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  1. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Today's 24 Hours had an article on the double decker trial. The most interesting part was the end of the article where it said "Translink will include the cost of 32 diesel double decker buses in its upcoming request to Metro for federal gas-tax money. Give of those buses will help expand the fleet and 27 will replace existing buses". Looks like Translink has already made up its mind to go with deckers.
  2. Vancouver Special Sightings

    From last Wednesday, Interurban car 1231 being loaded up at Olympic Village to be transported to Cloverdale.
  3. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    The clockwise runs (6 Davie/5 Downtown) are Novas, while the counter clockwise runs (5 Robson/6 Downtown) are trolleys.
  4. St. Albert Transit

    No, you don't get to claim ignorance on this. 890-894 were delivered in 2015, and you know 853-857 were active after that delivery because you were told they were active in the St Albert thread in August 2017. You also annoyed people then, when you tried to insist they were retired despite the sightings by people actually in the Edmonton area. That was also after the BYD's had entered service, so you knew 853-857 had survived that order as well. https://cptdb.ca/topic/3946-st-albert-sightings/?page=31 So, the bottom line is, you had no reason at all to suspect that 853-857 were retired, much less make a demand that they be moved to the retired section. I don't know what your obsession with these buses being retired is, but I'm telling you to cut it out now. You are nowhere near St Albert Transit, so leave it alone. There are people in the Edmonton section who will update things when these buses actually get retired.
  5. St. Albert Transit

    No that will not be happening. They are still active (except for 855). You aren't even from around Edmonton, so what business or justification do you have making this demand in the first place? You have no data or evidence to suggest they are retired. Just because people haven't posted sightings on the board doesn't mean they are retired. Given that the majority of them remained in active service after the delivery of the BYD's earlier this year, and that St Albert has received no new buses since then, the logical assumption would be that they would still be in service.
  6. Feature Photo Submissions

    Translink Orion V 9245 departs Bridgeport Station in the PM rush hour, while an Air Canada plane on final approach to Vancouver Internation Airport passes overhead.
  7. Ad-wrap reports

    2557 is wrapped for Just Eat.
  8. Random Photos - Vancouver and area

    Renfrew St crossing today:
  9. Random Photos - Vancouver and area

  10. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Well, 2253 managed to sneak out on the 9 for the PM rush hour. There were no lane closures or overhead modifications that would have impacted trolley operations; so there is no reason the 9's couldn't have had trolleys.
  11. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Movie bus, I saw it go by my workplace on Main St several times.
  12. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Likely the EB stop for the 9 will be moved to the other side of Commercial Dr in front of the Rio Theatre during this construction. The only full closure of Broadway is for the weekend of Sept 30/October 1, so there will certainly by diesels out those days. The rest of time is just single lane closures, which shouldn't impede trolley operations.
  13. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    In short, yes. The admins provide the hosting and tech support for this site, and as such do absolutely have the right to set rules and standards for use of the online space they provide free of charge. Following such rules is not an impediment to any freedom; if you do not care for the rules you are free to make your own forum or blog or chat group. I would strongly suggest you take a look at the Toronto section, where the first pinned thread is about posting etiquette. In particular this point: 2. Posts and replies are to be well thought out and intelligent. We will also not tolerate one word posts or posts of inane 'chatter' on the board. Examples: LOL, , I saw it too, that's nice, etc. Also, it is a very big stretch to go from people complaining about a one word reply to saying that there can be no discussion. There is absolutely room for discussion, but it needs to be actual discussion providing new information, a different perspective, historical background or something that provides actual new content. It is not short replies that involve people trying to pass off their reactions to news (in this case posting the word "ew" as a response to an observation) as something of substance. The nature a board of this type is such that it is not an immediate back and forth conversation between people.
  14. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Yes, but only on training duty. Today marks the first day VTC has put D40LF's on service runs since Hamilton opened.
  15. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    Click on the tab for "Transit Alerts" which gives you planned detours. Typically, these do not show up in the "Current Conditions" tab. Clicking on that, you would see that the 5 and 6 had a double detour today, with the Celebration of Light disrupting the West End in the evening, and Robson being shut down for a Zombie Walk during the afternoon. And the 20 was detoured off of Commercial Dr today for the annual Dyke March.