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  1. D40-90

    TTC Service Changes

    Maybe have 143 go up Kingston, instead of to Neville Park?
  2. D40-90

    TTC in the news

    Bad or Good? I guess Bad if you took your comments away.
  3. For a second there I thought it was the A/C unit. time is flying from when I knew right away. Danforth ever have 8477-8486? I don't recall them on Danforth routes. Lake Shore wasn't far from Danforth Garage if some units made it over.
  4. With all these buses on TTC property, and TTC claiming they don't' have any garage space, and hybrids retiring, is service not being impacted? I guess the summer reduction is helping minimize the amount of buses needed. hopefully by Sept everything is worked out. Politicians need to increase service in time for the election...
  5. D40-90

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    So much for people saying NFI waste their time bidding on bus contracts. There's an option for up to 30 too
  6. D40-90

    TTC Service Changes

    176 Mimico isn't on the list, I guess because its just a pilot route? But isn't the 175 a pilot too?
  7. D40-90

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    They been storing them at night for a while now. looks like they just store four trains sets a night. two trains per track, on the first two sets of track, closets to the actual line. I guess they are storing them mid day too. How many during the mid day is stored there, I assume 4 sets?
  8. D40-90

    TTC Service Changes

    TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday, June 24, 2018 57 Midland to Eglinton 190 to Malvern New Route 176 Mimico GO Shuttle Lots of Summer seasonal changes that are expected 83 Jones getting increase service for operators at Lesile Division, I guess for Lake Shore Division too. Keele Yard storing trains in the Day, get your day shots while you can. Stop changes. They'll be more as time goes on.