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  1. E40LFR 2119 lays over in Boundary Loop in the early hours of June 20, 2020, waiting to depart at 2:22am as the final trolleybus trip on route 9 for at least five years. Starting with the service day of June 20, route 9 will be run be diesel buses as the overhead on Broadway is removed to allow for construction to begin on the extension of the Millennium Line from VCC-Clark to Arbutus beneath Broadway.
  2. There has been wire on Cambie from 12th to 10th for months now, tied off at 10 Ave. It's only the one block from 10 to Broadway that needs to be done. And it is likely that will just be N-S wire on Cambie; with the Broadway wire removed the tensioning of the special work would be screwed up.
  3. CMBC 2000 D40LF 7426 heads west on Pender at Cambie as a route 22 on June 15, 2020. CMBC recently reactivated a small number of D40LF buses to deal with the impending conversion of the route 9 trolleybus service to diesel operation, and the continued operation of extras for Covid-19 distancing. Prior to this, the D40LFs were only used for training, having been removed from the active roster after the delivery of the 2019 XN40 order.
  4. Renfrew seems a little strange, there is already a Tim Hortons in the building across 12 Ave from the station.
  5. The 9 goes diesel in just over a week, and there will likely continue to be unscheduled extras around the system for Covid-19 distancing throughout the summer. So VTC is likely in need of a few extra buses.
  6. E40LFR 2112 heads east on Broadway at Cambie as a 9 Boundary. Route 9 has only two weeks of trolleybus operation left; with the June 22 changes the route will change to diesel operation to allow for construction to begin on the Broadway subway extension.
  7. According to the service change page, all routes should be back in service except the 32, 143 and 480.
  8. Looking at TComm/Nextbus today, it looked like a lot of the blocks that have been cancelled since the start of April were back in service today. Hopefully this means some of the suspended routes will be reinstated soon.
  9. Looking at the list changes, many routes, such as the 4, 7, 10, 23 and others, have noted that they will still start service at regular weekday times, even if they are running on Saturday/Sunday schedules.
  10. It would depend on the run/driver, those Nova 19's would be gap buses dealing with pass ups. So, if one got to Broadway still full and the people want to go to the Skytrain it would make more sense to take people down the hill rather than dump them at Broadway and overload the next regular 19. If, however , all the passengers got off to get a 99, then it would make sense for the bus to go out of service at Broadway.
  11. Most trolley routes are so frequent that there is little difference in frequency between weekday and Saturday schedules, other than early in the morning, so you need to go to Sunday schedule to get any savings.
  12. Looking at the Buzzer from July 1988 when service yo Langley started your first theory is correct. The map shows the 502 Fernridge looping via south on 200 St, west on 24 Ave, south on 198 St, east on 20 Ave to back north on 200 St. The buzzer detailing the Langley shuttle launch, including the introduction of the C63, in December 2002 shows the C63 turning off 200 St at 24 Ave, and presumably doing a U-turn on 198 St since the map doesn't show service to 20 Ave. I've been unable to find any mention of when the loop was changed to the current pathway.
  13. It's used twice a day by an extension of the 22 that isn't printed on any system or route maps or shown on the printed schedule. Unless you already know that those trips exist, it's almost impossible to learn of them.
  14. The issue seems to be that if you click Explore Block on Transit55 you still get the regular Weekday block instead of the modified Saturday block that is actually being used. For 4933, it is signed in to block 907, which is the 130, 50, 9 AM tripper. On Saturdays block 907 does one round trip on the 128, then a 162 to Eaux Claire's, then spends the rest of the day on the 9. So, if you want to know where the artics will show up when you look at the block, you also need to change the date to the nearest Saturday.
  15. NIS 40 foot trolleys could, artics would have to go via 65th and Sophia. When the Canada Line first opened the 3 Marine Dr Stn trips did turn directly from Main onto Marine, but it was eventually found that the geomatry of the turn was damaging the arctic joints, so all 3's were routed via 65 and Sophia.
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