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  1. Things got really bad between 6 and 7. There were buses stuck all over the region; looking at TComm almost no buses were moving this evening. The 20's were all stuck on the hill on the Victoria Diversion, 110/130/222's were all stuck on the hill on Willingdon heading south from Deer Lake Parkway, 345/502/503 were all sitting on 96 Ave between King George Blvd and Fraser Highway. Lots of buses were stuck on the hill from Joyce Stn up to Kingsway, so Translink issued a detour for the R4 via Vanness, Boundary and Kingsway and all the detoured buses promptly got stuck on those roads.
  2. After being absent for a couple weeks 7419, 7438 and 7445 have all been in service in the last few days.
  3. So, this week no D40LF's were dispatched on Monday and Tuesday. They started making it out on Wednesday, but only 7413 and 7443 have run this week. 7438 was booked out on a 9 on Thursday morning, but wound up breaking down at Broadway/Renfrew WB around 7:30am, which was disappointing because it was on the 9 I would have taken to work and I saw it sitting there getting later while the 9's and 99's behind it overtook it. 7438 has not made it out since.
  4. Community shuttles should have a hard limit of 24 passengers, which is the maximum amount someone with a class 4 license can drive.
  5. The 31 needs to be upgraded to big bus at least for peak hour service. I was at Metrotown Station this evening, and the 6:30pm departure of the 31 left a half dozen people behind.
  6. 21022's block on the 84 would have gone out of service at UBC at 1949, which is when it last tracked. It seems there are some buses missing on the R4 this evening, there are multiple alerts for cancelled trips. My guess would be a supervisor got 21022 to do OT as an extra R4 to deal with a gap in service or a large crowd waiting for the R4 at UBC.
  7. The trolley replacement isn't being moved up. The project information says the new buses will be delivered from 2024 to 2027. Given that the trolleys are a unique vehicle, there isn't an "off the shelf" model for Translink to order, so procurement will take longer than a comparable order of diesels, CNG's or Battery buses. As well, the document states that the funding requests are made 1 to 2 years before being implemented. Keep in mind the timeline for the current LFR trolley fleet. 2003: RFP issued 2004: Order confirmed with New Flyer 2005: Prototype 2101 arrives 2006: First production units arrive There will likely be a similar timeline for the new order, bringing a Seattle XT40 up next year will help inform the new specs. So, if the project is approved to go forward, next year would see the specs for the fleet determined with a RFP issued. Given the lead time for that, a contract would not be signed until late 2023 or more likely sometime in 2024. Then the prototype would not arrive for a while after that, and would have extensive testing before regular production units started arriving. Basically, I expect the timeline given to employees is accurate, and would not expect the production units to show up until 2026. While XT40's are a likely vehicle, it is not 100% guaranteed, after all Neoplan bid on the last trolley order too. So who knows, maybe Gillig, having given Dayton a new trolley fleet, will bid on this order. Or Nova may deem it worthwhile to pursue.
  8. Reading this made me remember the most ridiculous invocation of the scanning code of practice I had to deal with. A woman had a bottle of laundry detergent, and demanded to get it for free, citing the code, because it was scanning for less than the price on the shelf tag. I explained that the SCOP would only apply if the item was scanning at a higher price than the shelf tag, but she insisted that any discrepancy meant it applied.
  9. CMBC Novabus 9732 heads south on route 246, passing a house decked out for Halloween.
  10. 15017 and 19019 were also running as Stadium to Waterfront bus bridges. But, it was a very ineffective bus bridge, with 30 to 40 minute gaps at Stadium. All things considered, it seems like running that bus bridge was pointless, as there was still a shuttle train into Downtown every 10 minutes, and it was quicker to walk into Downtown rather than wait in the vain hope for a bus to show up.
  11. All Expo Line trains are terminating at Stadium. Shuttle train is operating in the Downtown tunnel.
  12. The Amtrak Cascades heads east at Renfrew St in Vancouver enroute to Seattle on September 26, 2022. This was the first day that the train service between Seattle and Vancouver operated after being suspended for two and a half years due to Covid-19.
  13. 21401 for the 1am trip out of Bridgeport Station:
  14. Bus stop signs along Hastings and Pender have been changed to reflect this.
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