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  1. CMBC XD40 16121 arrives at Scott Rd Station on route 312 as the sun sets on January 8, 2021. Before January 2021 XD40's never ran on the 312, or any route operating out of Surrey Transit Centre. Several routes in Surrey saw service increases with the January 4 changes, so a number of XD40's were transferred from the Richmond depot to Surrey for the extra fleet bookout.
  2. 9540 on the 9, heading east at Broadway and Nanaimo at 738.
  3. Not from the same day, but I do have a rear shot of 7130. It didn't have any model badging on the rear when I shot it.
  4. Production Way trains are currently terminating at Lougheed.
  5. As stated below, route 6 serves the Hospital on every trip. What happens once a day is that on the 3pm departure the 6 switches the order it is served, stopping at the hospital first, before doing the rest of its loop. On all other trips, the hospital is served after the main loop on the way back to Lansdowne Exchange.
  6. Stumbled upon this at New Westminster Skytrain Station this evening. I have questions as to how this came to pass.
  7. 9683 went east on the 9 at Broadway/Nanaimo at 7:40am.
  8. CMBC Novabus 18330 decorated for Christmas is seen running a route 50, passing through the historic Gastown area on December 14, 2020.
  9. 18330 is on the 15/50. It will leave Keefer/Taylor on its last SB trip at 1827.
  10. 18330 is on the 9 today, heading east to Boundary at Commercial at 1420.
  11. Saw 9683 on the 9 this morning, heading east on Broadway at Fraser at about 7:45 am.
  12. 19552, which is the reindeer shuttle this year, has been running out of PTC for the last month. 7455 made it out on a 324/325 block this evening:
  13. 2156 showing off the copper wrap when on the way back to VTC:
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