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  1. The Virtual TTC Academy was launched here with mostly CPTDB members 3 years ago! We are hosting anniversary runs Sun. Dec. 27th and 28th. A short video as well:
  2. Its been two years since the start of the Virtual TTC Academy! It all started from this topic here with the first few members from this board - you know who you are! We will be celebrating our 2 years with anniversary runs Dec. 26 - 28. Also the alpha version of Downsview-Finch is nearing completion.. We are planning a New Year's day run Downsview-Finch-Downsview at 00:15.
  3. Never before seen footage of TTC subway operator Doug troubleshooting a situation with his train disabled in the tunnel originally shot for the documentary:
  4. @MCIBus Currently only in the GTA. However, in the future ie. by 2018 possibly elsewhere too.. maybe you would like to assist us if that is the case?
  5. Thank you! We are planning streetcars or special yard operators/track maintenance personnel for our next production (possibly starting August of this year!)
  6. Our production 5 parts (1.5 hrs) is finally released! PART 1: Getting into Subways, Training & Misconceptions (18:56) PART 2: Responsibilities of Subway Operators & Tower Controllers (26:49) PART 3: Emergencies & Unusual Situations (10:25) PART 4: Messages for the Public & Safety Concerns (11:35) PART 5: Hobbies, Interests, More Messages & Closing (24:22)
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