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  1. Michael Marriott

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    For all previous orders it's taken about two months from the bus are first spotted at the industrial sites to when they actually enter service.
  2. Michael Marriott

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Transit Museum Society T48 CCF/Brill 2416 sits on Denman Street. The bus was operating on a fan trip to mark the 70th anniversary of the Vancouver trolleybus system.
  3. Michael Marriott

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    All the stops along Powell/Dundas have been replaced with the new signs. However, there is an amusing error; every single westbound stop from Nanaimo to Main has "Unloading Only:Suburban Service" on it, even though the 210/211/214 only serve a few stops.
  4. Michael Marriott

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    The diesels are needed for the 5/6 today due to Fireworks detours.
  5. Michael Marriott

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Because those are some of the busiest, most frequent routes in the system, all of which are slower than average. Consequently, they have some of the highest fleet requirements. The 25 and 41 each need around 30 buses for rush hour service.
  6. Michael Marriott

    Thirdwave Bus Services

    Everyone needs to take a step back, and not be so quick to judge a thread as impermissible. While the description of this sub-forum mentions Translink, that has always served more as a quick geographical short hand as to what the boundary between Metro Vancouver and the rest of BC is. After all, if this forum was for Translink to the exclusion of all else any posts about TRAMS buses, the Cloverdale interurban, the various Bowen Island D30LF/SLF buses, Vancouver Trolley Company/West Coast Sightseeing and any movie buses would also not be permitted. While school buses are not strictly transit, they are of interest to some and this is the most logical place to put it, just as there are threads about various School Bus operators in the Calgary section. If you are not interested in school buses, simply ignore the thread. Finally, the fact that no admin locked or deleted the thread should have been a clue.
  7. Michael Marriott

    Translink Refurbishments

    I would be very surprised to see any D60LF's remain in service by this time next year; there are enough artics on order for this year to replace all the remaining ones and then some, and there is another order for expansion artics for next year. At this point the D60LF's have been so heavily used and are so worn out that there is no point in trying to prolong their lives.
  8. I think the intention is to have the 410 stay on Westminster Highway while the C98/418 does the Graybar/Fraserwood loop.
  9. Michael Marriott

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Coast Mountain Bus Company E40LFR 2157 head east on Cordova St near Waterfront Station during the Canada Day fireworks in Vancouver.
  10. Michael Marriott

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    That's basically a simplified, but still arbitrary, version of what is being proposed.
  11. Michael Marriott

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    It's to help cover dieselisation of the 4 and 14 while University Blvd is closed for construction.
  12. Michael Marriott

    Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    According to the alerts there was a parade that detoured the 20 off of Commercial Drive around 11 am. 9457 was probably on shuttle service for the detoured portion.
  13. On the subject of people in power supposedly getting ideas from this thread, the bus lanes on Broadway have been extended by one hour for both peak periods. The bus lanes are now in effect 7-10am and 3-7pm.
  14. http://infomaps.translink.ca/Public_Timetables/144/tt020.pdf New schedules are up, and the devil is in the details for the 20 layover project. Looking over the schedule, it appears that the 20 won't be taking layovers at Georgia and Richards during all time periods. On the weekday schedule, arrival and departure times are the same at Georgia/Richards during the AM rush hour. The trip arriving at 8:51 leaves at 8:53, 8:56 at 9:00, 9:04 at 9:08, then starting at the 9:10 arrival all buses get 5 minutes of recovery time throughout the day. But, the layover times start shrinking with the 4:56pm arrival, which gets 4 minutes layover leaving at 5:00, then the 5:03 arrival leaves at 5:06. Starting with the 5:13pm arrival, all trips once again have the same arrival and departures. The Saturday and Sunday schedules have similar lengths of time for when the layover is in effect. I think it is acceptable to have buses not taking layover during all time periods, particularly during early morning and late night when ridership and traffic is lighter and reliability is not such a big issue. Even the lack layover in the AM rush hour is acceptable, given that the AM rush is better behaved and has less traffic delay than the PM rush hour. However, I feel that the layover stops way too early in the PM, before PM rush hour is even over. Given that there is still a high volume of traffic in the early evening, I would think the Downtown layover should be in effect until 8 or 9 pm. This is admittedly anecdotal, but my experience as a regular transit user is that some of the worst reliability issues occur between 6 and 7 pm, when traffic volumes are still at near peak levels, but there is less road capacity as on street parking is permitted again and bus lanes are not in effect.
  15. Michael Marriott

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    Looking at the T55 history for that block, it looks like 31 was a change over for 2017 midday, and was then changed over for 2010 at the end of the PM rush hour.