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  1. I noticed ATC is up in running between Yorkdale and Dupont. Here is a video I put together:
  2. Our launch run was lots of fun. Join us for our next:
  3. We are launching the Virtual London Underground academy with transit enthusiasts from the UK. Come join us for the launch run this Sunday, November 20 at noon Eastern / 5:00 PM GMT Here is a video:
  4. Extensive improvements for the YUS line for the simulator:
  5. The Virtual TTC Academy was launched here with mostly CPTDB members 3 years ago! We are hosting anniversary runs Sun. Dec. 27th and 28th. A short video as well:
  6. Its been two years since the start of the Virtual TTC Academy! It all started from this topic here with the first few members from this board - you know who you are! We will be celebrating our 2 years with anniversary runs Dec. 26 - 28. Also the alpha version of Downsview-Finch is nearing completion.. We are planning a New Year's day run Downsview-Finch-Downsview at 00:15.
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