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  1. Coast Mountain Bus Company 2007 D60LFR 8114 passes through the campus of Simon Fraser University as a route 145, passing some spectacular fall colours.
  2. I was doing some rail fanning today at the Cariboo Rd crossing in Burnaby, and the amount of drivers ignoring basic rail safety was staggering. This crossing is immediately south of an intersection, and SB traffic was backed up and advancing in stops and starts. So many drivers joined the SB traffic and would stop on the tracks, including one driver who was on the tracks at the end of an unmoving line of traffic when the bells started to ring and the gates came down. The driver wind up doing a desperate u-turn to get off the tracks, as SB traffic wasn't moving, and he tried to escape into the NB lanes to find them blocked by the gate and oncoming traffic. They got off the crossing in time, but if things had been a little different, if they had been a bit slower in reaction time, or if a vehicle had been sitting between the crossing and the intersection in the NB lanes this whole story would have had a much sadder ending. And this is far from an outlier, I have seen so many vehicles and pedestrians race across the tracks as the gates come down. I almost feel like I have to resign myself to the idea that at some point when I am railfanning I will see someone get killed.
  3. According to the city of North Vancouver site, the actual closure will be the block of 15th Street east of Lonsdale, so the 241 will be unaffected. Presumably the 240 and 255 are using Chesterfield instead of Lonsdale for the detour to avoid traffic congestion and delays from making the turns off of Lonsdale.
  4. CMBC E60LFR 2506 heads north on Main St with the intimidating mass of the North Shore Mountains looming over it.
  5. 1612 running past a broken watermain on Georgia St on Monday evening.
  6. 2019 CMBC Novabus LFSe 19302 recharges at the 22nd St Skytrain Station, while 2009 Nova hybrid 9470 lays over behind it.
  7. Just so everyone is clear, ETS did NOT remove A/C units from an entire order of D40LFR's. A/C was not standard on ETS buses until the 2018 XD40 order, all the D40LFR orders from 2007 to 2012 arrived with no A/C, only the hybrid buses were delivered with A/C. The only units that had A/C removed were DE40LFR's 6003 and 6004, which lost their A/C as part retrofitting the buses from hybrids to straight diesels.
  8. That "information" is totally, completely and utterly 100% wrong, inaccurate and false. The E40/60LFR's, C40LFR's and any other pre-2012 order (except the Orion V's) were not delivered with A/C, never had A/C and never had anything removed.
  9. It seems for whatever reason 16002's TMAC is reporting as 19031. It's not the first time a bus has reported the wrong vehicle number for TComm, and it won't be the last.
  10. It's very unlikely that significant numbers of current 49 riders will switch to the R4. Given that the 43 already runs until 10pm, most riders who would be willing to walk to 41st instead of 49th are already using it. As well, anyone south of 49 Ave would be unlikely to be unwilling to walk the extra distance. While theoretically some people could switch to the north-south routes, and then change to the R4 at 41st, that involves adding a transfer. And, east of Victoria Dr frequency on the north-south routes drops to the point where the extra waiting time wouldn't be worth it. And, with 41 Ave ending at Joyce, the 49 has a large section where the R4 won't be parallel to it anyway. If you're going to do that then there is no point in maintaining the 480. No one getting off a Highway 99 route at Bridgeport who wants to go to UBC is going to board a 480 that would first go east, which is the wrong direction, then fight it's way through the traffic nightmare of the Knight St bridge before finally turning west and heading towards UBC. And, you wouldn't relieve the east end of the 49, which has full loads right through to Metrotown. You would basically have a route that tries to relieve the 49, and meets the current 480 ridership pattern, but would do neither well.
  11. No it wasn't, given that 3101 doesn't exist anymore. Old/wrong numbers show up occasionally when a T-Mac is swapped or replaced and hasn't been updated with the new vehicle number, like how 18061 was reporting as 2710 when it first went into service. Now, please use some logic before posting something like this. Ask yourself what is more likely, a) a long retired/scrapped bus is suddenly reactivated and switched yards or b) there was a malfunction in the computer equipment/tracking. Given that 3101 was a D40 that would have been retired a decade ago, the logical conclusion one should have drawn upon seeing it reporting on TComm is that there is a glitch/wrong information entered somewhere.
  12. The signage for the invound 246 has been changed from "246 Vancouver" to "246 Downtown". No other North Shore routes seem to have been updated, so it seems this change was slipped in as part of the 246/249 split.
  13. CLRV 4123 heads east on Dundas Street West as 506 passing a small streetside garden.
  14. TTC Flexity 4510 is seen running on the 509 Harbourfront, beginning the descent from Queens Quay into the streetcar tunnel to Union Station.
  15. That would be the 18000's. Anytime the engine stops on those buses, it also cuts out the A/C. Notably, this was fixed on the 19000's.
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