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  1. The last time that service pattern was operated the VCC-New West trains were taken from the Expo Line.
  2. There was talk a couple of years ago of splitting the two routes up, but nothing ever came of it. Given that demand for the two routes is very unbalanced (Looking at the 2015 bus stats, the highest average peak passenger load on the 15 is 12 people in the PM rush hour, and single digits for most time periods, whereas the 50 has peak passenger loads above 30 people 7 days a week), they may be kept as two separate numbers to allow for some future service redesign. Indeed, the 50 could use extra afternoon/weekend frequency to handle the crowds heading to Granville Island, while the 15 really could go to community shuttle operation off peak.
  3. They can't; NAIT station is only a 3 car platform. This is why there is a notice on the ETS website encouraging people to walk to the Capital Line at Bay.
  4. Just because this project was only for the original order doesn't mean there won't be another refurb project for the younger cars in a couple of years. Indeed, the successful completion of this project makes it more likely that the remaining Mark I's will be given a refurb for life expansion rather than being retired.
  5. That would have certainly been a 101, 110 or 136 heading back to HTC from Lougheed.
  6. The afternoon Cascades departure passing through New Westminster today:
  7. King County Metro XT60 running on Pine St in Downtown Seattle as a route 7.
  8. Minor change occurring Monday; the 3 and 8 will now stop NB on Seymour just before Cordova instead of EB on Cordova in front of Harbour Centre.
  9. Somehow you have managed to propose changes that are all pointless and duplicative. None of those changes you propose would expand coverage or all would duplicate existing or proposed service, while adding little new mobility options to the transit network. 1. The 595 used to go to Haney Place, but for axes due to low ridership. Between the 701 and the proposed B-Line to Maple Ridge there will be plenty of service between Maple Meadows and Haney Place. Adding the 595 to that corridor would be severely over serving it, especially as Haney Place is not a major regional destination. 2. Neither the 143 or 791 need weekend service. The 143 is now just a Skytrain to SFU shuttle, with no real intermediate demand. The 145 provides the needed Skytrain link on weekends, there isn't a need for two such routes when SFU doesn't have classes going on. As for the 791 opening of the Evergreen Extension has killed it's time advantage over the 701. Once the Maple Ridge B-Line opens, it is likely that the 791 will have a longer travel time to Braid vs the B-Line and Skytrain combination. 3. Running all 253's to Vancouver is wasteful given the high frequencies on the 250 and the fact that the 250 is singled out for future increases. Given the trend that has already happened with the 251/252 and is proposed for the 254/256, any conversion of the 253 to two way service would entail it being cimmunity shuttle and no longer travelling to Vancouver. This would have the advantage of separating the local West Van service from delays on the Lions Gate Bridge and in Downtown.
  10. Highly doubtful, if you look at the vehicle's history it did a 143 block on the 7th (the same day that 180 block was registered). 8099 was last seen on the 143 at 1909, then last seen on the 180 at 1912. Given that there was snow on top of SFU that day, and the 180 block goes out of service at Lougheed at 1909, a likely scenario is that the driver of the 180 did a coach swap with the 143 at Burquitlam. When the driver took 8099 back to PTC, they likely logged onto the TMAC, resulting in 8099 erroneously being reported on the 180.
  11. That's basically what Dayton, Ohio is planning to do to renew their trolley fleet. http://www.daytontrolleys.net/
  12. The plan was to add trips so that the N8 and N20 would run all night. There was no talk of any extension to Marpole Loop; they already connect to the N15 and at that point the N10 is up on the Arthur Laing Bridge at that point, and wouldn't connect to any buses in the loop.
  13. For everyone worrying about whether BTC will be able to handle the 41st Ave B-Line; keep in mind that BTC currently runs the 43, which will be replaced by the B-Line. Given that the 43 already runs very frequently in the AM rush hour, the increase in buses will be far less than everyone seems to think.
  14. One of the Talgo sets is currently being used for track testing south of Seattle on the new tracks of the Point Defiance Bypass. For the last month, train 510/517 (departs Seattle for Vancouver at 7:45am, returns from Vancouver to Seattle at 5:35pm with no service to Southern Washington and Portland) has been running with superliners.
  15. The 5:35pm departure from Vancouver today.