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  1. The West Coast Express commuter train pulls out of Waterfront Station with the waters of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore Mountains behind it.
  2. West Vancouver 1203, a 2012 XD40, is seen on Nelson Ave approaching Marine Dr shortly after departing Horseshoe Bay.
  3. Landsea Tours has recently acquired some second hand Van Hool double decker buses to launch a Hop-On, Hop-Off service in Vancouver. One of these buses is seen turning at the corner of Burrard and Davie.
  4. Landsea Tours (now owned by Wilson's) launched it at the start of May. Though I have seen regular Landsea Cutaways or Wilson's branded coaches filling in on this service too.
  5. Saw one drive by Nanaimo/Broadway this morning.
  6. Translink seems to be holding off on the B-Line launch until all the improved infrastructure (bus lanes and improved stops) is in place. Since the Fraser Highway service is no longer a B-Line/Rapidbus it can be launched earlier. Notably, the improved 503 will have lower frequency and longer running time than the proposed B-Line.
  7. When the 251/252 were converted from conventional to shuttle in 2014 the 250 got a big boost in service, going from 15 minutes all day to 7-8 minutes peak and 10 minutes midday. Bascially, all the conventional 251/252 hours were changed to 250's, with the new 251/252 shuttle service being net new service hours. I wouldn't expect any reduction in the West Van conventional fleet as the 250 and 255 have both seen frequency boosts since then, and the will likely need more service in the future, especially with the North Shore B-Line ending at Park Royal.
  8. The Amtrak Cascades is seen about to cross Braid St in New Westminster. Ebus 5726 is seen boarding passengers outside Pacific Central Station in Vancouver.
  9. Those were older buses that had been sold to Cruise Ship Victoria.
  10. I am going to plagiarize myself, and repost something I posted about a year ago in another thread when people were also trying to be content police: Everyone needs to take a step back, and not be so quick to judge a thread as impermissible. While the description of this sub-forum mentions Translink, that has always served more as a quick geographical short hand as to what the boundary between Metro Vancouver and the rest of BC is. After all, if this forum was for Translink to the exclusion of all else any posts about TRAMS buses, the Cloverdale interurban, the various Bowen Island D30LF/SLF buses, Vancouver Trolley Company/West Coast Sightseeing and any movie buses would also not be permitted. Discussions about transit service go beyond simply what buses are being ordered and operated. Land use and expansion plans for a major destination and employer in the Metro Vancouver area would absolutely be relevant to the future of public transit. Now, maybe this could have been posted in a thread for general sightings instead of being given its own topic, but it is pertinent and of interest to people on this forum. Because as I stated earlier, discussion of transit can absolutely include the urban context in which it operates. Finally, people need to stop trying so hard to be thread content enforcers. Sometimes discussions about one topic bring up a point about another topic, and the conversation can slightly drift away from the original topic. A discussion that got away from the original topic, but is still intelligent and factual can be interesting (though, in the interest of forum decorum every effort should be made to make sure it doesn't completely eclipse the original topic) and isn't a negative. Multiple posts of people trying to act with authority they do not have, as if they have the final say on what does and does not get posted and where it is posted, on the other hand is irritating. If you truly believe a post is not appropriate there is a report this post button to use. Let the moderators do their job, and if they don't remove it maybe take a step back and think about why they didn't remove it.
  11. Coast Mountain Bus Company 8013, the last 1998 D60LF left in service, heads north on Dunbar St at 43 Ave heading towards UBC on route 49.
  12. The afternoon departure of the Amtrak Cascades train approaches the Douglas Rd crossing in Burnaby, BC.
  13. CMBC 8147, a 2009 DE60LFR, pulls out of the UBC Exchange on the 99 B-Line.
  14. Do you have any actual proof for anything you just posted? Because there are some giant, dubious leaps of logic in there from the fact that there was one Nova on the 257, which replaced a broken artic and has since has been changed off for another artic.
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