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  1. A simple answer would have been good. So it cost more, which I didn't know. Thank you. And calling me a liberal Snowflake doesn't bother me, but if I dish it you better take it. So if you want to continue this without shutting down the thread, PM me
  2. You don't have to be an asshole about it, I was talking in general , asking why TTC and other agencies don't order buses with a rear window. Go ahead, take you marbles and go.
  3. Is today the first day that CIS is not working, or will that be at the end of the month?
  4. Flyer buses and a rear window, I can't wait for this thing to hit the roads in TTC colours. TTC did admit that these buses wont come entirely in TTC spec, so this the rear window may just be for the 20 buses. But hopefully TTC can make it the new standard when ever on future buses. Someone mentioned there was a reason why some transit agencies don't order buses with a rear window, anyone know the reason?
  5. Whats a rough estimate amount of years that the current community buses have left. And any updates on the whole community routes expansion?
  6. Plus most routes that enter the core/Union Station usually start and end there day in the suburbs. Away from the Downtown core, which reflects ridership patterns. Most people are going away from the downtown area at night, and at the end of the PM rush hours. And vice versa in the Morning And am rush
  7. More from flyer which is good. I thought they would test them out before ordering more. NewFlyer must be really convincing, lol. I wonder if another garage will get the additional 10 buses, or will they just be at Arrow?
  8. 6104 looks to have found a new home https://toronto.spacefinder.org/communities/artsetobicoke.html?page=5
  9. When it comes to Lawrence East Station, who knows. And mechanics, we all heard some of the stories
  10. I was reading the responses wrong. I thought it was based on the Lawrence East station incident.
  11. I get that, but the individuals are what make up the union as well. For a co-worker to just air out business like that is also wrong. It reflects back on you guys as a whole. seems like you are talking more leadership. I haven't heard from the Union since Bob left. You all got quiet, He was on TV every so often. Whos the leader of the Union now? Nvm, a quick google search Carlo Santos.
  12. That was expected, I'm surprised it didn't' break down last weekend.
  13. Wow, putting your co-worker on blast. I thought you guys were a tight Union/group too. I guess that's a reflection of society. Some workers in certain workplaces would give out a lesson for that.
  14. Its funny when this was brought up before, people thought it as dumb to preserve a VII. That's interesting I wonder if they will keep a 9400 because they were the last high floor bus in service.
  15. 95A to Sheppard should have been done years ago. Same with service on Brimorton. these changes don't look to bad. I especially like how the 116 will be more direct to Mornigside, and bypass the whole Guildwood area. better for customers north of Kingston. First time TTC made proposals that I like. Brimorton I think was discussed years ago , but I guess never really took off.
  16. The 34 Split happen in 1989 or 1990 almost 10 years after Kennedy was built
  17. I heard routes like 71/79 north of St.Clair was worse. I'm sure there are others.
  18. After the 3400-3654 order, and besides the all-electric buses, is there another order of buses coming in. or is that's all until the next RFP?
  19. 5002/03 and 5231/30 have been on service in the last week or so for sure.
  20. D40-90s were the first order to have A/C for TTC revenue service. They were fast and a nice sound to it, unique at the time compared to the 6v71s. Obviously looking at my user name, they were my favorite. Riding them on various routes out of Danforth garage when new and on Islington in the old colours with padded brown seats. I don't ever remember seeing them kneel, even though they had the feature. The D40-87 would replace them all at Danforth , they had the unique black tube in the front, I believe for the windshield wipers? I remember seeing a '91 Orion V kneel, but the beeping sound i
  21. Maybe have 143 go up Kingston, instead of to Neville Park?
  22. Bad or Good? I guess Bad if you took your comments away.
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