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  1. The issue seems to be that if you click Explore Block on Transit55 you still get the regular Weekday block instead of the modified Saturday block that is actually being used. For 4933, it is signed in to block 907, which is the 130, 50, 9 AM tripper. On Saturdays block 907 does one round trip on the 128, then a 162 to Eaux Claire's, then spends the rest of the day on the 9. So, if you want to know where the artics will show up when you look at the block, you also need to change the date to the nearest Saturday.
  2. NIS 40 foot trolleys could, artics would have to go via 65th and Sophia. When the Canada Line first opened the 3 Marine Dr Stn trips did turn directly from Main onto Marine, but it was eventually found that the geomatry of the turn was damaging the arctic joints, so all 3's were routed via 65 and Sophia.
  3. 2101-4 and 2501-4 were test units for the shields. There was some testing for heat levels in the driver compartment due to the lack of A/C. The decision was made to install shields on all remaining trolley buses, which is now starting.
  4. CMBC 19135, a 2019 XN40, loads passengers at 22nd St Skytrain Station while an older XN40 model lays over behind it.
  5. One thing that needs to be fixed is the search function for routes on that trip planner. All the routes seem to be listed with the whole three digit number, and it will only match the exact order you type in. So, if you enter 7 in the search bar, it will list all the Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge routes (since they start with 7), but won't suggest the 7 Dunbar/Nanaimo since it is listed as 007. To find the 7, you have to enter the first two zeros in the search bar.
  6. My thoughts on how to refine the proposal: Implement the 31 with the proposed routing, but operate it with big buses and the same frequency and span of service as the 26 currently has. This will allow for the removal of the 26 from the eastern part of Champlain Heights, the 26 will instead follow its current route from 29th Ave Stn to Champlain Heights, where it will then turn south and run down Matheson Cr to Marine Dr, then turn east and interline with a revised 146. The revised 146 will run via Marine Dr, Jofre, Rumble, Patterson, Portland and Sussex through the Burnaby South Slope area, providing two way service on the portions of the 116 and 146 that are currently one way. As well, moving it to Sussex from Patterson will allow the 116 coming from Marine Dr to go straight up Patterson to Metrotown, giving the route which continues outside the area the more direct routing. Since this interline would require the 146 to run with big buses, it would be routed via Imperial and Central Blvd to Metrotown. With these routings, the 31 and 146 would need to use the loop at Metrotown Stn, though the 146 could pull through the loop then pick up on Central Blvd like the 110 does. To give the 31 space in the loop, the 144 could also join the 110 on Central Blvd, given they have some route overlap and serve some of the same destinations. Where this plan gets to be a bit of a stretch is in replacing the existing 26 service to Joyce Stn. To serve this area, I've attached it to a new route 57, which would run from Joyce Stn to Dunbar Loop. The route would continue from this area via 54 Ave, Argyle, 57 Ave, Main, 49 Ave, Cambie, 57 Ave, SW Marine, Dunbar to Dunbar Loop. This route would be useful to fill in the grid in Vancouver, adding an east-west service in the large gap between 49 Ave and Marine Dr, though obviously would require a much bigger investment than the proposed 31.
  7. Since the proposed routing for the 31 overlaps part of the 26, it would be nice if they had also taken this chance to try to straighten out the 26 given the amount of twists and turns and double backing it does now. As well, the whole Champlain Heights/Burnaby South Slope area is due for a restructure, given the amount of duplication and winding routes in the area. The 26 being a prime example, but so is the 116, which takes several twists and turns between Metrotown and the industrial areas on North Fraser Way, including a very illogical split with NB and SB trips quite a distance apart.
  8. Coast Mountain Bus Company 2007 D60LFR 8114 passes through the campus of Simon Fraser University as a route 145, passing some spectacular fall colours.
  9. I was doing some rail fanning today at the Cariboo Rd crossing in Burnaby, and the amount of drivers ignoring basic rail safety was staggering. This crossing is immediately south of an intersection, and SB traffic was backed up and advancing in stops and starts. So many drivers joined the SB traffic and would stop on the tracks, including one driver who was on the tracks at the end of an unmoving line of traffic when the bells started to ring and the gates came down. The driver wind up doing a desperate u-turn to get off the tracks, as SB traffic wasn't moving, and he tried to escape into the NB lanes to find them blocked by the gate and oncoming traffic. They got off the crossing in time, but if things had been a little different, if they had been a bit slower in reaction time, or if a vehicle had been sitting between the crossing and the intersection in the NB lanes this whole story would have had a much sadder ending. And this is far from an outlier, I have seen so many vehicles and pedestrians race across the tracks as the gates come down. I almost feel like I have to resign myself to the idea that at some point when I am railfanning I will see someone get killed.
  10. According to the city of North Vancouver site, the actual closure will be the block of 15th Street east of Lonsdale, so the 241 will be unaffected. Presumably the 240 and 255 are using Chesterfield instead of Lonsdale for the detour to avoid traffic congestion and delays from making the turns off of Lonsdale.
  11. CMBC E60LFR 2506 heads north on Main St with the intimidating mass of the North Shore Mountains looming over it.
  12. 1612 running past a broken watermain on Georgia St on Monday evening.
  13. 2019 CMBC Novabus LFSe 19302 recharges at the 22nd St Skytrain Station, while 2009 Nova hybrid 9470 lays over behind it.
  14. Just so everyone is clear, ETS did NOT remove A/C units from an entire order of D40LFR's. A/C was not standard on ETS buses until the 2018 XD40 order, all the D40LFR orders from 2007 to 2012 arrived with no A/C, only the hybrid buses were delivered with A/C. The only units that had A/C removed were DE40LFR's 6003 and 6004, which lost their A/C as part retrofitting the buses from hybrids to straight diesels.
  15. That "information" is totally, completely and utterly 100% wrong, inaccurate and false. The E40/60LFR's, C40LFR's and any other pre-2012 order (except the Orion V's) were not delivered with A/C, never had A/C and never had anything removed.
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