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  1. Those extra 227 trips were supposed to start with the April sheet, but were cancelled last minute because the District of North Vancouver closed the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge for Covid. Of course, in my experience, those extra trips have been of limited use anyway since most people heading to the suspension bridge get on at Phibbs, not Lynn Valley Ctr.
  2. The EB stops for the 9 and 99 at Main are closed, all EB buses are now boarding FS Kingsway in front of Kingsgate Mall. Since this is a timing point for both the 8 and the 9, there was some bus congestion there this afternoon, with several 9's taking the recovery time east of the actual stop. With all the lane closures and stops moving in that area, I feel the 8 should have the timing points there moved to Fraser/Broadway.
  3. During the afternoon rush hour in Vancouver E40LFR 2189 crosses Broadway on Kingsway on route 19, while Nova Hybrid 9509 waits at the light as a 9.
  4. Lane changes occurred on Broadway at the future Mount Pleasant Station this weekend, all travel is on the north side of the road.
  5. Tree removal is occurring today on Broadway between Laurel and Oak.
  6. Even with the R5 present you don't need or want the local buses to have overly close stops. It still slows down the buses for the people who need to use the local stops. And the issues that are prompting the bus stop consolidation on other routes - buses spending too much time stopped, which drains service hours- are still present. There is a balance to be had between local access and speed and operational efficiency, and this particular stretch is skewed too far towards local access. Of note, this three block westbound stretch with a stop every block has uniquely close spacing, even on Has
  7. Moving the stop to MacDonald results in some ridiculously close stops. MacDonald to Ingleton is 200m, then 200m to Esmond, then 300m to Kootenay Loop. The buses will be stopping on every single block of that stretch; one of those stops should be closed.
  8. May 1, 2021; E40LFR 2155 lays over at the Eton and Renfrew terminus of route 4.
  9. This is the new permanent terminus as part of the reconfiguration of Beach Ave. Also of note is that the EB 23 returns to Beach Ave after over a year of running via Davie.
  10. At Main and Marine a portion of the intersection is de-energized for the watermain/sewer work going on in the area. Typically what the overhead crew does when they want to de-energize part of the circuit for construction is they will put the jumper wire between the positive and ground wires on the de-energized side of the temporary insulators. Not the intersection under discussion, but a similar setup on Broadway from 2009. The overhead to the right of the photo has power, then the temporary insulator has the jumper cable on the de-energized side so if that section is somehow powe
  11. Those late evening trips on the 255 have never gone to Dundarave, and are themselves a relatively new addition. Pre R2, the 255 ended service around 8 or 9 in the evening, at the time of the last trips to Dundarave. The Park Royal to Capilano University trips from 9pm to 1am were added on the April 2020 sheet as part of the R2 service integration.
  12. Skytrain Mark II car 237 heads east on the Millennium Line about to pass below Commercial Drive, while a CN freight train pulls up the Grandview Cut behind it.
  13. Yes, the 500x is the replacement for the 90, with minor changes to the express stops and the Downtown routing.
  14. Because (in the pre-covid times at least) Georgia/Granville WB is one of the busiest bus stops for north shore service, with transfers from N-S routes on Granville, the Canada Line and the Expo Line. The volume of people using the stop would block the sidewalk if all routes used the same stop. And, with all the different routes serving one stop, there would be conflict and overlap for people trying to board the buses since it would be impossible to queue for each route separately. In fact, the 257 used the share the stop with the other West Vancouver buses, but was given its own stop a few
  15. From snowshoeing earlier this month:
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