much service as they did pre-Covid. The other issue is what routes and services aren't being cut. All the cuts seem to be focused on all day frequent routes, which are the routes that are actually carrying riders. Meanwhile, there are no cuts on the peak hour peak directional routes despite them being very poor performers. The 241 and 247 were specifically singled out in the 2020 system performance review as having very low ridership recovery, the 352 and 354 were only carrying 200 riders a day, the 602 was at 100 a day and the 603 and 604 had no data reported because they were getting less 100 riders a day. Yet these routes have been left untouched, while riders on routes like the 3 or the R1 are expected to cram themselves a little tighter into the artics. Despite Downtown demand continuing to be lower, the 214's Downtown trips aren't on the cutting block, even though the 210/211 are available as alternate routes with spare capacity. And even though every other Rapidbus route gets a frequency cut in some time period, the R3 (which is the one with the lowest ridership) manages to escape unscathed; not even getting a reduction in peak frequency from 10 to 12 or 15 minutes. There also have been no restructures to streamline service, or remove duplicative service. The 50 is still doing its giant, pointless loop through Gastown and Chinatown, the 214 (and the 253 and 254) still have their peak hour extensions duplicating other routes. I'm not under the illusion that cutting the service I listed above would be enough to prevent the cuts elsewhere in the system, but the fact that these service have been left alone does make it seem like the cuts aren't connected to ridership, and that Translink is prioritizing the theoretical return of 9 to 5 white collar Downtown workers over the riders who are actually using the system now.
  20. E40LFR 2147 heads south on Burrard St as a route 5 Robson, passing some Christmas lights on the trees.
  21. The stop at Dunbar and 22nd NB, and the SB 21st Ave stop will remain open. The stretch of Dunbar between King Edward and 16th has already been "balanced" since it was done as part of the route 25 project.
  22. The 4 and 7 will be the next routes to undergo bus stop balancing. Looking at the project page, this will be a bigger, more complex project than was done for the 2, 17 and 25. On the previous route projects, Translink simply closed stops that were too close together. For the 4 and 7, however, there will be actual stop consolidation where two adjacent stops close, and a new stop is opened in between them to get consistent stop spacing, particularly along West 4th Ave. In addition, in summer 2022 (once which stops are staying open following the public consultation) there are plans to build bus bulbs along 4th Ave in Kitsilano to speed buses up. And you can suggest locations for other transit priority measures in the survey. Also of note, is that there are no stop closures or consolidations proposed between the Granville Bride and the Powell St overpass; there is a note that Downtown stops will be reviewed as part of a separate project.
  23. In the aftermath of a Vancouver winter rainstorm, E60LFR 2555 heads south on route 3 at Main St and 15 Ave beneath a rainbow.
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