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  1. The easiest place to get Orion V's will be at Bridgeport Canada Line Station during rush hour. They are mainly assigned to Highway 99 express services that originate there (routes 352, 354, 601, 602, 603, 604). The remaining D40LF's are based on the Vancouver Depot and will be on random runs on diesel routes (and occasionally on a trolley route). They will assigned to random blocks on the 2, 9, 15/50, 22, 25 and 33. It's best to check a tracker before trying to do any fanning of them. If you want shots of trolleys with mountains the south end of the Granville St Bridge is a good spot, and is served by 5 trolley routes meaning you won't have to wait long for a photo. Nanaimo St north of Hastings St on the 7 also gives you a good mountain backdrop, as does the hill on Main St between 2nd Ave and Broadway. C40LFR's run out of the Port Coquitlam Depot, you'll have the best chance at finding them at the bus loops at Coquitlam Central or Lougheed Stations. XN40's run out of Hamilton, Port Coquitlam and Surrey Depots. They are the majority of the fleet in the latter two depots, so anywhere in their service area will have lots of XN40's. If you want a little variety, Surrey is the only one to have XN40's with the updated paint scheme with a blue roofline instead of grey. Scott Rd and Surrey Central Skytrain Stations will have lots of buses.
  2. Not entirely true, 21004 is also out on the 100. So there is a one non-Rapidbus artic out there. The 3 is dieselised today, entirely with 9000 series Novas. The 8, 10 and 20 are all E60LFR's, so VTC has plenty of 21000's sitting unused today.
  3. The switch has been there ever since the Granville wire was rebuilt in 2010 following the olympics.
  4. There is a left turn switch from NB Granville to WB Pender.
  5. Surprisingly the 5/6 has trolleys today. In previous years the West End service was always dieselised on Celebration of Light days.
  6. The current assignments are 21001-3: BTC 21004: HTC 21005: STC 21006+: VTC
  7. Coast Mountain Bus Company 7445 heads west on Broadway, passing over the traffic deck that carries the roadway over the construction site of the future Mount Pleasant Station.
  8. The 210/211 gain a new stop at Powell/Cordova and Heatley on Monday. Still pickup only EB, drop off only WB.
  9. My guess for "King Edward Overlay" would be a peak hour express route similar to the 222 or the 43. For Royal Oak , there is a gap in N-S service east of Willingdon, so extending the 148 or adding a new route to run along Royal Oak Ave north of the Skytrain would fill in some holes in the Burnaby transit network.
  10. On Saturday there were wires down at Cordova and Carrall that resulted in buses being rerouted to Hastings for most of the afternoon. When the overhead was put back up, the wire crew took out some redundant wire. The overhead coming from WB Powell onto SB Carrall is now tied off just south of the turn, and there is no longer SB wire on Carrall on the block from Powell to Cordova. And, the EB wire on Corodva no longer has the crossing for the SB Carrall wire.
  11. Looks like it did one round trip replacing 19423. It was on a 601 block that went out of service at Bridgeport at 1849, where it then changed over the 620.
  12. There is ongoing reconstruction of Renfrew St from McGill to 1st Ave. According to alerts, the NB stops at Grant and Charles that have been closed for construction will reopen on Monday; so it's likely this weekend there are lane changes to adjust for the end of construction, and the wire crew will be moving the overhead for this.
  13. 21001, 21002, 21003 to BTC.
  14. There's sewer upgrades at the entrance to the trolley loop (which was supposed to take two weeks and be done at the start of May, but has been extended multiple times). The 4 and 14 have been terminating at Blanca Loop, with UBC riders transferring to the 84 or 99. Since there are no alternatives for those early morning 14's, they get diesels to run through to UBC until the 99 starts up.
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